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Admongo shows kids how to identify ads, as well as advertising methods and techniques. Using Admongo and its supplemental materials gives your students the tools to become more thoughtful consumers of media and products.

Walking through the mall can teach you about more than just the latest fashion trends; you also can learn how to be an informed consumer — especially at this mall.

Advertisers use many techniques to reach their audiences. Admongo shows you how to identify those techniques so you will be more aware of how you're being influenced to do, think, or buy something.

Ads contain messages asking you to do something — like buy a product or service. Admongo shows you how to identify those messages and think critically about the action the ad wants you to take.

Get ready for your "aducation" with Haze! He will walk you through Admongo. Meet the challenge to find all the ads, determine who created them, and understand the actions the ads want you to take.

Having an "aducation" means understanding the true messages behind advertising. Admongo teaches this to kids in a way that's fun, interactive and helps them become more thoughtful consumers. Use Admongo in the classroom or at home with teaching...

"Don't be so critical."

Maybe you've heard that from time to time. But when it comes to things you read and see, it pays to think critically. Everything that's written is written by someone for a reason. Every media message you see —...

Advertising is everywhere — online, on billboards, television…pretty much any place where we get information. Knowing how to identify advertising and understand its messages helps young people become more informed, discerning consumers. Admongo....

Rebate offers can be irresistible to consumers, slashing the price of consumer goods at the time of purchase or promising partial or full reimbursements after the purchase.

Some manufacturers and retailers entice shoppers with instant cash...