A Valentine's Day Quiz

A dazzling smile. A warm sense of humor. Great chemistry. You and your Valentine sound like a perfect match. But are you financially compatible? Is there a fiscal attraction? The smart money is on a Valentine who's dollars and cents-ible.

To check out how your significant other rates in the financial department, pick the statement that best describes your Valentine.

What does your Valentine do with financial paperwork?

A. Organizes it in reverse chronological order by decade in colorcoded boxes on the bookshelf.

B. I'll tell you as soon as I can scale that four-foot stack of credit card bills.

C. Shreds what's no longer needed and keeps the important stuff in a safe place.

It's the end of the month and money's tight. How would you and your Valentine spend a romantic Saturday together?

A. Stay at home and grumble about money trouble.

B. Champagne, caviar – and Vegas, Baby!

C. Go to a free concert, take a leisurely bike ride around town, or picnic in the park.

Mortgage payments are stretching your Valentine to the limit. How would your Valentine respond?

A. Pull down the blinds, take the phone off the hook, and hunker down in the basement.

B. "Mortgage? What is this thing you earthlings call a mortgage?"

C. Keep the line of communications open with the lender.

Your Valentine wants to keep tabs on the accuracy of credit report information. What step would your Valentine take?

A. Signs up for pricey credit monitoring.

B. Consults a Ouija board, a Magic 8-Ball, and a TV psychic.

C. Exercises the legal right to a free credit report at AnnualCreditReport.com.

How does your Valentine cut back on spending?

A. Turns a shirt inside out and wears it day after day to save on detergent.

B. When dining out with friends, steps away for an "emergency phone call" when the check arrives!

C. Keeps a written plan that accounts for fixed costs, variable expenses, and once-in-a-while splurges.

Your Valentine receives an email from the bank asking for verification on an account number. How would your Valentine respond?

A. Emails back the account number – and the password just in case they need that, too.

B. Wouldn't bother to respond since the account is overdrawn anyway.

C. Deletes the message as a likely phishing attempt.

Your Valentine's plan for long-term financial security includes:

A. The latest "make millions in your spare time" scheme.

B. A handful of lottery tickets.

C. Setting aside something from each paycheck for savings.

Your Results: