FTC sues telemarketers over Do Not Call violations

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If you’re on the Do Not Call Registry, companies shouldn’t call you out of the blue to try and sell you something. In fact, it’s usually illegal.

The FTC continues to take action against companies and telemarketers that ignore the Registry. The latest example: today the FTC announced a complaint against Alliance Security, a home security system installation company, Alliance’s owner, Jasjit Gotra, and two of Alliance’s telemarketing firms, along with their owners. These two telemarketing firms — Defend America and Power Marketing Promotions — and their owners have agreed to settle the FTC’s charges.

Like with many illegal telemarketing operations, each call typically started with a prerecorded message asking people to press 1 or follow prompts. Anyone who did was then connected to a live telemarketer.

Even after receiving many complaints, the FTC says, the companies continued to call people whose numbers were on the Do Not Call Registry. Some people went as far as scheduling installation appointments just to tell Alliance in person to stop calling, the FTC alleges. Alliance Security and Gotra previously settled charges with the FTC in 2014 while doing business as Versatile Marketing Solutions.

You can learn more about the Do Not Call Registry in our FAQs. If a company doesn’t respect the Registry, report it. To add your number to the Do Not Call Registry, go to donotcall.gov or call 1-888-382-1222 from the phone you want to register.

What if you’re on the Registry and still getting bombarded by unwanted calls? Odds are, many of them are from scammers — and they don’t care about the Registry. Find out more about your options when it comes to blocking unwanted calls— and report the ones you get at ftc.gov/complaint. We take the phone numbers you report and release them each business day to help telecommunications carriers and other industry partners that are working on call blocking solutions. Your complaints also help law enforcement identify the people behind illegal calls. For tips on blocking unwanted calls, go to ftc.gov/calls, where you'll find graphics you can share with your friends and followers.

How to stop unwanted calls on your  mobile phone.

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Why aren't they going after The company s trying to lower my interest rates on my credit cards and the ones trying to help me with my student loans( that i don't have) and the places I stayed when I was on vacation ( which i have not) They call me 3 or 4 times a day and I am on do not call list.

This is great that they are getting caught. I'm so tired of getting these robo calls. It is a constant every day about 3 or 4 of them; but, I'm very well onto those scammers. I do not give out info and don't say YES to anything. I always ask questions, then I tell them "this is a SCAM" & I hang up.

I've been called many times from people for car warranted,life insurance,education grants,home improvements, and government grants. Plus many others. Such as computer repairs.

For my part/situation, "Do Not Call" is a totally worthless program, requiring participation with negative benefits. I'm receiving multiple calls from the same number on a daily basis, even after notifying the caller to withdraw my number using that caller's instructions on how to delete. Callers are using loopholes in the language to proceed as ever,- regardless of any attempted regulation. My recommendations are: a) cease to worry about arousing assorted corporate ire over your regulations; b) decide what specifically you intend to regulate/control; and c)create TIGHT legal language that accomplishes these intentions. Currently you could drive a fleet of semis thru your regulatory language,- but that usually results from imprecise concepts of intent!!

Respectfully, sammi, on what do you base your assumption that the DNC List isn't working? The only way to reliably ascertain its effectiveness would be to repeal the regulation, at which time, I predict your phone would ring non-stop as you would begin getting calls from not only all the scammers and cheaters who are calling now, but also from all the legitimate businesses that are currently following the rules and leaving you alone.

I get calls all the time. Sometimes it's a recording, and other times no one speaks.

I must get about 10 of these stupid calls a day what I do not get is why something is not done to stop this crap it take a lot of my day to try and explain to someone I do not want there products been no call list since 2008 that's a joke they do nothing to stop these calls

If you get a lot of calls now you are going to be even madder when you have someone turning 65 in a year. They are relentless. We have always been on the do not call list and get all of the other calls but the Medicare supplement people are the worse. I keep reporting the numbers but of course they keep calling. We no longer answer our phones unless it's a known number. They won't leave word but they will try back with spoofed local numbers hoping we will answer. Once we even had them call us showing they were calling from our number they were calling.

This same thing happened to me several times, i.e. my own telephone number showed on the caller ID, as though I was calling myself. Frighten me badly the first time. I called the phone company immediately, and the agent explained that it is called Phishing.

I get the same thing now that going to be eligible for Medicare in a few months. Why can't they do something about this. Today April 2, 2018 before 10:00 AM had 6. The FTC needs to do something about this. If you block, they change the number. If you call back is disconnected. I'm on do not call list but doesn't help. I like you just don't answer but hearing the phone ring is giving me a headache and waking me up. I block constantly but have to delete then add more. This is insanity.

This is definitely happening to me. I am so sick of it. Today April 2nd 6 before 10 AM. FTC obviously doesn't care. I don't answer, but they are relentless. I block, but then have to erase and block some more on a weekly basis. I'm on do not call but it doesn't matter. I have had my own number show, numbers that are not legitimate, and therefore can't block, and a couple got an earful from me. If they change numbers immediately how can FTC do anything? These tactics should be against the law, it is an invasion of privacy.

Let me give y'all a big THANK YOU! We now have reason to actually answer these calls and take names.

The telecommunications companies can be thanked for the term number spoofing. They have the technology to prevent number spoofing and refuse to use the software. The United States government has full power and authority to require the telecommunications companies to put in place measures that stop number spoofing and yet the government has not nor will they require it. The Do Not Call Registry is a complete joke. So is the FTC for that matter but when your teeth get pulled its hard to bite.

I agree with some of what you state but I do not believe the government has the power to tell the carriers to do anything, AND the carriers do not want to do it. After all, the carriers get paid for processing those calls and it adds up. Hold the telephone carriers responsible and you fix this permanently. But it will never happen...money rules all.

Once again I am in that world.

I get calls about vacations I never took, and offering to give me a "special deal" on trips to Bermuda.

I have been on the no-call list for many years, updated. Makes no difference. I had to pay about $100 for an attachment which works well to cancel them. Only problem is that so many friends have to hide their ID that I sometimes cancel them too. I don't know why they do this.

The federal and state governments pass legislation prohibiting this problem but it seems there are built in loop holes. The telecom industry has to much influence on the wording of these bills. Resulting in laws that sounds good but have rubber teeth.

If I see a number that doesn't look familiar I just DO NOT ANSWER it. I once heard that if you pick up your phone, they will not stop calling. So just DON'T ANSWER!

Actually that doesn’t work. I won’t answer either then get three calls in succession. You could try something my husband did, asked the caller for his home number. He he said what for? Hubby said you guys call me at all hours, then I’ll reciprocate.

We have so many calls at least 50. One of them are the "V" numbers on top, then (1)844-820-2464 I couldn't even find a area code. We get all these calls and they are different, and others try again.

The government needs to force the phone company to discontinue phone service to these scammers.

I keep getting calls on my cell from a 513-207 - xXxX exchange. Different last 4 number but all from the same 207 prefix.

If AT&T wanted to put a stop to it they could but they are making money from it ,all ways follow the money. period

I agree. They get paid per call processed, it adds up. Government cannot order a private billion dollar company to do anything. Also, you can track down the public IP addresses to the ISP resellers who are selling them to India, Pakistan, etc. But they won't.

We got a hold of Xfinity, and they could let us block 25 calls. Within a day or two, we had blocked around 16. There was no end. So we shut the answering machine off and let it ring. My husband got into it with one guy, told him never call back, he did a lot.

Apparently we are all in the same boat. Since I have been on the do not call list we now get at least 4 calls per day. There is a system out there called "No More Robo", which I am told is very effective. However, Verizon does not support it. I have found the most effective way to deal with telemarketers is to screen your calls. Set your answering machine to ring twice or have it go directly to voice mail. A friend or responsible party will leave a message, (allowing you to pick up) but telemarketers will hang up. Works great. You still get the annoying calls but you are able to screen them. For cell phones, if there is no name shown or the number is unfamiliar, don't answer. Telemarketers will seldom leave a voice message.

very informative

Perp walks in prime time will end it in weeks

I am finding these calls sound like a live human but they are in fact recordings and disconnect when they hear key words. Either that or they are pretending they don't hear you asking questions like the company name & phone # they are calling from. The numbers they call from are fake. Reporting the numbers is futile.

We are so sick of the telephone calls. X-finity could let us block 25, but they just use another "V" number and call back. The main reason I am writing to you, is we were watching TV, the phone nunber comes up on the screen, and we got 2 phone numbers after 9:00pm We are at our wits end. I thought they couldn't call after 9:00 pm? When my husband answered the phone several weeks ago, he told the guy to quit calling, the guy said no and they started cussing each other, which isn't like my husband. I have every phone number wrote down, especially after tonight. There has to be away to stop them? Thans for your time.

my suggestion based on what i do is simply block the number, reject it or just dont answer the phone when a non number calls u. they eventually give up. if i so happen to answer cause its a local number soon as i hear a voice say hi im calling or whatever i hang up the block. they go to voicemail. or use the CM app block list setting it reports the number to a community of ppl helping everyone avoid calls from the unwanted

The solution here is to completely outlaw ALL telemarketers. A $10,000 fine for any telemarketer call would solve the issue.

$10,000 isn't enough. Make it more like $250,000 or $500,000 and some prison time. Then you might have an effect.

I have been getting the warrant emails for three or more years . Ifreaked at first with first email i called and made payment plan then hung up i got to thinking and i reviwed the email then googled the name tons of info popped up i was pist i waited never sent a penntmy they called the very day i was suppoae to send it and the guy tried once again to intimidate me but didnt work for him the way he wanted i flipped on him i laid the u.s and state laws on him he coukdnt hardly get a word in

I wish I had seen this last November. Now I am locked in to a 5 year contract with Alliance.

I am reporting calls to the FTC for years, but these companies are still in business which tells me that the FTC does not care a lot.

Can someone please tell me what committee sets the rules for illegal scammers, robocallers and telemarketers? Why don't they call after 8:30pm? Why don't they call at 2:00am? All of these ILLEGAL services abide to these time of day call rules? Why? They are illegal to start with and the FTC has no jurisdiction to prosecute a third world country originator. So WHY are they following these guidelines? It's as if some entity makes them conform to this call rule...even though it is completely illegal anyway. Makes no sense to me, I can't figure it out. Someone or some group is behind this. Telephone Carriers?

Can we add political and charitable callers to the law?

this do not call site doesn't work! Credit card services is the worst and seemingly can't be stopped. Come on folks!

I have been visiting with a friend for 2 days,her phone calls are awful these people calling from 864-862-3899 Fountain Inn SC keep calling back to back. I finally answered it & they stated that they were from Microsoft? I of course led them to believe I was interested so I could get info & I asked them their ID # MS### told me to go to my computer that they were receiving errors from my computer? Of course I then got mad knowing this was a scam I in return told them I worked for Microsoft & the call was being recorded of course it was not. They are so rude with their language, they called back 5 times in a row & it has been going on for days now like this even before answering this call. Something has to be done with these people being allowed to call like this & why should we have to pay to have a # blocked if were on the DNC? I am going to file a complaint now with the FTC in hopes that something can be done with these people. Beware all these people will never stop...

The problem with reporting a number is the robo-callers obviously have hundreds or thousands of outgoing numbers that are constantly changing. For example, I'll get a call from, let's say, 214-868-5555 and it's a scammer pretending to be Microsoft. But later that day or later in the week, I'll get a call from the same caller using the same number except for the last 4 digits. For example 214-868-5556. If I reported all these numbers on the registry (not a trivial task), I'd need a full-time assistant.

I am registered on no call lists through FCC, FTC and Missouri Attorney General. I also hve a well-known blocking device. I get 2 to 5 calls daily, mainly from spoofed number from small Missouri towns. For example, I'm quite sure that Rachel from Card Services does not operate out of Puxico, MO(5-18-18). As long as spoofed phone numbers are legal, the number of telemarketers using them will increase. I predict that within another year, 75% of telemarketer calls will be from spoofed numbers as AT&T and the company that sold me my blocking device tell me there is nothing they can do.

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