Characters outside the mall

First Time Here

Ronit: Hi! So you've never been here and want to know where you are, huh?

Andy: You Are Here.

Trey: How informative.

Andy: What? That's the name of this website!

Trey: Yeah… but I think they're looking for a little more than that.

Ronit: This site was created to teach kids to be smarter consumers. The Federal Trade Commission wanted to provide a fun way for kids to learn some pretty important stuff about the marketplace, and what better place to do it-than here at the mall?

Trey: All the action takes place inside. There are games to play, people to meet, and lessons to learn. There's something cool in every store.

Ronit: See those two people back there? They're Isaac and Emily.

Emily: (waves) Hi!

Isaac: (waves) Hi!

Ronit: You'll be seeing a lot of them around the mall. They pretty much know everything about everything, and can answer the questions you might have once you're inside.

Andy: Those two are pretty smart. Isaac even taught me how to use this mall map thingy… (reaches up and presses Mall Map button, map slides out and knocks him to the ground)

Everyone: (Random "Oohs, ouches, and ahh's as they feel Andy's pain)

Emily: Oh my gosh, are you ok?

Andy: (hops up like nothing happened; glasses are crooked) Never been better!

Isaac: Ooh! Looks like I need to do a little more explaining. So, the map. It's basically a quick way to navigate through the mall. The mall is broken into a few different areas, each one focusing on a different topic. When you click on an area, you'll be able to see what stores are there, as well as the topics covered. Click on the store you want to jump to, and boom, baby, you're there.

Emily: If you're a parent or teacher and you're looking for more detailed information on the topics covered in the mall, check out the Parents and Teachers page. It's got some great information.

Isaac: Ok, you seem like a pretty smart cookie. I think you're ready to start exploring the mall. You'll figure it out just fine.

Emily: See you inside!