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Scammers offering to help with disability applications

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Scammers are trying to get personal information from people by pretending to help with applications for disability benefits and claims. A recent alert from the Social Security Inspector General warns of this phishing scam, and — whether or not you’ve started an application for benefits — these scammers could contact you. They’re taking a shot in the dark, hoping that you have started an application, and hoping you’ll give them a little more info over the phone. To “complete the process,” they might ask you to give, or confirm, your Social Security number or bank account numbers.

If scammers get your information, you could face identity theft and benefit theft. So here are a few things you can do to help protect yourself:

  • Never give your Social Security number or account numbers to someone who calls you.
  • Don’t wire money or send money using a prepaid debit card. In fact, never pay someone who calls out of the blue.
  • If you have disability benefits, regularly check their status, and review your statements to make sure they’re right.

If you have questions about disability benefits, or get calls offering help with them, call the Social Security Administration at 1-800-772-1213. And read up on more ways to combat phishing and identity theft.

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Thanks informasion

Beware of this phone number. These people called me almost everyday asking me to help me prepare for ss application. Dont know where they got my phone number.

5418012414 this is the new phone number. Beware. They are so annoying!

I just received a call saying that they wanted to help me with my application for SSD. I shut her down immediately. 845-630-0054 was the number calling.

They getting our phone numbers by people selling our info to these Scammers! That's why when I'm online my address is wrong numbers and I spell other things like the street name wrong. Phone numbers street numbers are always jumbled. But they still get it anyway

Got 2 calls today with spoofed Minnesota numbers. Two callers with South Asian accents claiming to be based in Massachusetts.

helpful information

I think I have been hacked many times and have tried repeatedly to fix it, I'm positive in fact my phone and tablet at this very moment has just been completely, or I thought redone with no solution insight! I hate to just keep getting new Facebook accounts etc.!? When I was trying to type this very reply it almost wouldn't let me, I have to be very careful! P.S.Very Concerned!

You can report identity theft and get help at

This FTC article explains what to do if your email was hacked.

12013351755 has called at least 10 times they sound like they are here from the states yet are listed as scammers beware

I have been receiving up to 6 phone calls a day. Different numbers leaving no message. When I call back it says National Disabilty "please hold" Started back at the end of April.

Me too! They just called from this number:


I answered and it took a while for them to get on phone. Then she asked if I could hear her. And then asked about my social security disability application and I said I didn't file one. She said she apologized and hung up.

And all week from these numbers which I didn't pick up but when I called it said something about Disability:



I just blocked them on my phone.

Don't say "YES" when these scammers call and ask if you can hear them. All they need is your voice saying YES and they can use it to confirm that you said YES to whatever scam they are trying to pull!

I also heard from this "National Disability" organization. I was advised that the "call is being recorded for quality control..."

I sensed "Amber" was trying to get me to say "Yes" also. I would respond "I can" when asked I could hear her. After a moment of explaining her organization, she said she would ask a series of "Yes" / "No" questions. At that point, I said I'm not interested and hung up.

The calling number today was 929-446-0655. I ignored a call from this number yesterday morning. Number is now blocked.

I feel so stupid bc i fell for it from the National Disability Associate. Now i need to know what to do to stop th from hacking me! Amy advice how to handle this?

I just received a call from National Disability. When I answered the phone I couldn't hear them very well so I hung up and dialed the number listed on my calls log. They answered and asked me to hold for the next available representative. I hung up and will wait for them to call me back. I like to provide bogus information to them and waste their time. I really despise these scumbags! My Mother was scammed out of thousands of dollars. Fortunately, my brother-in-law is an attorney and we worked with the bank and we got most of her money back. If you have been scammed, work with the bank if the money came out of your bank account.

3 calls from 3 numbers in 2 days: Last was 281-336-1896. I always ask: What is your mandatory authorization number permitting you to call this number without the required proper caller ID? No number gets them a legal cease and desist notice with a $25 notification and processing fee, a $100 automatic monthly late to which they automatically consented when they called, and hanging up before hearing the full message does not exonerate them of their legal debt. These people now have 3 such accounts in 2 days, and I am sure they will want more. In a few years I will drop this on their credit report.

got a call from #817 663 9172,I called back and heard National Disability my name is Amy how can I assist you and I hung up

sounds like maybe you should look into whether or not your operating system has been taken over which would cause all the websites you type in to be redirected to fake sites.

I am getting phone calls for other people saying if they don't call back they will be in trouble.


Thank you for this information.

Very interesting article...

I received a call on my telephone yesterday that was a recorded message on this very topic. The phone number that came up on my phone: 248.304.7938

Please report this to the FTC at The information you give will go into a database that law enforcement uses for investigations.

The comments you put here on the blog don't go into the law enforcement database.

A lady named Amber called me today on this very issue. She seemed nice, but my phone read Potential Fraud on the screen after she hung up. I'm only 21 years old, so it sounded fishy that I'm "eligible" for it. Her number was (952 800 1781.

TD has overcharged me excessive debit card fees,and now they are. Taking my SSI check.

You could talk to someone at your bank, or call the customer service number. There is usually a number on the back of your debit card. You could explain the situation and ask if they offer different kinds of accounts that don't have as many fees, or if they have other ways to help you reduce fees.


I had a call last week from someone claiming to be from Social Security office. I do not know their name, but they asked me how to spell mine, my social security number, my birth dates and after I gave them the information I was told I would not be getting it nor would I be receiving a telephone call from an appointment call that was upcoming about SS Disabity. I was taken unaware since I was in the process of attempting to get SS Disabiluty. The number they called me from said it was disconnected and to call a SS number which they said on the voice recording. I feel concerned.

When someone pressures you to provide information, it's a sign of a scam. You can report the call to the Social Security Fraud Hotline and the FTC.

If you have questions about disability benefits, call the Social Security Administration at 1-800-772-1213.

I have been attracted for three years or more someone keeps controlling my time warner account every cell phonevi bring into my hom is uncontrilable i get letters in mail that im blind cant hear. Also my husbands name also lost him with cancer spent thiysand reports u name it i been there a box if cells and computers a book if enail and changed passwords not to say also this person hacks too use social media on my phone blocks me like a child really ick if someone hacks too social and I see a lit if numbers next too to help on here? Then he states wants his privacy in MY itams and he's being hacked?

How do I know if the agency is real or not?

If you have questions about disability benefits, call the Social Security Administration at 1-800-772-1213.

When you call the Social Security Administration yourself, you know you're talking to the real agency.

If someone calls and wants your social security number, or says you should send money, you can hang up. Call the real Social Security Administration to ask about benefits. Or, go to

First off I m a victim of Identity theft and Freaud at this time since Oct 2015.

How nan one tell whether or not they are actually using my social as opposed to ,y existing accounts, changing my address, attempt to open new accounts with my personal info.

and they do know the last four digits of my social as well as my mother's maiden name? Thank you.

You can go to to report the identity theft. You can describe what happened, and you will get a personal plan to help you recover.

The site tells how to check your credit report to see if someone opened new credit, or is using your existing accounts. It tells how to place a credit freeze to stop people from opening new accounts.

some one call me Bryan Merches Bages number (BM1995) Ext 2024032236 jack Dixon 900 Bagby street Houston Teaxs 77002 Phone 202-403-2236 said not to pay back loan of 14,000

@nana Do NOT call this number. This is likely as "loan repayment scam" that tries to convince you that you either: 1) have a loan (which you don't have- but insinuates that you may be a victim of identity theft/consumer fraud (reverse psychology scam tactic); and 2) this "company" wants you to call contact "them" (instead of repaying the "loan" to get the matter "resolved"); in which they con you into giving person info, SSN, and/or BANKING INFORMATION. Don't call the number back! Do an online serch!

I recieved a text message twice now from a washington number saying my husband had an arrest warrant and a lawsuit has been filed against him. They were asking for us to pay it and if not my husband would be arrested. I contacted our local police department and they confirmed it was a scam. Never ever give out personal information over the phone !!

If you ever receive a call like this, you know it is a scam. There is no such thing as debtors' prison here in the United States. The calls are obviously from foreign scammers that do not know our laws.

The really sad thing is that many of these scams are perpetrated by people outside of the US, which means you will never get your money back. If it sounds too good to be true it probably is. I have had a number of calls to receive a government grant because I pay taxes and have never been incarcerated. When they start asking for your banking information or the prepaid card that they can add money to -- Hang up and block the number!

I had the very same experience except they were using a Apple iTunes gift card as a means to add the grant money on . STUPID!!! I even went and made the call to Apple to inform legal and ethical dept. and report the number the teenage agent could have cared less about infringement international laws and FTC. STUPID!!!!!

I want to inform you of a hack through my cellphone service. boost mobile. they are located in every part of the city of east St.louis and Missouri corner stores and gas stations in both states. all I want is to be able to retreive all my mail, when I send out coraspondence from other venders I pay my cellular bill on time each month . very dis satisfied with the way this service plane operrate company I pay every month for phone service and I not getting all of my usage from the airtime. my emails are being read and deleated from my mail. this may be a sign of terras

The first bullet of advice is bad because Social Security itself has to verify your identity before discussing your case with you, and the Social Security number is part of this verification. Again, the left hand doesn't know what the right one is doing when it comes to our Federal government.

If you call Social Security to discuss your care - and you know who you're talking with - you may need to give your Social Security number.

But if someone calls you out of the blue, and simply claims to be with Social Security, don't share your number. Hang up, and contact Social Security yourself.

The point is that it is only safe to give your SSN if YOU are the one who initiated the call, not if someone calls and claims to be from the Social Security Administration. So that advice is not actually as "bad" as you thought it was. Go figure.

My daughter receive a call from this number 2532047966 saying she is approve for $7000.00 and for her to get the money she has to buy an activation card and submit the code to her Kimmy! I called back the number and she totally hang up on me when I started asking her questions! Just want her number be reported to the right official so that she cannot do that to anyone again!

Please report this to the FTC at The information you give will go into a database that law enforcement uses for investigations.

The comments you put here on the blog don't go into the law enforcement database.


I just want to say that anytime one is online looking for something or one eg someone's webpage; expect a call soon after..... They even have phone #s with your area code and it doesn't matter whether one is on Do Not Call list. Please we all must be careful and report them if trying to scam us. And, never give out SS#. I got call a few days ago from a courier supposedly, number from who knows where, saying I need to b home due to SSA delivery of papers. Blocked number, did call back and asked for redelivery, nothing happened.... Makes me wonder....

I have gotten two voicemails telling me to call (914)294-6412 telling me that this is the final attempt to reach me before going before a magistrate judge or grand jury for a federal criminal offense and I need to call them to speak with a federal agent. No one ever answers though so I don't know what their game is.


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