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Scammers impersonate the Chinese Consulate

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Have you gotten a call from someone saying they’re from a Chinese Consulate office? If so, you’re not alone – based on reports to the FTC and the real Chinese Consulates. But here’s the thing: it’s not a Chinese Consulate office calling. It’s a scammer. These callers seem to be reaching people with Chinese last names but, as we know, scammers can change tactics quickly.

Here’s what’s happening now: people across the country have reported getting a call or message saying they have to pick up a package at the Chinese Consulate office. Or, they need you to give them information to avoid being in trouble with the Chinese Consulate. Then the caller asks for your bank or credit card information, or tells you to make a bank transfer to them.

Regardless of who you are or who says they’re calling, never send money to anyone who calls and asks you to send it. Never give your Social Security number, your bank or credit card number, or other sensitive information to anyone who calls and asks for it. Same thing if they email or message you through a social media platform such as WeChat: just don’t respond. That’s a scam. And neither the real Chinese Consulates, nor the Chinese Embassy, will ever call you to ask for money.

If you get a call or message like this, hang up or delete it, and then tell the FTC. If you have business with the real Chinese Consulate and you’re worried, contact the real Chinese Consulate by looking up your local office’s number. But, whatever you do, don’t give out your information – or your money – to anyone who contacts you out of the blue.

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You can report a problem to the FTC at

There is also a link to "File a Consumer Complaint" in the blue band at the bottom of each page.

Apparently, this scam is still going around. I just received a this scam robocall from tel.212-644-2896.

I just got a scam call today too. How do you report this?

Just got a call from them im in Connecticut call was from NY, NY Picone schiavon (212) 621-8707
On Wednesday, October 30, 2019 at 1:39 PM EST
Robot caller claiming they are the US - Chinese consulate and they have a package for me. They give the option to press "0" to talk to a "representative"

They called me today, the phone number was 713-849-1864.
I knew it was not the Consulate, so I hung up.

713-601-0461 from 11/4/2019

Got a call today from the supposed Chinese Consulate in NYC telling me that "an important document" hadn't been received and "today is the last day". Really? The number was 212-564-5022.

I was also contacted by a New York number claiming to be the People's Republic of China. However, I swiftly disconnected the call.

I find it odd that they knew a number that is a cell and unlisted. Do cell phone companies sell their customer's numbers? This is a concern that should be looked into. If they want to give my number to Beat Buy or Wal-Mart in exchange for selling their products, fine with my permission. But not to random numbers.

When they called me it was 212 459 2418

Just received a call from 2129264053. We didn't give any information and hung up.

I received the " Chinese Embassy scammer" calls almost daily. each from different phone numbers. today was from 212-244-3694

I just got a call from the so called Chinese Consulate. 1-415-632-2533. I have a Scottish last name lol. Didn't answer. Hung up & blocked the call. Reported it.

I just received a phone call from a robo caller 2124724047 claiming to be from the Chinese consulate with a package. I have no ties to China at all so I hung up and looked up information about scams like this and it brought me here.

Caller ID: 281-710-4029, Texas. "Hello, this is a message from the Chinese Consulate..." Hung up. Didn't need or want to hear more.

We are in NH and 3 members of our family received a call from 212-339-5370 saying there was a package waiting for us at the Chinese consulate. We do not have a Chinese last name.

Got a call today from (202) 499-1972, a Washington DC number, and then from 2122449392, a new york number, claiming that they are the chinese embassy in NYC and that someone was arrested in Beijing airport yesterday and that my passport (idk how I have my passport at home) with that person, and that the person confessed that I gave that person the passports. I have never heard of that person ever. The scammer claimed himself to be Xin Ma (马新) and that his employee ID is 1618.

Just watch out guys..... guess I'm lucky not to be scammed on my birthday


I received a message today from "The Chinese Consulate in New York City" telling me they had an important document that needed to be delivered. The number was: (212) 560-0663.

Get calls to my office daily today was 800-463-8476

I got a Chinese consulate call from (281) 130-7006. It was a robo call saying they have a package for me. I hung up and blocked the number (what was the point of a do not call list if scammer don't care about breaking the law?).

202 527 3867 called me in mid America NE and spoke in a Asian language

Chinese Consulate Scam Richardson, TX 75080
214-904-6750 1:31p Wed Nov 06 2019
Chinese Consulate Scam Houston, TX 77084
281-495-7172 4:30p Thu Nov 21 2019
Chinese Consulate Scam Houston, TX 77066 281-791-4547
4:36p Thu Nov 21 2019

Just got this scam call today and I’m not Asian

Just received a call from 202-488-9927. They left a Chinese voice mail message. I have no idea what it said but I am positive this was a scam.

I received this call today to my business phone. They left a voicemail about a letter already en route to me. I am not of Chinese descent nor do I have a Chinese sounding last name. They are attempting to scam anyone now it seems . So sad that so many people in the world want to earn a living by robbing people through these means.

212-696-7020 is the number that called my cell phone, pretending to be the Chinese Consulate. My husband received a similar call just a few minutes earlier, We both use H2O and since these numbers circulate often, I am guessing there is a higher possibility for receiving these fradulant calls. I feel horrible for people who are not as tech savy or are vulnerable (like senior citizens).

I used to get calls every day in Chinese, I don't speak Chinese. To remedy the problem I changed my cell phone number which was suburban Washington, DC which I had for more than eight years to an out of the way number from another state. I do not get any annoying numbers any more. Many calls from the DC area also came in Spanish so the best thing to do is to go over the continental telephone numbers available through your carrier. Good Luck.

I got a bogus call from the Chinese Consulate Los Angeles; it was in Chinese which I understand. I am not ethnic Chinese and don't have a Chinese family name; I do have a Chinese residence permit; this leads me to believe that scammers are not just targeting ethnic Chinese. they are getting phone numbers from an official source; perhaps someone in the Consulate is helping them.

Just received a call on my cell phone from 212-244-9193 with a recorded message in Chinese with music in the background. I have also received other calls of this nature from different phone numbers in the last year & a half.
I am not Chinese nor do I have a Chinese last name, yet am targeted just the same.

On feb 25th 917 864-1878‬ (probably spoofed to look like this actual number) This one called me with that “ you have a package at the chinese consulate etc” so apparently its still happening

Add this number to the list, they left vm in Chinese

I started getting these calls on my work cell a few days ago, from:
The last 4 digits are always different. I have never picked up. A message is left in Chinese, with background music.

Just got this phone call today..... Chinese consulate, voicemail was in Chinese..... 202-495-4742..... impersonator....

I received several calls from this number. Talking Chinese from Washington DC. Did not take their call. Blocked their number.

I just received a call from 202-495-5033 and it was a badly degraded message in Chinese (nee-how is the only thing I recognize) and when I tried to call it back, I got a fax machine. My number is on the do-not-call registry, and this was a super strange call, especially since I don't know Chinese.

‭+1 (202) 495-7613‬ (Washington, DC)
This number called 5/10/2020 and left voicemail in Chinese. I’m not Chinese , nor do I have a Chinese last name.

Chinese scammer calling from 713-523-9397. It is not a Consulate call.

Just got another Chinese lady recording in my cell phone voice mail, decided to play it to Google translate app... Here's what she's saying :

Hello, this is the Chinese Consulate. How many questions do you have?
(repeats 2x)

I got a similar call from this number:


This phone number just called and said they were Amazon and my account was just charged 120.00 and it looks like it's fraud. Press 1 to be connected to a customer service agent . LOL. I don't even have an Amazon account


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