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You probably serve a lot of different patrons – older people, military families, new arrivals or people with challenges reading English or navigating the immigration process. You may be fielding questions that turn out to be related to a job scam or identity theft or an imposter trying to rip someone off. Here are some tips to get you started on helping all your patrons.

This is just the beginning – look around this site for more articles, tips and videos.  And if the tips are in print, you can order free copies for your library.


bookmarksBrowse our collection of free bookmarks on several issues.

Recent Refugees and Immigrants

Avoiding Scams

Whether you’re looking for a job, going through the immigration process, or just figuring out how things work, it’s important to be able to spot scams.

The immigration process

Use the resources on this page to spot and avoid scams against immigrants and find the right kind of help for them.

Older Consumers

Sharing what you know can help protect someone who you know from a scam.

Reading Challenges

Do you have patrons that face challenges reading English? Give them the consumer protection basics – plain and simple.


FotonovelasA series of graphic novels in Spanish that depict stories about common scams in the Latino community, and provide tips to help detect and stop them.

Kids and Digital Literacy

Net Cetera

Helps you start the conversation with kids about being online.

Living Life Online

As kids live their lives online and off, some behaviors can help them be more successful.