New easy money con, same old tricks

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What would you give for a turnkey system to earn six figures in 90 days or less, all while working from home? That’s what the defendants behind Digital Altitude promised. But the FTC alleges they did not deliver.

In a case announced today, the FTC says the defendants defrauded consumers out of more than $14 million, but provided nothing more than a series of “training” videos, a few PDF documents and so-called “coaching” sessions that turned out to be sales pitches to get people to pay even more.

The FTC says most people made little or no money. The few that did make money typically didn’t earn enough to cover their required membership fee and monthly dues. People were paid only when they recruited new members.

To reach people, the defendants used ads and videos on websites and social media platforms to sell memberships. Their methods included these tried and true tricks of the con artist’s trade:

  • Outrageous claims — “You are about to receive a very special guide that reveals how you can make six figures online in the next ninety days or less”
  • Deceptive testimonials — Videos of members scuba diving, hiking, and lounging by a pool as money poured in on autopilot
  • High-pressure upselling — “You are leaving $60,000 on the table” by not moving up to the next membership tier
  • Free trial periods that aren’t as they seem — Ads promising 14-day “test drives,” but fine print giving people just 72 hours to cancel

If someone promises you fast and easy money, you can bet it’s a scam. Slow down. Search the company’s name online with words like “scam” or “complaint.” Share what you know with a friend, and help others by reporting what you’ve spotted to

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I am selling a commercial beer cooler on the internet.asling $1800. First caller said she was from California and would pay to have it shipped, so sent a check for 2575. which was way more,wanted remaining cash to pay shipping, I cheked with bank and before I deposited, banker said check was no good and was a fraulent check, so text her this and she says wasn't her ck so sent her a copy of the check,
The check did not have a bank name anywhere on it, but had routing and acct numbers, so next day by Fed X I received a checkfor 3800 and it had name of Suffelt bank in NY so i called the band and bank had been mergered with Peoples bank so talked to customer service and the kind lady checked two ways and then told me that it was a frulant check again and it would not go through, So needless to say I still have my beer cooler for sale. they all want money back, so watch out it is just a scam to get cash back.

akkers glbal LLC in madison, wisconsin work from a mail box in ups store at 6666 odana rd #283 madison. they scam home business seekers thru: legit online business, federal account recovery, global online business, and my cash secret emails. lots of people are sending them 5 dollar bills daily for each account of unclaimed money they find. no one has come forward saying they hav been paid except Trevor harris who seems to work for the company since he has send other home job offers with home addressed same as akkers global.

Internet marketing scam Video on line starts out With "Josh" at home with family and boat. Partner with him and make fast money. You only get videos $97.00 which define 3 or 4 procedures and definitions you could search yourself for free on the internet. Second pitch is to pay additional $37.00 for coaching with "Andrew" who wants to know your entire financial history and goals but guarantees not to ask for any personal s.s. or credit card numbers. His best line is "do you agree that it takes money to make money"? Then the "Director', " John Kay" calls you back ( probably took the name from the well known British Economist) or the (Rock band member) and says "what's going on ? You want to make money using your credit cards or do you want to pay banks

There is no such thing as a free lunch. If it sounds too good to be true it probably is. You get what you pay for and pay for what you get.

My mother-in-law is being scammed and she doesn't believe it. This guy is in the Army in Afghanistan and has a son in Africa. 1st his son needed a phone so she sent $200 to the (boy).Now he's asking for $2000 for her to get a delivery next Wednesday and its supposed to have 700,000 in it!! I say scam!!What do you think??

I am sick and tired of them cutting me off my phone when i am using it if i am texting they cut me off if i am on the phone with someone they cut me off i don't pay for them to use my phone for years i have put up with it no more i have lost alot of money because of them and i am not no robot

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