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Faking it — scammers’ tricks to steal your heart and money

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Image of cupid and heartNot everyone using online dating sites is looking for love. Scammers create fake online profiles using photos of other people — even stolen pictures of real military personnel. They profess their love quickly. And they tug at your heartstrings with made-up stories about how they need money — for emergencies, hospital bills, or travel. Why all of the tricks? They’re looking to steal your money.

As if all that isn’t bad enough, romance scammers are now involving their victims in online bank fraud. Here’s how it works: The scammers set up dating profiles to meet potential victims. After they form a “relationship,” they come up with reasons to ask their love interest to set up a new bank account. The scammers transfer stolen money into the new account, and then tell their victims to wire the money out of the country. Victims think they’re just helping out their soulmate, never realizing they’re aiding and abetting a crime.  

Here are some warning signs that an online love interest might be a fake. They ask you to:

  • chat off of the dating site immediately, using personal email, text, or phone
  • wire money using Western Union or Money Gram
  • set up a new bank account

Did you know you can do an image search of your love interest’s photo in your favorite search engine? If you do an image search and the person’s photo appears under several different names, you’re probably dealing with a scammer. And if the person’s online profile disappears a few days after they meet you, that’s another tip-off.

Here’s the real deal: Don’t send money to someone you met online — for any reason. If your online sweetheart asks for money, you can expect it’s a scam.

Unfortunately, online dating scams are all too common. There may be tens of thousands of victims, and only a small fraction report it to the FTC. If this happens to you, please report it at — click on Scams and Rip-Offs, then select Romance Scams.

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I played Word with Friends 2 and I was asked by 2 men to chat on hangouts, each fell in love with me , then came the I Tunes cards they needed. I'm sure they are still trolling WWF 2 for more women. They used the names of David Walter, Townsend Freeman.

Hope this helps you ladies!

They call it Yahoo plus. These guys are desperado's but are masters of their game. Its best to be careful who you fall in love with on social media or the Internet generally cause these fraudsters are out there desperately waiting to go to any length to con innocent and unaware ladies. please be careful.

I would like to do a reverse photo search how do I do it, think I’m being scammed

I know for a fact that my friend is being catfished. Told her that immediately as have her other friends but she is intent on ‘having’ this relationship. The catfisher’s story: He goes by the name of ‘Jeffrey Williams’. He works on the ‘Seas’. He has a 15 year old daughter in boarding school. He told her he is about to retire and can’t access his money until then so needs 1400$ to come to Canada to see her. 2 weeks later he will have his money, pay off all her debts and they will live happily ever after .... sound familiar ladies? She doesn’t question much . I asked her how do you think he lives now? On nothing?!?!? She’s far too lonely and is getting ready to skip a mortgage payment and live on peanut butter sandwiches in order to send this money. She already tried twice by western union - his request- but it was sent back. He’s having her send it to a woman- supposedly in a NATO office who controls his money- and now she is going to the bank tomorrow to send it to yet another woman name in Edmonton who will then send it on to Indiana. He has said he lives in Baltimore. To be clear I KNOW this is all BS but I am writing this out as told to her in hopes that someone reading will recognize this name used or aspects of this scam and techniques being used. I want her to see how common this is to open her eyes.

Does anyone out there know a Greg Anderson William?Please reply. He is in Yemen, a surgeon, and is from Denmark.

I was scammed as well. Out of 3k. This man claimed he lost his wife while birthing his son. Ironically our sons were 15 days apart. He professes his love after about 3 weeks. News on an IT contract but it was locally. He said he has an antique business as well and his license and cards were stolen in flight. He asked for cash as well to pay the difference of an antique he bid on and if not he would Lose his license and in return lose his main source of income. He sent me lots of pics, a report where he had his full name and his “bank claim” he did when he got his satchel stolen on the plane ect ect. He sent many pics of “him and his son.” I regret this extremely. He sent me video and pictures that all looked current, but I was so very gullible. I didn’t drain a Savings but any amount of money does hurt. There are some Terrible people out there. His name was Charles Carter on his profile and in Google hangouts.

This guy with the username gamiereed and a very attractive man on instagram started following me and then shortly thereafter messaged me. He appeared to be looking for a love interest. He would talk and try to pull the heart strings that he's a good man and would really like to find an honest,caring and loving women. After talking for a couple weeks he asks me to help him out. That he would send me money through cash app and I could go buy itunes cards for him and send him the card numbers/pins because he can't seem to find the cards where he lives...mind you he "lives" in New York?? So beware if this guy or anyone for that matter that you don't know asks you to do anything that involves money! Don't become a victim!

I have been involved in what I'm hoping isn't a scammer. He caught me at my worst possible moment. I had just taken one of my grandkids to the hospital for sucide watch and was there until they admitted her to another hospital hrs later. Anyway he had talked to me about a month and then had me sending he's son in boarding school emais also. Yes he seemed to be a very strong Godly man and wanted to marry me. Then I don't know what I did but I sent him $$$ through money Gram and found out that it was supposedly he's auntie (money for he's son) while he was out of the country. I used Been verified and found he's address in California. Needless to say I went to California to meet him & he's son but he literally called me on my way out to catch my flight to California thankfully I had a backup plan. It made him mad that I went anyway he called me and said he's son was in a comma in Africa on a school trip. I blocked him from everything. But 2 months later he called me and said he needed to talk to me because he was still in Africa with he's son and was leaving the end of this month and still want me to be in he's life as he's wife. That he had 10million coming from the UN. Well fast forward to now I put a post up in a scammers group about this and the next day he contacted me angry as h*** so I told him my friends daughter did it. (Which is kind of true) but he's supposed to be here I would imagine within days or so. I am still in hopes and prayers that he is on the up&up and we do live together forever but wither it does or not is still yet to be seen. H3 says he is coming to get me in Ohio but since I now live in my car and waiting for my divorce hearing in two days I'm leaving for a friend place in Temple Texas and told him he'll have to come there to get me and he was very upset I wouldn't be in my own State waiting for him. As he's coming from NY which is closer to Ohio then Texas I guess. Besides he was hoping to get too meet my children which is why I'm leaving the State as my daughter's husband threw me out. Living in my car isn't good for me at all. Thank you for reading this and be blessed. There is more to my life with scammers below please read them and be careful online ladies

I have another guy that talked to me got ALL my private information of me banking credit card everything even a picture of my license front and back and I'm so scared that guy does something to my accounts. I am on Social security and deposit get auto deposit but with it being New Year's Eve week I am praying I get my money out before he does and closing the account. As he had all my information of it and yes I stupidly sent him $$ too. For some reason I keep falling for these men! Can you please help me stop doing this? The first guys name is Jayden the next is Scott Mendoza. I also had a general contact me he's name is Martin Miller and I sent him $50.00 in ITunes. Please be careful

i think i am scammed too. talking to carla williams living in San Antonio Texas. She is working for a private company in the Netherlands..still trying to meet because i paid money for her permitform. it al looked fine but now i know it is a she wants i-tunescard.
what can i do now.?

where can i find my comment ?

I have had couple of Alexander Morrison pretended to be in love with me and wanted to marry me and managed to take 6000 dollars pretending to be caught in immigration when he was coming to see me...I got was the money I had saved for my daughter's education..list only with lot of debt...since then have been getting messages from different guys from different places..Tim Hanks ..a marine engineer..forced me to send him itunes current is Colonel Joseph Campo... His description of himself is copy from the net with minor changes ..I wish we had a way to catch these's so nice to be able to share finally

I met a girl on kik. Jason Annabelle/ jason Ann . Now we are speaking on whatsapp. She asking money to pay her bills. She tell s me she has a daughter and her parent's are dead.
Some help?

I’m being scammed by a person going by the name Colin Smart. He’s a handsome body builder with tattoos. He loved me right away and kept talking to me on Instagram, eventually moving to Hangouts. He’s very sweet and I loved our conversations. Until he started begging for Itune cards if I really love him. I found myself saying I would try to send one!!!! Then later kicking myself for agreeing. He got really angry with me and swearing up a storm . Calling me and hangin up so I don’t hear his voice. Actually scaring me that he was someone who lived nearby. But he says he’s in Japan . Only sends messages at odd times so I think he is not close. Seems to be up when I’m sleeping. Sad part is I know he’s a scammer but I miss talking to him when he takes breaks from me.

I was doubted of this guy because I asked him what’s his full name he said (Chris rolandkingsman Khan )but he has one more name (davidwolfgram7 )he said this is his company name . He seems like sweet guy started calling me you are my queen ,my world ,my everything but I don’t what he says . But problem is he started asking money ,credit card and iTunes card . But I will never send him .
My problem is he always asked me pictures and one of my picture he posted as a Facebook profile . I got nervous when I found this website . We been chatting more a month now. He’s working as a marine engineer oil rig in Perth Australia.
He told me : Baby please I have mailed to my agent to get me out of here please am going to need some assistance from you to leave here baby, I couldn't access my account from here please baby am gonna need some loan from you to pay the agent so he can send a helicopter to get me out of the sea here, I promise when I get to the land I will use any of the international bank out there and get the loan refunded to you baby please

You can add CAPTAIN JAMES WILLIAMS to the list of scammers. According to his email (which was sent to my work address; he says he found it through LinkedIn), he's the commanding officer of the "third battalion soldier regime". He is 49 years old and has been sent to Syria for a peace-keeping mission.

He just wants to talk, because he's bored and needs a friend to "keep him going".

I'll bet he also needs iTunes gift cards...

so I've been chatting to a Steven Young who approached me on IG, then switched to hangouts, claims to have fallen in love with me but is constantly asking for stuff. I haven't given in and been probing but everyday is some request or something to pull at the hearstrings. He claims to be in the US Army on deployment in Nigeria. Anyone heard of him? or been scammed by him. His pictures are of a bearded guy with amazing blue eyes. Claims to have lost his dad and brother in a car accident in the US when he was a child. Raised by his mother who now has cancer.

I think your Stephen is now my Stephen Michael. Your description of he georgous looks is identical the man whose tore my heart apart. Iam about to confront him tonight. He mentioned a love he broke it off with in Jan. I'd love to compare photos. I only have 3 in one hes sitting in a red chair 2nd theres workout equipment in the background & 3rd MY FAVORITE hes wearing a white shirt with dark blue or black sport coat with tropical lighting & plants it looks like it may have been taken in the evening.. I'd really like to chat with you as I'm pretty sure we fell in love with the same face.. iam hurt beyond words bcz I fell desperately in love but my plan is to confront him TONIGHT when he calls me..if there is anyway we can talk via phone ..I'd rather do that

There is a guy in Lagos, Nigeria who claims to be American. His name is Scott Peterson. He borrowed money from me and never paid it back. He has disappeared. He is a scammer. Don't get involved with him

I have been in a similar situation. I would like to find out if anyone was contacted by a person claiming to be an orthopedical doctor in Syria with the UN Peace Keeping Forces with the name James Werner Walker. He pretends to have a daughter but I am not sure! If you know where he is from as he claims to be American. I would be grateful if you could offer me any information! Thank you!

This has gone on so be August 18
He read scripture quote bible
His parents were missionary
Can"y het out of Malaysia I need too send money too lawyer on Malaysia
Because cusyoms holxonh his documents on EQUIPMENT plus pass he returns too USA he will pay everyone back. I have already sent him 600.00 iTunes
And 1000.00 for on equipment..
But when I sent it was too a person on usa.. the religion he has me going too church his drivers liscense is registered he has never owned or lived I researched all this today... it's difficult because I love him I am 73 he is 58

I fell a bit for one. Quite good looking. Named Michael Vlaar claimed to be Dutch born, working in Australia as architect contractor. Single 3 years, bad divorce with 2nd wife, 1st wife died at childbirth. Have son named Klaus staying with his mom in Missouri, 9 years-old. Cute boy--my heart went for this cutiepie. So that's when he asked to send money to his son.---for school excursion. Heck I even tell him wow you're scamming me and naahh it's not just a small amount LOL. I fell for it. $100 went to Missouri ---by Money Gram to Mark Anderson who he claimed his "cousin".

His budget was tight, Klaus has been sick since small, have hole in heart, paid for surgery $55k, that's why short in money. Need $5k to clear tax. Luckily I don't have $5k and pretend to sympathy and said I tried to get loan but failed (I didn't try).

Come again Klaus need some new clothes for school and upkeeps. I was he's really spoiled. But then he sent me again his pictures and there goes my $100 to Jeff Morgan. Same address, 1145 Arsenal St St louis Missouri. with fake phone number. "Cousin" again.

Yeah, sweet talker--my woman, queen, honey and what not. Even promised to marry and everything. I pity the real guy he used the photo of, but I can't find anything on reverse search. This scam is turning very professional and careful.

I confronted him and he denied about scamming me, said he'll pay back in March 2019. My heart was long sinking since all he get to talk is getting money lol. So I'm staying to play his game and will try to get my money back (I know it's impossible). So yeah. Careful ladies. They manipulate our goodwill and heart.

He asked to delete photos and tried to end things with me, pretending to be upset when confronted. Hell yeah I know now. LOL

Reported his profile in and they removed him. Hope no one else fell for this guy. If you're nearby St Louis or Missouri could try report to police, might be they camped out there scamming women like us.

I fell for the exact same thing with this so called Michael Vlaar. Your story is identical to mine. I feel so stupid and angry

Would love to know if we’re talking to the same guy. I confronted him about it and it deny what he was doing all. Would love to see fellabit if you have the same photos I have

I too would like to compare my photos to yours.. the guy I've been talking to has a beard beautiful blue eyes in the one picture which is his default picture on messenger he's sitting in like a red velvet chair in the second he's wearing like a workout tank top and in the background there's workout equipment then the third picture which is my favorite and I fell in love with he's wearing a white collar shirt with a dark color sport coat and in the background there's like tropical trees Greenery and it looks like a little bit of lighting like landscape lighting or something anyhow I hope you get this and you reply back maybe we can figure out a way to compare these photos I have recently contacted catfish the TV Show in Australia and they are working with me to find out if my guy is real anyhow hope to hear from you soon

Hi Brokenheart#2 were you relying to me? The photos I have Michael has brown eyes

Ezek goes by. Big time scammer. Real name Marlon.

Has anybody else received any messages from a John Bailly Weeks?

I have carefully read almost all the posts in here..its a bit true though.I just want to contribute a can someone send money to who you haven't seen? How can you fall so deeply in love to the extent of granting a leave for someone you don't know?we should all be careful.. And I want to talk about those that have the impression that Nigerians are scammers.not all.come over here to Nigeria you'd find hardworking Nigerians that want nothing but legal that impressions are false

Thank you for your comment. Yes there are good hardworking people in your country and every country. We just all have to be careful with talking to anyone that you cannot see there face and meet them and know about them. NEVER give money to ANYONE that you do not personally know and even be careful then!

Does anyone play words2 games...I started playing with a man, who has the picture of the real Admiral John Richardson on his profile. First he wanted me to send into naval phoning service an email,which has a charge to it.i did this,then he couldn't provide true info to them,he copied off the internet. I turned him into the naval base,who tried to catch him. Then he wanted me on Skype to talk to.You go from there to where he tries to scam YOU into sending iTunes and Amazon cards.I sent that info to scamming and harassment, Silly me,then kept playing the word game and talking to him. He says he has a 3 yr old daughter mis homeless,needs money for food and rent. I have told him repeatedly I can't send money to him. It's the same story over and over. Finally blocked him, yesterday altho he did say his real name is Richard Ovie Onini. Whether true or not, I don't care, I am done with him.

A mN going by name of Andrea Williams o tacted me through Instagram. He claims on oil rig In North Sea Scotland. Lives in WShington DC. Boy called John 12. Wife killed 5 years ago car accident. Very loving quick to say he loved me. You tube songs to me. I called him out and he denied it. Very angry. I’m his Queen he’d die instantly if he left me. Sound familiar to anyone. ?? Even had a cat called Gwen!! Airplane , yacht 2 houses. Etc

I think I have been dealing with a scammer for several reasons, but when i try all the different image search the pictures of this person there is no results at all. I am trying everything to reach out to the real person that is in yhe pictures, and I even believe I found her location state. I am bound to find her to tell her. I know pictures r used everyday it's just the point. Any suggestions please help.

I had been in contact with a guy called Mason Earnet for almost 3 month. He was claiming to be in love with me and was even Planning to Marry me although he had not yet met me.
Bis promises were increasing Suddenly he wanted me to send him cash. Then it all changed that I was to send cash to Turkey via Western Union or money gram. Thats when I realized and refused ..

Wish I had been wise not to get involved. William J Anderson in turkey big schemer.

Does anyone out there know a Jones Richard or a David Collins?

Their on words with friends too! Benjamin fletcher

Ive been followed on instagram by Richard Benson. Pictures looked great. He told me about his son who is looked after by a nanny. He works on an oil rig. From Atlanta Georgia. Declared love at first sight. Wanted to come to Uk and have me be Mom to his son. Has a pet spider monkey called Mona. Photos add up, but he was on hangouts 24 hours. I questioned him and his answer was short and sweet. English on text was bad and messages inconsistent, I smelt a rat. Have blocked him.

Thank you all for your posts. I have been talking to this guy Simon Clay for about three months. He wants to rescue me from my abusive relationship. He supposedly is from Turkey and moved to Texas because his mom is an American. His wife died a few years ago and now he's raising his son alone. His son is in boarding school and his wife's mother helps out. He had to go out of the country for a bit while we were talking. He's on contract as an engineer in the middle east. Someone supposedly stole his identity and bank information so now his account is frozen till he gets back. He has asked me for Steam gift cards so he can buy software he needs to complete his job. I'm a mom of three and the only income. So I have told him no numerous times. I have sent him $100 one time. Now he wants me to open a bank account for him. I feel devastated. I know he's catfishing me.

How about a guy named Angelo Thomas who works for a British petroleum company in the golf of Mexico

I got hit up on Facebook by George Williams. Independent contractor on a oil rig, daughter Tracy 13 years old, living at homein Virginia with a nanny, widower wife died 4 years ago, his contract is up in April, says he's 59 years old, retiring after this contract.Told me after 2 days that our connection was like no other, loved me, couldn't wait to be with me. Great words, strong biblical presence. I investigated his Facebook information and when confronted him on it - why don't you trust me, angel. He asked for itune cards $200 after 2 days. Also, in one of his messages, he called me Debbi.

I just start talking to a guy by the name Ryan Williams.. added me in insta yesterday.. and today asking me if he can add me as his spouse in his company details.. told me on the 10th his company anniversary and they will send out gifts.. if chosen they will send to the given add.. he asking my add, full name and cont no.. I didn't send yet..

Anyone heard of a Michael Larson Nelson fraud??

Has anyone come across a Robert Alon or Robert Ryan Cater on IG?? He has been messaging me for a while with similar stories, and know of his stories make sense. States he is a foster dad and an engineer working in Sweden now but is from Minnesota??

Back in August, my wife decided to go to a dating sight. By beginning of October, she told me she was talking to someone she met from the dating sight. When I looked into this, I found that she had been texting and calling this guy from the end of August. Many of our friends was telling me they think she is being scammed. I didn't believe that because I felt she definitely knew better, until I saw her changes in behavior. She told me this guy lives in Georgia, though he's finishing a job he's working on in the UK, and our friends were telling me she says she was moving to there soon. This was the beginning of October. She is still here. Since that time, she has sent off thousands in itune and amazon cards. In November, she sent a Western Union transfer to a James Faith Precilla in Akure, Nigeria in excess of $700. Also confronted her about a $600 and $500 itune card transaction. The latter one she told me did for this guy because he said his bank had been compromised. In December, she got a check for nearly $10,000 from a Bank of America account where at the top it said"please post payment for our mutual customer". She told me the check just wasn't for her. Approximately 10 days later, she sent a Western Union transfer to a Geraldine Nwiwu Enyinna from Africa for approximately $1000 who lives in Maryland. Back in November her bank account she just opened a month earlier had been compromised and she closed it. In doing so, she also closed our daughter's account there because her name was on it. By the end of December, she found that her identity had been stolen and had to go through a lot of processes and stress to fix it. But I believe she still doesn't get it. I just found a $500 reload it card and she told me it wasn't her money that bought it. And this past Thursday I believe he got her to drive 2 hours away to send off a cashiers check to a Victor Ikemba Ukaibe in excess of $3000 and a cashiers check to a Oluwagbemiga O. Obagbamigbe in excess of $14,000. Both, once again, are obviously African. This guy goes by the name David. She lied to me about his last name. He is 5'7" weighs 140 lbs. Bald or balding with blue eyes. Says he has a daughter named Cassie and a dog named Captain. Says he owns a car dealership. Believe it to be in the Atlanta area. He uses the phone number (678)671-7633. Has anyone heard of this guy or can anyone help.

Boy this sounds familiar. Dr. from Norway, working in Mogadishu on a UN contract, former Dr. at Mass General. Widowed, son in Florida with the nanny. I fell for an iTunes card before I smartened up. He is now blocked from my Instagram and WhatsApp account. He is going by the name Jostein Eivind, says his birthday is Jan. 15th, 1963, and says his son is 16. I reported him to both accounts, probably won't do any good. The photos he was using were apparently stolen off a modeling website. Wish I could find the person in the photos to let him know he' s being used to scam other innocent people!!

I am very confused. Am emailing David Symank. Army just moved from afghanistan to syria. no emails now, combat zone. He's from Orlando Florida, his parents keep his 2 daughters. Divorced. But I have done a county property search and that name does not come up. He asked for proxy marriage 3 weeks in, and I refused. Some of the things he sends poems, thoughts, are really cool. But then next email is mispelled or strange grammar. Is anyone talking to Robert David Symank. met on Mingle.

Anybody hear of a guy named Dickson David Scott he found me on instagram said he was from Boston Massachusetts working in Afghanistan as a orphophedic surgeon wife cheated on him with his best friend parents died in car crash raised by his grandma one daughter away studying No family aid reworked at Massachusetts general hospital told me he was a military doctor Sweet talked me too quickly finoallyasked for 4,700 Ididnt give him any money seemed so convincing German American How do they get somebody else's profile pic and info ?

I started talking to a gentleman who claims to be 58 years old on POF in Michigan. He is very attractive, funny, and very likeable. He claims to live in New Baltimore. He started to talk to me, only on POF. Then he quit talking to me. I asked if we could text. About a week later, he agreed. He said he had a lot of stress over a contract in Cyprus, and had to go to New York to work on it. I talked on the phone to him, he supplied lots of photos of the same Norwegian gentleman. Full beard, viking tattoo. He sounded like he was from Norway, but had a strange Jamacian accent to his voice. Very well spoken. He could make me laugh! Then, he disappeared for three weeks. I was crushed.

We started talking again. He said he was in New Jersey with friends and was working on an even bigger contract in Cyprus. Again, we spoke for weeks. He you guessed it disappeared again, making me want him more.

He said he was finally going oversees. We exchanged music videos, etc. I told him a lot about me. He then, at Christmas, told me he had a letter for me....It was very touching. How, I had been patient through all of this. I remember he said, he was divorced and he lived in England when he was married. He told me he was schooled in Aberdeen, Scotland.

Well, I was over the moon. I told him I always wanted to go to Seattle, so he bought me a ticket...and sent it via Whatsapp. A full 6,000.00 trip! He sent me a ticket back home from his contract as a solar panel engineer in Cyprus. He sent me an article about it in the Turkish newspaper. He told me at length about the project and how hot it was there and how they needed solar energy. Impressive.

Just one thing, he imposed his name on the newspaper article as I later learned, it was from two years ago. He goes by Bottje Sam. Or Sam Bottje. Very suave. I fell hard. He sent me a picture of his on the plane! He said he was going home, to s ee me but, I needed to look up prices for two MacBook Pros and a new I Phone xs. He told me he would pay me when we seen each other at the airport...things were sketchy in Cyprus. I said, no, and remembered I had told him where I lived and stuff. He immediately stopped contacting me.

You could not believe how crushed I was. He never existed. We had hours of conversation, and he would disappear, and reappear. Sad.....I safe guarded my information now. and gave not ONE PENNY!

Is anyone familiar with an Arthur Morgan supposed to be a contractor

I'm becoming very concerned about a online relationship I've been in apparently it's supposed to be Natasha Nice relationship has fully been through Google hangouts I've never been able to talk to her on the phone yes and I have to admit there's been a lot of money sent it to her through i tunes cards and Amazon cards I even made the mistake of getting her a brand new iPhone which apparently never made it to her she use the excuse that her brother-in-law stole itI was contacted through Verizon that a lot of international calls are made with this phone until we shut it down it seems as though the pictures she sends me I want instead are taking off her different sites she has but occasionally I will get pictures that it says to reverse image search that that picture has been taken down and the most unbelievable part seems to be dead on I have a lot of things that she says she is doing or has done seems to be exactly what's going on with her I don't know if I try to send a message through Natasha Nice actual site I'm very confused I don't know what to do she has been very good to me but then again a dog could be nice to a person tothe time that she says that she tries to call me she said it's a bad connection does not go through she said that her present iPhone is bad last night she hit me up to help her support her live online web shows she wants $150 every Friday so she can continue on with her shows the funny thing is is I am not desperate or looking for any type of love but she did show up through my Instagram message all the way back in May of 2017 I just don't know where to go or where to turn can somebody please help me do the situation I just don't know what to do once again she says her name is Natasha Nice and the only contact we have is through Google hangouts could somebody please contact me and help me get through this let me just add this she had asked me to please help her set up a Avon business so that she can start working her way out of the industry she asked for a loan of $20,000 to be deposited into her account or if I could open an account give her the debit card I have noticed that some of her spelling in English is off a little bit but I know she is French but I don't know how well her English is please somebody contact me to help me here thank you


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