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New Medicare cards coming soon

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New Medicare cards are coming soon. Here’s what you need to know about your new card. Plus, how to avoid related scams.

Starting in April 2018, Medicare will begin mailing new cards to everyone who gets Medicare benefits. Why? To help protect your identity, Medicare is removing Social Security numbers from Medicare cards. Instead, the new cards will have a unique Medicare Number. This will happen automatically. You don’t need to do anything or pay anyone to get your new card.

Medicare will mail your card, at no cost, to the address you have on file with the Social Security Administration. If you need to update your official mailing address, visit your online Social Security account or call 1-800-772-1213. When you get your new card, your Medicare coverage and benefits will stay the same.

If your sister who lives in another state gets her card before you, don’t fret. The cards will be mailed in waves, to various parts of the country, from April 2018 until April 2019. So, your card may arrive at a different time than hers. You can check the rollout schedule to get a better idea when you may be receiving yours.

When you get your new card, be sure to destroy your old card. Don’t just toss it in the trash. Shred it. If you have a separate Medicare Advantage card, keep that because you’ll still need it for treatment.

As the new Medicare cards start being mailed, be on the lookout for Medicare scams. Here are some tips:

  • Don’t pay for your new card. It’s yours for free. If anyone calls and says you need to pay for it, that’s a scam.
  • Don’t give personal information to get your card. If someone calls claiming to be from Medicare, asking for your Social Security number or bank information, that’s a scam. Hang up. Medicare will never ask you to give personal information to get your new number and card.
  • Guard your card. When you get your new card, safeguard it like you would any other health insurance or credit card. While removing the Social Security number cuts down on many types of identity theft, you’ll still want to protect your new card because identity thieves could use it to get medical services.

For more information about changes to your Medicare card go to And if you’re a victim of a scam, report it to the FTC.




bout time

Tried and tried to change my address online. The program would not accept my address! How crazy is that? Also, no clear directions as to why. Or even how to do it correctly. Super frustrating!

Better yet, I tried to sign up for an account and the site would not take my first name as it is hyphenated. Called the local SS office and the person that answered the phone said she has the same problem. Where do you complain about this kind of discrimination???

Thank You for featuring the SCAM I alerted you to!

Removing SS# from Medicare cart it’s one of the best action finally took place. Most of the identities was stolen in the past in health centers was through Medicare card. I am very pleased and Thankful .

How do appy for medicare.i am 66 years old.i am also unemployed salesperson?

The official government website for Medicare is You can learn about Medicare and sign up for Medicare at

There is an employer verification form available online or from the social security office. Your employer will fill out this form to illustrate you have been covered by the employer plan. If you have not had coverage you will need to contact the social security office before the end of March.

Simply call the Social security office and sign up, or you can even go online, and do it that way, it is a lot easier to speak with a real person tho.

GREAT.....too many people have access to social security numbers....forms still ask for this ss number...why?

It looks like another flimsy paper card instead of plastic or some other durable stock. I hope I'm wrong about that.

Put it in a plastic sheath yourself. Cheap supplies at any office supply store. That's what I do.

I’ve always use heavy clear packing tape (3m) so it will fit in the wallet easier. I double side the item with the tape and trim to fit the wallet card slot. I do the same as above for the flimsy car registration document.

Yes, thin-lightweight paper stock again! Ridiculously flimsy for such an important document that’s supposed to last the rest of your life.
They should make them the size of a standard credit card or drivers license and as far as just giving us a random long as you have people thieving that actually work in healthcare or later not going to stop the rampant hacking and identity thief.
Just another day in random government political chaos.... we’ve not heard the last of this mess.

Received mine in the mail today. Same old flimsy paper. I thought they would get in the 21st century and make them plastic. At least no place to sign them on the bottom this time. Crappy SSN number to memorize.

Is the reason for the new cards to prevent what specific abuses? Name them!

are you kidding right removing your social security number the key to everything about you

Thanks so much for keeping us updated with important information. I try to pass on to my friends. There are just some mean people in this world!!

Good idea! Will it stop thieves from collecting SS on deceased people’s SS #?

Excellent change that will cut some existing and future abuse

Very good idea.

some mafiosi idiot stole my medicare information. I've got statements from Medicare for "visits," I never went to. I hope this new card cuts down on it. He's on trial as we speak.

hello I been unemployed for six years and someone open up a major credit card in my name and now I can't get a job

You can report identity theft at

You can give details about what happened, create a report, and get letters to send to the credit card company and other businesses to resolve problems caused by the theft.

Many thanks for this important information.

I recently could not remeber the last four digits of my social security number and had to consult my medicare card located in my wallet. So i might still have to carry the old card.

Thanks for the info greatly appreciated.We have a lot of apts. here and a lot will be interested.

looking forward to safe new card..

What about the people that got on social security .2018 of may will be 2years I was considered disabled.i got my first check December.will I be getting my Medicare soon?

The official government website for Medicare is You can go to the website and check on your enrollment.

I started receiving my Social Security check prior to turning 66 because I am disabled and was found to be so by a federal judge. However once I turned of retirement age, the term disabled no longer appears on my yearly statements. I need to have this put back Onto my information but don't know how to go about it. Any help out there please!

You can go to the Social Security website: and click on the button that says "Disability."

Delighted to hear this! Always wondered why my entire social security number was used (and everyone knew it!). Thanks for the update.


Sounds good to me !

Your rollout schedule "wave chart" for mailing was a waste of effort. Unfortunately, it implies a level of competency.............gud luk !! Thanks for removing the social security number.

thank you


Thank you again for keeping us informed and advising us to be careful about who we talk to on the phone. A friend recently answered questions about their insurance policy, then after the fact, checked the phone number and it was a scam!!

It is about time this happens. And while you are helping seniors PLEASE work to give us back all the COLA money we should have been getting along. Tell President Trump he promised to help us. Has he forgot that promise?

Are the new cards laminated?

For more information about changes to your Medicare card go to

I have a laminator and laminate anything and everything that is of importance.

Except if outside the country as your on-account does not work and the Embassy can not help either as they have the same problem. !-880? Does not work except in US.

good idea..

Request to digitel stay in life

thanks or the new information concerning our new Medicare Cards. I always thought the Social Security Number should never be on these cards. Thanks!!!!

About time federal government did something about duplication of Medicare cards.

will dese cards werk in mexiko.

What good is removing the number, when everyone and their brother asks for the number? I am 70 and am sure it is on everything I have ever applied for, signed and given to companies for identification?


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