Characters in the Security Plaza

You Are Here: Keeping Your Computer Secure

Chuck: Hi! I... Whoa! Hold on a sec... Sorry, I just found something major. The mall hired me to test the network security of all the stores here. I just discovered that this place is sending credit card transactions wirelessly over an unsecured network! I have got to fix this fast. Basically, anyone with a laptop could easily tap into their network and grab the credit card numbers of anyone who has ever shopped here!

People have GOT to understand how important it is to keep the information on their computers secure—and I'm not just talking about businesses here. You've gotta do it at home too! There are a lot of things technology can do to help keep you safe online—but there's stuff you have to do yourself too. Everything on my cart helps remind me about things I can do to keep information safe. They look random, but they work! I have to keep working on this security issue, but read on and find out what each one reminds me to do.

The "ON" Button

The "ON" button helps me remember to make sure that my computer security software and firewall are turned on, and set to automatically update. Security precautions like these are a must for any computer—but they have to be switched ON to do any good.

The Disguise Glasses

The disguise glasses remind me that people online may not be who they seem. The email that's supposedly from a bank, telling you your account's at risk unless you give them your account number? Yeah, that's some scammer, not your bank. Just like the guy who says you won millions is probably not who he says he is. That disguise just reminds me to stop and think before I click, and before giving personal information to anyone—no matter who they say they are.

The Jack-in-a-box

Jack here reminds me to watch out for annoying pop-ups online. You know, the ones with bogus offers that try to trick you into giving out information. He reminds me to think before I click—and that you can get rid of them all together with software that blocks ads and pop-ups.

The Squishy Pink Stress Brain

My awesome hot pink squishy stress brain is a constant reminder of how important it is to use your brain, especially when it comes to sharing personal information. No amount of software can protect us from voluntarily giving out our information—so always think first. And when in doubt, it's always a safe bet to ask your parents.

The Ham Sandwich

Umm, that's just a ham sandwich. MY ham sandwich. So, hands off!... Sorry—I haven't had time for lunch yet, and I get cranky when I'm hungry.


There. Network secured. For now, at least. I need to go inside, replace some hardware, and talk to the employees, but in the meantime, customer information is safe once more. Anyway, thanks for stopping by. I hope I was helpful. Adios, my friend. Remember to always use your brain to keep that info secure!