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How to spot a car wrap scam

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Have you seen ads promising easy money if you shrink-wrap your car — with ads for brands like Monster Energy, Red Bull, or Pepsi? The “company” behind the ads says all you have to do is deposit a check, use part of it to pay a specified shrink-wrap vendor, and drive around like you normally would. But don’t jump onto the bandwagon. It’s only easy money for the scammer who placed the ads.

How you spot the “offer”

You might see an ad on a job board or on social media. Or someone might send you a message — maybe because they saw your profile or resume on a job site.

How the scam works

The message says you’ll make a couple hundred bucks. But when the “company” sends you a check, it’s for much more than that — a couple thousand dollars. They tell you to deposit the check, keep part of it as your share, and wire the rest to another company that will wrap your car.

Weeks after you wire the money, the check bounces and your bank tells you it was a fake. The money you kept as “your share” disappears, and the money you wired is long gone — no getting it back. On top of that, you’re on the hook for paying your bank back for the fake check. And, of course, no one’s wrapping your car.

How you can tell it’s a scam

If you get a message urging you to deposit a check and wire money back, it’s a scam. Every time. No matter the story. And if this were a legitimate car wrap opportunity, wouldn’t the company directly pay the car-wrapping vendor, instead of asking you to do it?

Has this happened to you? File a complaint at — select Scams and Rip-offs, then Counterfeit Checks. Want to know more? Read our articles to learn how to spot variations on fake checks and money wiring scams.

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I got the same thing but it was for Amazon lol so I guess it's a fake?

Just got same message from AMP energy drinks today

I got a message from amp. They will pay me $700 in advance and will send out vinyl decals specialist out to install it. Does not say to send money to anybody or pay anyone. Unlike most of these review comments amp is not asking me to send money anywhere. They did say they would send out a cashier check. It’s a 12 week program and have to do it for a minimum of 8 weeks. I’m going to investigate before giving any info. I’m going to start by calling the phone number.

I just got a check from the same amp advertising and its 3750 deposit electronic and let them know so they can send out the technician to install the decals??? I replied to the text that I was working and would be taking care of the check next day.
I'm also going to investigate this matter and go to the bank it is drawn from before any of this goes near my bank account!!!!!!

Was it a Scam?
I got the same message

Did you find anything out? I got the same message.

Hey have u heard of the Amazon Wrap Advertisement? Same method. Sends you a check, keep 500, give the rest to the wrap company. Is it legit ?

I just got a set up for amazon as well is this legit?

Where to apply? Is there a website, e-mail or phone number? Tyia

Im talking (texting) with a guy that say he work for bud light energy drink
He combine both beer and redbull he is texting so much at least 9 to 13 times per hour when i finish this scam i will miss him well first i will reported to police
Cell # 707 840 4766
Names used .. Edward Rogers. , Jamie Short. , and. Mr. Slavin
The number is from california and the adress he gave me are from tulsa ok. And Tennessee im gone to keep him busy to see if he give me his real adress

I got this exact same message on my cell phone. When it sounds too good to be true, it is!!!!! I knew it was a scam....

Found this same one on Facebook Market Place by a fellow named Jordan

Same promotion same message different product. They’re sending me the Monster drink promo. I’m thankful for everyone that posted comments. Now I’m aware of what’s happening. Thank you

Can you send me more info please?

I recieved a text message from budlight for the car wrap exactly everything you had said in ur comment, I want to know if it really legit.

is it asma mosa it is a scam asma

Monster Energy drinks are owned and distributed by the Coca-Cola company and it is true, they have their own cars and people... they do not hire outside drivers to advertise.

I got a text message asking me to put a wrap on my car from amp energy drinks. He wanted me to have a checking account so he could put $500 a week in my account. I told Kevin that I did not have a checking account that I could cash checks anywhere. After he insisted that I Had to have a checking account,I told I him I was not going to do it and this must be a scam. I have not heard from him.

I do not pay attention to those calls. If it is a robot i hang up. I have had them go so far as to call and say. Thank you for holding. Good bye. Or please hold for the next available csr. I hang up. If they want to talk to me, make it a human being not a programed call machine that puts me on hold for an hour.

I've gotten a few robo calls(my answering machine pu ALL incoming calls) where they act like they are actually talking to someone, for instance they will ask "did I catch u at a bad time?", then even tho I say nothing they say "ok, great I will only take a few minutes of your time", I still say nothing, they say "would you spell your full name & address to be sure we have the info correct?" I say nothing but the call goes on for 5 minutes w/out me saying anything.
Robo calls from politicians at election time really get my goat! Thats an automatic NO vote for them.

The car wrap scam is happening again it has happened to me and my husband wanting us to wrap our car for amp energy

they just sent me a check trying to get me to cash it who do i turn it in to

I have been going back and forth w this amp energy drink thing I seen an add posted for getting paid to advertise and thought since I drive around the state I will let them wrap my car for a small fee well today I got a check in the mail for $2250.00 lol. Umm this has happened to me b 4 as I took the check to the bank it was from and half the routing number was missing otherwise they would've cashed it. That was a scam and iam pretty sure this is to. Iam looking into it as we speak Keep 600 and another 50 for gas he said then have to text another number for further instructions. Christ Wat is wrong w people Nobody wants to work for a living anymore just go rip off the world omg. I will get back to everyone wen I find out Wat this is so keep an eye out for this amp wrap your car scam. It a has to be one

oh wow, they really got you? im so sorry to hear that. they got me too, i really need a job bad so i was desperate and thought this was the 1 shot ive been waiting for. spent the last of the money i had, dropped my car off at "this shop" to get it wrapped and it was stolen from them, nobody at the garage had any idea what i was talking about. now insurance is giving me a hard time. i dont know what i can do, cant even put food on the table for my girls, im done. dont let it happen to you i guess

Royal Crown cola is the new scam they will tell you they will send you a $1425 check then another phone number will text you and say that they have upgraded you 2 $500 the new check will be $2425 it is a scam they did not upgrade U thing upgraded the person who is wrapping the car which will never happen the cashier's check will be badd all scammers use cashier's checks they never do anything else So be on the look out for RC cola advertisement scam

It's happening to me as we speak through text but texts numbers keep changing and instead of the header saying Energy it now says Eneryy and they promise $450 weekly will send check in amount of $1950 gonna set me up with a vendor to wrap vehicle, whether a scam or not anyone trying to cash a bogus check should not be allowed. My financial institutions all want checks to sit and be cleared.

Yep, got an email today!!

Have been in contact with a gentleman that says Gatorade will wrap. The same scenario is occurring. Going on the blocked email list now.

I received a text today from someone who said she represented Gatorade. I’m so glad I checked here to see if it was legit.

I have a check from Chattanooga Tn. For $2390.00 just received today, they sent priority mail from Oklahoma. Want me to deposit and send them a copy of deposit slip to lins9xo @ Thought it was very weird they would send this kind of money to someone they don’t know. Checked it out and guess who is not cashing the check :)

I just received a check for 2980.98 I am not depositing it. did you send check back or tear it up. my name is on check so I am Leary of giving it back. what should I do? thank you

I just received a job offer through my email
It is from 5 Hour energy Drink. I would qualify to use my car to advertise with s wrap. They are sending check for ,$4000 . I get paid $500 a week fir a minimum of ,7 weeks. And I'm to contact someone and pay them to do the wrap! This is the second time I have received such a scam! Was really tempted. They will be reported for sure,,,,!

I got a message from hublut or something like that. Anyways they told me to wait for the check to clear and then they send the vendors to my place or if i had a faststart i think it is go to them and pay them and then send the depost slip to them. Is it fake?

If this were a legitimate car wrap opportunity, wouldn’t the company directly pay the car-wrapping vendor, instead of asking you to do it?

So just recently I got a text from someone who was looking for 10 people with vehicle to promote their product which is red Ribbon soda they said they would pay me $500.00 a week to drive around with a rap around my car. So I said to myself let's see how real this. 1 week later I got 2 checks for $2600 totaling $5200.00 I said to myself I will go to the bank and ask the Teller if he can call and verify those checks. They were fake. I was kind of bummed out because I could have used the money for bills and rent but at the same time I was glad I didn't go through with the deal knowing that I would put myself in real bad situation.

I got the same. I though it was legit but now I have to believe it's a scam. They asked me to deposit it and send confirmation. If I get a check. I will send a copy to the ftc. It's a hustle.

This is a ducking scam, I got one from Dominos saying that they would pay me $580 a week just for renting my car, my gut was telling me this was just a scam , so I looked it up on the internet and that just confirm it, so I took the check to the police and file a report.
Then I texted the guy and told him that I was out, he got mad and told me to duck off.... But I'm glad I didn't cash that check, becareful y'all

Im going through this right now. Glad i read all these or else i would've been next.

Hi I maybe in a process of a scam now if u can help me please help me

I have the same problem just occured from April 16 to 23 of 2020. The dude aka Thomas turner (have a strong Indian accent) have the audacity to give me specific instructions to cash out 3200 dollars for some pepsico product it just happen its amp energy drink with mine and I didn't cash it out because i know it's a scam. They sent me a book of jpmorgan chase book checks written on my name on it. The bank account that was in jp morgan chase has worth 5000 dollar. He asked me several times to write a check on my name that I didn't OPEN AN ACCOUNT AT, AT THE FIRST PLACE and has the audacity to say that the money isnt for ME but from a company. I told him several times IAM not interested writing and cashing out for me and for some company I don't know of. And I told the dude your a scammer and IAM NOT GOING TO CASH OUT A BOGUS CHECK FOR ME OR TO ANYONE.

Are any of the car wrapping advertisements real?

I reckon they are real , But you aint fixin to get paid nutin

I would think very rarely. A company would save money wrapping their own property. And we " free" prizes they give the consumer( bumper stickers, window decals, tshirts, glasses, sunglasses, etc.) Is free advertising, so really no reason too. If they're a start up, they would be goimng smaller.

Solar City they send their vendors to wrap your car and u get $400 a week for as long as ur signed contract say so if u sign for 6 mo u will get $400 a week for 6 mo they haven't said anything to me about keeping part of money and sending money so I think this one might be good

I have a check now just received it not sure if legit so I'm waiting all these scams

I got the exact same request, was yours real?

Thanks for information, God bless all of you keeping us safe

Why would anyone want their car shrink wrapped?

Its not shrinked wrap, its an advertising banner but its using the wrap technology that would allow banner to stick to your car

I have personally know one to get their truck "shrunk wrapped" the ENTIRE TRUCK ASIDE of lights ect.. they had a 3 he contract agreement for advertising. The truck owner (smart I say!) "SOLD" PLACES in truck i.e. front back quarters. Tail hate hood and doors of which they all came upon an agreed wrap. Then he had the truck "shrink wrapped" the amount from the advertising pd his payments for truck w cash to boot! Pd off his truck in 3 yes. AT the end of 3 yr contract he "peeled" off the wrap to unveil a truck that looked brand New! Truck tailored a boat daily that was in and out of salt water. No scratches, dings or any other mars were found in the trucks finish. Soooo maybe if properly researched this sort of wrapping can protect your vehicle longer?? As well as potential profit bearing? Id food for thought.


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