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Faking it — scammers’ tricks to steal your heart and money

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Image of cupid and heartNot everyone using online dating sites is looking for love. Scammers create fake online profiles using photos of other people — even stolen pictures of real military personnel. They profess their love quickly. And they tug at your heartstrings with made-up stories about how they need money — for emergencies, hospital bills, or travel. Why all of the tricks? They’re looking to steal your money.

As if all that isn’t bad enough, romance scammers are now involving their victims in online bank fraud. Here’s how it works: The scammers set up dating profiles to meet potential victims. After they form a “relationship,” they come up with reasons to ask their love interest to set up a new bank account. The scammers transfer stolen money into the new account, and then tell their victims to wire the money out of the country. Victims think they’re just helping out their soulmate, never realizing they’re aiding and abetting a crime.  

Here are some warning signs that an online love interest might be a fake. They ask you to:

  • chat off of the dating site immediately, using personal email, text, or phone
  • wire money using Western Union or Money Gram
  • set up a new bank account

Did you know you can do an image search of your love interest’s photo in your favorite search engine? If you do an image search and the person’s photo appears under several different names, you’re probably dealing with a scammer. And if the person’s online profile disappears a few days after they meet you, that’s another tip-off.

Here’s the real deal: Don’t send money to someone you met online — for any reason. If your online sweetheart asks for money, you can expect it’s a scam.

Unfortunately, online dating scams are all too common. There may be tens of thousands of victims, and only a small fraction report it to the FTC. If this happens to you, please report it at — click on Scams and Rip-Offs, then select Romance Scams.

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Same guy
I met him on finally salt and pepper hair goes by the name of Richard Albert was orphaned as a child Uncle raised him from age 3. Lives in Colorado has a 14 year old daughter. Daughter also lives with Nanny goes to boarding school. He has a large apartment and a 2018 BMW LOL. suede me at the beginning by calling me sweetheart lovely darling and then he fell in love with me. Within 3 weeks he wanted to marry me I said too fast. he kept calling me and texting me and telling me how much you love me. he wanted to know about my house my family and everything else I gave him some BS. 3 days before his so-called daughter's birthday he wanted me to go get her a phone. I told him I did not have money for a phone he said can you at least send her $600 then. I said I don't have $600 to give to anybody not not even myself. He said okay can you go get her an iTunes card oh, I said I could for like $20. he said that's not enough and last year in the UK he sent a $400 iTunes card could I at least send a hundred. I told him I didn't have the means to even send a hundred let alone more than 25. then I gave him a story that someone in my family was sick and kept him going for days for I didn't even want to send that. her so-called birthday came and went he didn't say anything for over three days. he then text me and asked me if I had heard from his princess. I told him no I said did you not text her for her birthday I said I sent her an email for her birthday and I did not hear anything back. he then said you didn't send that iTunes card my princess is going without a birthday. I said I'm sorry I could not help you I did not have the money. he didn't text me for like two and a half days and then all the sudden he started texting me again. Calling me is Queen asking me if I had eaten enough if I'm feeling good if I'm taking care of myself that he loves me from the bottom of his heart. and then out of the blue he said that he had broke apart on the oil rig and he had to get it fixed because it was his fault. Wanting to know if I could go get a loan I told him no I can't get a loan. He wanted me to go get a loan against my house or my car I told him my ex's name was on my house and my car wasn't working. That I could not get a loan on that because neither one of themI met him on finally salt and pepper hair goes by the name of Richard Albert was orphan desert child uncle Ray's him from age 3. Lives in Colorado has a 14 year old daughter. Daughter also lives with nanny goes to boarding school. He has a large apartment and a 2018 BMW LOL. Suede me at the beginning by calling me sweetheart lovely darling and then he's fell on love with me. Within 3 weeks he wanted to marry me I said to fast. Kept call me and texting me and telling me how much you love me. He wanted to know about my house my family and everything else I gave him some BS. Three days before his so-called daughter's birthday he wanted me to go get her a phone. I told him I did not have money for a phone he said can you at least send her $600 then. I said I don't have $600 to give to anybody nothing that even myself. He said okay can you go get her an iTunes card, I said maybe for like $20. He said no last year when he was in the UK he sent her a $400 one could I at least send a hundred I said no. The week went on I played like I was way too busy to pay any attention. 3 days after her so-called birthday he asked me if I had gotten in touch with his princess. I told him I sent her an email for her happy birthday. Granite I sent her an email to introduce myself and I got two emails back we're two different people myself and another woman. When I confronted him about it he said the other woman was heard nanny I doubt that 100%. So he asked me if I had sent the iTunes card I said no he got upset and said oh my princess is going without a birthday. I asked him I said did you not send anything for her birthday or email her. He said oh she must be mad at me cuz she didn't get anything she's not returning my emails. So he didn't text me for like two and a half days and then all the sudden he starts texting me again. today he told me that he had broke apart on the platform that goes to the water for the people to drink water freshwater. And if that if he didn't get it fixed he was going to be in big trouble. You needed me to go get a loan. I told him there's no way I can get a loan I have no credit I have no bank account. He kept asking me and asking me and I kept telling him no. He finally said can you go get a loan against your car I told him no my car had broke down. LOL not really. He then asked if I could go get a loan against my house I told him know my ex's name is on it and he will not sign off on anything. he kept telling me I could go to the bank and open get a loan I told him no I don't have a checking account I can't just go to a bank and get a loan. I've been told him that I would ask my son's girlfriend who works at a criminal law firm if she could get a loan. To text me back that he does not understand. I said if you give me your full name your social security number the name of the platform you're on in the number to it she will fill out all kinds of paperwork and try to get a loan I also need the number of the people that you want us to send the money to. He text me back and said he does not understand. I told him she works at a criminal law firm her boss is very strict she has to fill out paperwork you need to send the information for she can send out the paperwork. His name is Richard Albert I have not heard back from him since early this afternoon. Which is really a good thing ladies beware don't fall for him I didn't play the game.

Oh my gosh! My Queen. Have you eaten today?... Exactly the words I have heard, but from Samuel Thomas Mandes.

People, these scam artists are using different names. So don't think he or she would use the same name. Mine was Collins Muriel. He said his wife died 3 years ago. He was raised by a Dutch woman and that's why he has a Dutch accent. His home base is Gray, TN. We've only been talking about 10 days via text and a gmail email. He was in love with me after only 3 days. Luckily, I caught on that what is too good to be true, probably isn't. Be careful out there and trust your instincts!

Guy from dating site, Goes by Scott Malice with an oklahoma profile and number, we both live in same state btw, says his wife died, has a daughter named Ann is a consturuction engineer, was in New York now in Romania inspecting , will be back in Oklahoma next week, claims he want to be with me, has asked me for itunes card because they dont sell them in Romania, this true i found out but he didnt get upset when i said no, so he is thin, claims to be itallion has shoulder length black curly hair, is 53, beard, very exotic looking have pics in of yall have heard of him, thing is one of the emails he sent me was Romania time, dont know if he is real or not but thought id ask to see if you know this man, ive ran google reverse photo search paid for his cell number search, it checked out so i just dont know

Hello there, I am a french woman living in Romania who has been scammed 3 times, but never sent money or anything else. If you want my help to verify if your man is in Romania, I will. Tell him you have a friend there who can help him if he needs something.
I would be glad to catch him for you. ;)
Meanwhile please be careful!!!

I was chatting with this name Jason farrar and he said he was in africa for missions and he told me his commander allow him to go out from that mission but need to pay $100 after that after a week he said his commander didn't allow him and after that he said his fon need a new charger bcoz his charger got burnt and he is asking to send $75 but I didn't send... Now he is asking again to send $100 bcoz he talk again to his commander and he said his commander allow him now to go... The last time I send the name was Ayelegun,Mathew,Tope... Not in the name of Jason Farrar...

Anyone talk to a Devon Moore? Or a Jack whose Norwegian works on oil rigs I believe?! Has a daughter & she's in school in US & his wife died in a car accident & he's got a home in Texas? Good looking man looks to be in his mid 50s & has a very muscular build?

Lots of people on here are trying to identify scammers by sharing their names and pictures. However these scammers are liars. They have dozens of different names and pictures. Whether or not a name and/or picture matches makes little difference, because they're always using different ones, and they are all fake.

For the past 2 months i have been talking to a guy that says he is a supervisor will williams oil and he works on oil rigs. He is gone 4 months a time with only 3 weeks off in between jobs. He said he wife died in a car accident 5 years ago and he has a 11 year old son in boarding school. He has ask me to send his son so far $150 in itune cards for his ipad to watch movies..etc. Then he said he lost his wallet at the airport going to work. Then he broke his phone and ask me to send anything my stupid self did however i protected myself with insurance and tracking. He says he loves me and he also had me to send a $50 amazon card to him to sell to his friend for cash and ask me to send a separate receipt for it...has anyone heard of a Daniel Early he sent me a friend request on facebook we are still friends on there i cannot post anything on his page. But can IM him. He said he wanted to talk on hangouts so that is were we have been talking. He said he loves me wants to marry me..he says he is from south dakota and is working on a oil rig that exploded in 2017 at lake pontertrain LA. Anyone heard of him?

So I recently met someone online says his name is William Smith says he is a cardiologist working in Somalia. I have only talked to him for a couple me of weeks and now he says he love me told him I seen His pic on a another website under another name claims he does not know how it got there claim his wife is deceased and has a son am ending it before it gets bad

Been talking to this us army guy, said he was in kabul and peacekeeping mission, and he ask for itunes card and now recently ask me to open an bank account on credit union bank, because his contract will end February and now his contractor going to pay him. Been talking to him since last year and i was so stupid i did open an account and his said to be a contractor send money on my account but after an hour bank said the guy am talking to was a scammer. Until now I don't know what to do. He said he is not a scammer and he is true.

Is his name Richard James ?

I think I have been scammed big time ! Started talking with this handsome man named Eric back 6 months ago first I needed to send to send $950 to send his diplomat here with his “box” well the man supposedly ended up in Turkey jail because he would not let the box be scanned and because I would not send $7000 for a special lock. Then he wanted me to send $350 to his daughter for glasses which I did then I sent 3000 for his airline flight which he then said his boss would not let him leave due to the troops that The President let leave, left him short handed then he had me send 4000 to get his vacation letter and then he said the boss wants a marriage certificate because he told him that we were married . Now he wants me to send 10,000 to get a marriage certificate. Stating he won’t get his retirement . When I told him I would not do this he is very angry . Plus he wants me to send him a 1200 cell phone. I am really scared especially about him pushing to get a marriage certificate. Can he do this? What do I need to do?

I started chatting to someone on words (scrabble). The name was Arnold Michael. I was suspicious from the start n he said he had lost all his family in a tragic motor accident five years ago apart from his grandson who was at boarding school. Said he was in petroleum n working on various oil rigs. Tried to get me to send money to his grandson for a trip saying he was on an oil rig and had lost his credit card. I refused but he still kept chatting n getting more romantic. Then he asked for money for an air ticket so he could get to see me. Again I refused saying I had no money. The last straw was when he begged me to get him an iTunes card so he could carry on chatting saying the internet was going down on the rig. By this time I had had enough n told him I knew it was a scam. He told me I needed a psychiatric evaluation. Told me was wealthy with two cars, lovely home in New York etc etc. I am 69 n he says he was 56. What would a 56 year old want with an almost 70 year old. It’s so easy to get sucked in. Ladies please be on ur guard.

Someone name Alex Roland I had contacted me from Instagram. He told me he's a doctor in the army and him from Texas. He lost his wife two years ago. His raising his 10-year daughter named Mary and she attended boarding school in Texas. He doesn't have anyone to take care of her. The reason why his daughter attends boarding school is that he travels a lot for his job. At first, we were communicating on Instagram for a short time then he asks me for my phone number, then I told him you don't even know me why you want to talk to me. He said I can communicate with you while am at work. At first, I didn't think anything of it. I was going through a breakup. Having a stranger to talk to about my boyfriend issue I didn't see anything wrong with that because I wasn't looking for a relationship. I started talking to him as a friend and he was giving me some good advice. In the middle of the conversation, he told me he loves me because am seem like a nice person. I was shocked when he said that. EHe said people can love someone in a week that's not strange. I saw the red flag I ignore it at the begin because I was so angry with my boyfriend. Everyone, he will text me a beautiful message, so that got me talking to him more so I had stopped paying attention to the red flag. Two weeks later he told me he had to go to Afghanistan the next day because there was a boom and some soldier got hurt and he had to go help taking care of them. I went online I google what he said but I didn't hear anything about it until I was watching the news they had mention something had happened in Afganistan. One week later he told me he got shot in his leg when he and his general went to visit the mister. I thought that was weird I question him about it. I called him a scammer he said am not here to scam you, am just a nice person talking to you and getting to know you because am looking for a new wife. So I let it go. A couple of days later he told me the present of Afghanistan compensate him by giving gold so he needs me to give him my address to mail to me so I can hold it for him. I told him no he starts getting mad. And sending me an angry text. I said don't you have friends in Texas ask them for help. He said no all my friends are soldiers and they are here with me. He kind of bully me so I gave him my work address because I know they go through everything that comes to their premises. He told routnet express is coming to relieve his parcel so I google the company it was a fake company. I copy the information I find about the company. So he stops talking about it than he asks for $800.00 to get his parcel to me I said I don't have any money. Then he starts calling me selfish I don't want to help him. I told him I have a friend who works for the government if he wants his parcel that bad let me see if he can parcel and he told me not to tell anyone about this. So I start Google his name and his email address I couldn't find anything. The picture he sent me was fake. It was somebody else pictures. He keeps asking me for the money and I told him I will ask my friends and I came back to him I said everyone said no and that's when he start sending me nasty text because I won't send him any money. So I cut all communication with.

I've had 5already

Anyone heard of Ken or Kendrick Stewart. Known has mighty kendrick on instagram and can be found on Hangouts.

I have this guy whose in the marines , deployed to syria, telling me he is in love with me , etc. He wanted my number to be part of his email verification, i said no. He supposedly had a medical issue, and i had another marine text me that he was in the hospital. Then he said he lost his pouch which had his credit card in it. And is asking for my account information so he can get his money because they cant send overseas, and he has to pay for his ticket to come home. I was not buying that as I am an ex military spouse.. And people wonder why a lot of people.have trust issues.

Bravo date it also fake. dating to
To steal the money. And credit card number and. The ID. To

Does any one have contact with a Wilson Galbraith

Hi! I’m utterly ashamed of myself for falling hard and fast for this man who goes by the name of Steve Crowder, says he’s from Turkey, a businessman who is a Christian. It took me days to really respond to him, and when I did, it was live at first ghost! This man opened up to me about a contract he was working on, involving shipping Mercedes Benz to foreign countries. We prayed together regularly, and he finally won the contract. Next step is to go to Singapore to deliver the cars.. 200 cars. He estimated to be there for 2 weeks, then he’ll be home and on to Hawaii. He income he needs to pick up his earnings from Malaysia So him and his son left for Malaysia. Meanwhile, one of the cars was damaged and needed repair in Singapore so they can’t pay him until that was taken care of..Because he had all these unfortunate things happened to him, he needed my help with money to fix the car, so he can get paid.. I did the unthinkable! I sent him $2500.Then he asked me to send my bank account details so he can ask the management to send $30000,000.00 into my account. I did that, because he said he couldn’t do business with his account because of past fraudulent transactions in his accounts. After sending my bank details, he in formed me that everything was set, and once I received the money he would need to pay his workers so he’ll tell me how to send the money.less than 24 hours I received another document, and it simply says that the funds have been approved to be sent to my account but I need to pay$4850 for COT costs.He tells me that the Government If Malaysia is changed this amount for tax purposes. I informed him that I do not have the money and that’s where things started to fall apart. He wanted me to take a loan, beg burrow or steal. , because this is for us he says. Additionally he wanted my Pass Word to my account, this way he is able to not only monitor the account but to be able to make transactions. I told him I will not give him my Pw because it is against the bank policy, and that if and when the money is deposited I will let him know. I also told him that he needed to use someone else, and that I don’t feel comfortable after all. Then Zi requested a video call, which he has adamantly rejected.. I have never had a video chat with him because he said his phone cannot do video. This man has gotten so angry to the point of throwing F bombs st me, and insists on me sending him my PW.. now he wants me to open up an online account which I have declined. Meanwhile. All the searches I did on him could not find his man anywhere. I had my son check in his address and he does not reside there.Please tell me how I can get my money back. Ps, he also has requested itune cards, in $50 increments, and I have sent him 3 to date. Please help!

Anyone heard of a Kimberly Halvorsen on Instagram Kimberley 123 /44 surname Walters/ Jones twitter account Connie Kayla Hubanks and a few others also seen live feeds intermittent and heard voice calls also but cutting out all the time.
Unknown if this is a scam but says she is swelling her father's house we he died but unfortunately her uncle keeps putting obstacles in the way and gets stopped Switzerland can the legal system just take a passport and visa on supposition if you are not s criminal?

I am talking to a guy named John Williams has a son I’ve paid school fees medical bills and lots more he sent me a bank account to send money to his sons pastor but since them he knows I’m broke and can’t send more is not talking to me for a few days the thug is I’m heart broken and in debt
I feel hurt and stupid as I’ve given up a man that loves me and has also been hurt over this all I do is cry all day I’m so weak and foolish and long for h to contact me again I need to get strong again but it’s so hard as I still love this on line hangouts lover

I am talking to a guy now who says is name is Dr. BEN JOHNSON hes an orthopedic surgeon. White guy with a beard
His wife died 5 years ago and he has two kids and a nanny in Massachusetts
He wants me to send him a 200 dollar iTunes card every payday and pay for a round trip ticket from Iraq to Virginia

Patriciaivy this sounds like my guy Thomas Williams Kendrick Or at least close enough. Don’t waste your tears. We are better than these guys no matter how fantastic they seem. They are scoundrels

I know how you feel. So sorry for your experience. I'm talking to a guy on hangouts name John Williams as well. I know it's a scam. I was wondering, is his son's name Jeffery William? And did he mention that he's an oil Engineer from Germany by any chance?

Mine is Larry Jendrusiak from Instagram. Engineer originally from Texas working in the north of Norway on a ship doing exploration of oil. Told me he wanted a relationship with me because I was the sort of women he was looking for him and his son Jake who was in boarding school and also had a nanny who cared for him on weekends. He resides in Savannah Georgia. After 3 weeks of intense texting he needed 200 in ITune cards so he could do research. Also he had no access to his bank accounts or phone lines. Apparently the ship was robbed but security on board managed to stop it thus the restriction. He took this 9 month contract because it was worth millions. The robbery happened after two months. His crew signed a waiver agreeing to the restrictions. I did not send him the Itune cards. After three more weeks he told me about an incident where he by accident broke a piece of machinery BOP STACK by decompressing it. As it was his fault he needed to replace it. He needed 6000 US $ but only asked to cover 2000 as his room mates wife would help with the 4000. I did not send anything. Now he is pressuring me to come up with 2000 nicely because the work is not getting done and this would delay his departure in early April. In April he said he was going to sale his house in Georgia take his son out of boarding school and in May meet me and then end May move to my country. He is pressuring me to file from my estranged husband so he can marry ASAP. Will to wait the year as long as we are together. My estranged husband and I are working on getting back together now and Im trying to rid myself of this guy. Obvious a scammer. I tell myself to have fun with it and try to take from him what he is trying to take from me. Wish me luck all

I would like to know if anyone has talked to Eugene Reagan or Kelvin Townsend or AJ Townsend?

I think my co worker is being scammed by a guy named Douglas Miller says he is a marine engineer on a ship out of the country has a 14 yr old boy in Africa at a boarding school. He says hes retiring april 30th now she wants to marry him when he gets here. Never even talked on the phone with him or met him.

Hi everyone , I knew a guy from Instagram with the name chuajason039. He told me he will come to my country to visit me. At the end , you know what happen , he said detained in the custom of airport and have to pay fine because he brought excess US dollar to my country . And there was a local lady call me and asked my paid total RM60k to save him out from the airport . He said he is Australian , always travel to UK and stay at US . normally they got few contact number .

Anyone communicating with Major Kennedy Ferguson? Instagram: MajorKenFerguson Stationed in Syria. One son who is 12. Wife deceased. From California but now lives in New York. Says he is 53 years old.

This guy name Anthony Fitzroy Ellis lives in Queens NY, (Jamaican) scammed me over $2000, he pretended he loved me and wanted a future. But after a year I just found out late January 2019 that he was lying the whole time. I need my money back.

I met Major Kennedy Ferguson on Instagram. Very good English. Deployed in Syria. Widowed with a 12 year old son. Started off asking for game cards for his son. Then lead to money for flight to come home. Sent the money. A lot I might add, and suddenly there was no room on the plane for his return. That should have stopped me but it didn’t. A long 10 months later with more game cards, cash, cellphones and care packages I final said I was done. Hoping for the best outcome I tried to continue small conversations here and there instead of daily. He was pulling back after each time I said “no more money”. It was not long after he no longer responded to me. Didn’t block me or delete his accounts. Still very active today. I’m so hurt and feel so stupid for trusting this man. Anyone else scammed by him? Instagram: MajorKennedyFerguson. If anyone has had communication with him or similar experience with him please comment.

So I recently started talking to a guy named Collins, Adams, he stated he is a US Navy Officer and he is deployed at Syria. Speaking with him a couple of days was ok, of handsome pictures, charming texting, but he was not allowed to video or call. He has an Instagram and ask to text in Kik so they won’t monitor him, then he threw me the line that he is unable to access his bank account n only can afford to eat one meal a day. That put a red light on for me. Any truth to this guy???

Beware of a man claiming to be an engineer from Sterling , Co and working in Sweden with his so called son. He texts forever, and asks me to send him an iTunes card for his son. I said no. Said his name is John.

I saved myself from this guy who pretend to be in love with me, sympathied and later ask for help buying iTunes card for him to upgrade his phone due to him being out of job and credit card suspended. I recognize as soon as he insisted on getting my money somehow. I quickly blocked and reported his account.

I've been talking to this man named Frank Collins but he has eventually told me that, he also goes by Smith Collins which I thought was very odd when I found that out. But we have been talking every single day since November . We first met on Facebook but once he had me go on hangouts to talk to him better. He ended up deleting his Facebook telling me, "He didn't want to get distracted from anyone else." I found that strange but I'm just like okay . Then I made the first mistake of offering to pay for his sons bill to the nanny which was 350 dollars because, I felt so bad that he didn't have anyone to help with anything at all . Then every single week of every month, he continued to asked me for money or to buy his son a steam card so he could play his games . But recently I had to put a stop to it because, he wanted me to send him 400 dollars so that he could get a new phone because, he lost it. Now mind you, he works as a contractor in Africa supposedly told me he would be home by the end of march and that he would pay me all the money back that I've ever sent him . Honestly I sent this man at least 1200-1300 in expenses . Which I don't know how I was able to afford because, I'm just a young 22 year old women, working in retail sending this 30 year old white supposedly mixed with German man . He does have an accent but it almost sounds to close to a Nigerian accent on the phone every time we would talk on the phone . But guys I just feel like he might be real because, he had me send that 400 through Walmart to Walmart to his friend that lives in the states named, Brian K Jackson . Gladly I was able to cancel the transaction and get my money back in a couple of business days . But that's when I was fed up because, I was ready to video chat with him for the very first time ever . I was happy that I was going to be able to see the face behind those beautiful words that he sent to me every single day . But now I don't think that's going to happen at all . I just want to know the truth from him that's all because, I feel that we all deserve the truth from these men that try to convey and portray a dream that's never going to exist .

Hi have anyone heard of a peter fredericks

Has anyone had any contact with someone named Wayne Woodcock. He is supposedly in the army and living in Iraq. Needs $100000 to get a secure box back with $2.7 million dollars in it for her to keep until he gets out if service. She has sent him $50000. I know it's a scam but can't convince her. She wanted to borrow the other $50000 from me to send him.

I have been talking to a guy says he's a captain in the US army he contacted me by Instagram name is leonardnoel53 his name is Leo he's 53 and a widow of 4 years his wife died of lung cancer has a 10 year old daughter called rosemary in a boarding school. He hasn't asked me for anything yet but has said his commander took his phone off him and destroyed it and can only contact me through their computer base. He's based in Somalia but from new york

Hi was scammed by a man claiming to be an architect from Florida but in Dubai Thomas Crane I have a partial LinkedIn profile he removed or they and pics and lots of emails and texts
Said his wife was unfaithful and died Stupid me send damn itune cards Anyone have a Thomas Crane story I know he assumed the identity of a real Thomas Crane and another woman and I contacted him

I have come across so many of these scammers. They’re always a way to work, which a child between eight and 12, from somewhere in Europe Germany, Italy, France, or Norwegian countries. I think the same guy has contacted me multiple times because he sounds exactly the same on the phone. Right about the time it’s time to meet, they have to go out of town on business, and then some have asked for money from wherever they are working. Right about the time it’s time to meet, they have to go out of town on business, and then some have asked for money from wherever they are working. I have not sent anyone any money and usually trip them up before they even get to the send me money story. One man said he was from Germany and the first time we spoke, I said “Good Day” in German, because I speak German. He said “huh”? I hung up. Then they call repeatedly because they think they can still hook me, and I block them. I just want to find a nice interesting man to live...not all this B.S. Nanci

I have a guy called Edgar Plant and another Michael Casey, the first is supposed to be from Canada stuck here in South Africa and the second from USA.. the first needs money to live and the second is wanting me to do a transfer for him as he is unable to do so because his IP address is different... L have a gut feeling they are scammers....

Well, I see I'm not alone! Fell for the oil rig engineer scheme. He was really good. I think he's part of a network of African or Caribbean men. He was smooth as silk. I'm internet savvy and even after I confronted him about the inconsistencies in hus story line, he had the audacity to get angry and claim HE was the victim of identity theft! Watch out ladies Richard Gustavo is not a Swedish-American, working as an engineer. Reverse lookup photos and cell number before you let them know you suspect the are lying like I did. Someone should start a dating website for people like us who've been scammed! Wow, I feel really stupid.

Please do not beat yourselves up for being duped by these predators!! I am in the same boat - believed the lies of a Matthew Livermore, a”doctor on a cargo ship.” I naively sent iTune cards (about $350 worth) and he tried to get me to pay a customs fee of $2500 for a package that didn’t exist. Just today I found out who he has been stealing photos from and reported him to Instagram and informed the real guy. I was also talking to a “USMC” by the name of William Ferguson Wu. Super good looking and full of crap. Wants me to give him my banking login info so he can send me money and help him pay for a lawyer to get him emergency leave from deployment in Kabul. So full of crap. I blocked him on Hangouts. We may never know the real person behind the scams but please remember the photos they use are real people being used, too. We need to trust our instincts and not our hearts when it comes to strangers online.

My scammer is still trying to reel me in! Richard Gustavo says he's from Pampa, TX and hides in a profile for a guy named Terry Needham. He sent me pictures if an average looking man and explained the Needham picture was his Dad. He's got a daughter attending NYU oh she's keeping his German Shepherd "Terry" for him while he travels to Batumi, Georgia (Europe) to work his contact on an oil rig in the Black Sea. Now he wants me to send him $2600 because his equipment is in custody of customs. When I told him of my doubts he explained as identity theft and asked why I don't trust him! Absolutely nothing he said could be verified and he blows up and blames me for not helping him. I feel for everyone in here, but I was lucky and only gave him $200 even though I knew he was lying. Part of me was really hoping he was telling the truth and part of me really wanted to see just how far he'd go. He didn't know I'm smarter he was counting on me being desperate for affection. Richard.Gus57gj @gmail and his phone is a TextNow number. He's smart enough to use Google Translate and fast which is why I think it's a group of men in a suburban house with a bunch of laptops and cell phones.
I think why we are all here us because we want to believe people can be so evil. He prayed and sent sweet wake-up texts that I know were copied from the internet because punctuation and spelling didn't match. He was not born here but I think educated here and between 35 and 60. The pictures he sent camefrom yandex and he's on Christian Mingle, ilijeyou and wanbe that I know of. I think he's deleted those profiles and he's not on FB except for that Terry Needham profile. Darn shame because he's got a voice that would melt butter and game that anyone would fall for. Guard your heart and your money!

Has anyone heard of an Anna Lisa??

Has anyone been contacted by someone using the name Marc Rempala? Instagram handle is @rampala72

I have! I had a suspicion that he was a scam! He lives in California, no family, currently in South Korea in the us army?

I have talked to him as well. But I thought he took the instagram down months ago. But exactly the same, from California, in Korea, mother and father are deceased, has a bother but they are not close.


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