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Faking it — scammers’ tricks to steal your heart and money

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Image of cupid and heartNot everyone using online dating sites is looking for love. Scammers create fake online profiles using photos of other people — even stolen pictures of real military personnel. They profess their love quickly. And they tug at your heartstrings with made-up stories about how they need money — for emergencies, hospital bills, or travel. Why all of the tricks? They’re looking to steal your money.

As if all that isn’t bad enough, romance scammers are now involving their victims in online bank fraud. Here’s how it works: The scammers set up dating profiles to meet potential victims. After they form a “relationship,” they come up with reasons to ask their love interest to set up a new bank account. The scammers transfer stolen money into the new account, and then tell their victims to wire the money out of the country. Victims think they’re just helping out their soulmate, never realizing they’re aiding and abetting a crime.  

Here are some warning signs that an online love interest might be a fake. They ask you to:

  • chat off of the dating site immediately, using personal email, text, or phone
  • wire money using Western Union or Money Gram
  • set up a new bank account

Did you know you can do an image search of your love interest’s photo in your favorite search engine? If you do an image search and the person’s photo appears under several different names, you’re probably dealing with a scammer. And if the person’s online profile disappears a few days after they meet you, that’s another tip-off.

Here’s the real deal: Don’t send money to someone you met online — for any reason. If your online sweetheart asks for money, you can expect it’s a scam.

Unfortunately, online dating scams are all too common. There may be tens of thousands of victims, and only a small fraction report it to the FTC. If this happens to you, please report it at — click on Scams and Rip-Offs, then select Romance Scams.

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Was talking to a guy supposedly a civil engineer from texas.Josh B. He started asking for a 75.00 amazon card a week "to keep his internet going so he could talk to me".He didnt get it. Told me I didnt care and didnt want to help him.We no longer speak.Beware of this sleazy slick scammer!

My guy is named Jackson Walters has several Facebook profiles. First red flag was the I love you after like 3 days of talking. Then the ITunes card and then needed my name, bank, and a scan of my credit card to “make a deposit”. I have pictures and will gladly send to anyone. Also uses the phone number Name used: Jackson Walters
Phone #352-448-7651

Jackson Walters also claims to be a chief surgeon in Damascus. Needs the ITunes cards to get data so we can talk. I’m not giving up any information to this guy

Ryan George has been scamming my mother Saying he has a construction business & his Money is stuck in customs. Sent her a fake bank profile to show he has money. Saying he is coming to take her and live in CT. He says he is stuck in immigration. Customs won't release his I ey. My mum has given him her pension for 3 months almost and is broke now. She still wants to give him more. Is anyone else being scammed by Ryan George. I have his picture. Need someone to knock some common sense into my mother's head.

My next door neighbor, a widow, has recently been scammer by a Ryan. He also pretended to be a builder. I would love to see the picture you have.

Hi everyone, I’m just wondering if any one spoken to a Ethan-billy. I was to a man before who tried to scam me but this guy is totally different. He’s from Texas but In Afghanistan on peace keeping, has a daughter who is 15. I have heaps of photos of both and one as recent as yesterday from him. I’ve seen photos of him and his daughter together and I’ve even talked to him daughter on instagram. That’s the only place we talk. I’m totally confused to weather he is a scammer or not.

I met this guy on POF, by the name of Charles Pacehelle or Ryan Pacehelle, it might be spelled like this Pasehelle. The guy is nice looking, I knew something wasn't right about him because the pictures looked fake. But that that didn't stop me from hitting the flirt button. He inbox me and the conversation was going good until he told me to download WhatsApp. We carried on the conversation and while we were texting I was going back and forth between him and the site, he had already taken his profile down. Fast forward.....he sent me a screenshot of a text from the military data saying that he needs an iTunes card to replenish his data so that he can communicate with me. I ask him what he showing me this for and he said that he don't have access to his account and you can't purchase the card anywhere but the US. I waited before I actually purchased the card then when I did get it, I sent the info he needed. Well later that day as we were texting he tried to tell me that wherever I got the card from they frauded me. I ask him how was that possible when I asked before I left the store was there anything else I needed to do and the cashier said no. He then went on to say there was nothing in his account and that I needed to go get another one. I told him no I have my receipt and that he needed to stop lying about he don't have the funds. He wasn't expecting me to say I had my receipt. I sent a copy of the receipt but I covered up my card info. Then he came back and ask for a steam card, so I waited before I got that one. In the process of him waiting he then tries to butter me up because he thought he could get more money from me than the $100 I've already given him. This dude had sent me a picture of a ring he so called purchased before he left for West Africa, I ask him who was it for he said me. I told him what made him think I was going to marry him and I haven't even met him. He said that was the whole purpose for asking for $750 for application fee to leave the mission and come home. I told him that he could stay right there and finish it out, I can wait. Long story short, this guy tried every single time to see if he could get more money including video calling me. I ask him for what, for him to tell me we got a bad connection. O wasn't falling for it. We've also exchanged explicit photos and when I finally said enough I told him that I knew what was coming next and that I'm prepared for it and as far as the photos I could care less about it they're just pictures. He got mad started calling me a bi!@#,I ask him why the name calling, I didn't lie to you, you lied to me. He asked me not to text him again. That's a learning lesson for me, not to trust everyone on these websites.

Please stay AWAY from RAYMOND SMITH on Facebook. The photo is of a white hair man with sunglasses in the snow who says he is from Oslo, Norway and lives in Houston. My poor Mom of 80 has her heart invested and sending money. They are CONTROLLING her thru Facebook messenger and making her think he is out of the Gulf of Mexico on an oil rig. He says he is a widow and has a daughter by the name of Cindy who is in boarding school in Spain. My Mom has already sent 25 thousand until I stepped in and have been doing EVERYTHING in MY POWER to STOP these people. They are STILL trying to get as MUCH money as they can but the banks are STOPPING her from wiring these SCUMBAGS any MORE money. I never thought my Mom would send money, so BEWARE these people are VERY good at what they DO.

Does anyone know someone named Craig Huston from New Jersey but uses a Texas phone number he said he was having trouble getting iTunes cards in his area and he really needed to send documents to his boss sti got him one then few days later he wanted to know what I was going to get him for his birthday since it was around the corner so just for the heck of it I asked him what he wanted and out of the blue he says an a new iPhone X that that would make him the happiest and I told him he was crazy to ask me we had just met not too long ago I shouldn’t have sent him the iTunes card he was very rude because the card took along time to come through he kept bugging me for it all night long . So when I told him I wasn’t going to get him iPhone he got really upset. So people be careful out their I met him on instagram. I thought he was the one. Right away he wanted to know how much I made for money the questions are shameful.

I was talking to someone named Jimmy Krane (Instagram handle: jimmykrane). Says he works for a textile company in South Africa. I told him that I wouldn't help him get back the States. Have him blocked on both WhatsApp and Instagram, as he has threatened that he will "release all your nudes and videos to the public.", and, "I'll put it all over the internet. Every blog would have it.. You can be sure of that.". Do I respond or just leave him alone?

These scammers are using pictures of fallen soldiers . Making up heart breaking stories to get you to feel sorry for them and to give in and send them money . They are poor people doing what they can to get ahold of a laptop and there is a whole hallway filled with them in shorts and no shirt feeding all kinds of people these pathetic stories. It is so sad how they are using pictures of men and women who were killed in battle of our country and therefore giving the deceased a bad name

Anybody else dealing with frankgreg28 on Instagram?? Been chatting a while and just asked for $2000.00 today. Image search shows no other photos but no info at all on cell # or name. I do check people out. My gut tells me it's a scam. Just be careful if you are talking to him.

I have meet a man on the internet 10/18/18. We have been talking every since. I think I'm being scammed. I have an account open for him, I feel I am being taken after all I have read, I really need help ,help right away.!!!!! Someone please reach out and help me , I need to know if he 8s scamming me. My heart is broken all ready, I lost my fiancee in May , so I probably am a good target, thank you

When someone you just met asks you to open an account, that's a sign of a scam. Some scammers use people to help them transfer stolen money. They don't reveal that the money is stolen - they tell a story to hide the purpose for the transaction. They meet people online, create a relationship, and ask their new sweethear to use an existing bank account, or open a new account. Then the scammer asks the victim to receive and transfer money.

If you do this for a scammer, your name is on the bank account and on the money transfer forms. If you get involved with one of these schemes, you could lose money and personal information, and you could get into legal trouble.

Other scammers send fake checks to their new friends. They ask the person to deposit the check, and then quickly transfer funds overseas. It can take days for the bank to find out a check is fake. If you transfer money before the bank has fully cleared the check, you can lose money. If the bank finds out the check was fake after you sent the money, you must repay the bank all the money you sent. The bank might charge you a fee for the bad check, or close your account.

I have a question? After I found this and started believing that I got scammed by Donald Williams Kevin on Instagram. I had to connected my credit c company to cancel the payment that he made and I guess investigation team took care of it, and I got it returened back in my cc, and then I blocked him. Its been a 2 weeks since then and a few days ago he sent me email which I forgot about, I think he is blackmail me saying that I owned him back $$$ after he made a payment and then I blocked him. He said if I dont give him back the $ and I may become liable for payment of all the costs and attorney's fee if he have to involve his lawyer and file a lawsuit to get what I owe him and also be liable for paymet of additional money as a penalty, as well as legal interest. help out here please?

I'm not sure what you are saying. Do you mean that you sent money to this man, and then changed your mind and cancelled the payment? And now he is bothering you and saying you must pay him?

Do you think he is a scammer? If he's a scammer, he is probably trying to scare you. He hopes he will scare you, and you'll send money to make him go away. But if he's a scammer, he may not really go away. If he knows you will pay, he might hang around and keep bothering you and demand more money.

You don't have to send a scammer money, and you don't have to answer his emails or texts. You can block him completely. If he really sends you legal papers, write back here again.

Hi there,
If you think you are being scammed you ARE being scammed! I hate to say it but I had an uneasy feeling too! Thank goodness I only sent $50 iTunes! Honestly just cut communication and block him. You are doing your heart and wallet a big favor!

I was one of hundreds of women in the Chicago, Vegas and Los Angeles areas who was scammed by a Chicago man originally from another country. He used many emails such as : sheetroyal @ gmail” or “Aurasuperb @ gmail” or “Awesome Passion @ gmail” “The champ @ gmail” or “Dreambig @ gmail”

I have wrote with man caller Richard Davis, we havent wrote in 2 weeks now, first i find out that his profilepicture was fake. He has stolen them from actor Jason Fox. He said he has 1 douther and his ex wife cheated on her and his divorces 5 years a ago. He sad that he loved me, send me songs and was so nice and pretended to be in love with me. When we had text 2 months he wanted money, Repo has taken his car. I ended story with him. He was fake what i thought in begining.

Does anyone know Dave Buford?

Anyone heard of Lukas Tom?? I think he scamming my mom

Yes he told me he was a trauma surgeon in Syria. He needed to get home to his two children in the US. He scammed me out of over $3000 to secure his attorney to get him home. He is still out there scamming people. Do not give him any account information.

Does anyone know corps_freddy1q?

I have been talking with two I met on Instagram.. first one is Michaelgreen44 .. has tried and scammed me a few times., I didn’t go for it.. didn’t like when I confronted him.. has anyone else had contact with him??
Other one is paulCorner244.. I questioned everything he hasn’t asked for money.. wants me to trust him.. I even found the picture he was sending me and confronted him.. he insisted it was him.. theirs more he talks and says all the right things when I say anything about being scammed he says he would never do that and he doesn’t need my money.. says he’s a dr in the military.. I know its not true., just keeping my guard up..not giving in.. but it is enjoyable chatting with him.. anyone chatting with him?

I think these guys are medical practitioners at a school in Mexico in a residency program with a University in the U.S. Probably somewhere in CA. They are getting paid $11.25/hr while in residency. They have to do 2-3 months in rural areas. I came to this conclusion by pulling together bits and pieces of information. I also think they are setting up profiles on dating sites when they are in a certain area to make us think they are local to the city. It makes sense. More than likely they are not working for Unicef or the UN and are not in Syria. Something needs to be done to catch these guys.

My favorite was a guy claiming to be stationed in Syria. He claimed to miss the lovely country he left behind. Not "home", not "the states", but but the lovely country he left behind. So I threw out my fail safe question, "What branch are you in"? He said Syria. I reiterated my question and he came back with, " the branch in Syria or the United States"? I then asked if he'd ever met the American Prime Minister to which he responded, "Yes". I just said, ", Ok, I see what were dealing with here", and just like that I was blocked lol. I was just having fun with him tho. I could tell he knew nothing about the U.S. military before I even spoke to him. How? On his profile his job was listed as, SARGENT MAJOR at U.S. Military. Seattle, Washington D.C . Lol.
TIP- If you feel that you are being scammed by someone using broken English and claiming to be in the U.S. Military, ask what branch. I haven't found one yet that knew even the concept of our military branches. Ranks either.

I meet a man on Facebook 3 months ago. Has a daughter works on pipelines .
Said I'm his queen ..after 3 months needs money .due to problems with his bank . I'm different country . He working away from his home country .
Anyway he says we family. Has asked me to get loan . On house .
But he won't talk on video call ..
Yet we do send video off each other. Him at work .
His photos all much person in video.. his daughter looks like him ..
I dnt know .But the money problem got me worried . He send me gifts .
He just refuses to give me his address to.send his gifts .
We talk on whatsapp . Daily .
Even after I haven't come up.with money we still talk .

Hallo Susi,
How can we connect to eachother to see whether we are speaking to the same person

Is the name Patrick Ethan familiar to anyone? Maybe Patrick Dae Ethan? Single dad, currently working over seas, border of Turkey/Syria. Son, Henry, in boarding school in Florida. Asked me to transfer money from his account to a company, blah, blah, blah. Sent lots of pictures, very handsome, very sweet, charming!!!

Friends online "fiancé" has been telling her he will be flying in soon. Now the date has been pushed back to December 18. He was going to be here for Thanksgiving. But work got in the way and he has to take care of some debts.

Does this story sound familiar? Will the request for money come soon? I've shown her evidence, but only responds with a Thank you.

Any one ever hear of Henry James Donovan. An engineer working in the Gulf of Mexico lost his son and wife in a car accident, only when I checked no names on death records and when I asked him the names months later he gave me different names.

Does someone here have contact with “Jack Dingxiang” through IG? Supposedly half Chinese, half American? He claims to be in Syria as a head chef for the US military?
Widower with a 4y daughter that lives with his mom in Florida?

I'm really sorry for all of you who have been scammed and so hurt. I've have been contacted by quite a few on Instagram when I opened an account recently. I was not expecting it and sort of flattered at first . All these soldiers?!? Then I got wise pretty quickly having read up about this problem. I think you have to be very very cynical and sceptical. Virtually all are scammers and should be blocked immediately. I have only let 1 guy contact me. Marine engineer from US etc blah blah. Kelvin Bryan?? When it was clear he could barely string a sentence together , I knew what the game was and blocked him within a couple of days. I won't fall for that again! We need to be vigilant and keep updated of new scams as there is no one to police the internet. And btw I've been on my own with 3 kids for a long time and would love to find some one but it is very unlikely it will be online!

Hello everyone I actually have a few people right now I'm trying to expose one woman said she is a modle and cant meet me unless I get permission from her mngr and he is overseas witch makes no sense also said I have to pay for this permission second thing is they have real broken English and say they are American and 3rd thing with this whole thing is already did image search and it's coming back that they are all used on porn sites there is another woman I'm talking too trying to get more out of so I can expose them said she is a business woman and has lots of money but her brother is going to jail and she needs me to open a bank account so she can transfer the money in there because she cant do it from were she is also a scam if u guys have anything u want me to do to expose these people further please let me knw I got u!!!

I have a male friend who has now sent 270K to Africa to a supposed Widow and her two adult daughters. Her husband was murdered, the the widow is in danger. Her husband didn't have a legal will, so this "widow" has enlisted my friend to help her get her dead husbands estate which includes several million dollars in gold put into her name. When that happens, she will put all the money in my fiends account and come to America to live happily ever after. My friend has lost everything . . . . job, friends, car, and soon, his home. He still believes it's real. He's never actually spoken to this widow, only email and texts.

Please, tell your friend not to give anymore. I'm a victim of a scam also - $29K. Not as much as your friend's, but it's all of my savings. I've heard of scams, but wasn't aware of their tactics. I didn't believe that I was in a scam situation until my daughter, who works for a major bank said that I was being scammed. I showed her all the account, authority letter, and wire transfer receipt. She said that they're all suspicious and have signs of fraudulence. I thought I was helping someone who was really in a desperate situation. Never will I ever trust anybody on line again. Report it to FTC. I'm still thinking seriously of doing the same.

Has anyone heard of a Bob Alex or Alex Bob? Supposedly petroleum engineer off of coast of Mexico, hometown Houston, TX has 16 yr old son. Parents passed away.

Anyone know a Donald Arsenault..oil rig contractor...born in Italy..needing money for taxes or oil rig pipes. One daughter with boarding mother..parents doed in auto accident.

Bruce Cole Allen is the name of a scammer on Instagram. He said he was a doctor from California and now worked as a military doctor on a mission in Libya. His English is really very good like native English speaker. He was very sweet and seemed concerned about people. He was good at playing his role as a doctor such as giving some suggestion or specific medicine which is not easy to find on the top three of google search. He asked for vacation fee because he couldn’t make transaction there. Well, the vacation fee doesn’t exist so if you are now talking someone who works for US military in other countries, they are scammers.

He really scammer. He following me on Instagram.

Yes!!!! BRUCE COLE ALLEN is a scammer. He just contacted my daughter on instagram. Asked questions if she was married etc..
Of course pics of him show medical uniform. Next to a sports car etc...just to sway young girls in ! Stay away.

Be very wary of google hangouts users Clark Wilson and Nelly Wilson!

Don’t be fooled like me ladies. I semi fell for it and was hoping this person that I encountered was not one of them but that’s what I get for trying too hard to wish...

I had a spammer who wanted me to send him an iTunes gift card via picture. He said that he has no funds and he needed an iTunes gift card to use google hangouts and contact his bank. I sent him digitally through his email and he got mad at me saying it’s not the actual card. I tried troubleshooting with him and testing to see if he was legit. I told him to email me back the email I sent through iTunes. When he emailed me back the email I sent him I used the code right away before he did. When he tried using the code he measafed me saying that when he tried tried but the code didn’t work. (I know shady on my part but I had to test). So the next day I bought the card and took the picture. He was appreciative. I checked and he did activate the code right away. I told him he was to promise not to ask any more about money. He profusely said you’re my wife and I’m going to marry you. When I tried to message small talk on other things I knew his grammar was off saying “I no” than “I know” (red flag number one).

He then asked if I could message his son who was 14. I said sure. When I messaged his son, he immediately clung to me saying “I love you mom” (red flag number 2). When I asked him questions to know the son better such as what are your interests, do you hang out with friends, the son was very vague (red flag number 3).

Finally, I knew this person was a legit scam when he finallly showed his true colors and said I need help getting out of my contract. Didn’t give me any details as to how much or what the contract was. I tried prying for questions to make sure he’s legit. Wouldn’t tell me anything except he’s a long term surgeon volunteer and that He has no finances due to the contract (which is baloney I did my research the UN pays the colunteeers livable wages. If a soldier wants to deal with their contract they are to address the issue to their contractor from the country they enlisted in). Gave me the my co-workers did this online thing and found their wives to help them get out of their contracts; I have no friends sob story. I told him I don’t trust men who cannot figure Out their problems and are not a man enough to go to hisrecruiter to negotiate his contract terms and figure out his banking issue. I tried to call him voice but he got mad saying , “why you calling me you trying to get me in trouble?”
When I messaged the “son” he told me dad has no money he hasn’t paid me (red flag number 4).

In less than a week communicating with this Clark Wilson I knew his pattern to woo me. He’d get all flirty telling me how much he loved me and long messages professing his love. Just as he was about to melt my heart, he’d then say, “but you don’t trust me and can’t help me by paying $1000 to get me out of my contract”. He’d interchange the pronouns her him a lot. I kept telling him no I cannot give him that much money because I work two jobs and barely can afford money to pay the rent. But he kept pushing (red flag number 5) by saying I want to see you at Christmas and I know time is short I want to have a baby.

So long of the short, ladies, is that if the person sounds too good to be true it most likely is.

The same here a soldier in active duty .. Was in love with me after the second day.. He even had commander message me.. Tried to get me to biy im a itunes card then a asked for all my information .. Asked if i had a bank account so his commander could put money in my account for me to pay his 20000 dollar mortgage but needed my online bank information to do so.. Long story short i called him out on it. And havent hears from him since.. Told him to get a real job!!

Anyone dealing with a guy who claims to be buying gold & diamonds ?

Has anyone heard of or talked to an army soldier named Jim Smith? Says he is in Kabul Afghanistan and needs money to get home. Oh and of course he sooo inlove with me... Please help

I have the same story as many of you. For me he is going by Antonio Giovanni Morgan. He is an orthopedic surgeon for the military in Afghanistan. We started talking as friends from a game we play which is Words With Friends 2. He has a 8 yr old daughter named Zoe. Wife and teenage son in a car accident 3 years ago which took them both and now he is a widow with Zoe in boarding school in Italy. I do not have money and live check to check. So he did deposit money in my account cause he said he signed a contract stating his money was put in a trust. When he deposited money in my account there was a small amount of $100 taken out on the same day. I thought maybe because it was from a bank transfer. So then comes my pay day on black Friday this year. I have my income directly deposited. Had been working lots of hours that day and when I went to bed that morning I had a couple hundred dollars in it. By the time I woke up for work after 5pm almost all of it was taken out of my account By several people. Then comes Monday after Thanksgiving and there is another deposit to my account and the call to the bank was made. I was told I was being scammed and got very angry with him. We argued over the next few days and then he told me it was a colleague of his that owed him money. That the money I had to keep making transfers out were for his daughters medical bills. She had got injured at school and need to get her arm fixed. Since she was in boarding school she was out of network. I had fell hard for this guy and I feel so stupid for doing so. He told me he was from Melbourne Florida. His parents were deceased and he was put in foster care at age 11. I was such a fool giving him my bank info to try to help his daughter out. He says right now he is sent out on some mission again. Says he works for United Forces. After I read all this today I called him out on it and have not heard back since. Do not expect to here the lies again.

I have been chatting with Donald Hyler (dark haired one with a son) who contacted me on Facebook. Started out innocent enough, wanting to get to know me, be my "online best guy friend" because he knew I am married....didn't last...."fell" for me in the first month.
Usual story - wife died in a car accident when son was 4, lonely, no family around, contracting engineer, raised in Brazil, living in Wilmington Delaware (supposedly born in US, raised in Brazil, came back when father died). Excellent written English but really thick accent and hard to understand on phone. Claimed screen on his iPhone was shattered, showed me a photo which I found immediately on reverse image. made plans to come visit and even sent me a photo of his plane ticket (also found ticket online, he only changed the name and destination (these people are trained in photoshop everyone, do your research) - didn't do his research well because the airline he said he was flying with doesn't fly into our small airport) claimed his flight would arrive at 7 a.m. but first flight doesn't arrive until 8:30, claimed customs was detaining him (customs won't detain a US resident flying within the US unless there is a reason), after much time messaged me saying he was being sent back (really? and I am stupid enough to believe any of this!). A couple months later while we are chatting he lets it slip "I sometimes wish I had actually shown up for our visit".
Then came the scam - big job out of town, worth lots of money, needs me - the only person he can trust of course - to open a bank account to accept the payment because his bank account wasn't big enough to accept such a large deposit (um, what?). I said no, he said it was the only way he could get paid, I told him to get his lawyer involved and get the "big corporation" to send him a certified check, take it to a bank and open a freaking bank account in his own name.....funny, he still hasn't been paid and it was from September.
Why do I still talk to him? I enjoy talking to him for the most part, it is when he starts asking me for money I turn the tables on him and whine about how hard my situation is and how I am too proud to ask anyone for help but it is really weighing on me (reverse psychology works great). Be careful everyone, don't be a victim!

I came across a guy in a matrimonial site, says he is an Indian but born and brought up in US Albeny and works as a Civil engineer at the Peace corps in Syria doing some kinda construction work. He has sent some of his pictures and only chats on whatsapp but does not call or either has a FB or Insta, he says they are not allowed to have social accounts or call people. He has asked for pictures since this was supposed to a marriage alliance through a marriage site. I have a feeling he might be fake, how do I know for sure? I tried checking with his Image in google, but it was of no help, could not find anything. Please help.

Hello, my mum has been conversing with man that messaged her on Facebook. He asked her to talk on hangouts so that their messages and photos are private. My mum said he works in on a oil rig. His a widow, lost his wife through child birth. His half German and wants to start a business in Texas. My mother seems quite taken with this man and feels she has a lot in common with him. My siblings and I have tried to warn her to be careful as he might be a scammer. But she unfortunately she continues to communicate with him. My sister recently found out that my mother has borrowed £5000 from her sisters. Am not sure why but I have a dreadful feeling it maybe for this man. I tried searching his name on Facebook but profiles of women come up. Please help am not quite sure what to do?

This story this person is telling your mother sounds like a scam. Scammers often play on emotion; they say they are working far from home, are all alone in the world, have a child, need money, and have only their new love to help them avoid disaster. You could invite your mother to read some of the other comments people have sent to this blog.

An online love interest who asks for money is almost certainly a scammer. Scammers often want to leave the dating site immediately and change to personal email or private messaging. They may claim love very quickly after meeting to build attachment.

There's a danger in helping a scammer with his money. Some scammers use people to help them transfer stolen money. They don't reveal that the money is stolen - they tell a story to hide the purpose for the transaction. They ask their new sweetheart to use her bank account, or open a new account, receive and transfer money. If you do this for a scammer, your name is on the bank account and on the money transfer forms. If you get involved with one of these schemes, you could lose money and personal information, and you could get into legal trouble.


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