Identity Theft

While identity theft can happen to anyone, there are some things you can do to reduce your risk. If you think someone is using your personal information to open accounts, file taxes, or make purchases, visit to report and recover from identity theft. Looking for identity theft resources to share in your community? Visit

Do You Need a New Social Security Number?

You must report the misuse of your Social Security number. Now, should you get a new — or replacement — number or card? Bookmark

Report and recover from identity theft at

Shredding Infographic

Are you wondering what to keep and what to shred? We looked at experts’ advice and compiled this summary of how long they recommend keeping certain documents.

What To Know About Credit Freezes and Fraud Alerts

Credit freezes and fraud alerts can protect you from identity theft or prevent further misuse of your personal information if it was stolen. Learn what they do and how to place them.

What To Know About Identity Theft

Learn what identity theft is, how to protect yourself against it, and how to know if someone stole your identity.

How To Protect Your Child From Identity Theft

Learn what child identity theft is, how to detect it, how to protect your child’s personal information, and what to do if someone steals your child’s identity.

What To Know About Medical Identity Theft

Learn what medical identity theft is, how to protect yourself against it, and how to know if someone is using your medical information.

What To Know About Tax Identity Theft

Learn what tax identity theft is, what you can do to guard against it, and what to do if it happens to you.