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Refunding $10 million after tech support scam

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The FTC is mailing partial refunds to about 37,000 people who bought unnecessary tech support products and services from Inbound Call Experts, also known as Advanced Tech Support. People are eligible for refunds if they bought the company’s products and services between April 2012 and November 2014, and filed a refund claim with the FTC before October 27, 2017.

According to the FTC, the company’s telemarketers tricked thousands of people into buying unnecessary products and services by pretending there was something wrong with their computers. As part of a settlement with the FTC, the company paid $10 million, which the FTC is using for refunds.

The FTC refund checks will come by postal mail. You never have to pay to get a refund from the FTC. If someone contacts you and asks you to pay, it’s a scam. Please report that at

For more information about FTC’s refund programs, visit

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it's great that you are doing this but the idiots are still calling

Over-all i was scammed out of 1600.00 by micro-soft at least that's who they said they were.and they are still calling i hang up on them now today I found a full page message from microsoft telling me if i didn't call them back they would shut my service .

It wasn't MS that called you. It was scammers.


I was a victim of this scam. I did not know that I had to file a complaint before Oct. 2017. Can I fill one now?

If you have the claim form that was sent to you by email, you can print it and mail it according to the instructions on the form. If there is any money remaining after this round of refunds is complete, we will consider your late claim.

Same here...I got a pop up box telling me to stop what I was doing, & contact them immediately, or my computer would crash, & I would lose everything on cost me a total of $249.00, & to do it, I had to borrow the money, as I am on disability, & at THAT time, was not accepted on a program through the state, so I had no income!!! Didn't know there was a place to get help with this...just got another one a few days ago, AND a phone call saying they were Microsoft...


How do I get my fair refund

If you have the claim form that was sent to you by email, you can print it and mail it according to the instructions on the form. If there is any money remaining after this round of refunds is complete, we will consider your late claim.

We have 19 men call us saying we won from 3 million to 20 million - you are asked to send 500.00 or 300.00

How do I get back my money, they're still calling me. I've reported this so many times, I have blisters, but no response. These are the people who help my computer until I paid for their security, and then I got scammed by another company claiming to be with federal authorities. I'm out over $ 1,000, minimum, and what you would maybe refund me is next to nothing. I'd like all my money back, I did report them numerous times, and you never got back to me once .

I STILL get calls from some guy from India or Pakistan trying to get me to turn on my computer and do this and that.

Is there any recourse if a claim was not made before Oct 27, 2017. My 91 year old mom was a victim of this scan. We tried to get her to dispute the $700. charges with help from the credit card company but she was too embarrassed to do so. I was unaware of the refund. This company had the audacity to ask her to renew her services the next year. By then we had started to help her with her money.

We are not accepting new claims for refunds.

My company was Microsoft Tech, and they are still very active.

It seems the latest calls from tech support ask about previous payments. I did not fall for their scam the first time so I did not listen long enough to see if they wanted money to get a refund. I suspect that was next.

the company was only posing as Microsoft - they are not actually Microsoft. You know that right?

They have called me a few times however, I felt it was a scam since they tried to convince me that there was something wrong with my PC (Can't remember what is was) But, I have a Mac.

Also I am wondering if you are aware of Mac Keeper? they hold peoples Macs hostage.

What they do is place one of their ads on the opening page of your computer and if you call the number (which stupidly did)to get them to remove their as off your opening screen so you can use your computer they further take over your computer and tell you that your Apple Care has expired and that you need to pay to have it renewed (Apple Care does expire however, Apple will not allow you to purchase more insurance after it does since it is only an insurance policy you purchase for 2 or 4 years.

They also told me that computer had been compromised and that you need Mac Keeper software to protect your However, while they are trying to get you to buy their product their cursors are moving around your screen clicking on folders and preferences while telling you that this is removing security threats and compromises.

Having realized I had just been scammed I quickly closed my computer and called Apple who did a security check and found that they had hacked my computer and installed their app onto my hard drive.

The tech was able to delete the app and installed free Malware detector that I use every week to check if there are security risks. She then told me to check with my bank to see if they had got into my bank accounts and they had tried to but my bank caught it in time and they got nothing.

They did that too my mother too, and i told her that you never call a number and i told her that they are doing it to so many people, i made her call and cancel somethings so that they couldn't get to it. So its great to know people arent alone and hopefully tbe FTC WILL get these Mac people too!!!

A victim of IT support companies I understand the problem. The banks in most cases are not helpful in preventing continued billing when you request cancellation of the services. It's a long time-consuming process disputing charges. Shameful business practices.

I've been scammed will dig out the information and give you more information.


Be careful of incoming callers claiming to be offering refunds. "Let me guide you to the website where we'll process your refund" the friendly-sounding caller may say. In fact, once you give them remote access to your computer they will quickly put a password on it, tell you that there are security problems, and hold your computer ransom unless you pay for bogus tech services. NEVER ALLOW SOMEONE YOU DON'T KNOW REMOTELY CONTROL YOUR COMPUTER.

So true, dont let anyone who calls you have access to computer!

The Microsoft Company scammed me out of approx$1700.00 dollars between 3/15/17 and now today I recieved a full one page add on my pc either i call them or they will shut me down.

I ask the caller if I can have their information for verification with the FTC, so I hear a click after, guessing, some supervisor tells the agent to hang-up.

I was scammed by these people ,I panicked when my computer blasted a super loud sound so I complied with calling the number that was on my screen. When my husband arrived home by 7 pm, I told him and that's how I realized that I was scammed. I called my bank to stop payment. Then I got called by these people demanding payment everyday ten times in a day. They called my landline as well as my cell phone. I believe that they have hacked my financial information. These people have Indian accents and had different names being passed on to me as their customer service whenever I verified their company's name.

That’s a scam happened to me also I called the banks to stop payment and changed accounts

I am grateful for the refund! It was so long ago I'd forgotten. I had another issue about a year ago. A pop up flashed up on my screen and I hit the x to get rid of it, bad move, apparently that was the avenue they used to take over. Everything was locked up...long story short it cost me a couple hundred to have my hard drive completely gone over and get disentangled from these charlatans. I was lucky that I pulled the plug when I did or they would have drained every account we have. Pulling the plug was the only way to shut my system down! What a mess!

I am over 65 and I know we are being scammed more than most. I see a lot of stuff being repeated here, and it seems fcc is familiar with every scam or robo call I get. I get about 10 times as many scam or robo calls than actural phone calls from actual people. My phone has the do not call option and yet these scams use numbers from my home area. Some actually use our owne phone number as the caller ID. Id like to know if you are doing ONE thing to stop all this. I don't see the evidence of it at all. Thank you for LOOKING out for US.

I’m not used to getting unexpected money from Uncle Sam. When I heard of this I figured I’d get a doll e and the attorneys would get the rest. This is my government working for me.

Scam Scam Scam. I purchased some services from this 786-749-5129 company number online. They charged 499$ for support and services and provided me this toll free number 786-749-5129 to get services but whenever i call on this number 786-749-5129 no one answer me. Eventually they scammed me. I will Suggest you protect itself to become a scam by this number 786-749-5129. This is full time scam company number 786-749-5129. I want my refund.

In also have been a victim. Said my computer was compromised. 1st time had me get I-tunes cards to pay them. Most recent scam was saying they owed me a refund. In supposedly trying to put money back into my account, wrong amount showed up. Wanted me to buy Target gift cards to pay them back. I said I would, but, but immediately went to my bank. Turns out they had transferred the money from my savings, and made it look like I owed them. Bank locked my on-line account, shut my checking account and issued a new one. They keep calling many times, so I blocked their number on my land-line and mobile. Lost a few thousand and should have known better.

You can help law enforcement by reporting this to the FTC at The information you give goes into a secure database that law enforcement uses for investigations. The comments you put here on the blog don’t go into the law enforcement database.

They got to my computer and made it look like the drained all of my accounts. I used another phone and called my bank . Had them block all accounts and take them off line. Long story short, they original $799. but nothing from accounts! Changed all accounts afterwards.

I fell victim to same scam on the 12 Mar, Can someone Please tell me how to go about my refund from the FTC ? I LOST 1500, I NEED step by step directions in how to seek recovery, Please anyone ?

You are not eligible for this refund.

People are eligible for refunds if they bought the company’s products and services between April 2012 and November 2014, and filed a refund claim with the FTC before October 27, 2017.

You can report what happened to the FTC at

I got my check yesterday. Thank you! I have a sick pet that will be at the vet's office until at least Monday (today is Fri.), at which point I'll find out if he has to have surgery. This $$ will help.

I bcame a victim of this scammer & user of fraudulant tactics, VA TECH WORLD,1-800-695-6708, on 2/12/2018, claiming that they are are associated with Microsoft as repair technician. These are all Indian people with American names. I lost $500 and the technician with the Indian accent (Sam) who said he will remove all virus from my computer and install Apple securityjust did the scam and nothing else.

how would I know for sure that I will be getting a refund

I recently received a refund cheque from the FTC in regards to the Advanced Tech Support scam. What I am wondering is, Is the this refund in US dollars or made out in AU dollars automatically, because I am in Australia? It doesn't say on it which it is.

Your refund from a US government agency is made out in US dollars.

I received a cheque for partial refund from the FTC, after being scammed by Advanced Tech Support. I live in Australia, and am unable to cash a foreign cheque. Even if I could cash it, there is a time limit on it, so I will not get any benefit from the refund.

Your bank should be able to cash a check in US dollars but it might charge a fee for the currency exchange. You can call the refund administrator to ask about the time limit on cashing the check. Call Analytics Consulting, LLC toll free at 877-793-0908.

I never get money

Just got the call today, woman's voice, recorded message and was not able to write down the number to return the call. Figured it was a scam, but just wanted to report it.

I paid HP support* that's who they claimed to be anyway when a flashing window popped up. I just bought my laptop in 2016 and now I am getting calls about getting a refund and I don't know what to do. Should I call them or is it another scam. I already paid like 160$. Only reason i paid was cause i was in the middle of a timed final and needed my pc

If you paid for tech support services that were a scam, you might get scam calls about a "refund." The scammer might say he will give a refund and he asks for your bank or credit card account number, or asks for access to your bank account to make a deposit. But instead of putting money in your account, the scammer takes money from your account. 

How can I find out if I was supposed to get a refund check? I received an email from FTC which had the claim form, along with a claim # and a PIN. I completed the form on the day I received it. Thanks for your help.


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