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Consumer Advocates

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If you work with traditionally underserved communities — whether you’re a legal aid provider, a TESOL or other teacher, or an advocate — the FTC’s resources can help.

Our materials in English and other languages cover issues like money, credit, debt, fraud, identity theft, and immigration. You can use them in direct client services, language classes, financial literacy or life skills programs, workshops, and credit and debt counseling sessions.

All of our resources are free, and many are available to order and use as handouts.

Consumer protection basics in a clear, direct style. These resources are available in Spanish at

Managing Your Money

From making a budget to saving money when you shop, ways to manage, save and spend your money wisely.

Credit, Loans and Debt

How your credit history affects your life, how to improve your credit, and how to manage debt…and debt collectors.

Scams and Identity Theft

How to protect yourself, your information, and your money against identity thieves and scams.

Help for You

Information to help you go further: presentations, worksheets and resources to share.


Whether renewing a Green Card, becoming a citizen, or trying to choose the right forms, immigration issues can be complicated – and it’s important to do things right.

File a Complaint

If a business doesn’t live up to its promises or cheats a consumer out of money, the FTC wants to know. The FTC and its partners in law enforcement use these complaints to investigate fraud and eliminate unfair business practices.