Yahoo customer service scam

Need to contact Yahoo customer care? There are a few ways to do so — but, Yahoo warns that phone is not an option. That’s right: any phone number you come across in an internet search, claiming to connect you with Yahoo customer care, is fake.

Here at the FTC, we’ve gotten reports that consumers who called these fake customer care numbers were offered “Yahoo customer care services” for a fee.

But the truth is, Yahoo customer support is always free of charge. That means you should never pay to have your Yahoo password reset, for technical support, or help with security concerns. Also, Yahoo won’t ask to remotely connect to your computer for any support-related request.

For more, read about tech support scams and ways to review your Yahoo account’s security.

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I get pop ups on my phone all the time. The scans are is supposed to be free for Android which I have but they want $29.95 and won't answer why. So I don't get.

I do also. I hate it but a phone is a phone. Which I hate anyway. Cell phones are just a thing that I hate because I feel like I'm always babysitting them. Cleaning, scanning is all I ever do on them. I use mine for emergency only.

This article is basically useless for those who want to get legitimate customer support as you do not provide a link to get their authorized customer care. Their website is useless as you cannot directly contact their customer support as you have to go through their community section which gives you just people complaining about their non-existent customer support. I cannot reset my password because both email addresses are old and since their has been "unusual" activity to my account, imagine that with it being hacked, their is no other alternative to reset my password. Get them to answer that and help a trove of people to get access to their accounts if you really want to help. People are grasping for anything to get access to their account which includes using scams because they are desperate to get into their accounts and are getting "NO" customer support.

The article does include links to Yahoo information; once in the first paragraph, and again below the video.

I must have missed the links to the yahoo phone numbers, one would have to think it would, should be illegal not to have contact phone numbers for a corporation such as yahoo.

I totally agree with that. How can a company as big as Yahoo NOT have a legitimate customer service center? I am getting emails that I want to de activate my Yahoo account. I NEVER sent a request. I tried poosting on th Yahoo messahe help board & had a scam person tellme to call them -what are we supposed to do?

If you drill down far enough on the Yahoo web site there is a way to send a message directly to Yahoo customer support and not have to go to the community. When I did it recently they responded within 24 hours.

But how? where?

This is why they Need a Phone Number

I was told to connect my email account to my phone for security

It is the most secure way, so each time you access your account they will send you a message on your phone. Every time you change your password they will send you a code you need to put in so no one else can change your password

Not practical if you are overseas away from your landline and in an area which your cell phone technology is not designed for.


I got a letter. Long story short. I ended calling AT&T myself and changing my password. Had to wait for about 10 mins. because the online chat service was busy and so was the CS people. It was changed and I haven't had any problems anyway. Thought I should do it. No problems, except the wait time.

I got a popup regarding my Mac book virus. I got the number 1-800-616-5160. When I called, they asked me $449.99 but payment was stopped by Bank. But they asked me to authorise the charge. I denied and I start getting different type of calls regarding computer issue and selling me tech support packages. Please block these advertiser.

This is one of the more brilliant and devious scams I have heard about in recent times. With "Yahoo says 500 million accounts stolen - Sep. 22, 2016" announced in the news, a very small percentage of successful "Yahoo customer care" can easily pull in millions of $$$.

Although I have Gmail, I don't feel any safer; we are all vulnerable, and this scam is scary as hell. It is more proof that no one is safe from being hacked. My son's Gmail account was hacked about 2 years ago by a SPAMMER. Now he uses 2 level security for his email access. One bad side affect of this incident is our ISP number is forever associated with generating SPAM.

I have tried everything yahoo says will work to get into my email account problem is whoever hacked it changed security question and can't get past it. Is there actually a legitimate way to contact yahoo. Since I noticed that the sign in page shows it is not a secure site.

One company yesterday web address claims to be part of yahoo tech support and will chat with you then ask for a "good faith" deposit of $5 to help you get back into your yahoo account but to get the answer you must pay anywhere from 50 to 160.00 dollars and the BBB says they have an A rating??? How is that even possible. Would like at least a way to email yahoo to retrieve important documents from hacked email like doctor records and home inspection records. How can this be done without paying ransom for it.

When I tried to delete my Yahoo account and had trouble doing so. I was having trouble with my password not working, etc. and then a page came up and gave me the number of Yahoo tech support to call for help. I called. The gentleman sounded like he was Indian and he seemed knowledgeable. He immediately asked to remotely connect to my computer (which it says in the info here they won't do) and I gave permission. He eventually said I had a network virus and gave me the names of one local business to take my computer to for help and one remote business. Told me it would cost $299. I didn't call either of them. He also said that due to the viruses, none of my account info could be removed by him. Since the phone number was on the Yahoo site, I thought it was OK to use it. Now I'm wondering, and concerned as to what to do now.

I most certainly hope you changed all passwords. And I would also suggest having your computer checked to make sure he didn't put any programs on your computer, that could enable him to steal information. Good luck to you.

Kay, it is a total scam!!!!!! I fell for the same thing. The phone number given is not for yahoo. They are very convincing. I paid $ 199.00 for them to remove the virus they said I had. After thinking about what I did I realized it was a scam!!! Called my bank and stopped the charge on my visa and closed the account. Luckily I didn't lose anything except pride. Be careful.

My grandma is suffering from Dementia and she is getting phone calls from people claiming are from Yahoo. She does use Yahoo for emailing, which is pretty impressive at her age 90 years old. They are asking her for personal information. I advised her not to give them any, and to hang up and say she is going to call the police on them. However, not getting ahold of Yahoo regarding this matter and concerns about her account is so incredibly frustrating. I am traveling to see her soon, but don't live close enough to address the situation. I am just worried she will get confused and share personal information she shouldn't.

I just talked to a number from India or Pakistan, they changed my password after my not being able to access my acct for 3 days , now they want to charge me, this is a scam , yahoo has no phone numbers

Someone has created a Ya Yahoo account in my name and is using to sign up for bank accounts, as they have also stolen my identity. I have yet to get in contact with Yahoo to shut the email down. How is this possible???

FTC should make Yahoo or all other companies to display the company's authentic contact info at the email login page and display alerts about all known scans. It is super easy for the company to do and provides the best notice to users. Also for password change, the prompt should display the same info. Had Yahoo had such a message at the password change request page or login, most users would have enough knowledge to detect the scammers.

So discouraged that I cannot get help from Yahoo for email support. Something is obviously wrong as I'm seeing posts with the same issue all over the internet. How can a huge US company like Yahoo not respond to the issue

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