Protect Your Identity Event Kit

Use these resources to plan an event about identity protection.


Use these printable to-do lists.


Customize these sample materials for your event.


Print these ready-to-use items.

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Shareable Tips

  • Protect your personal information to reduce the risk of identity theft. Learn how at
  • [name of organization] will host an event about protecting your identity on [date]. Identity theft can wreak havoc with your finances and credit. Find out what to do if your identity is stolen at
  • Identity theft can cost time and money to repair. Learn what to do if your identity is stolen. Come to Protect Your Identity event on [date].
  • [name of organization] will host Protecting Your Identity on [date]. Reduce your risk of ID theft and repair the damage it causes.
  • Do you know what to do if your identity is stolen? Acting fast can help limit the damage.  Go to to learn more.