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Home Improvement

Building a deck? Installing an alarm system? Repaving the driveway? You can save time, money, and frustration by knowing the signs of a home improvement scam, and the consumer protections in the Cooling Off Rule.

How To Avoid Disaster Recovery Scams

Tips to help you choose a contractor, pay wisely, and handle problems along the way.

How To Avoid a Home Improvement Scam

What to consider when shopping for a competent and reliable contractor for your project.

Warranties for New Homes

Learn the difference between a builder warranty and service contract, how to make a claim, and how to resolve disputes.

How To Shop for a Home Security System and Avoid Scams

Offers steps for finding a reputable company, avoiding high-pressure sales and scams, and how to cancel a deal.

Rebuilding Your Home or Office After a Weather Emergency

Tips for safely returning to your weather-damaged home and hiring a home repair contractor.

Debris Clean-Up and Removal Scams After a Weather Emergency

Be skeptical of people promising immediate clean-up and debris removal after a weather emergency. Tips to protect yourself, your property, and your money.

Shopping for New Windows Infographic

What to consider before replacing your home’s windows and factors that could affect your energy savings.