When the FTC celebrated its 90th anniversary I was shocked to realize I had been here nearly a third of its entire existence. And now it's more. So choosing a "moment" is difficult. I'll offer just two comments.

First, I have often thought that much of what the FTC does is essential for consumers as a whole but doesn't come home to me personally. But one thing the FTC has done that I thank it for weekly is the Care Labeling Rule.

Second, I was fortunate to participate in another activity that comes home to me personally, the Do-Not-Call Rule. My most entertaining involvement came after its issuance, when a district court ruled that—despite the mandate in the telemarketing law to prohibit abusive practices and two other laws specifically providing for funding of Do-Not-Call—the rule was unauthorized. I had the pleasure of working with Congressional staff on legislation to authorize it expressly, prospectively and retrospectively. The legislation was informally known as the "We Really Meant It Act" and, according to the Washington Post, it was enacted faster than the declaration of war after Pearl Harbor.

—Rachel Dawson