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Got Toys"R"Us gift cards?

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If you’ve been following the news, you’ve probably seen that the iconic Toys"R"Us is winding down its business operations in the U.S., and closing its stores across the country, including stores in Puerto Rico.

According to Toys"R"Us, you have only until April 21, 2018 to use your Toys"R"Us gifts cards. Advice from Toys"R"Us customer service representatives is to use your gift cards as soon as possible, whether in-store or online. 

Something else to consider, purchases from a company that’s going out of business are usually “final sales.” That means you should choose wisely because you probably won’t be able to return the item for a refund. Even if store credit is an option – you’d want to use that quickly too. If you have questions about refund and return policies, ask before you make any purchase.

In addition, Toys"R"Us says its other customer programs, including Endless Earnings, are being honored until April 21, 2018.

To learn more, see Gift Cards and Going out of business sales.

Note: This blog post was updated to reflect the new deadline date of April 21, 2018 to redeem gift cards.


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Gift card holders SHOULD be primary creditors, since the company has been using their money just like a lender.

They already filed Chapter 11 last year. Gift certificates are not a primary creditor under this chapter. They are now insolvent and the trustee can order that gift certificates will not be honored. So don't complain.

I agree. I just went to use over $120 in gift cards and was declined. This is a debt just like any other, and it should be included in the bankruptcy.

sent my money thank you

Did they send you your money back? If so who did you go through?

Does a company giving credits have to disclose they are liquidating? Scrivercreek Notebook company is changing real money for products that they collected 6+months ago but didn't fulfill into online credits and putting conditions on their redemption. Is this legal? Many complaints are being filed. Hopefully, you can investigate and shut them down.

You can report a problem you have with a company at The information you give goes into a secure database that law enforcement uses for investigations. The comments you put here on the blog don’t go into the law enforcement database.

What about gift cards for Babies R Us (which is owned by Toys R Us)?

If you want to get good choice of merchandise, you need to use those gift certificates NOW. If you are looking for “bargains “ then wait because there will be markdowns but all sales will be final no returns or credits. Unfortunately there’s too many cheap sales seekers who will find this a problem. I feel more sorry for the workers who besides losing their jobs have to deal with these complaining “customers “

Can I use my merchant card online?

Going out of business sale

Thank you for the information.
Question, is there going to be another store for parents to purchase toys for their children?
This is one of the only companies on the West Coast that provides a large stock of items sold inside the store to take children into to choose a real item in person.
Can the FTC please explain further the information surrounding ToysRUS not selling the store to pass on the tradition of having toys for the American people available for special occasions, holidays like christmas, and for general use to buy products for newborns.
As a Educator it has been a long time friend to the business of Education. Please share with us what changed.

I just don't understand how stores are suppose to be alright, when everything is closing. These employees what are they suppose to do? We, my husband and I, have done everything right, but still owe $16,000 on our house. Being 65 and 67, we will like failures. But we always gave everyone a break. (Roofing & Siding) I pray the employees and consumers can find something good of this.

Do not use gift cards on-line. I entered $125 in gift cards and $75 on a cc to make an online purchase. The cc charged remained pending for a week and then disappeared from my bank statement. Toysrus cancelled my order and took the value of the gift cards with it. Check the web and you'll see this is not an isolated incident and basically a theft scam.

Can the get away with this exact scenario (which I’m currently fighting) legally?? They are still a company that is open and held accountable for their customers protection in these instances surly?!?!

I unfortunately made a purchase online using my gift card with a balance of almost $130 and now after a week I get an e-mail that they won’t ship or charge my account until 05/02 and I just went to the store and they said the gift cards have zero balance!!! The store folks were absolutely horrible and didn’t help me at all... granted they are losing their job and all but this is terrible... do you know how this could be solved?

You can report this to the FTC at The information you give will go into a database that law enforcement agencies use for investigations.

You can also contact your state Attorney General.

Toys R Us lied about accepting loyalty rewards for an addtional 30 days. Is the FTC going to ensure that restitution is provided to customers as part of the bankrupcy settlement, or are they now totally cool with fraudulent, deceptive and unfair business practices in the marketplace?

According to Toys"R"Us:

  • you can use Toys"R"Us gifts cards until April 21, 2018, and
  • its other customer programs, including Endless Earnings, are being honored until April 21, 2018

You can tell the FTC about a problem you have with a business at

How can I even check the balance in the un used gift cards to fill up the complain, if the #system is down and the customer service doesn’t even pick up the phone?

I need to know the same thing, it says balance $0 on the website but I think I have money on them

Does anyone know if the website gift card balance is accurate? Meaning do all of the gift cards say $0.00 on Toy R Us since they aren't accepting? I have cards that say $0 but I believe there is money on them

Same thing with our gift cards!! People paid money for the cards, toys r us already has the funds and for them not to honor gift cards is ridiculous!! Can we have a class action suit???

I am in agree with you. I did not see that you could not use the gift card after April 21st until it was too late. There has got to be something that we can do.

People should get a cash refund,it is not only heartbreaking that they are closing down ,but they are wasting people's time and money,let alone being bankrupt bad.

All Gift babiesrus gift card holder, file a complaint at the FTC and BBB. If enough people filed complaint things will get done. Done through away your gift and type a complaint.

Just scratched the PIN off the gift card today and found the balance to be zero! Appalling!

I tried to use my gift card with baby r us but I was told that I was not able to use it anymore and to file a claim. Someone know how to file a claim and if it will really refund my money from the gift card?

I missed the April deadline can I still use the gift card

where do we find the website to file the claim?

Does anyone else have anymore information? We have 3 cards worth about $60.00.

How to file a claim?

Wow I just realized my daughter has a $50 toys r us gift card from her bday and NOW I can't even use it or get my money back!!

Same here! If you find some place or way to redeem, let me know!

I just located my gift cards and find it to be unfair that this company is allowed to get away with peoples money. These funds should have been placed in an account for redemption. Movies tickets didn't expire so why should these gift cards expire because you messed up.

I agree on class action , let's do it people, solo unfair!

I agree on class action , let's do it people, solo unfair!

I have gift cards with a balance. They took money for them. I don't care who owns them, they owe me money. I want the money, or I want them in jail!

The people running the company sold gift cards in the past year, knowing they were bankrupt. They are thieves. The FTC needs to step up and do their job!!!! Protect the taxpayers from rich thieves!

I also have gift card.I agree with you.

Family service member just arrived home and realized he had several gift cards. Is there anything we can do to get redemption?

This should not be allowed to happen to the people that bought these cards in good faith from a company that knew it was in financial ruin but sold them anyway. That's no different than putting a check into the bank that you know is NSF on the account its drawn from and receiving cash back on it. What would happen there? Let's keep it real.!!! A crime is a crime. This is big business taking advantage of little America,we the people need to be heard here! People,together we stand,united they fall.

Found my card recently,felt bad to lose $80,any one find a solution?

I too have a gift card that I just from what I can tell here, it seems to be worthless...true?????

Does anyone know if/how I can file a claim. Have a couple of giftcarss that I was unable to cash.

Just found a Toys R us gift card. No idea how much is on it, prob only $50.00 but hell its money she is out. I couldn't remember where I put it! Damn, not right!

I have a few babies r us giftcards. Does anyone know the process to file a claim?

I too feel screwed. we are non profit organization. Found card in office drawer. Frustrated cant use to help homeless as i do every year as Ms Claus.

I also have a Toys-r-us gift card for $50--Does anyone know if we can use it at another store or maybe get our money back?

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