My FTC moment is when after only some days at the FTC, Chairwoman Ramirez invited me to lunch and we had a very interesting conversation about many things. It was something I did not expect at all and something I will always remember.

I only spent some weeks as an International fellow at the Federal trade Commission this year. However, that was enough to see what a great team of very competent and intelligent officers work for the FTC, but what amazed me the most was the level of commitment to public service. From Chairwoman Ramirez, the Commissioners, Debbie Feinstein, Andy Gavil, and Randy Tritell, to all the team members and officers around the FTC work, past or present that I met, the wish to make a difference to society is and remains there.

Now that I am the chief prosecutor at the Mexican Economic Competition Commission, I´ll make sure we remain close to the FTC.

—Carlos Mena L.