Your top 5 questions about unwanted calls and the National Do Not Call Registry

1. How can I make it stop?

You signed up for the Do Not Call Registry ages ago, but you’re suddenly getting a bunch of unwanted calls. What can you do?

Hang up. When you get illegal sales calls or robocalls, don’t interact in any way. Don’t press buttons to be taken off the call list or to talk to a live person. That just leads to more calls. Instead, hang up and file a complaint at

Investigate whether call blocking can help.

If you’re getting repeated calls from the same number, your phone company may be able to block that number, but first ask whether there’s a fee for this service. 

If you’re getting unwanted calls from a lot of different numbers, look into a call blocking solution. There are online call blocking services, call blocking boxes, and smartphone apps that block unwanted calls. Do an online search to look for reviews from experts and other users, and find out whether the service costs money.

2. Why me?

Your number is on the Do Not Call Registry, so why are you still getting calls?

Because of scammers. Most legitimate companies don't call if your number is on the Registry. If a company is ignoring the Registry, there’s a good chance that it’s a scam.

We’ve seen a significant increase in the number of illegal sales calls — particularly robocalls. Advances in technology have made it cheap and easy for scammers to make illegal calls from anywhere in the world, and to hide from law enforcement by displaying fake caller ID information.

3. What are you doing about it?

The FTC has sued hundreds of companies and individuals for placing unwanted calls. The FTC also is leading several initiatives to develop technology-based solutions. Those initiatives include a series of robocall contests that challenge tech gurus to design tools that block robocalls and help investigators track down and stop robocallers. We’re also encouraging industry efforts to combat caller ID spoofing.

4. Is anyone listening?

You filed a complaint — or several complaints — and you want to know when you’ll hear back from the FTC.

Due to the volume of complaints we get, we can’t respond directly to each one. But please keep the complaints coming because the FTC and other law enforcement agencies analyze complaints to spot trends and to take legal action against wrongdoers. To date, the FTC has brought more than a hundred lawsuits against companies and individuals for Do Not Call violations.

5. But I gave you the phone number of the company that called me?!

Current technology makes it easy for scammers to fake or “spoof” caller ID information, so the number you reported in your complaint probably isn’t real. Without more information, it’s difficult for us to identify the actual caller. Nonetheless, the FTC analyzes complaint data to identify illegal callers based on calling patterns. The agency also is pursuing a variety of technology-based solutions to combat illegal calls and practices.

Still have more questions? Check out the FTC’s updated FAQs about the Do Not Call Registry.


If I don't recognize the number, I often don't pick up. Unfortunately, my Medicare provider leaves a number/message. I return the call. On occasion, I answer and the caller is a spammer.

I got a call this afternoon and my caller ID showed I was calling myself, my name was on the screen along with my phone number!! It was a call to lower my cc interest rate.

this happened to me and my daughter to.

This has happened to me several times. I have traced area code back to 3 different locations in mexico, along the border.

This also happen to me. How in the world can anyone do this. I don't understand.

Caller ID spoofers send whatever number they want. If they use your own number then they are basically just harassing you, showing you how powerless you are to stop them from calling over and over again. You must have told them off, made them angry and now it’s all about driving you crazy. Your phone company can retrieve the actual number of the caller so you can include that in your FTC complaint, but they will refuse to so without a court order. Good luck in getting one of those when someone is ONLY trying to scam and or harass you.

I never even answered and I've had 10 random unknown name callers today alone

Wow I am new to this, I'm randomly getting all kinds if phone calls and this has never happened in the 2 years I've had this phone. They keep calling about a free cabin or something and hang up when I say anything. I got multiple calls from the same numbers from 4 different numbers within 5 hours. They must have made a new development since we are having the same issue only a few days apart.

Cell phone carriers can also block telemarketers and their own advertising calls - just call them and tell them you want those calls blocked. The biggest problem for me is the spam robocalls. There's just no recourse. Support the search for quantum computing - that's going to be the only true cyber security.

No, pray against quantum computing, although it's inevitable. I prefer linear computing versus quantum. All current security will be useless and during the transition beyween the two technologies our data is vulnerable/exposed (currently, with no recourse), beyond a bummer

Some unwanted landline calls might be from the companies making the caller block systems to force people to buy caller block systems. Do you think this is possible and who can we notify???

The phone companies can stop this REAL easy but they get paid lots of money to hand out these numbers. They eventually get shut down and then the phone companies reissue new numbers. Is ALL a scam. Sad!

Scammers use internet technology to make phone calls. When they do, it's easy for them to fake the Caller ID information. They might display your number or the number of a government agency. If you get a call from someone demanding money or personal information, it's best to hang up -- no matter what the Caller ID says. If you owe money to a company, contact the company using a number from your billing statement or the company's website.

I also got the same thing and so did my husband. I thought it was my husband calling since our numbers on the same cell bill and he thought the same of me unfortunately it was a lower interest cc call...

It happened to me also.

I'm getting calls for Andrew Wilkenson, Gary Swanson and Anthony no last name at Mediator Law Group. Apparently they are using my home phone as the one that shows up on the caller ID when they solicit. Other than changing my phone number is there anything I can do?

I keep gettn calls from 6143359146 and thy are calln every member common with my last name saying thy are a investigator wont gv me nothg

I am getting similar calls. What is the point?

I have received text messages that say I've sent them to myself, yet it will be for some competition or prize

This sort of thing happened to ME recently as well. The caller ID was my recently deceased hubby! It was shocking to see as you might well imagine. Then I collapsed into tears. And, lastly, I became ENRAGED that someone would DO THIS TO ME!!

gwanna, this also happened to my mother-n-law. My father-n-law recently passed away and later she received calls from her number with him listed as the caller. She (and I) were pretty upset. I cannot believe the phone companies will not release the originating number of a spammer like this to the victim! It makes me mad as crap.....if I could ever get my hands on one of the "dirt-bag low life spammers" I expect they would not be able to harass anyone again. My sympathies out to you:-)

Sorry for your loss and that you had to put up with that BS.
I had a similar problem when my brother died. I was able to access his email account and wanted to check it in case he got emails from friends that did not know he had died. Then w/in a very short time some one else was able to access it and changed the password and added their phone number to the account so I could no longer access his account, because I do not know the number and I do not have it anyway to get the text to change the password. Yahoo, would do nothing to help or fix the problem .

I never answer my phone, never. If it is a legit call, they will leave a message.
I also do not go on web sites that promote who is calling me etc. They all want money to find out who the spammer may be. I do take a picture of each call that comes in on my phone, log it and the date. Then I send it to the Attorney General's office of our state that takes the numbers and if they are on the spammer list, shuts the companies down.
If the calls persist, take a copy of the number, picture, your log book and file a complaint at the police department.I use to get a ton of calls even though I am on the registry, now....rare that they call and when they do....I follow the steps... Hope this helps you...

This is a GREAT solution. Using layman's technology against the "professional" technology. I am going to start doing this too!!! Everyone else should too - come one people; success happens in droves.

then get a pager....

do u take real photos or u take pictue of number with tablet and email info with pictue as attachment to Att. Gen office? Photos would be expensive to show all pictures.

This wouldn't work if they spoofed their number. You'd just be taking pictures of a fake number not related to them at all. They could be off in Brazil or Canada but the caller ID could say California.

But if you know they haven't spoofed the number, which can be difficult to determine unless you get spam calls all the time from different numbers, then it would be beneficial.

I've been doing that, but I'm still getting calls. I've been getting calls at midnight and later from calls. Once I answered thinking it was a family member but it was a recorded messages saying that I was inboxing her boyfriend on Facebook!!!! Can you imagine how made I was, I had to get up for work a few hours later!

I NEVER ANSWER BLOCKED CALLS FROM NUMBERS I DO NOT RECOGNIZE. On my answering service my message states this. It says if you are calling from a blocked number you must hang up, unblock it and call again. If I do not recognize your name and number I will not answer so leave a message please. They rarely leave a message. Not warm and fuzzy, but have had my ID stolen and currently being used. It is a nightmare beyond anything I have ever gone through. Trust NO ONE, ONLINE. PHONE EVEN MAIL. Sad but true.

Ha! I NEVER pick up. When you do, you already told them that they got a live one. Don't even give them that, folks. I Google the number. If I don't see a legit bznz, it's probably a SPAMmer. As for spoofing... same problem exists with emails. Anyone can send an email from any email address they want to make up. There are some services that intercept and require authentication. There may be something for phone numbers. If not, hopefully soon.

I am disgusted by these idiots truly!!
It is like you are not allowed to have a phone, or an Email because some criminal piece of garbage from wherever got your number, or Email address....
For me it is like an alarm clock of sorts because I get these spam calls starting EARLY every morning, and once they start calling the REFUSE TO STOP.
The Internet, what would be a wonderful tool for mankind, has been destroyed by these people to the point where you have to be paranoid to ever open a browser anymore, and now you cannot even have a telephone. When does it end??
I am SICK TO DEATH of getting calls telling me I have been randomly selected for an all expense paid this or that, or that my PC (I use a Mac) has viruses and NEEDS to be fixed.
Another one that is horribly frustrating is when you answer a call, and it just beeps at you because you know that this call will continue for ages, calling you over and over again every 5 minutes, almost DEMANDING that you respond, which is ALWAYS a mistake because now they know they have a live one and will distribute your number throughout the criminal underworld!!

Zlloyd, there 3 things that I've done that work -- most of the time:

(1) Use Call Blocker apps. You can register your phone # online with NOMOROBO; it works for me almost always. Use the website for your telephone provider to block the #calling you -- TWC & Verizon definitely have this. MrNumber is an app that will block calls on your cell.
(2) Once you've got blocking apps in place, some phones will have instructions re: how to cut the ringer off if a call is blocked. You may get no rings or one that's instantly cut off.
(3) Register complaints with the DNC, FCC, and Treasury's Federal Inspector General websites if one or the other fits the call. You can google the call/number & find out what it's about & then google the correct agency's website. I did that with several of those overseas "You owe taxes and will be prosecuted" calls that got through; a few months later, the government arrested a whole ring of them.

The other thing sounds a little paranoid -- but if you notice a correlation between a call to a Federal agency's 800 number and a series of spam calls, report it. I noticed on three different occasions in the past year that if I called one of those numbers for SSA or M/C, I'd get a string of bogus calls during the following several days. I don't know if it's someone using data from the company that records the calls, or government employees who are making a little money on the side by providing numbers, but: I contacted the DNC website and lodged a complaint about getting these calls at all hours of the day & night -- & within 24 hours, they dried up. ALL of them. Even the ones that were getting blocked and that I'd see later on Caller ID.

Good luck.

I never answer the phone unless the contact is saved already. I've never been annoyed by all the unwanted calls simply because my phone's turned off almost all the time. Perhsos I'm fortunate in that I simply hate talking on the phone. I always have. If anything I don't even want a phone. So when it is on, and it rings, and it's a block or some weird number. I just laugh and think what a freaking idiotic way to make a living.

Anyone knows the name of the software, or company, or Internet service they are using? These "calls" are triggered after we dial "certain numbers only" not when we call the supermarket...

If you are getting the calls on a cell phone from Medicare, Make a contact in your phone out of the number they are using, name it Medicare and it will then pop up with the name Medicare when they call you.

Hello Judy I'm sorry that you get the calls the FTC is not doing their job I'm getting an average of three phone calls a day everyday even Sunday. I talked to a couple of them spammers and I told him that I was registered with the FTC and this guy started laughing he says they don't do nothing to us it's just a game. I think it's the government's responsibility to go after them besides the government is broke they need money why don't they take them to court and sue them every one of them if need be given jail time.

Why doesn't the FTC cite the statute making calls to numbers on the Do Not Call List illegal? Nowhere can you find the law or any reference to it.

Is all this happening on cell phones also ??? I have read phone companies do not want to service their land lines any more and wounder if this is a ploy to have people ( drop, all the hard wire, ) because of the unwanted calls !!! ???????

Obviously the spammers are scared to death of enforcement. I have been called by insurance , alarm system. lawn services, etc etc etc. This law is a joke and if it isnt going to be enforced, shut it down, lower my taxes, and send the employees to the unemployment office. Maybe they can get a gig as telemarketers.

What is the point of no call list if they simply ignore it and call daily anyhow??? I usually answer the phone as: "Pizza Hut, can I take your order?"

Getting a call from Scarborough for a survey for radio tv etc: They are calling at 7:20 am & as late as 9:40 I ask them to stop and stated they could not take me off of the do not call due to privacy act but I could call a toll free number to ask and when I called that number I get a recording of there hours and leave a message Who is this and I have never heard of for a survey they can't. take phone number off of list due to privacy act ? Isn't there a certain time that one can or cannot call your home ! But really calling all most at 10 pm or before 7:30 am and not just once a day but 3-4 times a day

Putting your number on the National Do Not Call Registry will stop most telemarketing calls, but not all. Sign up for the do not call registry at After you register, you might still get calls from or on behalf of political organizations, charities and telephone surveyors. The Telemarketing Sales Rule restricts the times they can call to between 8 am and 9 pm. You can tell individual telemarketers to stop calling, and ask them to put you on their company’s do not call list. If your number is already registered, you can file a complaint at

No, it really doesn't. All of our numbers have been on the list for years and we are now getting at least 3-4 robocalls per day. I have received 2 in the last hour. None of them identify themselves. The instructions on the messages say to press one button for more information and press another button to be removed. I didn't press anything, of course, but just hung up We stopped answering our home telephone some time ago, but our answering machine is full of voice messages from people selling financial products and other things. I did a check and the FTC website confirms that our numbers have been on the registry for years and still are. Seems there is no way to stop this harassment.

You hit the nail on the head!! I don't see any way to stop it either. It's horrible.

the do not call list is a joke. It doesn't work.

I so agree. Apparently there is nothing that we can do! Very frustrating.

Oh really??? You know what? I've been receiving MORE calls since putting my number on the National do not Call list! The government can spy on what we do on our phones, but we can't find these people to put an end to this frustration!

Does this make since, because it doesn't to me...

We are getting calls from Scarborough as well, at all hours, including Sundays! I have never answered. One time, they left a message stating that they aren't selling anything, blah, blah, blah...& would appreciate the opportunity to ask us questions. Ohhh! Well in THAT case...NOT!! Makes me wonder how long they will keep trying to catch us at home & off guard!

Hi there fedup; yup..are you meaning some outfit called NUMERIS? they are in Don Mills however they call and call; their numbers you can look up in grievances on the net. Alas in Canada as in the US they can say they are survey and so they are exempt from anyone on the national as in both our countries DO NOT CALL LIST. However you can block their number and presto changeo they call from another and on it goes.Maybe it is because I am of certain vintage and now have to have my home phone with ringer off almost all day now so anyone want me leave a message. We must be wary as well as these companies even if long standing and respected they hire out or contract out their phone work and you may see a confluence across the discovery that some of the numbers they are using are also being used in other telemarketing so we must dig deep sometimes and ask okay so Mary what company do YOU work? And so on. I have blocked several numbers of this radio/tv whatever they just change the number. I have tried to get response from the agency that has accredited them with a seal of ethical performance. I don't know what they are telling you about privacy as in what is private if someone we had absolutely no contact with and by the way I have not been able to find out how they got our number to pick on but really is there no hope then? We don't pay the phone etc bills only so we can be let us be frank because this is how it feels on this end we feel harassed and beleaguered.If we are older and or not in such a good shape and we only want our phones to be available to talk to family and so it is a real pain and sometimes literally. SOmeoen somewhere has to find a fix to stop this. We need help to be finding peace other than totally sit incommunicado here. I am glad our partners in the US are looking for techno fix and we have up here had some good catches about bad marketers but there are unfortunately still some who persist in being persistent. we need more new laws against this survey stuff. I hope it can arrive sooner than later. Sorry you got the call from Scarborough but you can plug in the numbers on the net search to see what comes up and don't be shy; write our government too. The numbers that are listed on the baddie lists are shared through Consumer Sentinel which is shared database for enforcement so they can also make those connections too when you make formal complaint to your FTC and so so don't be shy to put those numbers in. It just seems like is whack a mole though. All the best will be doing my own battle here but oh dear it is tiring isn't it?

Would it be possible to fix these notices so I can post them to Facebook or another social media activity page?

Thanks. We’ll look into ways to make it easier to share our posts to social media. In the meantime, you can copy the URL of the blog post and paste it into a Facebook status update to share it. For example, this post’s URL is

You also can "like" the Federal Trade Commission on Facebook. We usually share our blog posts to our Facebook page.

How is one expected to like the Federal Trade Commission? This week I've started receiving nuisance calls from Scarborough Research. I thought of filing a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission, but I see this has already been done on a public forum. The National Do Not Call Registry should not make exceptions for survey companies who harass people on the telephone. Scarborough Research could be put out of business if the Federal Trade Commission realized these are not harmless calls and no one should have to be a victim of telephone harassment in the name of research. Any research into Scarborough Research would identify them as a for profit company with ruthless commercial purposes protected by being exempt from the National Do Not Call Registry. I said to the caller I would call the police if called again. She kept on with her ridiculous pitch. It sounded like she had been trained to disregard anything I said and get information from someone with or without their consent. Some people may be coerced into participating to prevent being harassed on countless occasions in the future. I won't be coerced into providing information to strangers against my will. The same callousness can be seen in a governmental agency allowing this invasion of privacy to go on for years when the National Do Not Call Registry could be expanded to include ALL NUISANCE CALLS OF ANY KIND. NO EXCEPTIONS to SCARBOROUGH RESEARCH or any other company which has no problem harassing people at random with no concern about being caught by the authorities at the Federal Trade Commission who don't concern themselves with "RESEARCH CALLS."

If you believe a company is violating the Do Not Call Registry, you can report it at

this doesn't really seem like much help

As one that gets many calls and I wonder why, after entering 3's with FTC, this explains a lot. Thanks.

I am still getting unwanted calls. I can block them with my call blocking system. this helps a lot.
thank you for your help.

There is an easier way to stop this. The scammers usually are calling to get money, and they will need to supply a real phone number or address or account number to garnish what they are after. What else can we as consumers supply to stop this, should we listen to the entire message and provide the real contact info. This can be stopped, and the penalties paid by the scammers should be given to the FTC to help develop technology to stop this and especially to chase down the foreign invasion of dammers as many of these calls/bank accounts in my research are coming from outside the USA. Once the major scammers are bankrupted and behind jail, this will send a message that the FTC is active, vigorously and aggressively after these scams.

The FTC does not have international jurisdiction. They cannot force foreign companies to pay fines or put their owners/employees in jail.

Countries that take no action on scammers in their country should be blocked from calling the US without a traceable passcode from the country in question. Passcode's would become void if it is "leaked" to scammer's in those countries. In my opinion, we should be able to make the rules for our Country via Congressional action.

i100% Agree with u...


I have left several thousands of numbers with the FTC and I still get thousands of unwanted calls so I know longer deal with the FTC just when I get these stupid calls I sit down and go thru my phone company who has a block program and enter each and every unwanted phone number and I feel better that they cannot not get thru to me ever again!! Problem solved for now.

I do all of what is posted above, but I find it takes several days for the calls to stop. I made the mistake of answering the first time and I have learned to just take the number and times the calls come in and finally report it.

This is really epidemic. Use me as a sting. I get multiple calls per week. I've become a target because I played the game long enough to get more information. I was cursed out in unimaginable ways on 3 different occasions.

I get dozens of calls sometimes it's on a daily basis I don't answer and I don't know what to do. I've signed up multiple times on the do not call list too. Anyone have ideas?

Thank you.

WHY cannot ROBOCALLS be illegal? They serve NO purpose other than for SCAMMERS. If the FTC and FCC determined this and instructed all phone companies to disallow the technology to reach these people---- things "might" improve.

Robocalls ARE illegal. But that doesn't stop the scammers from doing it anyway.

Nope because robo calls from your kids school about when the schools is closed due to weather isn't illegal. So first get your facts straight, second call your representative in the government so we can make it illegal for anybody other then the REAL FCC or FTC or FBI to spoof there number. That would help everybody catch the scammers and prevent sooooooooooooo many calls

I just got a call from my child's school a few minutes ago saying that there will be no school tomorrow because of the weather.

We Keep getting a call listed as "Unavailable" 1...We never answer but they call several times a day. It's very annoying to us , don't know how to stop it????

We get the same call. It's some free travel opportunity but I hang up quickly.

Have a law put through that can be signed by our Governor like the right to work law. which only took a couple of days. Do something real, without all the fooling around and half truths.

That won't really help because your State Gov't has no jurisdiction over anyone who's not a State resident. Only the Feds can take broad, nationwide action. So start hounding your Congressional reps and Senators. But remember, too, that certain special interests are exempted from having to comply with the do-not-call rules, like charities, companies with whom you've ever done business in the past, and last but never least, political campaigns (though you can ask these exempted organizations to put you on their do-not-call list, and if asked, they have to do it, even if they are an otherwise exempted from the prohibition.

We have the technology to track every single call that anyone makes. Telcom companies should be obligated to track every dollar paid by telemarketers, cross base matched to an ongoing expanded database of offenders. Fines and penalties should be severe particularly for offshore offenders Only a tiny fraction of telemarketing violators are ever, caught and punished. Telcom companies have a vested interest in doing nothing about it.

I never answer to unavali2124ble or out of area. I have gotten calls telling me I am due for compensation for an operation I never had. I used to answer and hang up. but now I don't. if it is Important they will leave a message. if not, I know its a scammer and always in a foreign voice. im very leery of these. tks for keeping me informed

to restore my piece of mind, I've set my default ring tone to "silent" ring. Everyone in my contacts list is assigned a ring tone. This way if a someone calls me and they are not in my contacts list, then my phone never rings and I never know they have even called me! ;)

This is an excellent idea!

reporting 2 numbers call me all day log from morning till night. I have asked them to stop. the cell number they call is my mothers. 800/503/2463 & 646/779/8829 & 646/779/8827.

My current cell doesn't have a built in silent ringtone. But I can use sound files, and I have the ability to make recordings. I recorded silence, and set that as my default ringtone. Hope this helps someone who has scratched their head, like I did for a while.

I seem to no longer receive those calls people are referring to.However,what can be done to take me off "The Do Not Mail List" from charities asking for money.

Read the FTC's article about Stopping Unsolicited Mail, Phone Calls, and Email to find out how to cut down on the number of unsolicited mailings and emails you receive. The article also explains how to stop getting prescreened offers of credit and insurance.

Happily DH and I live rural. We welcome the junk mail, as it makes great kindling. I have also learned to pick up the phone when it rings and if I don't recognize the number I maintain silence. After a second click and an in-house buzz similar to a dial tone, I gently hang up. This tells the robot that my number is non-response -- but it doesn't work against "Rachel."

You could use this system for unwanted mail: If there is a postage paid reply envelope, put all the items you got into the reply envelope, & mail it. The company will have to pay the postage for extra weight in the envelope...& will stop the junk mail. They'll get the idea.

I do the same but, I add a bunch of other trash in the envelope to make it heavier. Seal the envelope and send it. Haha!


We are more disturbed with seemingly real spammers asking for donations to various charities, or purportedly selling Hearing aids or home security systems for the elderly. Not sure these calls are following the rules of the do not call list either. We tell them we are on the DNC list and the calls still keep coming

the one from the elderly fall alarm is a scam i went through the pitch, the solicitor has no number for the co, gave me a website real nice and complete except no way to contact no phone or e mail the entire goal is to get your credit card or bank info

I entered the do not call info for the house line now I have a VIP phone too. I don't want to enter the info again because we still have the house line and the new line is in the same house with the same info. This VIP phone works well its my cell phone that has an occasional problem.

l want the 5/3 bank to stop calling me since they were the one that gave my monies away without asking me my permission from taking a largeq a amount of monies even having an lD insurance for letting knonw for indentity theft and giving lmformation about me.

It is impossible to stop these calls. Telecom companies have a vested interest in them.

Why not make it law that all phone companies send TRUE caller ID from all calls. Make the caller id service free to all subscribers. Turn off the ability to block CID. That way no mater who calls you, you will know if you should answer the call. AND WHY does the FTC give fines (slap on the wrist) to companies who violate the DNC? If they are found to be scammers, they should be put in prison for LIFE.

The The Telemarketing Sales Rule requires telemarketers to send their telephone number and if possible, their name, to your caller ID service. If a caller isn't doing that, you can report it at

And of course Bridget you get the fact that these are NOT reputable telemarketers coloring inside the lines and following the rules that harrass us?

stalked and abused- me too, stalked and abused. YUP THAT SUMS IT UP. I think foreigners have taken over and the gov is powerless to do anything about any of this mess. They must be cuz people get stalked all day long and they make people believe that cops will come get them if they tell . They have your phone rerouted to other people if you try to call too. WHERE IS THE LAW ENFORCEMENT IN THIS COUNTRY AND WHY ARE YOUR HANDS TIED ? WE HAVE A REAL CRIMINAL ELEMENT RUNNING AROUND DOING WHATEVER THEY WANT. IT NEEDS TO STOP - IN THE NAME OF ALL THAT IS GOOD - IT NEEDS TO STOP. PLEASE SAVE THE GOOD PEOPLE OF THIS COUNTRY. PSCHOPATHS HAVE TAKEN OVER AND NO ONE SEEMS TO BE ABLE TO DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT.

I'm so upset with the do not call registry, as I get 5 to 10 calls every day. they start around 9am and stop around 9 pm. I fed up with the whole mess. I feel it is a invasion of my privacy.

I truly believe that the do not call list was initiated as a scam on the consumer. If we are given something to do that SEEMS like a solution but is really useless it keeps us happy thinking we are protecting ourselves without an agency actually doing anything about it. I received a call today saying my application for college tuition money was approved. All they needed was my social security number and bank account number to deposit the money. Hahaha! Yeah I just fell off the turnip wagon. Oh BTW I'm 65 and retired.

I do not know any of these calls and I've never recieved them no replied them, What's going on?

Excellent information- Thank You

I would advise people to just don't answer calls from "Unknown" or "Unavailable" callers. Also, if you missed a call, don't call the number back, doing that is just plain stupid. Is it really that vital that you need to know who is calling, calling the number back just verifies that your # is a working number and you'll just get more unwanted calls.

The problem with that idea is that some of us receive a lot of calls from numbers we do not recognize because we use our cell phones for business. So we can not just answer the numbers we know.

If it's a business call or someone who has a legitimate reason for calling will leave a message. Someone who is trying to pull a quick one or scam you will just hang up.

If I call a business and am asked to leave a message, I hang up.

Why would you not leave a message if you call a business? Just curious. Do you think they won't respond or would you just prefer to try to reach a live person. I know a lot of businesses that are small and can't always answer the phone and appreciate a message. Plus, if you called the business, you should recognize the return number or the majority of it. For example, my doctor's number is and they return calls on but I know who it is so I answer. Just curious on your comment.

That sounds like good advice UNLESS you are working on something like I am and have no idea when or how you will receive an answer to your issue, ie: a pension from the VA for my mom. I cannot afford to let it be as we need to wrap this up and as I am her POA, I order her meds, speak with Drs, etc and there you go. I am punished for the behavior of fools and criminals and that is NOT ok.

The scammers don't make any money unless someone falls for their scam and provides personal financial information. Therefore, we need to set traps for these scammers and follow the money. Our telephone carriers, our financial institutions, and law enforcement need to be doing much more to combat this problem. Why aren't they?

You can read more about what the FTC is doing on this page about our Robocalls activity. The FTC is continuing aggressive law enforcement efforts, pursuing innovative strategies to gather evidence against robocall kingpins, producing consumer education, and coordinating with industry and other experts to fight robocallers.

Wow, the program has been in effect for over 10 years and the FCC has brought charges against over 100 offenders...what's that come out to about 5-6 per year? Is this yet another example of incompetent public servants/service by an incompetent government? Keep up the good work boys!

Hey, FTC ! This is YOUR responsibility, not mine ! I signed up for your protection and your job is to make it work ! Don't be telling me about services I should buy to do your job FOR you. If AT+T had the ability to charge a fee for a long distance call, YOU should have the ability to issue an INSTANT FINE for every call made that violates the DO NOT CALL LAW. If not, just admit defeat and beg some other Federal agency to do the job that you are unable to do. I'm sick of it. I worked in sales and had to pay for a list of numbers that were unregistered before I made sales calls. It is an insult every time my phone rings to know how incapable YOU are to enforce your own rules.

i concur; another "too much government" syndrome.

I use the donotcall list. And I too am getting calls long after I signed up. After reading the suggestions on how to handle this type of situation, it seems like I just need to hang up or not answer numbers I don't recognize.

I have gotten several calls on my Cell Phone and Home Phone that are on the DO NOT CALL LIST. However, I just do not answer a number that I do not recognize. If their legit they will leave a message. If they don't leave a message, I delete the call. The problem is that they are spoofing companies so the company name means nothing. If it's a company I recognize or do business with I still let it go and then call them back at the phone number I have for them. I found that one company that I have done business with was spoofing it's own company name and number since I had put myself on their do not contact by phone list so they would quit calling to try to sell upgrades. It is making everyone crazy. If I don't recognize the number I don't answer and I look it up online to see if they are a scammer.

It is interesting you guys cannot figure out who called at an exact time and date. Maybe someone needs to hire some old NSA folks to track the numbers, I hear they are good at it. A spoofer should not be able to hide what local exchange the call started at a million outgoing calls that week. I disconnected all the ringers on my land line - no message - no reason for me to call them back.

Have the phone companies initiate a simple "Please press 1 if you are legally authorized to call this person" message before the phone rings on our side. Robocalls can't press 1 and auto-dialers won't hassle with it since they are calling hundreds at a time. Then we can enter safe numbers for doctors that use computer calling for appt reminders etc.

Why do the phone companies make it possible to spoof numbers. They are aiding the spammers by making this possible. I feel they share a major portion of the blame here.

Agreed. The phone companies do nothing to help out this epidemic. The Gov is inept to deal with the mass volumes of calls. I get hundreds a calls a day! I had to cancel my number I had for 15 years!

Have the rules changed? Aren't Robo calls allowed only if there is a live person to respond when the phone is answered? Is being on the DNC list forever or does the number drop off after a few years? Is a company allowed a grace period to remove a number from their telemarketing list? Final question: Where can you find the guide lines for the DNC list that covers both companies and consumers? Just for the record, I have been on the DNC list for years and all of the calls I get are 800 numbers it seems from every state in the union. Along with no name no number, out of area and my personal favorite my own phone number. I don't answer any of them and if they call to often I just block the number.

The rules haven't changed. Your number will be taken off the Do Not Call list only if you request it. Unfortunately, technology has made it very difficult to trace these calls. Many are coming from outside the US, which makes it more difficult to prosecute the wrongdoers. Our website has guidance about the Do Not Call list for consumers and for businesses.

We are getting 2-4 calls a day asking "is (an unknown) is there?". We had been replying "Sorry, wrong number." I am now just hanging up. Is this a way they get around the DO NOT CALL restriction?

My phone rings daily by a robocall offering a lower credit card interest rate (620-750-2182,786-540-0255). It's gone on for years. It's not free-enterprise. It's not sales. It's harassment. It breeds ill will. My phone number has been on the DNC Registry since 2000. In the name of good customer service, why don't the carriers (AT&T, Verizon, TMobile, Sprint) simply block telemarketers themselves. Since they route the calls, surely they can recognize such a calling pattern. Similar harassment plagues my elderly mother and mother-in-law. I've filed another complaint with the FCC.

AT&T, Verizon, TMobile, Sprint, etc. do not block the telemarketers because it makes them money & they could care less about their customers.
Big businesses don't love us. We are at their mercy when using their services.
Keep bothering your greedy carrier about it as much as possible.

Have you ever met someone who welcomes telemarketing calls? Just got my 5th call this week from the University of South Alabama's Call Center (under Dr. Thomas Shaw). My number has been on the DNC Registry since 2000. I asked if they checked the registry before calling people repeatedly? Missing the point, the caller said that they were not selling a product or service and were therefore not subject to the DNC Registry. Wow. This caller thinks that her explanation will suddenly change my opinion about unsolicited calls? It's a sad testimony to a university's goal to promote the welfare of a local region.

We have Been benefit from. Someone states the are from Windows program wanted us to open computer so the can fix it. I called Windows and they said they don't call customers. It is a scam. How can I get them stop calling 3 times a week. If I get there phone number will this be enough to report time?

Yes, you can put the phone number and other details about the call into a complaint.  Please report your experience at

I got tired of getting calls from the spammers trying to gain access to my computers. They said there were issues with y Windows program and that they were from Mirosoft. So finally I let him stay on the phone and try to persuade me. I had about an hour to spare before leaving for work and thought this would be fun to get them at their own game. So I chatted with him and listened to him. I would not let him gain access to my computer. I asked him did he know how many computers I had. He did not. I told him if he was from microsoft and all my computers were registered with windows he would know how many I had and used. I finally told him that I owned 3 computers, 2 laptops and a desktop and asked which computer was the problem computer. He told me all of my computers were infected. He needed access to all of them to fix the problem. I led him on for 45 minutes. He was getting more and more verbally aggressive. I could tell that I had made him angry. Finally after about 45 minutes, I told him that I was harassing and wasting his time like he had been doing with me. I asked him how he liked it. I told him that by me keeping him on the phone I was saving someone else from being scammed and that I was costing him money. He finally hung up on me and I did not receive another call about the windows software program for over 4 months. So sometimes if you hit them in their pocket book they will leave you alone for awhile.

Last May 5-6,2014, I had several calls within two days regarding my computer, and how they can fix Windows because my computer was infected and how they work with Microsoft, now since I was already on my computer, they had hacked into it, and up comes a message from them using my administrative PW, then they used a dropdown list to show me all the would-be hackers trying to gain access to my computer. My gut told me something was wrong, after they gave me the price $399.99 for them to fix these problems, I asked for their name and phone # so that I could call them back, it was not the same number from where they had first called from NYC, I called the # that he gave me and I noticed that he was talking very low, almost whispering, odd. I said I had to think about it since I wanted to see what would happen next, sure enough I received more calls which I did not answer, they left messages, different callers all Middle Eastern voices...the funny thing is this time when I looked at my caller ID all the calls were coming in from the Food Bank in NYC (12127773456) and that number match the first call. I decided to call the Food Bank in NYC, spoke with an receptionist/operator and told this woman, who said her name was Elizabeth what was going on, and she said she didn't want to be involved, nice! I called again, she hung up, the third time I asked if I could be transferred to a supervisor, No! That she would give them a message. Up to date I haven't heard from them, I did file a compliant with the Attorney General in NYC also the BBB in NYC, and yes I'm on a Do Not Call list, and yes I have to hang up a lot or not answer, which can be annoying. But just goes to show you never know where these hackers are coming from, be careful.

Seems to me that with such a backlog of these issues and repeated problems being on the "do not call " list is a waste of time and it seems that the FTC isn't or can't possibly do anything about it....I have had all these problems listed above for the last 2 years and reported it again n again....wasted my time trying to do something about it and it still goes on .

Amen Vickie. Ineffective to the enth degree. Only legit companies follow the rules ir halfway ones. The rogues hit it and quit it.

I asked if they checked the registry before calling people repeatedly?


I am constantly called by a man who initially said he was US Pharmacy selling "yiyagra". He will not leave me alone. He has my name, calls me on holidays, etc. he tells me he wants to come to my house and me, and gets graphic. I hang up, do not answer. He calls me right back. It is the same man every time. The phone number shows local, home town or state, or can just be in the country. Sometimes it shows crazy figures or unavailable. But the phone numbers always rings back to either a disconnected line or a full mailbox. I have filed a complaint with the FTC and the FCC. I have gone to my phone co., and state attorney general. NO ONE HAS HELPED. I assume they are originating out of the country but he could be next door for all I know. I called the atty general about flipping Rachel. That has stopoed almost all together but not because they helped, they just blew it off. I still get one ever so often and also on our cell phones. But these calls that started as drug company calls are horrible. I can block 30 with TWC, who is our phone provider, so I just take from the top and add to the bottom. They come daily. I cannot find help anywhere and frankly it is scary.

I wish I could get the politicians to stop robo calling me. The election is next week and there is no rest from the calls. It just seems wrong that Congress could pass a law that applies to you and me then exempt themselves.

The FTC should start fining the phone companies after all it's them that's giving these jerk wads the one tool they need to scam,,,annoy,,, and hurt people and that's a phone line. And the phone companies due it for one simple reason,,, GREED.!!! How hard is it and how many documents and proof of residence do you have to provide to the phone companies just to get a home phone..?? But these guys not only have 20 lines,, but there's no names to go with the numbers,, no addresses,, and usually gotten under fake names and fake corporations. How can the phone companies get away with this..?? How come they're not being fined and being made to get more thorough information when giving these scammers the tools of their trade..??? That's like handing a gun to a bank robber as he's walking into a bank. If it wasn't for the phone companies these guys would be out of business..!!

You, the same federal govt that spies on our emails and phone calls and forces the phone companies to cooperate with it, could stop junk phone calls if you wanted to. You could go after companies like Windstream that lease large numbers of short-term phone numbers to these scam operators. You could obtain their customer lists and hunt down the scamsters. Complaining that the law currently does not give you all the power you need to do these things does not cut it. Such a lack hasn't hindered the NSA, has it? And you could go to Congress and get the changes you need.

I further think that local law enforcement knows where these scamsters are operating. Which is to say that someone is being paid off.

Now if these guys are really in Rumania, I take it back. By the caller ID repeatedly points to places like Astoria OR and various locations in FL. Is that all phony? And those times when I have spoken with someone, they sure sound American to me.

Current technology makes it easy for scammers to fake or “spoof” caller ID information, so the number you see probably isn’t real. Without more information, it’s difficult for us to identify the actual caller. The FTC does analyze complaint data to identify illegal callers based on calling patterns. The agency also is pursuing a variety of technology-based solutions to combat illegal calls and practices.
If you're getting unwanted calls, you may have useful details for a complaint.  Please report your experience at We can't address complaints submitted through the blog comments.

We finally bought a CALL BLOCKER device and when someone we want to call does call we put them on the ACCEPT list....otherwise, they go to the REJECT list. If someone wants to call through initially they can push "0" after the British announcer gets done and get a 1 time opportunity to see if we ever want to hear from then again. Robocalls, of course, just hang up, since they have no "fingers" to push "0". Unfortunately, the robocalls don't get the message to never call back, but we are living with that.

You would think our government agencies would have the absolute best technology available. Secondly, after 7-8 years or so that robo calls for scams have been around, you would think that they could be caught, prosecuted and stopped. Our legislative branch, executive branch and judicial branch members apparently aren't getting these daily calls for the last several years. I expect results from our agencies and government branches to get this incessant activity stopped. If we can fly drones from a remote location a continent away, find our enemies and attack, why can't we find the scamming robo callers?

I get some calls..but had this one twice left on my answering machine. First it's a foreign voice (Indian?) & says legal actions against you..try to call back straighten this out..we will supply list/ back gives # & his name (John)..says several times to please call back. I finally did..first just went to a voice mail of a Jhosa..I hung up..then next day I tried again..says non-working #. Then (cause original message hard to understand) tried # again w/one digit busy & one time said unallocated #. Is this a scammer?????!! I do get TONS of junk email...& I used FTC last night for my #'s and email to b put on list.I'm not home alto but sometimes my phone will ring twice & stop...?? Any ideas??!

If you get illegal sales calls or robocalls, it's best to ignore them. Don't interact in any way. Don’t press buttons to be taken off the call list or to talk to a live person or call back. That just leads to more calls.  These are useful details for a complaint.  Please report your experience at

I have never seen it this bad. These last few years were so peaceful. Once the DNC went into effect I rarely go any bad calls. Now this last year I am getting scammy calls every single day. What a nightmare. 90% of the numbers a spoofed, so that is no help and if you do try to call back it says disconnected. It is like getting email spam now on our phones. I hate it.

With the number unavailable calls I "pretend" I am a recording and pick up and state "this number does not accept blocked or unavailable calls. If you would like to speak with someone call back with a verifiable number and we will contact you back". Than I hang up. 99% of the time there will be a long period of time before I receive another blocked call

If I get numerous spam calls from the same number I use the "forward calls" function from my computer and forward the calls right back to the originator.

Why can't the government help citizens by setting up legitimate credit cards and bank accounts designed to ensnare these thieves? Kind of like a sting. I don't pretend to know how scammers go undetected, once they have your financial data, but couldn't this help to track them down? At the very least, if they know that the financial data they're tapping into might belong to someone who can track them down, it may help to minimize this stuff. I agree with those who've said we should crack down on foreign countries who allow their countrymen to perpetrate these crimes. Cutting off aid, comes to mind!

Why can't the phone company give us a list of all incoming calls if we request it.

I dont know for sure but everything seems to be tailored to protect criminals and eat the innocent. Makes ya wonder what planet some people are really from. LOL

Phone numbers that are obviously spoofed should be automatically blocked. For example XXX-555-XXXX, or numbers where there is an invalid name associated with the number such as 'TEST' or 'UNKNOWN'. Likewise spoofed callers using my own phone number to my phone number should be automatically blocked.

How about a code that the receiver of the call can enter (e.g., *45) that automatically logs the call as a SPAM/robocall.

What is being done to stop/block websites that offer spoofing services (e.g. SpoofTel, SpoofCard, etc.)

One of the main scams going on is the call spoofing from the so-called Canadian Pharmacy with Indian reps. Thousands and thousands of harassed victims have filed complaints with the FTC and have given you actual direct numbers to these so-called online pharmacies that try to force Viagra down our throats.

So, why hasn't anything been done about that? We're giving you actual information and real call back numbers from these scammers. How many people have to file the same complaint from the same companies.

A subpoena can easily be used to reveal their true identities when they spoof call you. So, using the spoof call excuse seems inexcusable when a subpoena can be used to reveal the "Debbie from Credit Card Services" or "Indian Joe Blow" selling Viagra.

I've been lawfully recording these calls, keeping track of how many times they call. I plan on;

1.Filing a police report for harassment
2.Try to obtain a subpoena (with the help of someone in law enforcement)
3. Call the carriers of the spoof numbers they're using (Pacific Bell, Level 3, Verizon etc.)and try to get them to reveal their identity using the subpoena
4. Once their identity has been revealed, I plan on sending you (the FTC) the longest email with call history proof of their harassment, call recordings, etc.
5. Then I'm expecting someone to do something about this. I may attempt to sue the phone company, or agency or the spoof company that allows this harassment because you all have failed me and so many others.

because I've had it for 10 years and it's associated with everything that is of great importance to me.

I do understand the FTC may have their hands tied to a certain degree. But is the government as a whole helpless in stopping this epidemic? FCC, FTC, Congress, state attorney and attorney general. If so, this is embarrassing.

I get these same calls from the same outfit, nearly everyday. Sometimes, they have found a way to utilize call-from numbers in the same area code as my number, so it appears local. Very frustrating.



I got a robocall today from a telemarketer using my ID and phone number. Very weird! I answered it out of shock seeing my own information on the phone I was answering! I immediately hung up when it started talking about my credit card. So sick of scammers! Are they calling and harassing other people using my ID and phone number? Anyone else getting robocalls from their own number? How can we stop this?

I work for a company I can't find online that calls people and tells them there's documents that require their signature, when they are just payday loans or advanced loans that were never paid back from "off shore companies that were closed because the American government did not like their rules & regulations" in dealing with people from the US. None of the payday loan companies were even licensed and they're all closed/shut down anyway. Time to find a new job?

I feel like I have I have been harassed by the same people for about a year and & 1/2. They end up calling from different numbers and call multiple times a day. They also try to use the scams of 2 different "lawsuits" and what is more insulting is when they call they try to influence you that they know more about your own health than you do! It's mind boggling! Anyway, the other call is about the government giving me a grant of, well, the amount changes, I have heard $9,000.00 or somewhere around $7,000, all because I was paying my bills on time which was so untrue because I had filed bankruptcy due to medical bills,so no I was not up to date on my bills and I was not A great American! I find these people harassing, rude,irratting and down right obnoxious and I have had it with there crap. Now, saying that,If these people are legitimate than so be it and I apologize Other than the fact that what they are doing is wrong and I hope illegal in some sort of way, I'm tired,I do not need the aggravation of these phone calls when I am trying to get a handle on my own health problems at the age of 39.

I am getting the same exact calls and they won't stop. One set of calls shows a DC number and the other Kentucky. I have asked for them to remove my name. They keep calling back!!!!

I've been receiving calls multiple times a day all week from the same scam telling me I could get free money. I want to report them but it keeps coming up as either "unknown", "81", or 002781." I want it to stop but they won't stop! The calls are so obviously a scam and they call non stop even when I tell them not to. Any advice?

If you get a call that sounds like a scam, don't talk to the caller, or press a number to be taken off their list, and don't call back. If you interact with the callers, you'll probably get more calls from them, and others working with them.
If you're getting repeated unwanted calls from the same number, ask your phone provider if it has a service to block phone numbers. Your provider might charge for this service.

Wrong I thought it was illegal for them to charge for the service now because of a law that got passed. So get your facts straight

after receiving that "grant" call numerous times my husband finally blew his top and yelled at the guy...we have been getting silent calls now for over a year!!!! we dont have caller I.D. on our landline because we cant afford it. Its a shame there is no help for honest people. i would get my landline disconnected except for the fact that where i live calls are dropped regularly on the cell phone using ATT......we pay them and receive nothing in return...

This is just another failed big government business period. What a waste.

The whole idea of "do not call" registry is wrong. It should be the default that nobody calls me without legitimate business. What's next: do not rob registry? Are we going to require people explicitly "opt out" of being robbed? The reason we have a government is so it protects us from criminals. When did it become optional? It is the job of the government to protect the people. It is not optional and we should not have to say "I don't want to be robbed". It is obvious and if I need to say it there is something really wrong.

The day we received a new telephone number we immediately registered it. The day we moved into our home 21/2 years ago three telephone numbers started calling and have not stopped even with seemingly daily emails to Do Not Call Complaint. Our telephone company wants $3.00 a month to block a caller and will not recognize a program offered to stop the calls by just calling your telephone and asking for it which I think was put together by the FTC

Telemarketing calls, scam calls, robo calls, spoofed calls...over and over again all morning, noon and evening. And no one, FTC/FCC/NSA or anyone can do anything about it. Got tired filling in useless violation complaint forms.
There is no faith the the Do Not Call List-for such violations are rarely investigated, rarely fined, there is no deterrent. Complaints are merely used to "compile information and trends." Glad to have helped provide information for a useless flow chart.

I am getting numerous phone calls daily. Everyday phone calls start at 4am and 5am and continue throughout the day and night all the way up until 10pm or later!!! It is so ridiculous and needs to stop! something more needs to be done!!!!

If these robocalls and telemarketers were costing the government money, they would find a way to stop it immediately. But since it just causes us grief they do not care enough to do more.

It does cost them money, us really. But it creates a brother in law job. It's a total waste of money, not a day goes by without us getting several calls a day. We are older, and it's not always so easy to even get to the phone. And my wife is going through chemo for lung cancer. This puts more pressure on me when I am trying to do for her.

I get an "unknown caller" at least 6 to 8 times a day on my cell. I never pick up but it's very annoying. I can't block it. I haven't called Sprint yet so maybe they can help. I just got my 6th call from 9 AM to 1 PM today. seriously!stop already

Hundreds of I get 3 of these calls a week atleast. You have to be joking. Might as well not file any suits I because it seems to me it should be in the 10-thousands by now.


1. Who did you do business with lately? They probably sold your number, or "shared" your number with their sister or parent company(s). (My nemesis is AARP).
2. Almost all hints about stopping robocalls posted on line, do not work.
3. Learn how robocalls work, understand the technology.
4. One way is to let all calls go to voice mail. *If you do this, set the voice mail to kick in after more than 3 rings.
5. Best way is to only answer calls after 3 or more rings. If it's a legit call, it will ring more than 3 times.
6. The worst thing you can do is to "open" the call. The computer then knows that this line is "active". After 2-3 weeks of inactivity the computer will drop your number automatically.
7.If you can track down the source that pimped out your number, contact them. Talk to a supervisor or high management; and, stop doing business with them. (Don't pay attention to their protestations).

Big business with learn, with big enough voices!

Of the millions of complaints filed, the FTC has filed a whopping "more than a 100 lawsuits" ????
The FTC has to be the most inept dept of the government! - How on earth can you have only filed 100 lawsuits??????

I think a lot of people are under the misconception that the majority of robo callers can be prosecuted.

FYI most robo callers that resort to spoofing are illegal scams/predatory quasi-leagal anyway, how is the FTC supposed to find someone to prosecute, when they are likely using an internet connection to make the calls. I'm pretty sure that the 100 lawsuits were against legitimate businesses that were violating the DNC list.

An effective way to stop this would be to only allow the telcom network to forward calls that have valid confirmed CIDs. Only a court order would allow forwarding calls with invalid CIDs.

Along with a whitelist the customer can updated, that allows unlimited numbers and an irritating manual method of getting added to a users whitelist if you can't ask the customer to add you in person.

This would force the burden/cost on the requester (something like having to send the request via FedEx to the phone company along with a $20 processing fee). I figure if somebody is willing to spend a significant amount of money to contact me I suppose I should get their call. I also think that the requester should have to pay you and the phone company to stay on your whitelist from month to month.

FTC is a joke... They dont do anything and no they get closer to 1 million complaints month and 100 lawsuit a year. So the ftc is not the answer. You have to pressure the ftc to do there job, get an attorney to prod them to do there job. Unfortantaly, the cost isnt worth it. Next best thing you can do is a class action for mishandling a cases or failure to enforce. The FTC is lazy, and slow you have to do there job for them (you have to gather the evidence you have to find experts you have to do every thing but force) like any other law enforcement. Basically All forms of law enforcement theroy is "the People are innosent until provent loosly proven guilty or guilty until unirrevicalbe scientifice evidence proves innosence." While scammers and companys "innosence till someone takes law into there own hands (dont do that) or innosent till someone does my job for me."

Not only did I give you the # of " sandy, your local Google agent" from another state, I got so fed up one day I kept the marketer on the line for over 30 mins to get him comfortable and give me the company name. I sent you that as well. So the multiple #s used, sales reps name and company name. Not some scam company since they have a website as well and hundreds of customers. Still I get calls. Internet local listings is the company. I can't be the only one getting called from them daily.

I already file a complaint at "" 8 times!!
What else can I do?!
Please, Any one knows some info, how I can stop unwanted phone calls?
I very appreciate any help I can get.
It very much get on my nerves a BIG Time!
and "", seems to me,
doing ABSOLUTELY nothing.
Thanks for any help

If you’re getting repeated calls from the same number, your phone company may be able to block that number, but first ask whether there’s a fee for this service. 
If you’re getting unwanted calls from a lot of different numbers, look into a call blocking solution. There are online call blocking services, call blocking boxes, and smartphone apps that block unwanted calls. Do an online search to look for reviews from experts and other users, and find out whether the service costs money.

I've filed a hundred complaints on the do not call registry. I'm pretty convinced that the FTC and the is completely useless. Telemarketers are making hundreds of millions of dollars. This site explains the hundred lawsuits, the entire money the gov has collected from prosecuting isn't 1/100th of the budget of the largest flagrant abuser. Wouldn't it be great if the FTC actually spent the money to really go after telemarketers flouting the do not call list? I'm not going to waste my time anymore. Lets face it there is no agency out there actually fixing this problem. Sad part is that our government is more responsible for this failure than the actual companies doing the damage. Not even a fraction of the companies using robocallers or other illegal technology (like ignoring the do not call list) gets punished or fined. All of our filling out the donotcall list complaints are ignored. Sad thing is that I get google plus telemarketers calling me 3 times a day and our ftc does literally nothing to fix it. How hard is it to take a complaint, get a warrant, find out who owns the number and take them to court? Make the fines real and make it a moneymaker. Nope - better to let every one of us get calls every day. Saddest part is that most government agencies ignore 99.999% of all violations that business does. Too bad there is no one to enforce the law or protect the consumer.

Current technology makes it easy for scammers to fake or “spoof” caller ID information, so the number you reported in your complaint probably isn’t real. Without more information, it’s difficult for us to identify the actual caller. Nonetheless, the FTC analyzes complaint data to identify illegal callers based on calling patterns.

Translation:We have no way of dealing with this, and we can't convince the phone companies to stop allowing spoofing cause they like money.

Amazing how quickly the donotcall list became worthless.

My own home phone called into my workplace during work hours. All I kept thinking was how damn familiar that phone number was that showed up in our company's CID.

Apparently I had changed genders. I also am not the proud citizen of the good ol U.S.of A. like I thought I was. The accent was so horrific and nearly unintelligible. I was selling white papers to a co-worker in my company.

I filled out all of the information I need online (Do Not Call Registry site) and it kept saying I had to correct the phone # I was reporting using only digits. I don't know the hell they wanted. I used only digits and it wouldn't take.

I don't understand...You are the FTC and yet the best you can do is to say "We’re also encouraging industry efforts to combat caller ID spoofing"??? Just make it a law that mandates a direct connection point to the originating phone or billing accounts of the person using the line and such then disables the potential for spoofing. This is not rocket science.

I tried with AT&T to get the billing detail record for specific calls. The detail record has the original, real number of whoever is using a phone line so AT&T and other phone companies can get paid for the line usage. AT&T says I must get a court subpoena. The FTC could get court subpoenas for specific times of calls.

"Along with no name no number, out of area and my personal favorite my own phone number. I don't answer any of them and if they call to often I just block the number."

But GrannyG, how do you block a number if it only says 'out of area'? I can only block numbers that have digits. Can you do otherwise?

The past several weeks we've received nuisance calls from several numbers (probably spoofed) from all over the US. It is always a string of government recordings (, fda, fcc, etc.), with no other identification. I've reported it, but just noting it here in case someone else is having the same experience.

Yes. I have been receiving the same nonsensical recording that loops through many announcements. I don't answer but they leave a rather long voicemail.

Same here. strange.

I have filed a complaint with the FTC and the FCC. I have gone to my phone co., and state attorney general. NO ONE HAS HELPED. I assume they are originating out of the country but he could be next door for all I know. I called the atty general about flipping Rachel. That has stopoed almost all together but not because they helped, they just blew it off. I still get one ever so often and also on our cell phones. But these calls that started as drug company calls are horrible.

I am suddenly getting 4+ calls a day at the office for white papers on various subjects. Today it was Wifi issues, and the callers were David King, Oliver King, and two other fellows whose names I couldn't understand, but they were all speaking with an Indian (the country) dialect. I am always polite and tell them this is not something we are interested in, but this is getting ridiculous.

call your local congressman/woman everytime you get a robo/tele marketing call.wont take long, if enough people do that,to get them off their butts and actually do something to stop it for good.

We have also been getting ironically touting all our wonderful government agencies and how to reach them. Some calls are coming in the early am hours! When we call back the # the next day, the # number is someone's actual ph # and they have no idea their number is used for ID. Government robocalls, really?

Join the club- we have been getting these at 4am am doing to leave the phone off the hook at night.
Can't figure out who is doing this they all refer to a gov website and the numbers used are all spoofed from real people or businesses

As I noted above, the past several weeks we've also received those same nuisance calls from several numbers (probably spoofed) from all over the US, also overnight, very early morning, and during the day. This morning, after 6am from a "Georgia" number. It is always a string of government recordings (, fda, fcc, etc.), with no other identification. I think these are prank calls, maybe from overseas, perhaps trying to generate complaints against govt. agencies which have been cracking down on telemarketing.

A hundred lawsuits? That's it? I am on the Do Not Call registry and I probably have 60 different companies who have just called me. Seems like there should be a way to help consumers collect the fines when these companies violate the Do Not Call registry. We have to go to small claims court and the judges are not experts in dealing with this. Companies should have a fine for the first violation and it should escalate from there. These companies just keep claiming they made a mistake and most people don't spend the ti,e to sue them. They should. You really can collect money and it's the only way to make them stop.

We need the FTC to help make it tougher for calls to get through that do not show the real phone number. Without that info, it is harder to get the companies info and take action.

Thank you for your efforts but I do wish you would help empower consumers so they could sue companies themselves as well.

I am also getting these robocalls claiming to come from and These calls always come at 2 or 3am.

And - worst of all - they are using my 800 number which means I am spending money to receive them!

This has to be a spoof. The caller ID always lists what appears to be a legitimate person's name and phone number - also spoofed, I presume.

Sounds like a political group trying to drum up anger at the government, what with the 2 am timing and the fact that they are calling people's 800 numbers.

I have received the same call last night, string of messages and then followed up by a message. I have older family that always makes one stop their breath when they get a call out of regular time. I want these people to serve a year in jail being woke up every hour to their messages.

Just checked my phone bill - they are also using my 800 number to make those recorded calls with the string of government announcements (fda, fcc, whitehouse, alzheimers, etc.) at all times of day or night. The 800 calls on the bill match the numbers I found by *69 after each call - spoofed numbers from all over the US. Maybe we should contact our state attorney generals as well.

You can contact both state and local consumer protection agencies.

The Do Not Call List is a complete joke. IT DOES NOT WORK AT ALL!!! Did you notice that "To date, the FTC has brought more than a hundred lawsuits against companies and individuals for Do Not Call violations."? The Do Not call list has been active for 11 YEARS!!!! I get more calls that violate the list every month than they have filed suits on in more than a decade. That is nothing to brag on. Hell it is proof that it is a joke. I have written more than a 1000 (yes 1000 without exaggeration) complaints to the Do Not Call website with no action, no response, no reduction in calls, no effect at all. I keep a computer file with the # that called, the date and time, the name on the caller ID and the date the complaint was filed. It currently has 936 different numbers. My number has been on the list since the inception and the number of calls I'm getting went from 3 or 4 per week to now I'm getting 5 or 6 per day. I have finally given up and I called and had my phone service canceled and I'm switching to cell phone only. If they would actually enforce the Do not Call List it may be a deterrent but they do not. I watched a report on the news last year where they interviewed a telemarketer and he stated that yes he knew he was violating the list but he had only been charged once in the last 5 years and the fine was only $15,000. He says his company makes more than 3 times that every day. So even if he was fined every month it would not deter him at all. He would simply consider it the cost of doing business. He actually laughed when the reporter asked if he even checked the DNC list before making calls. He replied "Yes, they are the first one's I call" and laughed again. Ok I'm done venting. This was a great idea on paper but without teeth and actual enforcement the list is nothing more than a middle finger to the public from the FCC.

Yesterday I saw online the address n tel of the telemarketers. Now my comp is being hacked by them bc what ever I wrote to complete they change like it happened to them tot hem. If I go n say that's fraud n they changed it. They did it again. His name is Joseph Randazzo of 14-45 Broadway Queens NY 11105. In case they change it again go get them at that address

You can report this to the FTC at The information you give will go into a database that law enforcement uses for investigations.
Blog comments don't go into the database.

Is there a website out there with a list of fraudulent numbers?103

As per usual, these US Gooberment programs have no teeth. Waste of taxpayer dollars. WOW they have sued over 100 companies....BIG FCUGING deal. I get more than 100 different companies calling me every few months. Grow some balls FTC!

Instead of keeping up with technology, for years, the FTC has proved that anything on THEIR WATCH is not going to be watched, and this is because they are too CHEAP and LAZY to do the job, and get the tech up to speed.

So many posers out there. You got the fake callers spoofing others numbers so you get mad at the wrong people. Then you got the Fake Cops - yes there is that issue too. They drive old fake cop cars , dress like cops, act like cops but have no power. Only the power of fear you give them for even believing it in the first place. Confront the fake cops. Ask to see there Photo I.d. and not some random police business card. One came to my house one time- he ran like a chicken when I confronted him. Thing is I didnt even know I was messing with a fake cop till he ran from me. LOL I guess being naive works some times. All I said was I was coming out my door of my house to see this address he said was mine but wasnt. He got all freaked out about me getting too close to the cop car and ran . LOL Oh it was the highlight of my encounters with the wackamoles. I laugh every time I think about it. Unfortunately for some reason they got little kids pretending there cops too. It is bizzaro.

I got call blocking just to block all the spam calls I am getting now. But one of the pharmacy spam co. calls me with "private number" and no way for me to block the number since no number shows up. It is so so frustrating!

Hi all, I am terrified as to what to do. I have been getting calls from past 4 days but calls from different numbers from all around the world Saudi Arabia, Bangladesh, china, russia, usa, south korea, and just now from Poland!!! I dont understand how??? And all are different numbers never the same!! And its all proper call not even miss calls!! I dont know what to do.

All of a sudden, since last week, I literally get at least 20 calls a day. They are all trying to sell health insurance. I put them all on auto-reject, and I can only block five of them at no cost. Every day I get a handful of new numbers calling. It's getting really annoying! I've had this number for ever and have NEVER had a problem like this.

Hi Stacy- Did you find any solution to this? We've been getting non stop calls from Saudi Arabia for the last 2 days. It's maddening. It's missed calls but all from different numbers so there's no way to block it!

the problem im having right now, is someone is calling me from the same prefix block as my number. my cell is my only means of communication. i run a private PC Repair service and i don't know if a number is a legitimate caller or this person who keeps spoofing the ID into the same prefix. i keep getting calls from 678 572 xxxx and its the same person.

Thanks for this nice article.I like the post.

This is SOOO helpful!! A little trick I learned on how to handle unwanted phone calls to my cell phone. As soon see a strange number on my caller ID and know (I MAY call the number back to be sure it is unwanted) the call is unwanted, I add that number to MY LIST of contacts already established on my phone under the names of either Monday, Monday's or Mondays. Why Monday you ask? Everyone HATES Mondays. Since I've already set up the contacts of Monday, Monday's and Mondays on my cell phone, I will never be bothered by that particular phone number again. All MONDAYS (however you spell it on your phone- I have all three as to hold more Mondays) are set to NO RING and are queued to go directly to my voicemail. Very rarely do they leave a voice mail. Telemarketers are relentless and don't give up, but at least now I'm not bothered by hearing my phone ring and worried I'm missing calls.

How about fixing it so we do not receive calls from unknown callers. You cannot report them and you cannot block them. It is totally annoying

In 15 years the FTC filed only 100 lawsuits.BILLIONS of ILLEGAL and ROBO CALLS over FIFTEEN YEARS and the FTC has ONLY filed ONE HUNDRED lawsuits????!!!!?? Wow. Our Government and Laws are USELESS.

I can't think of anything easier to fight than this problem. How many legit people make thousands of calls per hour? What I can't understand is people who want bigger government when they can't even manage a "do not call" list? Go figure

In the last month i have been getting NO CALLER ID calls on my cell, usually 2 calls within seconds apart. I don't answer but they leave a voice mails with a recorded message. It's a recording telling me I haven't responded to a recent delivery to my home. I can't block the # because there isn't one. What else can I do to stop these calls?

When I get a spam call, I should be able to press something like *811 on my phone, which by law all telecom companies should be forced to listen for. When they hear it, they should disconnect the call and trace the source immediately, and provide all information to the FTC. Done.

I want to know why aren't all nuisance calls (and also cold door step calling and junk mail) just banned outright. I can't believe ANYONE would opt in to one of these lists on purpose.Before some one says otherwise, then make it so you have to sign a simple form saying" I agree to receiving such and such" not hidden at the bottom of a form in small print ect. Just a form saying I agree to this. Then if a call is received and a complaint made and the other side cannot produce a copy of this form then bang them with a fine and cut there phone lines till it is paid. Simple!! Yes I know it will not stop scams and calls form overseas. But I get enough calls from "reputable" companies that this would make one hell of a difference

These calls will NEVER stop unless and until the federal government empowers the actual victims to sue telemarketing scammers in civil court and to collect massive compensatory damage awards. As things stand, only the FTC can sue the people and the companies who ignore the sanctity of the "magical" Do Not Call Registry. Having your phone number on that list does NOT prevent unwanted calls; it only makes it illegal for certain people and/or companies to call your phone. The FTC doesn't have time to track them all down and sue them, but if congress empowered us to do it in our states or counties of residence, they would ALL be out of business in a month or two, because they wouldn't have any money left to operate. Yes, they could appeal any award, but appeals are very expensive so, at best, they'd have a choice to make: pay the award to the call recipient who sued them for ruining his or her day, or pay even more to a lawyer for a very remote chance of having that award reduced or overturned. Congress could cap the award at $50k per call, and that amount would have to be paid and held by the clerk in the victim's county of residence pending the outcome of the appeal. If the award is upheld by the appellate court, the victim would collect $25k, and the state would get the other half (if they don't get half the pie, they have no incentive to allow you access to "their" courts so you can sue the telemarketers in the first place. And yes, I'm aware that the courts are ours, not theirs, but tell that to the politicians we'll have to beg to get such a law passed and enacted). Without provisions to allow the actual victims of telemarketers pursue redress and compensation, this "law," this "Do Not Call List" has no teeth, and telemarketers KNOW that the chances are very slim that they'll ever be caught or prosecuted.

I am getting calls from a 864 243 6629, I looked up the number on whitepages and it doesnt exist, I got the first wave in june, extorting me to get on the phone, calling me his sister, I just got another wave today, and the messages seemed to be very quiet commercials, I forgot the company name, but the slogan is "what's in your wallet?"

Please report this to the FTC at The information you give goes into a database that law enforcement uses nationwide for investigations.
Blog comments don't go into the database.

I google the numbers and I find other complaints and then I block the number on my phone system, it's easy. Get a new system if your phone system doesn't allow blocking numbers. A lot of numbers are out of country even if it is a local are code.

There are just too many calls from different numbers to report them all right now. I have reported them in the past, but they just keep coming, from all over the country, at least one a day. I work full time and have a very busy schedule, and it's time-consuming to report each one. There needs to be a better way.

Fog should be able to stop these international scam call. I got 9 unwanted calls all day.
Should be a stop for this now. Sick of this

My phone's number blocking feature seems to work pretty well. Every few weeks I have to add a new number to the top & remove an old number from the bottom as the numbers change, but it stops most of the calls. Charities: I used to tell them to mail me information; if they ask my address, I tell them to get it from the same place they got my phone number & hang up. Now I just tell them I don't make donations over the phone. Investments: I have a simple rule; anyone who cold-calls me to solicit my business is automatically disqualified from further consideration. If I want to donate or invest, there are loads of resources on the Internet to find reputable recipients for either my charity or my business.

I recently got scammed from a job posting so they have my phone number and city. It's been about 3 weeks and I received a call with "No Caller Id" a few days ago. I usually don't answer blocked calls but my mother in law has her number set up as blocked so I thought it was her so I answered. It turned out to be someone saying they met me in a near by city (which I'm familiar with) and gave me a common name but I didn't recall meeting this person let alone remember giving my phone number to that name. It was about a 20 sec + conversation before I hung it up because I wasn't familiar with the information I was being told. What can be the reason a scammer would call me impersonating someone else but not asking for personal information. Could my phone have been bugged hacked or traced within the time spent on the call or even answering it from start?

I'm on the Do Not Call Registry list. It does not work. I've been getting calls for the last 2 months, caller ID on my phone shows: 169548715. Obviously some numbers are missing cause it's a SCAM. My machine picks up & no message is left, but they call 3 to 4 times daily. -1772-

If the "FCC" and/or phone companies could provide away to block ALL and ANY calls from "unavailable / unknown" and "private /private number" that would stop many of the calls I get at home and on cellphone.

I just found out why robocalls,scam,spam and telemarketing,etc. that's steal your information from all other's sites, facebook profile is showing your phone number and they collects people's phone numbers. There are doing making a calls on your cellphone's..
how get to stop that?

unwarranted/unwanted call from 714-715-1027 ...
suspect phishing; reported to law enforcement as suspicious harassment/attempted hacking, etc.

I keep getting calls that sound like I am tuning in to a radio show, telling me about all the different government programs that they feel I need to be aware of, urging me to visit, or www.lord knows All times of the day AND NIGHT! It's my work phone, and I am on call 24/7. What can be done to stop this??

If you’re getting repeated calls from the same number, your phone company may be able to block that number, but first ask whether there’s a fee for this service. 
If you’re getting unwanted calls from a lot of different numbers, look into a call blocking solution. There are online call blocking services, call blocking boxes, and smartphone apps that block unwanted calls. Do an online search to look for reviews from experts and other users, and find out whether the service costs money.

We are recieving harassment calls, after the call I dont see the number in the call list, How it is possible? How to trace him out.

"To date, the FTC has brought more than a hundred lawsuits against companies and individuals for Do Not Call violations." Boy, let me catch my breath! A whopping 100. This DoNotCall registry has been around since 2003. The FTC manages to average suing about 9 per year. I sometimes get that many unwanted and illegal scam calls PER DAY. This can only mean 2 things: 1) there are too many violators for the FTC to pursue or 2) the violators are beyond our borders.

Why can a charity call me several times a day for well over year after I have asked them so many times to stop when does it become harassment? They are driving me nuts they call 3 and 4 times a day. It’s like they know they are driving me nuts and they have nothing better to do. I have never donated to them I give to a Charity in my home town so I know my money is helping kids in my area.

Do "legal" robocall spammers (charity, politicians, surveys) use the "do not call" list to generate their calls? Can illegal spammers do the same? How do I know that adding my number to the do not call list doesn't itself generate unwanted calls?

There is limited access to the national Do Not Call registry. Only sellers, telemarketers and other service providers may have access to the list. 
The registry may not be used for any purpose other than to prevent telemarketing calls to the telephone numbers on the registry. An entity that accesses the national registry is  required to certify, under penalty of law, that it is accessing the registry solely to comply with the Telemarketing Sales Rule or to prevent calls to numbers on the registry.

"Under penalty of law" - good luck enforcing that.

Is there any hope of changing allowed calling hours to a later start time than 8:00 a.m.?

What I want to know is why did the number of "scam", "cold" (whatever you want to call them) calls increase exactly 30 days after I placed my number on the do not call registry. It seems very suspicious that they list 30 days as the waiting period and boom suddenly my phone has been hit today by easily double the calls I have ever received. If these telemarketers are getting my phone # via this list I will be even more irate.

I get 3 or 4 calls a day from 720-799-9104 almost daily. They keep trying to sell me extended warranty coverage for my car and I tell them no every time or they hang up when they realize I am not buying. For a while nobody would say anything and I could hear a TV in the background, creepy!

Been getting these for a few months now but have only been posting complaints for less than a month. Hopefully it will stop.

When you send us a comment about a blog, it's not the same as making a complaint to law enforcement.
To make a complaint, and get your information added to the database that law enforcement uses, go to

I get calls from bloody idiots wanting to talk to me about my 2009 Volkswagen Beetle, I cuse them out and I yell at them telling them I don't got it, I'm highly fedup with them! Not only that but I get idiots who are speaking in broken English! They download an app which can change their phone really quick. One of these days they'll be in the wrong place at the wrong time!

Wouldn't the smartest, easiest, and most proficient way to stop these annoying calls be to outlaw ALL spoofed phone numbers and the sale of equipment to spoof phone numbers? Isn't there a way for the phone company to detect spoofed numbers and block them?

Spoofing is only illegal if it causes harm. It should be illegal in every manner. WE PAY for our phone service. We should not have to put up with criminals being permitted to have the ability to attempt to rob us, harass us, intimidate us, and simply annoy us. And, why should we have to pay even more money to have calls blocked or to buy equipment to block unwanted calls in order to stop people from trying to steal our money or cause us grief? What other utility service has to deal with this or put up with it? It is ridiculous!

The FTC should be lobbying to help us, the consumer. Not only would this help the consumer, but it would lessen the load of work for the FTC and save money on prosecuting spammers. Not only that, but it would cut down on the phone calls to our phone company's customer service when asking for help because the enormous amount of unwanted, spoofed calls which are driving us crazy. I have to block a whole area code in order to stop someone from calling me 24 hours a day and risk missing legitimate calls, for a phone service I'm already paying for, because they spoof their number and they keep changing it every time I block it. ENOUGH !

Profoundly stated. FTC, why not?

I think I get more junk phone calls than legitimate ones, but since I run a business from my home I can't ignore numbers I don't recognize because it could be a new customer. There are a few junk calls messages that I get repeatedly, but under a different number each time.

Big whoop that the FCC has nailed over 100 spam callers, out of how many,thousands? Tens of thousands? That "do not call" list seems to be a complete waste of effort. Maybe they should hire some of those spammers that they caught and have them work on a solution since they seem to so easily outwit the FCC on this matter.

I started getting spam calls all of a sudden about a month ago. I block them and they just call from a different number. I wonder if someone gave out my number. I am tired of it. I think I might have to change my number.

Now I'm getting a whole bunch of calls from +01 or +000000000 or "blocked". They won't stop! 2 were from the SAME GUY at "us pharmacy" asking about whether my "partner" needed viagra. I told him I'm on a do not call list and don't have a "partner" requiring anything! Then today I got a call from an unknown number and the creep starting singing to me when I told him I'm on a do not call list! OMG!

I returned a missed call. Nothing but a scam. I asked where they got my unlisted number from, they said they get all their numbers from the "do not call list"!

I have discovered that adding my numbers is a waste of time. I get more calls than ever! I have over 4000 blocked numbers on 3 phones. WTF why do I have to tolerate this? Where are my rights to privacy? Why are my rights less important than others. I have business and no not have the luxery to change my number, and better yet to not answer. I just got a call again to improve my credit score. I've asked this company no less than 20 times to stop yet here I am at 715 am getting a call. This is stupid and there has to be something that can be done!

If the volume is so huge that nobody can get a reply from the FCC, then apparently this is a bigger problem than they are willing to tell us, and they are in over their heads.

In fact they can fix this problem (It has been proven by the techs), but why? There is no benefit for them to do so.

Why does the FTC permit the technology to spoof numbers. If the technology were outlawed, the providers could not supply it or pass bad numbers.

I would say most of the calls are very obvious who are telemarketers and who are not. As of lately I've started receiving calls our from our local phone numbers & cell phone servicing areas. I answered them. A handful of times thinking perhaps was a church members in need of assistance, or one of our children whom might've needed something and was calling from a different phone. (we all know how kids run out there batteries on their phones so quickly and have to borrow their friends to call home)
Neither was the case. In all instances
They were telemarketers whom had my full name. I have been a confirmed subscriber to the DNC registries for my cellular & home phones since 2010.
Now anytime I receive one of those calls I automatically let it go to voicemail. If it is truly someone that is in need of my assistance they let me know. Otherwise that number goes on the block list!

Someone has signed my number up with a insurance sales without my permission. Who can I report this to? I have received 40 calls just today, I have changed my voicemail to a message stating that I have not signed up for anything and my number is on a do not call list, please stop calling. HELP!!

When your number is in the Do Not Call registry, businesses should not call you unless you recently did business with them, or you sent a written request for information.
If someone impersonated you and sent a request for information, you may get more calls. The callers may think they have your permission to call.  If you think the callers are legitimate businesses, you could talk to them once and tell them to add you to their do not call list. A company must honor your request and stop calling. You could continue using your answering machine to screen calls. If you're getting many calls from the same number, you can see if your phone carrier offers call blocking, or see if your phone or answering machine can block calls.
If you think the person who signed you up for calls has misused your personal information for other things, go to You can report what happened and you'll get a personal plan to help you respond to problems.

When you fill out a card for a free give away of a car or a truck or a trip or anything else in a store what do you think is happening to the information you are providing??
Your name, telephone number and all the other info you write on the entry form gets sold legally or illegally to businesses that are making these calls.....Don't fill out this forms for some big prize that will never be given to anyone. Don't be a fool....nothing is ever free....the annoying calls will begin as soon as you give up your info. You don't have to be much of a detective to see what is going on

you people are targeted individuals and are being organized gang stalked harassed etc. I can just tell!!!

They call me a lot. Sometimes just to make myself feel better I dial 1 and when I get an operator I say something really obscene. Imagine if every person they call pressed 1 and said something obscene. Their lines would be tied up and their job would be miserable. My wife says "they're only doing their job". I say so is a mugger. Let them find a new job!

I have been plagued by a company called Speed about a spoof claim and compensation on a RTA I had 18 months ago, they phone on different numbers time and time again 12 times in two days from 12 different locations and numbers has anyone else experienced this?

Why is caller id spoofing legal? I know there can be exceptions for Police etc, put the common person should not be allowed to spoof there phone# ( blocking it is fine with me but not showing someone else number). The government sticks there nose into any thing they want to, so I am assuming this is something they don't care about ( do people make money from this telemarketing crap?)

Besides the words above from FTC, as anyone seen anything posted what the FTC has done? Where can I go online to read what action the FTC has taken?

There are several ways to learn more about the FTC's work. Thee FTC website ( has a page listing cases and proceedings.
The News and Events page stores press releases, information about upcoming events, and an events calendar.
The FTC also:

Thank You

I see a lot of government Red Tape. One agency creates another. They feed on each other. Carry on.

What's so hard . Do a FBI sting . Order from them by credit card and trace the company. I don't understand whats so hard about finding these companies ??????

Is it legal to get calls from companies/ bank past 5, even from other states that have a different time zone?

The Telemarketing Sales Rule prohibits deceptive and abusive telemarketing acts and practices and sets forth standards of conduct for telemarketing calls:

  • Calling times are restricted to the hours between 8 a.m. and 9 p.m.
  • Telemarketers must promptly tell you the identity of the seller or charitable organization and that the call is a sales call or a charitable solicitation.
  • Telemarketers must disclose all material information about the goods or services they are offering and the terms of the sale. They are prohibited from lying about any terms of their offer.

Millions of violations and they have filed more than one hundred lawsuits? Congress should stop funding them - they aren't at all effective at solving the problem!

That's EXACTLY what I thought when I read that they have filed "one hundred lawsuits" - really? Like that's impressive? That is ALL considering the volume of these scam calls? Geez, I think I'VE gotten one hundred of these calls in the last month. Just little ol' me! Ugh!

I have had more unwanted calls, since I added my house number and my phone number to this stupid registry! IT IS BS! How do I get you to take my numbers off your site??? Clearly, THIS IS A SCAM!

The FTC has seen a significant increase in the number of illegal sales calls – particularly robocalls. The reason is technology. Internet powered phone systems make it cheap and easy for scammers to make illegal calls from anywhere in the world, and to display fake caller ID information, which helps them hide from law enforcement.
You can delete your number by calling 1-888-382-1222 from the telephone number you want to delete. Your number will be off the Registry the next day, and telemarketing lists will be updated within 31 days.
For more information, please see National Do Not Call Registry.

I read that the Federal Do Not Call list does not cover business phone numbers. Is that correct? We are a small business with only a few people, and unwanted calls are severely aggravating our productivity. We sometimes get once every couple of minutes. We cannot unplug the phone, because once or twice a day, we do get calls from clients. I would really appreciate your help. This problem really lowers the productivity of American SMEs. I had businesses in Europe and Asia, and we never had this problem. Please help.

The Do Not Call registry is for consumers who want to register their home or mobile phone numbers.  It gives consumers a choice about the calls they receive. You could contact your phone service provider to see if it offers call-blocking options for your business.

Thank you for the response. We, businesses, are also consumers. Businesses produce goods and services, and at the same time they consume goods and services. It does not make sense to protect only one type of consumer but not others. Again, we cannot simply block incoming calls, because there are client calls. We do not want to receive unsolicited marketing calls that severely damage our ability to perform, and I believe that there should be a way in which small businesses can protect themselves from the mindless robocalls that bombard unwanted calls. Please consider changing the policy on coverage of the Federal Do Not Call service to embrace businesses especially SMEs like us. Please understand that the out-of-control telemarketing calls are damaging the nation's productivity, especially for SMEs, seriously.

If I reported every spam call that I get on my land line & my cell, all I would be doing is reporting calls! It's sickening to the point that I want to disconnect my land line. I would just like to know who is selling my cell phone number!

The amount of calls I get each weeks is getting ridiculous. When I try calling the numbers back I get a recording that the number is not valid. This needs to stop! I find that the call ID comes from cities or towns that I have family in so many times I answer thinking its maybe a hospital calling telling me a family member is hurt. How do they do that? It can't be a coincidence that they call from exact places that I have family!

I have noticed this, too. Not only has the number of these spam calls shot off the charts on my cell phone, I don't think it is coincidental that, more and more, they seem to be coming from numbers with local area codes. It is my practice to totally ignore these calls but they've "gotten me" a few times with the local area codes. It's getting infuriating.

So we're paying for caller id that is essentially useless (thanks to spoofing), the DNC list hasn't worked well and the possible solutions involve paying more money? Does anyone at the FTC understand how ridiculous that is? I got a call with the caller id specifically shown as "Number not in use" - no I did not pick up, but I do want to know how that happens. I get robocalls on my cell and on my landline, every time I block one number on my cell another one takes its place - none of them leave messages. The landline robocalls tend to have one number (with a regular non 800/866/877 area code) on caller id but a completely different one to call them back at (Navient, I'm on to you and your scam) but I don't answer those either. So far there are 58 numbers blocked from my cell phone, the idea that the telemarketing/random scam calls will stop coming if one simply doesn't answer the phone for several weeks is laughable. And there are major corporations who want us to agree to give up our privacy in exchange for a lower rate on their services? Companies like yahoo now offer internet browsing without ads (I very much doubt its 100% ad free) for a pretty significant annual fee! I don't think our government should allow corporations the option of buying us out of our privacy because you'd have to be blind not to see that the data collected will be sold to whoever pays the most for it. If that happens, we'll wish we were still just getting a ton of nuisance calls.

I started getting most my spam calls after Verizon sold over to Frontier... Got a feeling Verizon is trying to make a few bucks on the side by selling off their old customers!

I just got a call on my cellphone asking for a donation for the police association 815-668-0126 and in the booklet that came with my cellphone it states all telemarketing calls for donations, political calls etc are illegal in Illinois, and I had already asked them last time they called to put my number on their do not call list since they are calling my cellphone and that was about 6 months ago, while I had them on the phone I asked how much do they the police association receive and he replied about 10% , so if you want to give the police association $100. you would have to donate $1000. , call blockers would do little to stop calls for me since they call from a different number everytime rachel or carmen robocall , they use a new number, or its eric calling from microsoft my computer is sending messages to them that it is infected, or some medical alert system is free all I have to do is provide a credit card number to pay the monthly monitoring fee, same with home security scam, or you've just won $3,000,000.oo from readers digest , what are your plans to do with all that money, before we can release your winnings we need you to send us by western union $500. tax fee, this goes on day after day, after I answered the phone water dept, they started spoofing my number several times in a row and after a couple days changed the area code with my 7 digit number, sometimes they use a number for a hospital in nevada or a library in los angeles or some number from canada that if I were to redial i'd get a foreign country call charged to my phone, and to top that off I'm disabled so they're breaking more laws by calling me, it is harassment pure and simple, after going through chemo and cardiac arrest , I don't need these scammers calling everyday.......

This is getting beyond annoying. Spam calls placed to my cell phone have SKYROCKETED OFF THE CHARTS in recent months. I get numerous calls on a daily basis now. If I do not recognize a number, I absolutely do not even answer it. I feel pretty sure that even answering would add you to an active call list. I certainly do NOT answer and ask or press any numbers to "be removed" from a list, which I feel certainly only ADDS you to a call list. I take the pointless step of "blocking" the number, although I know with spoofing, they are simply coming at you with an endless quantity of new numbers. The amount of calls, the uptick, is RIDICULOUS. I really hope there is some kind of technological way that this can be addressed.

They call every week day I had it stopped for a while I reported it , but is now a different number , yesterday it called , now my phone says new voice mail , but these no voice mail , I changed my password for my messages , I don't know how to get it off there , its my home phone .

They are spoofing the Washington DC Police Department and Homeland Security Office in Orlando, Florida. The scam questions your US Citizenship.

This works for me and makes me feel like I got some revenge of years of unwanted calls. I have marine blow horn in a can that you can purchase at most sporting goods store. When I get the scammer live I give them a good earful of loud horn. Then I hang up.

I would really like to be issued a credit card by a law enforcement agency investigating these calls. When the scammer uses the agency card, it would trace their bank account and set them up to have their funds forfeited, or automatically withdrawn by law enforcement.

i'm getting 5 to 6 calls a day saying it's the IRS and i need to pay or i'm getting sued,and going to prison for fraud and embezzlement, they don't speak very good english and the number shows its from new york, im losing my temper quick and afraid im going to say words moma dont like lol.

I've noticed in the past few weeks that the unavailable calls are increasing, as well as calls from several other states where my family doesn't know anyone. We even get constant calls from different towns in our own state, also from places where we don't know anyone. Most of the time no messages are left! 202-135-1786 and 323-498-6413 call several times a day! We've been getting messages from Los Angeles supposedly stating that the IRS needs to hear from us and to call back their hotline at the 323#. The other message is about the U.S. Treasury, and the man has a foreign accent. He mentions the urgency to contact them, etc. On Saturday, we got a call from a man with a foreign accent named "Paul" claiming that there was something wrong with our computer. He must've called at least 20 times! The number was 983-147-6055. I answered, told him nothing was wrong with our computer, and then answered again to tell him to stop calling, and then took the phone off the hook, but we could still see the calls. I'm going to report these calls and block all of them. We may start blowing whistles in people's ears, too! It might make us feel better because this has gotten out of control. Being on the do not call registry isn't helping at all!!

When I get a call from a spammer, I just fool with them and waste their time. I know Im wasting my time too, but at least taking something from them as well. At the end most of them are getting angry and it worth every second that I waste :)

Hi, does anyone know anything about calls from random telephone numbers from around the country coming through to my wife's phone? Whoever calls is normally following up a previous call from her number of which whoever is using her number has shown interest in whatever product/business the caller is involved in, so whoever has previously called has obviously used my wife's telephone number on the caller ID. Then a follow-up call is made back to my wife about whatever the previous person has called and enquired about. Would someone actually be able to use her number using caller ID spoofing? She's literally had about 30 calls over the past few days from random people from just about anywhere in the UK.

As for curiousGuy's comment. I do that too. As soon as there's a lengthy delay before the caller responds to my phone I soon realise it's someone telling me that I've been involved in an accident and I'm eligible for compensation. My usual way to deal with this is to say "you're not going to believe this mate, but I'm literally stuck inside my car having been involved in an RTA. I'm just waiting for the fire brigade to arrive to cut me out!"

We get the usual calls from Rachel and her friends at Card Services, techs from "Microsoft" wanting to fix our computer, and warnings from someone in a foreign accent that we're about to be arrested for tax fraud unless we pay a fine. It's gotten so bad that I usually don't answer the phone unless I recognize the number, or if I'm expecting a call from a doctor's office or from someone using a cell phone whose number I might not know.

My brother, on the other hand, still tends to pick up the phone, especially if it's a local area code, or an Arizona number since he used to live there.

Even though he moved away from AZ 3 years ago, and changed his voter registration within a month or so of moving, and even though our phone number is not an Arizona area code, we have continued to get political calls and surveys for local-to-AZ races. It's been especially egregious this year, with hard-fought races at several levels meaning even more robocalling for one candidate or another. One evening last week we received a call well after 9:00 (though it was before 9:00 AZ time).

What can we do to eliminate the out-of-state political calls?

When I first signed on to the doc list several years ago, it said it would take 90 days to become effective. Someone must be collecting this info at the same time. After I gave my number our pest calls went up 3 times what they were. After the time was up, they did slow some. But today, 2 days after the election, they are as bad as they ever were. And reading the fine print, politicians have neatly excluded themselves from being stopped on you list.
They think of everything. Losers.

We spend billions a year as a country to let the NSA listen in on all calls from overseas as they want. Seems to me that if the NSA has the technology to trace any call from outside the USA they should be able to call in a drone strike on the headquarters that send out these calls. I get the same Google business listing verification call every day from a different spoofed number in California. These calls are a major inconvenience for a small business like mine where I have to stop whatever I'm doing to answer potential customer calls. I've already had to give up my land line to eliminate the 15 junk calls I was getting every day. Nomorobo is not effective when the scammers can spoof a different random number on every call. I would gladly pay to go back to the ATT monopoly of the 1970's and before where the phone company actually worked and cared for it's customers.

Technology needs to fix these issues. It won't be easy but the alternative is that technology will replace the phone with something that is more productive. I ignore most calls that go to my phone unless it registers in my contact. I miss a lot of legit calls this way but it's better safe than sorry.

Keep getting calls late at night and by 6am they start again. Some times the calls will ring every 30min. Always a scam. I've won money or it;s the IRS. I hang up, but they keep calling. I need to answer my phone because of the type of work I do. Emergency care. I'm getting so tired. What can I do. HELP.

If the government would impose a fine of $1000.00
a call then maybe it would reduce some of these
So tired of these scam artist!

I was hoping this article would give me an answer to stop the calls, but clearly there isn't one. I do not answer calls from a number I do not recognize, assuming if it is important and legit they will leave a message. My current action is to "save" the number as a contact, and the name I give it is Do NOT Answer, Do NOT Answer2, Do Not Answer3, etc. It saves me wracking my brain each time trying to think if I know the number.

"...don’t interact in any way. Don’t press buttons to be taken off the call list or to talk to a live person. That just leads to more calls. Instead, hang up and file a complaint at"

The problem with this advice is you cannot report the company to unless you interact with the caller and ask for the name of the company. Just reporting the number is pointless as it's usually a cloned number as they stated.

I just went thru and reported 25 calls from this year (I have a ton more but I think I deleted my call log last year, or switched phones. I have the phone numbers but not the log showing when they called).
My complaint: why do we never see any money from the FTC suing these companies for calling "OUR" phones!?!?
If I report these numbers and they come from a company the FTC sues, I/we (people who have actually filled a complaint) should be getting paid the same $500/call or even the $1500/call when that company calls after being told not to call me!
I don't have the money to sue all these idiots in small claims court, much less can afford the costs of all the court fees for filing and serving notices etc., if you can even track down the violators.
BIG Gov't has the resources to reach them, and should be sending us the same amounts as the fines by law allow!
Really tired of our government suing companies for billions, yet NONE of the victims ever get paid!
Just like all the SEC lawsuits over the past decade+ These companies get fined millions of dollars and where does it go?
It never goes to the victims! Bad Gov't...bad

So I get harassed. I get the annoying phone calls. I get frustrated by scammed. The FTC files lawsuits and sues them and gets the money? But I thought the idea was to get AWAY from scams???!!

Over the past couple of days I have been getting spam calls from real numbers in my area. I answer and there is no answer or some accented person. When I call the number back it is a completely different person who is confused as to why I got a missed call from them. It seems like spammers are now using real numbers to spam call me!

i've been getting weird calls from people who's number looks like it's in my family (everyone's number starts with the same 3 numbers) so i answer. this person knows my name and is continuously asking for my last name, and often asks for my location, or if i'm going to a certain event in the area. should i just not answer any of them?

Phones need to have a second "phone-code" to give to relatives and friends that let their calls through. Anyone else gets asked a question that a human would have to answer and press keys to get through -- similar to "CAPTCHA"s on the internet.


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