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Equifax’s free credit monitoring - time is ticking …

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Considering Equifax’s offer of free credit monitoring after its breach? You need to sign up by January 31, 2018. Maybe you tried earlier but had trouble getting through. Or maybe you just put off the decision. Whatever the reason, if you want it, the time is now.

What’s Equifax offering? Until January 31st, anyone with a Social Security number can sign up for one year of free credit monitoring at You don’t need to be a victim of the Equifax breach.

Here’s what you get: Equifax’s TrustedID credit monitoring covers all three major nationwide credit reporting agencies – Equifax, TransUnion and Experian. If any suspicious activity appears on your credit report, you’ll get an alert. The free services also include a copy of your Equifax credit report, Social Security number monitoring, and identity theft insurance. Plus, for a year, you can lock and unlock your Equifax credit file for free. Credit locks help limit access to your credit file by identity thieves trying to open new accounts. You need to get locks with all three credit reporting agencies for them to be effective.

What happens after January 31st? According to Equifax’s website, the enrollment period for free credit monitoring ends January 31st. Instead, starting January 31st, it will offer a free lock-for-life product that will allow you to lock and unlock your credit file, at no cost, from a mobile phone or computer. Equifax hasn’t announced the details yet. So, if you want to know more, check Equifax’s website after January 31st.

Still not sure what to do? Check out our article on identity theft protection services and FAQs on fraud alerts, credit freezes, and credit locks. And if you’re having trouble getting through to sign up for Equifax’s free credit monitoring, please report that to us.


I have this service through Discover Card. Do I need equifax too?

This blog describes the services Equifax is offering for free. Look at the details in the third paragraph of this blog. You can compare these services to the services you have now and decide what to do.

I wouldn't think so and I believe this is definitely another scam marketing technique. We definitely don't need this especially with the seriousness of the situation. Equifax must be held accountable for the breach and along with accountability, they must advise all those accounts which have been breached. This is the right way to go about it. What will it cost? Plenty and it is the price the company has to pay for not paying attention to their security. Perhaps there needs to be another "watchdog" over these credit rating companies? How are they paid to administer this important information?

Do I need to give my social to Equifax. I have a Discover card.

Has Equifax sent notices to those who were victims? if so when?

To find out if you were affected by the Equifax breach, go to Click on the red button that says "Am I Affected."

I have been trying for weeks to get registered, but keep getting error messages or a message that says the system is down. I actually got a hold of a representative that told me I and my husband are already registered, but we can't seem to log on to check anything! Please advise!!!

No, I found out this after my ups emailed me

Need to find out how to get the ones that been on my report over 7 yrs

I have been attempting to obtain free reports Equifax's continue to bill me. Shameful.

Shameful, I agree with your statement. I believe Equifax and the other two credit businesses MUST provide its "due diligence" be pro-active and automatically send its clients their free annual credit reports without having them request and/or apply. Of course, there would be a huge cost involved but how are they paid anyway?

Equifax offered for credit report in US not US beneficiary of client in Out side . Federal Trade Commision support Equifax not support it client who out side in US .


I also have had problems with getting my issues resolved and to have items removed from my credit report items been on my report since 90's its way passed time to have them removed. Its just not, fair. I've had my social security number hacked and unlawfully misused. I'm tired of getting the run around I pray that this get resolved.

Why would anyone trust Equifax? Why would anyone give Equifax any further information.... for any reason?

I agree. You end up giving them MORE information and then they get hacked. It has happened before

Agreed, why would anyone trust Equifax when they couldn't protect us in the first place.

I agree; it is frustrating when you call customer-Care service. It feels like no one REALLY knows what is truly going on. And our Credit-score has become our identity on paper--a VERY important number, along with our private & personal information to be protected. Equifax and TrustID do NOT take it seriously. Good luck. take care.

Yes I do need credit for my business work

My husbands information was compromised in this,breach we have been trying since day 1 to enroll it jeeos sayinh system busy. Once it started the process by asking questions to verify identity and not 1 question was his. This is rediculous! We have no choice but to allow these companies our personal information and after working to build good credit to purchase a home for pur family it can all be jeoprized. We shoukd have a choice if we want our credit information "stored" in a company

I ask the question why do we need a "Credit Rating"? Surely in the 21st century there must be other ways to check an individuals credibility and credentials?

Me, too. Still, the system is busy -- I've tried at least once per day.

We all need the help these days.

I couldn't sign up because I live in France during the winter and spring. It wouldn't allow access from FRance.

I have tried to enroll at Equifax but the form leads me to believe I am signing on for premium (fee) service. there a way to verify?

Until January 31st, you can sign up for one year of free credit monitoring at  Equifax calls this "Trusted ID Credit Monitoring." The third paragraph of this blog tells you what is included in Trusted ID Credit Monitoring.

hi. I did not understand money was deceived. I want my money

i used Equifax Silver monitoring before the breach, and Equifax NEVER alerted me of the breach - TO DATE. So why would THIS monitoring be ANY DIFFERENT?

I have no comment


While trying to register w/Equifax, the form appeared to be leading to a premium (fee) registration rather than the free service explained in your bulletin. Is there a detail I might have missed?

Why would constituents or even you the FTC TRUST Equifax or their offer of Free Credit Monitoring for potential victims of the Security Breach, if Equifax wasn't even able to protect or prohibit the Data Breach in the first place? What has Equifax or the other credit monitoring agencies done to Truly protect us ?

Exactly!!! I do not feel comfortable signing up for this"Free credit monitoring"!

Good deal. Because so many companies, including banks and loan businesses, use our credit scores to make decisions, it's nice to know companies and their people care about us.

I have been attempting to sign up for the past 4 months both online and by mail. I get as far as the final step, "CONFIRMATION EMAIL", click on the link that redirects me to Trusted ID Premier's website, answer a security question then the same message always appears.."WE ARE UNABLE TO PROCESS YOUR REQUEST AT THIS TIME. PLEASE TRY AGAIN SOON. This seems to be a way of not providing any credit monitoring service since the offer is due to expire in less than 2 weeks. Very disappointing!

Ninork- I am still having that same problems as well

me too. What a pain in the neck - and I/We did nothing wrong. But have to do all the work to fix and it still does not work

Same here

I am having the same problem after receiving my Confirmation Email. Would it do any good to file a complaint with the FTC -- or somebody?

Doesn't the Equifax application for this service require you to agree to arbitration (and not sue) and to not hold the company responsible for any losses we may have incurred or will incur due to their negligence in protecting our data from hackers?

By taking this free offer, don't we give up our right to sue Equifax, and accept arbitration instead? And, don't we free Equifax from any liability for our losses due to their failure to protect our data?

i agree, has anyone answered?

As I recall, shortly after the breach was finally announced, a second wave of outrage arose from their charging public for protections now needed due to their own failure and which was being advertised as free for anyone affected. Just before this 2nd outrage peaked the issue of required agreement to arbitration was similarly exposed. As a result, I believe Equifax publicly committed to editing the contract to make it conform to the advertised 'no charge' protection for the year at same time they promised to remove 'required arbitration' clause for those same affected citizens, and publically agreed to enforce neither the charge nor the arbitration for those who had already signed up. I vividly remember saying to a friend at the time that I'd be looking forward to the promised changes being made -and of course, they were not. This is the level of corruption that had the effect of electing the current resident of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, But the fools who voted that way only served to remove the minimal protections we had thanks to dedicated forthright people in positions that they've now been fired from. I will be dead shortly after they totally remove social contract safety net (Social Security & Medicare) which will be soon with no Obamacare protections. This will end badly for everyone -as all violent revolts to nationwide theft and oppression does. Pick your favorite version but no one thought Argentina with Perron was like living in a musical. Stand up now -Insist your representatives uphold the Constitution and not undermine it. Do not quit!

my information was affected - how to fix it?

If your information was affected by the Equifax breach, you might place a fraud alert, credit freeze or lock on your credit reports. This FTC blog explains fraud alerts, credit freezes and credit locks.

who+what was my information exposed to?

This is a scam. They are trying to placated us so that we continue to use credit cards and take on more debt. They are not held accountable for their shocking lack of basic security protocols. As others here have said, they make you put in more information and then this is vulnerable. These services have been hacked before. I have a credit freeze on my cards (and I only have two). It is a better choice for security than trusting these companies.

Attempted to sign up. Some reCAPTa error comes up even after producing my last name and 6 digits SS#. Not at all computer friendly!!!

Thank you - It still is not a friendly site to use- Seems they are still placating us into believing they will rectify this horrendous mistakes by not protecting our identify I try navigation this site and over several attempts I was told I could not register.
Oh good Lord another SCAM

Have tried numerous times to get this service thru Equifax. They want to charge for Premium Service or you answer their questions and then are told The System is Busy. Try again. This is as much a scam as was perpetrated on those of us caught in this breach! There is No Way to contact them for this service!!!


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