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Signs of a debt relief scam

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If you feel smothered by your monthly bills, a call from someone who says they can reduce or eliminate your debts might sound like the answer to your problems. But in many cases, unscrupulous people are behind these calls. They don’t have any intention of helping you, but are very interested in taking your money. How can you tell if you’re dealing with a debt relief scammer? Because they ask you to pay them before they do anything for you.

That’s what the FTC and the Florida Attorney General said happened in a massive debt relief scam they were able to stop last month. The defendants told people they would pay, settle, or get rid of their debts. But they didn’t. Instead, they just took people’s money. Over time, people found out that their debts were not paid, their accounts were in default, and their credit scores were severely damaged. Some people even got sued by their creditors, or were forced into bankruptcy.

Unfortunately, scammers try to take advantage of those dealing with debt – but there’s legitimate help out there. You can talk to your creditors directly to negotiate a modified payment plan. You also can look for credit counseling. To find reputable help, start with a credit union, local college, military base, or the U.S. Cooperative Extension Service. And if you decide to work with a debt relief service, remember this:

  • A legitimate debt relief company won’t make you pay up front. That’s illegal.

  • No one can guarantee that your creditors will forgive your debts.

  • Your report can help stop a debt relief scam. If you spot one, tell the FTC.

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I had a call last week from Credit Card Services on the high interest they had charged and they wanted my card information. They had them all listed. I didn't answer the phone after they man talked to his boss.

I got a call from Credit Card Services two weeks ago and they wanted money before I got my credit card rate of 0%. Come to find out they opened a credit card without my permission. If it sounds too good it usually is.

I got a call from credit card services. They took my card number an last 4 numbers on my ss #. I called an cancelled the the card. Now they keep calling constantly. What should I do?

If you have a person near you when they call (preferably a male with a gruff or stern sounding voice.) Have them answer greeting them from the county sheriffs office, fraud division. Scares the cap outta them theyll leave you alone lol

Thank you so much for posting this information on the Internet. I am trying to resolve my debt to income ratio at 64 years old, an unmarried woman, and I have talked to several debt relief companies and was not comfortable with their terms. I bought a home last September, been in the hospital twice in 2017, and I became head of my household last December when my unemployed grand daughter and my 9-mo old great grand daughter had to move in due to domestic abuse. It has been a struggle and thank you for looking out for the good citizens of this country. Respectfully, Connie M.

Sorry for your situation. Have you contacted your lender to ask if they can put a payment on the end of the loan ? Many county agencies have resources for emergency situations. The Agency on Aging in your area has resources for you. Hope this helps.

I agree with them, that you can call the companies you owe money to on your own. I did this several years ago, and they are really happy to work with people who are making an effort to pay their debts.

Why even give any telemarketer any time at all? They are complete strangers!!!!

People listen because the offers sound so good. To those struggling with massive debt, these offers are very tempting. Too bad they usually are just a way to steal you're money and leave you even worse off.

Although I have NoMoRobo protecting my land line and an app protecting my cell phone, I look up the phone numbers of telemarketers that were blocked and call them back to collect intelligence for reporting back to the FTC complaint site. Without complaint data, the FTC would not have enough "ammunition" to make charges stick in federal court and fine and shut down these criminal organizations, like Rachel from Card Services recently. For some of us, it's a "sporting event" for a good cause.

Hello Crotalus, I would like to know what app you are using to protect your cell phone?

I also have a Rachel from card services calling me every day. I tried calling the number back but I am told that it’s not a working number.

I was told if I get these phone calls and I think it’s too good to be true to have them send it to me in writing. I now have it in front of me in writing and when I called they were asking for $350 upfront.

Is Global Enrollment group scam or hacker?

I get these calls about twice a week. They've gotten smarter by using spoofed local numbers. I normally just try the get them to hang up first by insulting them. I try to pick their hot buttons. Some revert back to their scripts, then I use swear words in Hindi if they are from that part of the spectrum. When I call back their incoming numbers it's normally a disconnected or someone's number they didn't know someone was spoofing. I'm to the point where I don't answer anything unless I recognize the name on the caller ID.

I get about two to three of these calls a week about student loan relief. I don't know why they call, I never had a student loan.

Me too!

I get these calls daily. Several. Both my house and cell phones. I also get the auto warranty calls as well.

Does anybody know anything about Higher Level Processing? I revived a call today and fell for it unfortunately.

Has anyone had any experience with Freedom Financial Services? Sounded good at first and when they talked about how much per month I would have to pay, I can say no cuz it's only $108 less per month than what I am paying. Does this sound familiar to anyone?

I have my conventional home loan with them after I specifically stated that I was only interested in info on a HARP loan. I have had so much trouble with them, my advice to everyone is, "Run as far, and as fast, as you can and don't look back!"

Received call on my cell from 704-852-3052 and received a recording covering credit card interest rates. I stayed on the line and spoke to some young lady. Asked her which company she was working for and she answered 'IRP'. I then asked which company it was associated with and she hung up. Called the number back and was informed it was not in service!

Have you heard anything bad about christian debt counselors? based our of FLorida?

I was paying a company to help to lower my credit card debts. I paid for 17 months and then found out they were closed by the FTC. I was told I may get some or all my money back. I haven't heard anything since. I want to fill out something to request a refund but when I go into it only Q & A comes up. Does anyone know what I need to do to get some or all of my money back?

You can report what happened to you to the FTC at You can tell how much money you paid and give your name and contact information if you want.  The information will go into a database that the FTC and other law enforcement agencies use for investigations. That way the FTC will know that you paid money to the company.

The FTC has a list of cases that are providing refunds. If you see the name of the company you paid on that list, call the contact information on the list.

On the FTC website, on the bottom of one of the pages says 'getting your money back'

is freedom debt relief a scam

I have had debt relief calls several times a week. They are robocalls but then the most recent one I got, a man came on and verbally and sexually harassed me. How can we get these calls to stop. It was a local number and they are not local. How can it be reported if you can't trace the company

is there a law firm called national credit card relief center?

DebitRid is trying to scam money off of me when I don’t even owe16,000 they need to not send me another piece of paperwork stating I do and they will settle for so & so amount the said 8,000. I will have them arrested for harassment. I am always responsible with my bills. I pay everything on time

Same here, same amount! Filed in the circular file.

I called National Debit Relief and they returned my call, we talked over my credit card situation, we were considered to be hardship case, half hour later they returned my call saying we were accepted into their program and next few days to sent them a certain amount of money on a monthly basis and we would be debit free in .24-48 months, i signed papers to start the process then a legal paper from attorney shows up to sign for a fee of $12 per month which is included in the monthly fee already set. I said how can you pay all my debits with only $500 a month. My gut says do not trust this although they are BBB certified?

You could talk to your credit card company yourself about a repayment plan. You do not need to pay a company to create a repayment plan for you.

If a debt relief company tells you to pay before it does any work for you, it's a scam. If you send your money to a debt settlement company instead of your credit card company, you are taking a risk. The payment might not get to your credit card company on time. You might get charged late fees. Read about different ways to cope with debt.

I thought when I gave up my land line these calls would stop, or at least slow down. NOT. I get them at lease 3-4 times a week, sometimes 2X a day for everything from credit card debt consolidation & student loan threats--I never had a student loan. I also get the ones that tell me the IRS is coming to arrest me for some infraction or other, & to top it all off, I get them in Chinese (which I am not).
I block every number, but it doesn't seem to help. They just move on to the next number.
One thing everyone should be aware of : Being BBB certified is not necessarily a stamp of honesty. Anyone listed with BBB pays an annual fee to be there. I assume the ratings are done through good references, but once I learned that, it made me a bit skeptical of the value of a BBB certification.

Can someone tell me if Quality Solutions is a scam or not

I got a random call from a representative today. I'm on a sold calling list somewhere that I haven't inquired about debt management! It smells of scam call and this was my only search reply so that's a second sign of not a legitimate business. If I need help, I'll stick with my local Consumer Credit Counciling Service! BBB aproved.

I Would like to know also. Just received message from them

I got a call from them about a loan I didn’t apply for out of Paris. I don’t have credit cards let alone debt. They are scammers! There may be a company by that name but I doubt they would call you unless you asked them to specifically.

Did you ever find out if this is scam company? I did apply for a loan recently and the reached out afterwards

i got this call too! from “hazel”

Know anything about

Tristar Consummer Law Debt validation and elimination program

My wife just received a call from Legal Debt Relief Center about relieving some of our credit card debt. Has anybody heard of this company? I tried googling their website and the website name is parked. I emailed there a address and its a UPS Store box. I emailed and according to records it up for lease. Good thing I checked into this company before we did anything.

Is anyone familiar with Phoenix City Debt Relief? Are they a scam?

Is Quality Solutions or National Debt Relief a scam?

When you check out a company, remember:

  • If a debt relief company tells you to pay before it does any work for you, it's a scam.
  • If you send your money to a debt settlement company instead of your credit card company, you are taking a risk. The payment might not get to your credit card company on time. You might get charged late fees. Read about different ways to cope with debt.

I have a company that has been calling up to five times per day as they are trying to get me to sign over my debt and then have the balanced eliminated by paying a fee. They have all my information including SS# without my saying anything. This confuses me as I have been a victim of identity theft and I am not even able to file taxes with my SS# (they send me a pin). I have recieved 100's of calls and have asked them to take me off their list. When I do this they mock me and become verbally aggressive. When I have hung up on them? They have their manager call back and "shame me." I recorded a message where he told me that I was rude and indicated that my "rudeness" could "hurt" my credit. I told them I am not interested and they keep calling. I started to say "Wrong number when they ask for me" to which they reply "Okay, Marcia."

I spoke to a representative from The Debt Relief Center after getting their phone number off of a Facebook ad. All they wanted was all my personal information. I wish I never would have called them. Scam.

Is freedom debt relief legit? from my research its mixed but im new to there program i cant lie I'm,scared and anxious but they hava been great at communicating so far I can see the plan and my funds via the dash but I'm,still extremely concerned if there success rate can help me currently hoping for the brst worse case if i don't see results in 6 months i may just file a chapter 7 any thought or feed back on them would be great I can't keep driving myself insane and second guessing myself.

this was helpful but did not answer my question about National Debt Relief, at 11 Broadway, Suite 1600 New York NY 10004

Is anyone familiar with Debt Relief Center? Is it scam?


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