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New deadline for Western Union settlement requests

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Did you lose money to a scammer who had you pay using Western Union between January 1, 2004 and January 19, 2017? If so, you can ask for money back from the FTC’s settlement with Western Union. And the deadline to file your claim was just extended to May 31, 2018.

Here’s the deal. Western Union agreed to return $586 million to people to settle the FTC’s charges that Western Union hadn’t adequately protected people from fraud, and didn’t properly discipline problem agents. To get money back, here’s what you need to do by May 31, 2018:

  • Start at to file your claim online. If you got a letter in the mail about a complaint you filed earlier, you’ll have a Claim ID and a PIN. Click the blue “I got a pre-filled claim form” button and use those to file your claim. If you didn’t get a letter in the mail, click the orange button that says “I lost money, but did not get a claim form.”
  • Give as much information as you can about your loss. Upload any paperwork you have. The Department of Justice, which is handling the claims through their contractor, Gilardi & Co, will use that information to try to validate your Western Union money transfer.
  • Yes, you have to give your Social Security number or ITIN to file a claim. Read why here.
  • Don’t pay anybody to help you file your claim, or get money back. Anybody who asks you to pay for your claim or refund is scamming you. Tell the FTC.
  • Then, be patient. It might take a year for the Department of Justice to validate all the claims and start returning money.

If you have questions, you might find answers here, and also check out the FAQs at Why not do it now? But you have until May 31, 2018. After that, you won’t be able to file your claim to get money back under this settlement with Western Union.


I received a letter in the mail about the WesternUnion scam back some years ago. I have been checking often and still have not being heard anything about when or even getting any sort of reimbursement for loses. I like some sort of updates as to what is going on aside from how to feel out the form.

The company hired to handle the refunds - Gilardi & Co. - has not sent out decisions about who is eligible. The FTC's information page about refunds is Gilardi & Co. has information at You can check those pages for updates.

What is the status of these claims? My father got scammed out of a lot of money, I helped him fill out the forms but he has not heard anything yet...

The company hired to handle the refunds - Gilardi & Co. - has not sent out decisions about who is eligible. The FTC's information page about refunds is Gilardi & Co. has information at You can check those pages for updates.

I submitted my forms online with gillard legal (western union set this up), in feb 2018. I have since received from western union letters stating no info was received on my behalf. I might add that western union has all the computer transmissions for money sent. I know this because I am the one with the help of the fbi who began this suit! I have the print out directly from the western union that shows exactly what and how much i sent! Now I get another letter sept 5,2019 stating they have no info on my behalf again! I am going to contact the atty general and the fbi again and report this. The western union is still scamming all of us!

Did you get letters from Western Union, or from Gilardi & Co? Gilardi & Co. is the company that is managing the refund process for the US Department of Justice.  The Gilardi & Co. website is

Gilardi & Co. tells people to send in copies of documents that support their claims. You can send copies to You can call Gilardi & Co. at 844-319-2124.


Ok , on WesternUnion the change , what's now? So when start send checks? Because they finish.

It's October, where's my settlement check?

will 2019 be the year we finally get our money back come on xmas is around the corner!!!!

Right I'm waiting to, I need this money for surgery in Dec. If I do not receive then I will have to give up.

Let's all cross our fingers and start making calls! We have been waiting forever!

Any news on when the checks will me mailed out for the claims?

I am just curious when the settlement is going to take place I've already filed my papers an the proof just wondering when we're going to get a refund from those thieves

Do you have any updates regarding reimbursements for claims?

I see that I have to cancel the surgery because I won't pay,so what is the insurance like to cover.It would be good if they started sending already.

Ugh that sucks Joane! I truly hope we get our $$ but something tells me hardly nobody will get anything from this! I surely would not depend on this or any type of government type help. Good Luck..

I don't know we will be seeing any $$ from them IMO..

I was contacted by the legal organization in charge of this class action suit. They said I was owed money and it could take up to a year to receive it. That was at least 2 to 3 years ago. How do I find out about the progress?

I am also waiting to hear from you and your Company.
I recieved instruction and a letter about 18 months ago now.

So I am waiting to hear from youse...


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