Travel Scams

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Sightseeing, sunbathing, skiing — who doesn’t like a good vacation? But don’t relax just yet. Whether it’s promising free or discounted trips, posting phony rental listings, or telling timeshare sellers they’ve got a buyer lined up, scammers are working to get a cut of your hard-earned travel money. Here’s what you need to know to avoid a scam.

Travel Scams

Did you really win a “luxury vacation"? Can you trust that travel company? Is that international driving permit (IDP) the real thing? Find out how to know when you’re dealing with a travel scam.

Travel Tips

Rest and relaxation or vacation frustration? Here’s how to avoid a vacation nightmare.

International Driver's License Scams

Scammers sometimes make exaggerated claims about international driving permits. Learn what they are, and where to buy a legitimate permit.

Timeshares & Rentals

Timeshares and Vacation Plans

Buying or selling a timeshare or vacation plan? Read these tips first.

Rental Listing Scams

Rip-off artists use rental listings to get you to pay in advance for a place to live or vacation.

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Planning a vacation? Learn more about travel scams:

Not sure if you’re dealing with a travel scam? Here are some signs a sun-filled getaway isn’t what it seems:

You’ve won a “free vacation” but you have to pay a fee first? That’s not a prize, it’s a purchase. Learn more:

Want to sell your timeshare? Some companies will lie and say they have a buyer to get you to pay them. Learn more:

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