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Welcome to National Consumer Protection Week 2018

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As the nation’s consumer protection agency, the FTC stands up for consumer rights. Every day, we work to shut down scammers and protect consumers everywhere. But we care just as much about empowering you. That’s why National Consumer Protection Week (NCPW), now in its 20th year, is so important. We hope you’ll join us to spread the word about consumer protection in your community. Read on to find out what you can do – and how we can help. is your gateway to free consumer education tools and resources that can help you spot, stop and report scams. The site hosts a network of more than 200 federal, state and local partners that, like the FTC, are devoted to protecting consumers. The site’s free tools and resources can help you understand your consumer rights, and make better-informed decisions about money.

The FTC also has timely information about staying on top of the latest scam trends. According to our just-released 2018 Consumer Sentinel Data Book, imposter scams, debt collection, and identity theft are the top issues we hear from people about. To help you spot and avoid those and other consumer protection issues, we have the latest tips and tools at,, and

I invite you to join the Facebook Live chats we have planned this week with,, the Social Security Administration, and the National Credit Union Administration. You’ll learn about consumer issues and how to avoid scams, and get answers to your questions. You can find the full details of each Facebook Live chat, including dates and times, here.

I hope you’ll keep consumer protection in mind all year long. Keep in touch with us by subscribing to our blog, where you can stay on top of the latest scams. Order free consumer education materials in English or Spanish to distribute to your family, friends and community. And, as always, if you spot a scam, please tell us. Every report makes a difference.


81 year old man receives email from SHARK TANK promoting a NEW diet pill - get your free bottle fo9r $4.95 handling charge. I filled out the coupon and used my debit card. Same day they take $199.99 from my account !!! The send me a big package full of bottles - I never ordered anything and was ripped off. What about the law protecting seniors over 60 and violating USPS law ? Please help me.

You could contact the company and tell them want a refund. Tell them you don't want any more products. Contact your bank and explain what happened. Tell the bank that the company charged you without your permission.

You could contact the Attorney General in your state, and call 1-877-382-4357 to report to the FTC.

You need to call them and let them know they were only to take handling charge or they will be reported. It happen to me for some cream that was only 4.95 shipping charge, the sent extra and charge me for a year. They refund my money. There is nothing the bank can do to help. I will not order a free or trial offer ever again. That's how they make money. Change your card card number.

Sir contact your local attorney general office
Shark Tank need to be bard from all networks . They are back all of the free trial offers which are SCAMMING people .

what are best protections against spam emails and malware?

This FTC article about Malware has tips to help you detect and avoid malware. We also have an article about Spam that includes tips on how to reduce spam email.

What is the FTC doing to protect us Identity Theft caused by the careless guarding by our online credit bureaus? And why does the FTC allow our careless credit bureaus to charge us fir Credit freezes or Credit locks?

ThisFTC  blog post explains that fees for credit freezes are set by state law. Credit reporting agencies can set and change lock fees at any time. Depending on your particular lock agreement, your fees and protections may change over time.


You can help me by trusting what I submit to you by via US mail or email of the one who scammed me from over 3500.00 and use the info he keeps emailing as if you want to take possession of his offers. Nail him good and arrest him until both you and I are paid back what he stolen. Bank transfers cannot lie!

I reported a Facebook Lottery scam recently. The lady who took the information said nothing will be done unless more people report it. So I took it upon myself to post a comment to the public on Facebook itself, warning people to be aware of this scam. It offered up to a half-million dollars. Who wouldn't try it? Of course you had to pay up to a thousand dollars to get it. Some people would gladly do it. I really hope scams have been around long enough to wake people up!

Thanks to FTC, I have learned to avoid scams. Even tho I know about them, its hard not to believe some when they have family names, friends names, etc. ...thats when I fall back on my knowledge gained from the FTC emails which I have emailed to me. I have been "safe" for long time thanks to FTC.

The sweepstakes business has scams. Take American Winners Network.

read all labels and any directives from both the retailer and the consumer also try to do some of your own technological steps for further assurance of product awareness and helpful tips that are sure to be resourceful

Anything you can do to protect the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau? I get real tired of a glut of governmental rhetoric while the country disintegrates due to inappropriate action, or no action at all.

As a volunteer Director of a 150+ Computer Club in its 16th year I have a most attentive and appreciative group thanks to you. Your FTC Updates and Alerts are vital for them and a basis for their very active 'Pass-On-Pyramid'

- And yet the administration wants to completely gut the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.
- And yet the FTC has decided to bar net neutrality in order to allow corporations to take full advantage of consumers.

What a farce the FTC has become under current - and I use the term loosely - 'leadership'.

Ranman. How dt you get pisted here? I am glad they did but I cannot get any of mine posted when I question similarly. Guess this wont get posted either

Is the FTC doing any protections toward bitcoin scams? Since they are not a bank in the traditional sense however their market share is growing, or will our current laws preclude intervention,

Cryptocurrencies like bitcoin aren’t backed by a government or central bank. Unlike most traditional currencies, such as the dollar or yen, the value of a cryptocurrency is not tied to promises by a government or a central bank. This recent FTC blog about cryptcocurrencies has more information.

Thank you for keeping me informed. Your efforts and well as the many successes credited to this agency are deeply appreciated. Thank you, KAH

I have a very long list of marketing & robo calls I’ve received. When will the gov enforce laws against this type of callers? Also, JT neutrality is hurting consumers.

I would like to warn people about Microsoft. Because there's a scam going on. People should know about not to call them. They will go into your accounts and make you buy gift cards from Best Buy.

Victim of a marketing scam a couple of weeks back. I'm not usually taken in by scams, but somehow, this time......Saw all the red flags, but didn't listen to my instinct. Wasn't victim to a huge financial loss, thank God. But I will definitely listen to my instincts from now on. This had to do with a secret shopper scam. So lucky I found out right away. But still keeping a close eye on my bank account, credit reports, etc. Glad I made a complaint to the FTC. Lesson learned. Look forward to learning more.

When it seems too good to be true, or the answer to a dream, Google it. Chances are good the info is there to read.

I have been getting calls for 844 582-0095 saying some legal action is going against me without my participation unless I call, then when I call answer machine says "Illegal Auditing" I have know idea what this is, any help appreciated.

I got a call from this number, its most likely a scam, all I got was a voice mail and no call history, ignore it.

Just got the same call from the same number. No info at all didn't say who they are even calling for. Feels like a scan to me

I recently reported a scam using a man's name and address that had committed suicide 2 months prior. I've heard nothing since! Does FTC really follow up on the reports they get?

When you report a problem to the FTC, the information is entered into a secure database that law enforcement uses for investigations. If you made the report online and supplied your email address, you should have received an automatic email response acknowledging that your report was received. If a law enforcement agency needs to contact you it will use the information you provided in your report.

In 2015 I saw on my Home Depot consumer credit account outrageous balances yet every month for two and a half close to three years Home Depot was getting their payment from me on time no late fees ever or past due notices, plus other payments tp Home Depot I see on my statement from all of 2014-and Jan 2015. I looked at my actual account with Home Depot on line and I was shocked that very high dollar amounts were added to my what I owed . And I know I had paid them off by this time. I gave them one in good faith payment before closing my bank account the auto pays to which HD had been getting paid out on from very beginning when accounts opened. I was planning to retire so nothing new was added to my accounts. … I clicked on the HD account site of mine then to see what it is I was to have purchased and it came up blank. Home Depot issued me new credit cards I never used and said they investigating it for me. To make this shorter. I’m being sued by Portfolio Recovery on these phantom debts that they just say I owe on and I asked for account activity stating what they suing me for they need to show what I purchased and what store etc... all my autopay payments need to be shown credited to my account. But they can’t show anything but a January 2015 statement showing no lates, no late fees no new charges, just a 6881.11 balance is all. How can they win in California court. I received no notices from anyone about findings from their investigation, nothing about owing Home Depot, nothing about charging off the account, no notices from PRA about owing Portfolio Recovery Associates. Just a law suit.

Also looking at my credit file with three credit reporting agencies I’m on a target list probably due to the flawless credit I had for over 32 years. Maybe on list because I had a few accounts on auto pay on bank account my husband wasn’t watching so word got out we easy marks for stealing money from us. Accounts I paid in full have balances. There were added social security numbers not mine on my credit file. My impressive work history was wiped out. I contacted one of the three agencies about my work history being wiped out and asked how this happens. The reply I got was “ I did it” No, I did not wipe out my own extensive and impressive work history. Obviously someone knows my info. I did have to reset my pass word getting on the credit agencies site so someone changed my password. They also had my email hacked too in order to receive password reset notification. On my credit report accounts only belonging to my husband show as joint. Phone numbers never mine. Email addresses not mine. Physical addresses that were dirt lots when I google mapped where file said I have lived.. In 2013 I had a fraud alert placed on my file. In 2015 a freeze but none of that is showing up. Every major data breach there’s been My info has been compromised. Please tell me how to handle this? I even reported it here on this site. But never received anything in reply. My husband said it because our network and computers hacked too. We have a serious problem.

When someone uses your personal information to open new credit cards, and adds information to your credit reports, that is identity theft. Go to to report the theft.

You can list the problems with each credit card. You can report the dates and information you know. You will create an Identity Theft Report. That is your report to the Federal Trade Commission, which is a law enforcement agency.

You can send a copy of your Identity Theft Report with a letter to  credit reporting companies when you dispute new accounts that were opened in your name. You will get more information and help as you use

I am troubled by Cable Companies. They appear to have set areas where they offer service and do not overlap to entertain competition.

Their customer service also is very troubling. You talk to a call center, they promise you a good deal and then when the bill comes around nothing has changed and there is no record of that deal.

Their pricing is almost always "promotional" and expires without advance warning trapping you into paying inflated "normal" pricing for months before you can negotiate "promotional" rates again.

We need an overhaul of these companies practices. There aren't other services that do this to customers. Your cell phone price is the same every month while your cable/internet bill jumps without notice.

In today's age internet service has become a utility like water and electric. It's a standard of living that should not be manipulated by pricing scams and territorial agreements.

Can we please do something about this mess?

Thank you,

Pulisher's Clearing House disgusts me by the language they use to get people to buy their products. People with dementia or other mental disabilities are prime targets because they are easy to convince by the confusing and inflammatory language. "Owner's Certificate", "Validate your entry NOW!", "Preferred Customer" It is obscene and dispicable. I'm sure they operate (barely) within the law but nothing they do is ethical.

I was paying my taxes online and accidently made a payment through a website called Lets just say the payment was rejected by my bank and by the time i had reached out to my bank, the website link was gone and i confirmed with my State's Dept. Of Revenue that they don't use that site for payments. Buyer beware!

1-817-494-6441 - Texas number. Recorded voice claiming to be the IRS is reporting me. This is getting real old.

I received a phone call today claiming to be Home Depot for free cabinets or a free estimate of cabinets or bathroom or some kind of renovation the phone number they called from was 270 506-1309 they asked for my email and I gave it to him not knowing if it's a scam could you please check on this for me

The internet is sharing reports that any veteran who served in the military after 1957 is entitled to additional social security income. The website given for the SSA does not appear to be from a secure webpage. A letter was posted on Facebook as being sent from an employee union.

I understand that, by entering contests, one authorizes use of address for all kinds of things. The problem that seniors run into is that we lose the ability to distinguish between truth and marketing or truth and opinion; especially when we are in the beginning stages of dementia. I am sure that, if you did a study of consumers who order from Publisher's Clearing House, you'd find that a significant number who are mentally impaired by some degree. Just telling a mentally impaired person, that playing a game is not healthy or safe for them, has no affect on their behavior. They can't make sense of the confusing wordage and their nature is to be suspicious of people telling them what not to do. PCH operates very close to the line of legality and (IMO) way outside the line of ethics. Is there any way to protect the mentally ill, but otherwise independent person, from this type of unethical marketing?

Occasionally I receive a call from an unknown number, business or individual. Recently, I received a call that I didn't answer and the phone continued to ring even after I unplugged it; the phone call would stop and continue again. I placed it on the block list. So another tactic was to call again and not show a number...caller id showed "incoming call" and keeps ringing. What else can be done about this?

I was totally scammed by 206-946-8954 & 650-300-8714 recently and am embarrased that I lost $1870.00 to these creeps.

BE AWARE a company claiming to be a Microsoft refund department is a complete SCAM. They are attempting somehow to affect your computer or steal personal information. Do not fall for it. This is a number that keeps calling me. 845 241-0762


Have you ever been walking along when someone walked up to you and gave you money? No? Well what makes you think someone is going to call you to give you anything? If you receive a call from someone you don't know, the call is for their benefit - not yours! The same goes for receiving "offers" in the mail. They are normally offering you an opportunity to part with your money. Wake up people.

Here is a new scam that I received yesterday:
1. From telephone number (866) 876-9939;
2. Voicemail message: "This is an emergency call from Windows Microsoft. Your Windows license key has been expired all services are suspended on your computer. To renew call our toll free number 1-866-876-9939."

Please hell I brought a secondhand car of another person and word like to return it back to the what right have I if any

You can ask your state Attorney General about your rights. Search for your state's Attorney General.

(606)-878-0510 this not in service.

I would like to make everyone aware of these bogus callers from anywhere in the USA! I get called every single day from people claiming just about anything medical, insurance, loans, etc. I want to know how they have all my personal identity information too! They start out with the correct name, address, and last four of S.S. Someone is providing our personal information without permission. I’m also on the do not call list but they still get through anyway! What do I do about this kind of fraud? And also Beware of these callers!

Can my daughter and I change our names a letter or two and or social security numbers. In my family there is a probation officer married to a cop, and and two other members that glow in checking our credit, running and printing reports to show my parents. Problem is had my ID stold so half is not mine and they make it worse all the time. Can probation officers look people up even if they are not on probation and have no reason to do do so? Here is my question? It is bad enough with all the scammy stuff out there!!


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