My FTC moment is about my super heroes: Mergers II. For as long as most can remember, Mergers II has been “The Bad News Bears” of the Bureau of Competition. But here’s the thing: Mergers II has brought and won a bunch of cases of which the FTC can be proud, including Swedish Match (2000); Libbey (2002); CB&I (2001-2008); Polypore (2009-2013); and CCC/Mitchell (2009).

My FTC moment came when the decision in CCC/Mitchell came in from Judge Collyer’s chambers. The team caucused in lead attorney Casey Trigg’s office and feverishly read the opinion. As we realized that the judge agreed with us, someone shouted, “we won!” But who had won? As usual, Casey reminded us that the “we” here was our client; in other words, the American consumer. Thank you Casey, and thank you Mergers II.

—Gail Slater