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Combating Fraud in African-American and Latino Communities

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When we say we’re fighting fraud in every community here at the FTC, we mean it. We’re bringing cases and reaching out to diverse segments of the population: servicemembers and veterans, older adults, Asian Americans, Native Americans, the disability community, LGBT individuals and groups – and African American and Latino communities.

Our work to fight fraud in these last two communities is the subject of a report we sent to Congress just today. The report talks about what we’ve done in the past and our strategic plan for the coming year. It also describes research on what’s happening in African American and Latino communities when it comes to fraud. Here are some highlights.

  • New FTC research shows that African American and Latino communities under-report scams to the FTC, even though consumers in these communities were more likely to experience fraud than the overall population.
  • The scams affecting these communities often focus on income and debt. For example, bogus work-from-home opportunities, pyramid schemes, and business opportunity fraud exploit peoples’ need to work, just as credit repair, debt relief, and mortgage relief scams prey on peoples’ need for financial stability.
  • Trusted sources of information help get the word out about how to avoid scams – whether it’s a local library, teacher, community advocate, religious organization, or local media outlet. The FTC continues to share our free resources with anyone who can use them to help protect people from fraud.

Reporting fraud is vital – and it’s a way for each of us to help protect our community. So today I’m asking you to talk about fraud. When you think you spot a scam, tell someone. Tell anyone. And then tell the FTC. Because every report makes a difference.

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I would like to have contact information to speak to someone about fraud with my mortgage company HSBC and Caliber Home Loans. My name is Jean I can be reached at 973 (home) or 973 (cell). It is important that I speak to someone immediately.

You can report problems at The information you give will go into a database that law enforcement uses for investigations.

This FTC article has information about your rights when you make payments to your mortgage services. This article has ideas about what to do if you're having trouble paying your mortgage.

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau also takes complaints about mortgages.

I need to mail the information; please give me the mailing address.

You can call the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau toll free at (855) 411-2372 and ask where to send your complaint.

yes i need to report fraud but to who do i make a complaint to as cant get a letter from aol to prove my eadd that some one is using

If someone is using your email address and you are a victim of identity theft, you can go to You can report identity theft on the website, and get an affidavit with details about what happened to you.

How to know fraud scams?

You can read articles about fraud and scams here on We listed topics on the left side of the page. You can look for articles about money and credit, or homes and mortgages, or other topics that interest you.

At&t constantly reaching out to us to pay money for service we don't have and they don't proclaim we don't have internet or television AT&T proclaim we have these services with them we only have telephone and that is all they constantly calling giving me heart problem and high blood pressure they are constantly assuming we have internet and television.

I very much appreciate what the FTC is doing to protect our communities. I would like to speak with someone who can help me and other senior citizens with an issue that I believe is fraud and is resulting in the loss of ssignificant life insurance payments and benefits in the policies and practices of major firms, like American General.

Quick example: For over 22 years I paid about $107 per month into a life policy totaling over $41,000 in premium payments through AG Ins. In 2015 I received a form letter advising me that to continue my policy I had to pay a one time fee of over $1,600 and my monthly premiums were going from the $107 to over $600 per month; an increase of over 500%, with a 10 day notice. I called and challenged the action and was informed that this was their policy and I had to comply to keep the policy in effect for the eventual $350,000 payout to my beneficiary.

Since then I have done some internet searches and found that countless senior citizens and their beneficiaries have met the same fate. My wife called the local Insurance Service office to inquire about her similar policy and was told by the local insurance agency owner who sold us the policies "not to worry because this would not happen to her policy until she reached her 80's (in about 15 years). She immediately cancelled the policy and received a partial rebate which still left AG with the lions share of her 21 plus years of policy payments. I subsequently contacted AARP Legal to discuss my situation and explore a possible class action suit against AG on behalf of senior citizens throughout the Country. Spoke to their Head Legal Counsel who asked me to provide them with the details of my situation and the action I wanted to pursue. Can the FTC also help us to stop the fraud and help us to protect aging populations because the insurance companies use fraudulent programs and practices to continue paying high corporate salaries and bonuses for the culprits who design and impose these policies on we the policy holders and payers. Help! John

You can talk with the insurance regulator in your home state about these issues. Go to the official page for your state and search for 'insurance.' Your state insurance division may have a consumer help line or other way to discuss your concerns.

You are right I have been scanned myself. Sad that the ones who don't have much money are the ones who are scamed the most. I believe Education is also a key factor.

Thank you. I am a senior. And married to a veteran and retired senior. I have consistently noticed we are nothing more than prey in this world to business and charity. We have tons of clean up to do on our credit report. Because of greed and selfishness in the world.

Not to make a mountain out of a mole hill, but it seems that African Americans & Latinos were an afterthought in your consideration. Everyone else was mentioned upfront. Again, not trying to create issues; just an observation.

Who can we speak with about the Home Owners Association in Poinciana, Fl.? We are already paying our annual assessments yet we are being charged additional assessments fees even though the Osceola County Commissioners have dissolved those extra charges because they were not necessarily viable in the first place. We are eing railroaded into charges without our knowledge or consent.

You may want to contact your state and local consumer protection agencies or your county government.

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I have been getting a lot of email scams from this "mystery shopping association" can you all check into this so people don't fall into traps



Why can't we come to a conclusion on the people hacking our accounts. We need to stop this.

I am a disabled Veteran who's honest crime free background was ignored in a wrong criminal identification in a federal Government White Collar Pension embezzlement case that was actually the work of another criminals documented and deposition admitted civil case of massive fraud that to this day I have not been able to receive my financial restoration that I honorably had paid the 52,000.00 in over payments that I wound up with a Felony Charge that should have included an accessory charge against the real criminal that actually had Fraudulently received all of my Military Pension.

The Government even admitted in this case that my Ex may have tricked me. But instead of investigating the money trail they chose to charge me with the crime because I had volunteered to repay any over payments before I was made aware of the criminal charge. So the real fraud criminal has escaped the law entirely. I have suffered 32 fully documented individual Fraud cases over a 12 year time frame. That I want the legal system to correctly apply the same law on my behalf of my financial justified restitution of commingled funds that was fraudulently stolen from me.How can I expose this co-conspired intentional Criminal Fraud

If you want to find a lawyer, you could use this state-by-state list from the American Bar Association, or visit this site from the State Bar Associations. The American Bar Assocation has a directory to help veterans find free legal resources.


ABA Pro Bono resources for Veterans

I'm Permanently Disabled since 2010,and I've been Scammed by Online Website's constantly since then.
Recently, I PAID for services from MEDIUM AMANDA, and in her Terms of Service, it states that if you're not Satisfied with the results of her answers to your Study. Then, you will get a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE, WITH NO QUESTIONS ASKED!!!
After, 2 months of me telling MEDIUM AMANDA, that I was Reporting her to the F.T.C., and the F.C.C.. I got only $31 back, out of at least $200 in Payments to MEDIUM AMANDA.
I need help from the F.C.C. about this FAKE MEDIUM AMANDA FROM THE NETHERLANDS.
Also, after I have Cancelled my Account,UNSUBSCRIBED from MEDIUM AMANDA'S Email Messages, and asked her to STOP EMAILING ME,PLEASE. MEDIUM AMANDA, constantly kept EMAILING ME, because she knew that it made my Anxiety Disorder get so severe that I have had to Call an Ambulance to get me to the Hospital on 1 Occasion.
I thought there was a ,"CAN-SPAM LAW",from the F.C.C., to protect us MINORITIES from people like MEDIUM AMANDA??
EXPERIAN CREDIT Bureau told me that I have a Email Address that is on the DARK WEB, so I changed my Password a few times since then.

You might be able to change the setting on your email account. You could block the email messages that you don't want to see.

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