Home Improvement

Building a deck? Installing an alarm system? Repaving the driveway? You can save time, money, and frustration by knowing the signs of a home improvement scam, and the consumer protections in the Cooling Off Rule.

Hiring a Contractor

Finding a competent and reliable contractor for your home improvement project is crucial. Here are factors to consider.

Some Home Security Systems May Be Scams

Who’s pitching that home security system? Here's important information to review before you sink money into a worthless purchase.

Warranties for Newly Built Homes

Find out what a new home warranty covers, how to make a claim, and how to resolve disputes.

Shopping for New Windows?

You might save on heating and cooling bills with replacement windows, but the amount depends on several factors.

Battling Bed Bugs

Learn how to prevent and treat bed bug infestations.

Tests for Defective Drywall

Some tests and treatments for defective drywall, used in certain homes built between 2003 and 2008, don’t work.

Before You Buy Paint

Looking to buy low-VOC or VOC-free paint? These tips can help.

Rebuilding Your Home or Office After a Weather Emergency

Tips for safely returning to your weather-damaged home and hiring a home repair contractor.

Debris Clean-Up and Removal Scams After a Weather Emergency

Be skeptical of people promising immediate clean-up and debris removal after a weather emergency. Tips to protect yourself, your property, and your money.

Pest Control After a Weather Emergency

Tips for hiring a pest control professional.

Shopping for New Windows Infographic

What to consider before replacing your home’s windows and factors that could affect your energy savings.