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How to spot a car wrap scam

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Have you seen ads promising easy money if you shrink-wrap your car — with ads for brands like Monster Energy, Red Bull, or Pepsi? The “company” behind the ads says all you have to do is deposit a check, use part of it to pay a specified shrink-wrap vendor, and drive around like you normally would. But don’t jump onto the bandwagon. It’s only easy money for the scammer who placed the ads.

How you spot the “offer”

You might see an ad on a job board or on social media. Or someone might send you a message — maybe because they saw your profile or resume on a job site.

How the scam works

The message says you’ll make a couple hundred bucks. But when the “company” sends you a check, it’s for much more than that — a couple thousand dollars. They tell you to deposit the check, keep part of it as your share, and wire the rest to another company that will wrap your car.

Weeks after you wire the money, the check bounces and your bank tells you it was a fake. The money you kept as “your share” disappears, and the money you wired is long gone — no getting it back. On top of that, you’re on the hook for paying your bank back for the fake check. And, of course, no one’s wrapping your car.

How you can tell it’s a scam

If you get a message urging you to deposit a check and wire money back, it’s a scam. Every time. No matter the story. And if this were a legitimate car wrap opportunity, wouldn’t the company directly pay the car-wrapping vendor, instead of asking you to do it?

Has this happened to you? File a complaint at — select Scams and Rip-offs, then Counterfeit Checks. Want to know more? Read our articles to learn how to spot variations on fake checks and money wiring scams.


Received a text offering me $500 a month to put a Frito-Lay sticker on my car. I deleted it.

I just received the “Frito-Lays” text and there were so many type-os etc that I recognized it as a scam and deleted it without clicking on the link. Please keep your guard up folks...if it sounds too good to be true it is!

The text from "Frito-Lays" is begin more generous. I received it today and they're paying $750.
I replied to everyone on the text with this webpage; hopefully, that save a few people

Well I had a feeling this was too good to be true! I deposited the check this morning and emailed them. Then I thought, why isn't this on letterhead? Thankfully I deposited the check into an account that I don't use so it won't mess witb my household funds. I had figured to just let the funds sit there .. now I know there aren't any ... no loss! Despise scammers ... play with people's lives, hopes and dreams!

Hello. The check I got is for $2200 on a Chase Bank. It's a cashiers check. My scammer said it's for a Baskin Robbins sticker. I am thinking to open a seperate savings acct. Not touch it for a couple months, see what happens. No harm to me.
Chase Bank when I called them said check is legit. Well, we will see.

Are you still holding this money or is it real? I got the same thing today.

I just received an offer today. Is this legit?

I got ome of those today as well...they asked for my info but I have to wait for a response to see if I'm "chosen" for 400 a week

So what happen you still have money did it disappear? Did it bounce?

I received a check for $4450. For me to keep $400 of it and send 3 money orders for $1000.00 to some apt out of state and he is suppose to be installing a wrap on my truck for worldlife Water I went ahead and deposited the check to my account that I don’t use. And waited to see if it go through. So now supposedly the money is there but I’m not sure about sending out what the want me to do. Has anyone gotten an add like this before. I’m afraid if I do send the money out later I’ll have to pay the bank. PLEASE HELP! Was just hoping to make some cash to make ends meet but don’t want to get scammed

Contacthe the fraud department at the FBT website. It will bring you great pleasure having the mental picture of them being raided, prosecuted, drained of all funds, and imprisoned. Lol.
This is exactly what I am doing, and it is making me grin from ear to ear.

Beware of Alpinestar. They are currently doing one for their clothing company. We have been corresponding through email. I asked why would you not pay the vendor directly and this was their response: " Great Question OUr company only allows some who is putting the decal on his/her vehicle to pay them in other to afford a mutual friends with them and also once the program has come to an end they will be able to communtae with each other so that the specialist would be able to come removed the decal from the Vehicle. "

That is really how that email just went. Told them prepaid debit card or cash lol.

2018 it's still going on here's my exact off from (Sunoco gasoline) Hello,
How are you doing today? The envelope that contains the upfront payment for the advert we are putting on your car will deliver to you today Via FedEx and here is the tracking #771708532468. You are to deposit the check today once you receive it then send snapshot copy of the deposit receipt to us so that we can have it across to the financial institution to enable them expedite the release of the funds the next business day to you.

After the clearance of the funds, you will deduct ($500.00) which is your upfront payment and forward the balance ($1,350.00) to the graphic artist head office in Texas that will be wrapping the decal on your vehicle via Western union money transfer. As soon as they acknowledged the transfer, a local person (graphic artist) in your zip code will come to your house and install the decal wrap on your car. He will come along with the contract and all other document including preview pictures on how your vehicle will look when installed.

Transfer charges/cost ($100.00) to send the funds and it will be deducted from ($1,350.00) after you must have taken your weekly payment of ($500.00).

Below is the graphic artist agent details to send the funds to: Name : Lambert Jacob Emmanuel Address : 4714 S Congress Ave City : Dallas State : TX Zip code : 75228 -Why am I sending money to Texas ?

The head office of the graphic artist is Texas. In addition, the decal wraps are produced and manufactured in Texas. Cost of sending to Texas is less than sending within the state that is why they prefer all funds directed to their head office (Texas).

_________ I live in Austin and thats not a Dallas address.

I got the same email information today .i followed the instructions inside the fedex envelope.however i have not cashed this check because i do not want to open an account if this a scam.ive texted this charles person asking other information and have got no reply..Some people apparently dont have lives

I got the same offer from frito lays auto wrap program

I received a text from iredayonio @gmail. com saying they would pay $150.00 a week for 24 weeks to wrap my car. Anyone else get this? Is it a scam?

This is a scam DO NOT CASH THE CHECK
I called the bank listed on the check and gave them the account number and i was told Its a fraudulent check so my advice to whoever gets the fedex envelope from sunoco gasoline Throw it away.Thanks

just got a check for $2,850.23 today. Deposited per instruction. Requested me to withdraw $1,000 in 2 weeks and same amount next 2 weeks and pay wrapper artist $850.23 thereafter when the check clears. I smell SCAM.

Thank you for helping people on this. I got a text message from someone offering this opportunity. Thanks again!

Scam still going strong. Wife found the advert on a job board I filled out the information using a dead relatives information and a prepaid cell number I got a email saying congratulations you've been entered into a 3 month program 500 a week for baskin robbins first check will cover the wrap and your first week. Couple days later i get a text saying check your email and get back to me i don't respond to either. Then boom in a week total time i get a check for 2500. Who does that what company pays with one email? How dumb do they think I am to even cash this? I'm just waiting for them to contact me again so I can pay with their emotions

Hello London, my scammer said he works for Baskin Robbins. Actually never mentioned what to do with money, just said I would be paid $500 a week to advertise with the Baskin Robbins sticker on my vehicle. Last friday, I get a cashiers check in the mail on Chase bank cashiers check. I called Chase bank and they told me check is real. I know it is a scam, but I am thinking of opening a savings account with the check. Don't touch the account for a couple months. Time enough for the bank to finish investigating check. If it turns out fake or counterfeit, the bank will have it. No harm to me

I just got a text about the Baskin Robbins decal. Now I am worried because I opened the text to look at.

i almost went through with it. I got information from the Bud Light Company supposedly saying I can make some money they're going to send me the check and I'll go take out 500 and send the rest to the rapping people. I just got the check in the mail but it seems a little iffy. Glad I'm looking into it beforehand.

I'm getting one from soy milk 500 a week they said they were sending a check and it will be for more then what it's suppose to be and ima suppose to pay the person that wraps my car

What can a person do if they've attempted to cash one of these fake checks but did not receive any of the money but are now be charge with a crime? I'm not looking for legal advice but My state is trying say I created the check and or knew it was fake before I tried to cash it? I filed a complaint with the FTC this why I'm asking you what can I do no one seems to know. I even tried filing a police report and was told that they will not investigate because this type of crime is common, if that's the case why I'm being pursued by the court and have a June court date... I've even lost my job and can't get a new job because the court has added that I have a pending warrant/court date in my back ground. Nothing like this has ever happened to me before, I'm trying very hard to clear my name but for some reason my state is trying to turn me into a criminal while the real crook is free to continue to victimize people.

Oh wow. I have no advice but just wanted to say I'm sorry you're going through this.

This was a year ago today. How did this work out for you? We received text messages from an advertisement we signed up for and are expecting the check any day now. From reading this we will probably have the bank do an investigation on the check or we will check into it ourselves. I'm very sorry that you had this happen to you.

Im so sorry for your problems. I'm replying to your message because I wanted you to know I was also contacted by one of these people. He claimed he was from 5 hour energy. My check is supposedly in the mail. I was going to go through with it but after reading his email thought I had better check them out. Thats when this site came up . Your story saved me from this happening to me. I just wanted to thank you for putting it out there. I know your going through h*** right now and I wish you the best. I know it's t please know you've done alot of good by posting your story. I'm sure you've enlightened alot more people than just me. Best wishes to you and i hope things have gotten better for you.

Has anyone heard of this happening from Filasco?

Just got a check from venom energy drink. Sent me a check for 1980.40. Told me this contract is for 3 months and they will pay $300 per week for a wrap on my car.

Got email form a Mark Jordan for a Budweiser Wrap $500 a week got check $2850 told to keep $500 first weeks pay send rest to their specialist never deposited told him on hold waiting to clear emailed me 2 days later saying check cleared waiting to see what he does next

I had gotten a check for the same amount 2850$ but for Amazon advertising.

Im going back an forth with someone from Budweiser (supposedly ) as we speak. Im telling him i will keep entire check because he should be paying vendor directly and not including it in a check written out to me. He won't respond nor answer my calls . Such a scam

I have a check on it's way from pickle juice. Should I take it to the police first?

Someone is attempting to pay for car wrapping services via checks from our school district in California. Please do not cash. The resources we have used to stop this scam is stealing money from our kids!

Got one from Budweiser supposedly sent email to them saying that once it officially clears then I will send to wrap people. My bank is holding the check in a special account to see if it does clear and while the investigate how legitimate things are. If it turns out no good I don’t have to worry about it costing me anything except some time

I just got this in the mail with a check for $995. It is an offer to pay for wrapping my car in the Budweiser logo. I called someone to check on what I would have to do about the taxes, being an honest person. They looked it up on the computer and found out it is a scam. Budweiser does not EVER pay private citizens to advertise for them. Please beware when you receive offers that seem to be too good to be true. They almost always are.

I got one from Dr pepper. To wrap my car $500. Weekly. They sent$2,39.00.I deposited thought it was good, they put a whole on the check. Then they return the check I had to pay $12. Return fee. Wish I had read all of y'all messages first, I know better next time.

No big companies will pay you to shrink wrap your car they will pay the vendors themselves but also they employ private citizens to drive cars with decals. The company itself is not going to just hire anybody to drive cars with their logos.

I received a cashiers check today via Federal Express for $2000.00+ I was sent a page (no letterhead) to text a # when I received it and let them know! I then received a phone call from a man (heavy accent) asking who I bank with!
I just read your post and am scared to do anything with this!! Should I report it? What should I do!

I received my check today.. Olympic Steel.. corporate headquarters 5096 Richmond road Bedford Heights OH 44146..going to take it to my bank tomorrow and find out if it is a legitimate check or a scam.. I am suppose to email back and let them know when I deposit the check.. I am not letting them know until it clears .. my bank will know if it's a real check within minutes

Received text message than Chechen in the mail, knew this was a scam,but if I didn’t know better ,I could have lost a lot of money. Called Dr Pepper corporate to report so,ethimg they already knew , have reported to federal trade commission

It is happening to me now. Who do I contact?

I was looking online for a job working from home.I received a msg from Kellogg's wrap manager Benard James.offering 500.00 wk. to decal my car.I received a letter and 2,950.00 check.Letter telling to deposit.and text or email after deposit was made and send copy of deposit slip.I haven't deposit praise the Lord.My husband and I are senior's something in my heart told me it was a scam.Thank all of ya'll for sharing. God is good all the time.Be safe.

I got the same one but for monster energy and I called monster energy and they said it was a SCAM

I have had something like this happen to me but a little different . I got 2 priority envelopes in the mail containing 2 money orders from the post office in each envolope containing money orders for $985. That was 4 of them! I took them to my post Office and the post master told me they were fake! Now this week I’m waiting on another check from Miller beer! I will take this check to my friend out here he is a cop and show him and give it to him! These guys are relentless on these scams! Be careful everyone

Just got an unsolicited check from Association of Old Crows as a result of a text offer for a "Mountain Dew" car wrap. The priority envelope was from New Jersey Mfg. Co. When I asked to take me off their call list, they promptly sent me a "fake" cashiers check for $1,950 and asked me to deposit way. Reported to the bank it was issued from and to the FTC. What a scam!

Tom fuller sent me one today

I just got a scam message from Budweiser. We checked it out and it is a scam! It was for a car wrap.....DON't fall for it!

I got the same message and went a head and sent my po box and email. I figured id better research before it goes any further. After finding out its a scam they sent me an email stating the check is on its way. Im not going to try and cash it. I figured i would take the check and emails to the police department and let them have it. I knew it was to good to be true. But that extra money would have been nice. Lol. Good luck to everyone.


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