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Package delivery scam — delivered to your inbox

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Expecting packages shipped to your home this holiday season? You’re not the only one… scammers are, too.

Did you get a text message with a shipment tracking code and a link to update your delivery preferences? It's a scam. Learn more.

We’ve learned of a phony “delivery failure notification” email making the rounds. It looks like it’s from the U.S. Postal Service — but it’s not. The email says you missed a delivery. But, it says, if you print the attached form and take it to your local post office, you can pick up your package and avoid penalties. The message might also include a link for more details.

Here’s the truth: the email is bogus and there is no package. And if you download the attachment or click on a link, you’re likely to end up with a virus or malware on your device.

Con artists often use the names and logos of familiar organizations to get under your guard. So how do you tell what’s legit and what’s a scam? Here are some ways to spot a bogus email:

  • It tells you to click on a link or download an attachment
  • It urges you to take immediate action
  • It asks you to “re-confirm” personal or financial information

Another sure sign an email is a scam? If you hover over the link in the email, it won’t show the official website of the supposed sender — in this case, the U.S. Postal Service website.

For more tips, check out our articles on phishing and malware. And if you have questions about a delivery by the U.S. Postal Service, visit or call 1-800-ASK-USPS.


Repeatedly receiving this attempted "FedEx" delivery notice: "LINK, Delivery Notification, ID 00868258"

Fortunately, I've opened none of them ... since I know I have no due FedEx packages...

Received an email from "FedEx" that said they were unable to deliver a package -YES I WAS STUPID AND CLICKED (not to mention sick with a head cold and over tired - I have never done that before). It was malware...any idea of this particular scam and whether only Microsoft is targeted with it, or does it affect Apple computers as well?

Hello, is it possible to ship a package delivery from Africa to the Philippines within 48 hours and is it required to pay for a local chaages before they could deliver the package. I've confirmed with the cargo company but did not reply, the person whom i need to deposit the payment is a private individual and not bearing the company's name.
Is it a scam?

If you are expecting a package from a shipping company or delivery service, contact the business. Ask if you must pay a fee to pick up the package, or to have it delivered to you.

I receive a mail from Same day Express Courier. They asking me to pay the clearance tax for the package that sent to me. Cost 17 thousand PH money. Is it a scam? what should I do?

If you did not ask for the package, and you do not want the package, you can say no when they ask for money.

Hello...may i know..i got an email from customs that they held my parcel due to tax and insurance..i ordered phone in malaysia..please help me on this.


To find out whether you need a DEA permit to order or receive certain chemicals or drugs, go to the DEA website. If you have a question about whether you can receive a certain product through the mail in the US, go to the website of the US Customs and Border Patrol.

I have the same problem now ordered some pills and they scare me like this.. i payed everything now im sacred if they sent the package and if the pills are inside or not.. i alredy payed for everything insurance, fda certiicate than for clairance fee all together 4600eur and now i dont know what will happen.. what did you do?

Good day i have a package from us i pay the clearance charge but when they scan my package they found out that there is money inside now my package is on hold because of the penalty now they asking me to pay for it but i cant afford...i dont know what will i do

This could be a scam. If a stranger says he will send you a valuable package, and you must pay fees to get the package, it usually is a scam.

A criminal will make promises like this because he wants your money. Really, there is no valuable package. Often, he will ask for more and more fees.

Hello I do receive a msg that I have package in a courier company name Apex International Delivery Services in Cebu and she's saying may package is. On hold because I will have to pay 15,000 pesos.. I'm pretty sure this is scam...

Could you please advise on what I should do?

I am going through the same thing right now. What did you do?

Is there a way to stop the fedex scam from being sent out from my email. I keep getting a non delivery failure notice in my email like I am the one sending this email to others. I tried contacting my email provider but they didn't help much. Have I been hacked? I get 5 to 10 a day with a bounced email to different people with the agent fedex attachment. I just don't want people to think I am sending out this malware.

This FTC article has tips about what to do if you think your email account was hacked.

Just got an e-mail myself, I have not opened the “Shipment Label”, because it looked phishy from the start. Instead, I google search FedEx policies and found out they never send unsolicited e-mails to customers. Since I didn’t ask for an e-mail, this cannot be valid. Beware, this came from an e-mail address troy.glenn @ flmlawfirm. com. I tried to google the address and nothing was found…

I'm in Norway and I get similar information by pop-up. The notice has an email address and tracking-number but I have not won any iPhone so it must be a scam. The email is not found online. The notices keep coming each day, they start by that I have a delivery, then it could not be delivered through lack of an address, then that it has been sent back. Sometimes they ask for a small fee. Then it all starts from the beginning again. It is not malware as Norton lets it through, though it stops some other pop-ups. How can I stop this?

I have a package I am waiting for so this seemed legit at first. Then i looked at the sender's email address [ @ carroceriasseilan. com] does not reflect a USPS address.

attachment name ( I am sure this is a scam and I want to warn others not to downwload and run the attachment -

here is the Email i received, 1/15/2017 looks like this...

Subject: USPS parcel #4707468 delivery problem Dear Adam, We can not deliver your parcel arrived at January 13. Please check the attachment for details! With gratitude, Ronald Shaw, USPS Parcels Operation Manager.

Thank you SO much for this information! I just got an email from "USPS Home Delivery" claiming there was a "shipment problem" with a specific parcel number. I put the parcel number into the USPS tracking site, and it says the parcel number doesn't exist. Thank you so much for your help in warning us about these scams!

same here,my package shipped through apex international courier when you track the reference number it was legit, i was expecting that was legit, but apex sent me an email like this ATTENTION!!!

Head, Customer Services,

Dear miss ______, of 2257 _______, magallanes, makati, with reference to your package delivery today, we wish to bring to your notice that your package has reached Philippines transit and right now, the parcel is on hold for Airport tax. You need to pay some of certain commissions which is for Airport Taxes, This must be paid immediately through us which is for the Clearance of Your package immediately , This in Accordance to The mode of operations in The Sector For the Courier And parcel Delivering, We have already Taken in the Order number For this Package A Commission of the Total Sum of ( Php 17,999.00 )has been Charged on This Package For The Airport Tax Clearance, after then Your Package Shall Be Release to us later today for delivering,to Your Destination home address Within 24/Hours, Our representatives are available to take your emails Monday through Friday, 6:30 AM to 6:00 PM, and Saturday through Sunday, 10:00 AM to 7:00
PM Pacific Standard Time.Please note: This e-mail message was sent from a notification we accept
incoming e-mail. Thanks
You are required to follow all instructions giving to you to facilitate the release of your package. To do this, you are required to pay the required.charges listed below for the immediate release of your package.Upon confirmation of your payment, your package will be delivering to your designated address above without delay.

Outstanding Charges:
Administrative ..........................p 6,200.00
Clearance.................................p, 6,500.00
Processing fees...........................p 5,299.00
TOTAL = 17,999.00 pesos only.

A total of 17,999.00 peso (seventeen Thousand Nine hundred Ninety Nine peso only) has been charge...In acknowledgment to this email, send the money to us in other to clear your parcel and deliver them to your door step
within this day...
Please settle the Payment: With Our Agent Name Through any of this medium of exchange/transfer.. BANK PAYMENT To our Branch Office in Philippine to resolve the matter you can contact our transit Philippine
coordinator for more inquiries through our office email..

Yours faithfully,
South East Asia Regional Coordinator
phone number: +639495983121

and they said my package is in mactan cebu how come my address was makati, then the package sent in cebu, they give me 2 option its either pickup or payment through bank,since im in manila, i said to the agent i can pay through bank,and until now im waiting for the text how to send for my airport tax payment. I know this is a scam. that's why when i talked to the agent i was questioning her about the charges and box. and the name of agent i have talked was LANI RAMIREZ, of course that wasnt her real name..thanks

Krizza i think i also can relate to your message coz someone i knew online also send me a package with the courier APEX INTERNATIONAL COURIER NETWORK..don't send a money coz obviously it is a scam..after you send the amount of Php 17,000, seenzoned na yan...

I got one from fedex. delivery. intl @ Saying since I am the reserver I need my name, address, phone number,ID card and next of kin. Why do you need ID card . Do you even ask for that

I got one from "USPS". I'd recently bought items from Ebay etc. so the email seemed like a real deal. It said something like "USPS cannot deliver your parcel" and there was a link. A closer look at sender's ridiculous email address made it clear it was all a scam.

Sherry - I got an e-mail from Express Delivery Logistics & Courier Company - they said I had to pay $1553 to get the boxes that someone else was going to send me - they wanted me to send the money to a bank in Texas

it is long way to send

I received something similar twice in the past month but via snail mail. The envelope has no return address and the card inside doesn't mention who it is from. I live in North Carolina and the phone number it is asking to call is a local area code (919). The message reads:

We are unable to contact you by phone. Please contact us within seven (7) days. We have a delivery for you. Please Call 10:00am - 9:00pm Monday - Friday and 9:00am - 12:00pm on Saturdays.

Ask for Delivery Dept.
Your delivery # is ___

Does the FTC have recommendations on how to stop these or maybe ideas on why I am being targeted?

I just received one of these, too, on 10/7/2017. It's postmarked Charlotte, NC 05 OCT 2017, a small plain white envelope, appears to be hand addressed, with no return address. The card inside says exactly the same thing as the one quoted above, with no identification of who sent it. Looking up the number on a couple of the phone scam alert web sites, I found that several other people reported receiving these, too. All identical *including* the *same* delivery number. Clearly some kind of scam going on here.

Just received the same thing in Greenville, NC.
The hand-written envelope really threw me, but now I'm guessing this is just a scam.

I just received the Greenville, NC. The handwritten delivery number threw me as well. Glad I checked up on this.

I just wanted to ask or confirmed if express cargo shipment is legit?

the Singaporian custom ask me to pay for $750 dollars before there delivery me my package is this a scam why do i need to pay it before delivered.sir david lamberson can i know the problem or is this a scam.

Would like to know if Thepostaldelivery. com legit or scam business

these scams are not only coming by E-mail. I received a large APS delivery notice to expect a package from an auto shop. We have no items on order so I will be careful when it comes.

I got text saying from track&trace pick up Currys order and a link

Yep I just got one of these too and there is no way to reply to it so it has now been deleted.

I been scam by email...or site making friend...a few days..then mention here giving me watch.jewelrey,iPhone,loptap...rose teddy beer 100,000 us dollar...I'm shock Bec ever since communication of friend other country this guy who introduce name was peter Philip white,work as USA Special security marine.! But I'm thinking not real it a scam...he got my name .address .and phone .then a little appreciation he will gave that packages a box.that I'm curious it's not real. Ask myself I am I going to pay a Big amount 650us dollar...amount in the Philippines almost 33,780.00 ...then I ask MR. Peter y am I going to pay that if u give it to me a gift it Ur responsible Ur the one pay...and I'm free nothing to pay then he add me Honey this is my African whatsapp 00225 75607953 and i download it because of you,i have started my contract inside ship and i will not come out until the contract finish, honey i am very far from land now.Honey this is my African whatsapp 00225 75607953 and i download it because of you,i have started my contract inside ship

be allert this name too mike philip morgan i know this is fake name..

this is my African whatsapp 00225 75607953 and i download it because of you,i have started my contract inside ship and i will not come out until the contract finish, honey i am very far from land now.

Hi? May i ask what happened after that?

Me too.. He added me in my gmail and sent some sweet messages that I would believe.. Some of the pictures but thanked God .. through my friends they stopped me to send a money to him.. lol! And I sent him some worst messages ... that he is a lier.. hahahaha.. I think we have the same pictures that he sent in gmail.. hahaha

I got a message just the same but name changes. I knew its a scam because you can't give someone so much gifts, u don't even know and then again u asks ng them to pay form it.....the money u sending me use it to pay for clearance that's what I told him,yet to hear his response......May God charge these scammers wicked

My parcel of Atm/master card cannot delivered at my postal address

Today i recived a message in gmail form Narch ''Order #2188 confirmed'' The scary part is that it has my full name and my home adress. I did not order anything form that website.

is anybody knows if E2Go delivery package is legit

I would like to know if E2GO Delivery is legit also, so if
anybody has any idea about this please let us know

What about the Nippon cargo courier?

I met a friend online and he is a white guy named George Parker. This guy said something about sending me gifts as he is a business men selling clothes and stuff. He is from UK and his whatsapp number confirms it. Well, he did send the parcel and he sent me a picture of a suitcase sellotaped and the proof of parcel send and the delivery services involved is speed courier services. They called me to say I have a parcel from abroad and the lady that was talking to me was Zulu but now they told me I should pay R2500 to get the parcel. But I told this friend that I do not trust him and he told me to tell the courier people to send the parcel back to him and he blocked me and deleted his Facebook account. Now the courier people keep calling me because to send it back to UK requires more money. Is it a scam?

I can relate to that.I had a chatmate from new York.he said he's a us military doctor assigned in ship.I'm shocked when an apex international courier message that a certain JASON MULENBERG sent me a package.and when the package arrived in the Philippines they will emailed me for the payment. I asked them if he paid the bill,they said NO coz he's on a hurry to go back to work that was happened last sep 19,2018.when tgr package arrived they emailed me that the airport staff had scanned the box with a money inside & in order the package be delivered to me I need to pay 17,500 pesos for the clearance,mr mulenberg still emailed me to pay the clearance tax for his package.
I know its a scam.he's very angry with me

What happened to the package? We have the same experience now po. He send me gift and now i receive a text message that i need to pay for the package to be delivered on me. Haayyy.


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