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FTC sues telemarketers over Do Not Call violations

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If you’re on the Do Not Call Registry, companies shouldn’t call you out of the blue to try and sell you something. In fact, it’s usually illegal.

The FTC continues to take action against companies and telemarketers that ignore the Registry. The latest example: today the FTC announced a complaint against Alliance Security, a home security system installation company, Alliance’s owner, Jasjit Gotra, and two of Alliance’s telemarketing firms, along with their owners. These two telemarketing firms — Defend America and Power Marketing Promotions — and their owners have agreed to settle the FTC’s charges.

Like with many illegal telemarketing operations, each call typically started with a prerecorded message asking people to press 1 or follow prompts. Anyone who did was then connected to a live telemarketer.

Even after receiving many complaints, the FTC says, the companies continued to call people whose numbers were on the Do Not Call Registry. Some people went as far as scheduling installation appointments just to tell Alliance in person to stop calling, the FTC alleges. Alliance Security and Gotra previously settled charges with the FTC in 2014 while doing business as Versatile Marketing Solutions.

You can learn more about the Do Not Call Registry in our FAQs. If a company doesn’t respect the Registry, report it. To add your number to the Do Not Call Registry, go to or call 1-888-382-1222 from the phone you want to register.

What if you’re on the Registry and still getting bombarded by unwanted calls? Odds are, many of them are from scammers — and they don’t care about the Registry. Find out more about your options when it comes to blocking unwanted calls— and report the ones you get at We take the phone numbers you report and release them each business day to help telecommunications carriers and other industry partners that are working on call blocking solutions. Your complaints also help law enforcement identify the people behind illegal calls. For tips on blocking unwanted calls, go to, where you'll find graphics you can share with your friends and followers.

How to stop unwanted calls on your  mobile phone.

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hi what i do is this mute all phones in the house and in the basement the calls get taken there only, get this i recorded this
hello you have called the garage we only return all calls on christmas and new years , if you have the main number you can get in touch with us right way , have no fear your calls will be returned next christmas or next year after the beep we will get back to you , or do this one you have called the light out of the blind please hold someone will be with you shortly have them on hold for 20 mins

this number,844-386-6948 keeps calling my landline, its a recording ,so we purposely waited till we had a live person to finally tell them to stop calling, well it is worst now,feb10, they called 6 times, feb 11, I decided to keep a lodge ,this number called me 6 times again between the hours of 2:08 to 3:07, I wrote down all the times,today so far they called 3 times, I am going to try and reason with them again, they are a scam who wants to give me money from a computer company, they told me they owe me, why don't they know my name, I am sure they want to get access to my bank account, I am at my wit end, have caller ID# so I know when they are calling, but the first time he tried to tell my husband that we owe 299.00, now the recording says they owe us 299.00, when we were able to talk to someone, he could hardly talk English, my husband told him forcefully STOP CALLING, they refuse to listen, the same phone number comes up, but in a recording that they left, giving a phone number to call back, they talk so fast we cant understand the number, because then I would call them back, we are both in our 70's, we do not need this harassment from this computer company, how can I get help to make them stop

The do not call list is a joke and is only there to make you feel better for a minute about sticking it to the telemarketers. I quit giving out my real phone number online and if a telemarketer calls I explain to them that they've called a fire department and the line is for emergency use only. They never call back.

We get at least 5 telemarking calls a day sometimes more between our three phone lines. We hang up before they and start their pitch but it is irritating to have to pick up in case it is a real call.

I had less spam calls during the .gov shut down and I swear these spammers use the do not call list to find their victims. So who do i sue? My cell phone company? the company that owns the spoofed number?

I predict the next Presidential candidate that campaigns on this topic, will win. No single issue touches nearly every American as this one.

I wonder if the current president gets all these calls?

I receive repeated telemarketing calls from the several identical sources, but cannot identify the source as the incoming number is spoofed. Identifying the caller's company is impossible because the company refers the call to a legitimate company that has no information on the referring company - or so they say. Any options, except ignoring all phone calls?

I have had many of these calls but only once. I blow a high pitched whistle down the phone. It does the job

I am a Bluegreen timeshare owner. I have discovered that if we give my wife's cellphone number to the front desk when we check in, we are inundated with calls on her cellphone from telemarketers wanting us to book rooms and let them sell them for us. In June, 2018, while at Wilderness Club at Big Cedar, Branson, MO, my wife got 2 calls in 15 minutes from different telemarketers while by the pool at Big Cedar. That was all the time it took for them to sell my wife's number. When I got home I called Big Cedar twice to complain. As soon as I explained the problem, both women hung up without a word. They all know. Don't give out your cellphone number when you check in to a motel or resort. They will only sell it to telemarketers.

I am on the no caller list. I get up to 5 calls a day with different numbers for free braces. Even pushed 9 for don’t call me anymore.
Call back with different number.

I'd really like to know how to opt out of robocalls from Eversource. They're not technically illegal, but they are useless and intrusive.

My kid and I get more calls after adding our phones to the do not call list? A LOT MORE. What is going to be done?

What I don't get is, does anyone ever actually buy anything from these callers? I would think by now everyone would know calls like this are always scams. So how do the callers still make any money?

305-728-8633 THEY CALL AT 10:36 A.M, 10:40. 10"10:45, AND 10:53

The National Do Not Call Registry is useless if the offenders aren't being held accountable. I too am getting bombard with health insurance robo calls and my number has been registered for years. I report them to the registry everytime but they just call from multiple numbers. I am now going to hire a private attorney and sue these offenders. I heard you can be compensated good money. It's time to put a stop to this.

I have drafted 2 letters to 2 companies that have violated the National Do Not Call Registry by calling me; one of the companies has called me 4 times in 2 days. I have informed these companies of the $41,484 fine per call and I am willing to negotiate that amount from them to me for violating the Registry and calling me unsolicited.

All the neighbor spoof calls that come from discontinued numbers in my area code and exchange are from AT&T, Ameritech and the other Baby Bells who sell the numbers to scammers and telemarketers. These are the same companies who own the telecom industry and lobby our congress successfully for their own protection.

I get like 10 a day and I’m pissed I don’t have the time to block all of these numbers, let alone report each one to the registry// it’s getting out of control

I forgot to add my number has been on the Do Not Call Registry since 2005 and it hadn’t stopped — for all of these calls how much can I get for these violations it’s absurd.. and I shouldn’t have to download apps or pay a monthly fee // why am I paying for their violation of the rules? I’m so mad and irritated

I answer these the phone "federal trade commission" they usually don't call back

The FTC Do Not Call list is utterly useless. I get 20-30 robocalls a day, every day, and making a part-time job out of reporting them doesn't even slow them down because litigation and fines, if any, are evidently just a very small cost of doing business, and nothing will improve unless jail time is imposed on the offenders. Widespread as corruption is these days, I wouldn't be surprised if the FTC takes bribes to let them slide.

I registered my two daughter's and I on the national do not call list by using on April 13th and we are now getting three times more solicitor calls than we did prior to putting our phone numbers in. My daughter's are under the age of 18 and we counted 23 calls in one day from one solicitor alone. We're supposed to feel safe when using this website but instead I feel violated. Our privacy is very important and now it's been invaded. I hope someone that has the authority to do so, starts an investigation on this matter immediately.

We could solve this problem by making it illegal to call someone to sell them anything. Telemarketers say this would not be fair to people who want it. They could set up a number these people could call (if they exist) and get there services

How can I Sue the telemarketer. I'm so sick of them calling me.

What do we do about numbers that are changing, even with new area codes? They are even able to spoof local sheriff's dept and our home phone!

So now I'm getting text messages from all these companies I guess they figured they can do that since they can't directly call you. I guess there's just no way to stop these people.

I keep getting calls from this number 1336-396-6344

I get this number (888) 928-0444 at least 3 to 4 times a day. I get these on a home phone so can't block the call. Don't answer, but last time I did, tried to tell them to quit calling, but was a recorded message. Please help

I got a robocall from (888) 928-0444 also on the same day. I had my phone unplugged for 3 days. After I plugged it in, I got the call within 5 minutes (to my answering machine). Wasted time reporting to National Do Not Call Registry but I feel they are useless.

I did a search for companies and individuals that the FTC & National Do Not Call Registry SUED for placing unwanted calls. THERE IS NO LIST! How much taxpayer money is being wasted on the National Do Not Call Registry? I feel it is zero help. I would feel different if they replied to just one of my dozens of inquiries and request to contact me, but it says they are too busy. (smh)

You can click on a link in the blog to learn about Enforcement of the Do Not Call Registry.

Follow the link to read about how the FTC Commission has brought 141 enforcement actions against companies and telemarketers for Do Not Call, abandoned call, robocall, spoofing, and Registry violations. One hundred twenty seven (127) of these FTC enforcement actions have been resolved, and in those cases the FTC has recovered over $52 million in civil penalties and $72 million in redress or disgorgement.

We got our daughter a phone Mother’s Day weekend. We promptly added her to the DNC list. She is receiving OVER 70 calls a day OVER 70. It rings constantly and we are done. Many are so rude don’t care that we are on the DNC list and others response when I ask them to quit calling is “No. I am going to call you because I can” I’m going to start suing people. We are done.

Same problem here. Signed up for the registry and now I get calls every 10-20min. Has this EVER worked for anyone? Well I have a perfect solution. Some of you might remember back in the 1950s I believe. When women were getting harassing phone calls from men breathing heavy saying disgusting things. The police department passed out whistles to the women so when they got that phone call as soon as you picked it up you Blow That Whistle as hard as you can. Bet you $20 bucks they don't call you back ;) Thats what I've been doing and gosh I wonder why they arent calling back.

I have gotten 5 to 6 calls from Medicare. I have told them there is no one my house on Medicare. Please take my number off their call list. They still keep calling. The number is 646-853-3509 and call this number back and it says it is a nonworking number. This is the caller ID number.

I RECEIVE 10-15 CALLS A DAY JUST ON MY CELL, FROM ALL OVER THE WORLD. WHEN IS THIS GOING TO STOP. IM SO TIRED OF THESE CALL. THEY COME ALL HOURS OF THE DAY. I HAVE GOTTEN THEM AT 1;00 am 6:00 am 11:30 pm. used to have peace with my cellphone from these calls till you all decided to release cell numbers. what good is it for the FTC to sue telemarketers, it has not stopped them. maybe we should sue the FTC for not protecting our rights.

Me too! France calls often offering carpet cleaning. Then the work from home robocalls 7 each time every 30 mins. All started when I registered my no. On the Do not call list. Day & night. Infuriating.

I get spam calls about 5 times a day. And they are all “local” it’ll have my area code and the town will pop up underneath the number. The first couple times I answered, it’s a living person saying there are a telemarketer or something. They use local numbers to get you to answer. I have probably, and I’m not kidding, 200+ numbers blocked. I can file a report cuz it would take me all day since it’s not just a call here or there. It’s at least 5 times a day. I’ve been on the do not call list for over a month.

I get more calls now that I'm Registered on the do not call list?! Hows that work? Work from home. Blocked now but robocalls come through 7 at a time every 30 mins. Calling every few days since March, it's now June. What is the point of "Do not call" list?

Why do I keep getting calls from telemarketers trying to draw me into fake scams ? What good are you people if you don't stop them ?

I have been receiving calls for 3 months now. I receive up to 15 per day. I registered with the Do Not Call Registry 40 days ago. It lasted 6 days and now I receive more than I did. I’m tired of it to the point I don’t want a phone anymore. I follow the do not call prompts but that doesn’t work. I’m losing my mind. It’s always about insurance also.

I have been receiving calls for 3 months now. I receive up to 15 per day. I registered with the Do Not Call Registry 40 days ago. It lasted 6 days and now I receive more than I did. I’m tired of it to the point I don’t want a phone anymore. I follow the do not call prompts but that doesn’t work. I’m losing my mind. It’s always about insurance also.

I keep getting 10+ calls a day from the same company and they keep harassing me, yelling at me in Hindi ,,even had my bf call back to speak to a manager and they were so rude with him and hung up on him. If I had the company name,I would seriously contact my lawyer about suing them for harassment.

How can we as the public get in on this lawsuit. I'm so sick and tired of quality healthcare providers calling over and over again in one day. There has to be something we can do.

I have a number 386-628-3241 they keep calling me it's a non-speaking American foreign language that keep calling me from the Medicare office I told him I was on the Do Not Call List registry and I knew they weren't from the government the lady hung up on me and when I tried to recall the number I get a recording please check into this number and get them to keep cop from calling people

(810) 209-6869
"let(?) it I'm gonna give you access to a short pre-recorded message that will show you exactly how to put $10,000 or more in your pocket in the next 10 to 14 days and $10,000 or more every 10 to 14 days after that. This information will absolutely blow your mind so press three right now if you wanna find out exactly how to start putting $10,000 or more in your pocket every 10 to 14 days. I guarantee you've never seen anything like this up until now. So press three right now to hear the exact details or you can press nine and you'll never hear from me again."

I get many calls a day for health insurance. I am on do not call. It is the same company using different numbers. Tired of it

Quality Healthcare provider telemarketers, keep calling over and over several times a day even after being asked to stop. They use several different numbers and area codes, help.

I have been on the don't call list 4 a long time, but i still get calls daily up to 3-4-6 times. how obvious criminals r not caught N get the most severe penalties possible cause they R stealing our hard earned money N in some cases they ruin credit scores along with ruining lives in the most advanced Country in the world makes me think that some polititions R running some of these scams.

I was told I won Publisher Clearing House $9 million and a car, but had to send. $5000 to US Treasury in order to receive it and left a number. I filed a complaint since they used US Treasury. Feel bad for someone who would believe and send money!

How many are now being told that they are only calling because they received your application online when you did not fill out any applications so they can act like it’s your fault they are calling


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