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A scam story: Secret shopping and fake checks

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Scammers need a good story to get to your wallet. Once they find one that works, they use it again and again. One of their old favorites brings together fake checks and secret shopping, and we’ve been hearing a lot about it lately.

Here’s how it starts. You get a check in the mail with a job offer as a secret shopper. You deposit the check and see the funds in your account a few days later, and the bank even tells you the check has cleared.

Now you’re off to the store you’ve been asked to shop at and report back on, often a Walmart. Your first assignment is to test the in-store money transfer service, like Western Union or MoneyGram, by sending some of the money you deposited. Or you might be told to use the money to buy reloadable cards or gift cards, such as iTunes cards. You’re instructed to send pictures of the cards or to give the numbers on the cards.

Fast forward days or weeks to the unhappy ending. The bank finds out the check you deposited is a fake, which means you’re on the hook for all that money. How does that even happen? Well, banks must make funds from deposited checks available within days, but uncovering a fake check can take weeks. By the time you try to get the money back from the money transfer service, the scammers are long gone, and they’ve taken all the money off the gift cards, too. (By the way, money orders and cashier’s checks can be faked, too.)

The moral of the story? If anyone ever asks you to deposit a check and then wire or send money in any way, you can bet it’s a scam. No matter what they tell you.

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Accidentally discovered this same scheme. In my case, the priority mail envelope had a return address of MY address but someone else's name. The intended recipients had moved or the addresses were the letter was returned to sender (which was my address). I hadn't looked closely at the envelope when I opened it...then discovered the scam and the address issues. I have 3 of these priority mail envelopes in my mail stack now. None addressed to me...but had my address as the return address.

Is there anything I can do or something I should be worried about due to my address being used as the return address?

You might want to talk with someone at your local post office about the envelopes. They might keep the envelopes for an investigation or have other information for you.

Just got a "Cashier's Check" in the mail for $2,800 via USPS Priority Mail for this shopping scam at Walmart. Instructions letter came from a "John Simpson" at 585-714-2921 surveyjobs099 Thanks for the post here, won't be responding.

Wow i got a check after signing up for a secret shopper and i got my first mission well the check was fake luckly i didnt send him anything but i did pull out 180 for myself and now i find out from my bank that the check is fake and his name is Matthew Burke +16467419067 and the site is the #1 employer or retail researchers

I got a check from Dustin Taylor secret shopper for Walmart scam same crap as usual I tore up the check

I guess I was the sucker I deposited the check and withdrew the funds then my bank calls saying I have to bring the money back my account is closed and I'm-1800.00 dollars what do I do

I just recieved an envelope today with a check for $2350.00 and was supposed to by 3 gift cards for 400.00 each and then at a 2nd walmart 2 gift cards for 400.00. Good thing i looked online for scams! Thank you so much for saving me from a nightmare of hell!

These scammers are preying on college students, they somehow find out your home address, your number, your email, first and last name ... how isn’t this publicized on a bigger scale? Luckily I research almost any and everything. This scammer that’s going by the name of Richard Greco has been emailing me and texting me about being a secret shopper , wants me to purchase $100 worth of miscellaneous items (that I get to keep) and $1400 worth of eBay cards with the “certified” check he provided in the mail. On top of getting paid $400 for just shopping... which I knew sounded too good to be true! I hope to see better control on this issue in the future. Good luck to everyone

These scammers are getting creative and more realistic. This isn't the first time I have been approached to being a secret shopper. The instructions are very well though out. Clear and precise. Even give you a Ref#. Same thing wants you to purchase 2 reload packs of $500 at 3 different stores with a list of store locations. They sent me a cashier's check of $3519.76. Which give me a payment of $500. And promised a $100 bonus if assignment is carried out within 48 hours of delivery. I received the package last week and opened it today. I've tried to reach the person who supposed to be in charge and report back to but can't contact. Email address no longer exist or can't be found. So if you get a secret shopper job claiming to be from Walmart or a person named Ian Bergon. Most definitely be a scam.

I received a check for $2950 with the assessment form. The task was for me to get a money order from USPS and perform an assessment of the post office & service. I shredded the check.

My husband and I just got our checks in the mail today! $2,488.00 each with a request to buy gift cards and to scratch the back and send pictures of the scratched cards along with our thoughts on services and etc. at the store.
We live paycheck to paycheck and are not as financially secure as we'd like to be but we weren't born yesterday!!!! I'm curious how they got our names and address and why these people aren't arrested for mail fraud or for making and sending false documents?
Too good to be true.... Not falling for it!!

I received one today and because I got an email form my school edu asking me if I wanted to apply for secret shopper job I totally fell for it and deposited the check, so now I am reading all these things and I guess I won’t be spending anything , just keep it there until it all goes down hill and they want that money back , unless anyone has any other suggestions ?

Same thing happened to me. I’m not cashing the check, but they prayed on me through my school email too. Sad world

I am recent victim of this scam for $1600 dollars. 7542163217 is the number i received a text from on the assignment. I wish I ran into this post earlier, could have save me this huge amount.

I applied for a job on a well known job site (I should have known company name was all lowercase). Got a response a week later, then another a few days later. Well I reported them to the job site because it’s wrong to use vulnerable people who need work with this garbage. Just this morning I get a text telling me I will receive money, $4374, 550 for me. I knew then No thank you. I told them I have no bank account and a relative that works for police. Did that an hour ago, bet I don’t hear back!!

happened to me here in arkansas! so sick of this how does this happen??

If it sounds too good to be true—ITS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE!

I received a check from Heart foundation it is a scam, I have the check. I called the bank that issued it, no such account. Kindly advise how to get these people prosecuted

Thank You

Jim Kemmerer.

Just got my packet with the $2,800 check yesterday. But that gift card thing got me thinking. So I checked this site out, and seeing so many things in common, like John Simpson and Wal Mart gift cards, I just drop it all off at the State police office. Of course I will text that to 585-714-2911.

I just received a check 2800.00 and letter with instructions to be a survey agent (secret shopper) to go to 2 wal-mart stores and buy 3 walmart gift cards on each store for 400.00 each for a total off 2400.00, I should keep the rest of the money 350.00 for my time doing the survey and 50 that I will buy in merchandise.
Of course I did not deposit the check in my account, this SCAM is to obvious

I received an email from what appeared to be The Ohio State University's job placement and student services about part-time employment so I hit the link in the email to apply. I got a text saying they would send the first assignment with training material. Today it came along with a check for $1950. Immediately suspicious I googled Michael Haywood with Navex Global and saw this warning. I have alerted student services at OSU ... I thought this was legit at first because the email came from within the university's email system - it was the check that tipped me to do some research.

Just happened to me and I deposited because I also got it from my school email smh , I guess I will contact my bank about this!

I am so freaked out. I deposited a 2950.00 check into my account. And did everything I was suppose to do. When I sent my completed message to 5862133430, I got a message stating I was suppose to call from the store. That were suppose to guide me through. When that happened I got scarred. Went online and found these scam reports. So I spent every penny on those gift cards. I figured if I had to pay for it. I should be the one to spend it.

So I guess they are up on the fact that we All know about the gift cards and them wanting the numbers in a pic as proof..
So now they just want you to buy a item, no more than $50..

But still send money orders..

And this came from a supposedly legit site Survey Squad... Uggggggh.

I got into this sometime ago maybe like 2010. I had lost my job and was trying to do anything to save my home and keep my car. I was told to deposit the funds into my account. ( time sensitive) as they want to hurry and get their hands on the money before its found to be fraudulent. So I did and then was told to Western Union the cash (the evaluation) and keep 20% for my pay. Needless to say I ended up owing my bank $2300 and was put in check systems until I paid it back.

I recently responded to an email (supposedly from Walgreens) looking for secret shoppers and just got a priority package with a cashier’s check for $2,800 from COMERICA BANK and a letter with no letterhead & generically addressed giving me all the instructions on how to purchase several Walmart gift cards & retain $350 as commission, and then asking I send them a pic of the cards & the receipt to 585-714-2921 or to surveyjobs099 . I immediately googled it cause IT HAD “SCAM” WRITTEN ALL OVER IT!!! What fooled me was that email from Walgreens looking for surveyors, it looked totally legit!!! What I’d like to know is what should we do about it: is there an email where we can notify about this???

Got the same Comerica check and instructions. May as well have had FAKE stamped all over it. Name on it is John Simpson 585-714-2921. surveyjobs99@ Beware!

I got the same thing today! Thank you for posting about it. I will NOT be depositing this cashiers check.

Exact same thing came to me today!

Received the same today after signing up a while ago. Just didn't look right. Glad I found your comments!

Received the exact thing in the mail yesterday. The lack of business letterhead and horrible grammar was a dead giveaway. I'm embarrassed I even responded to the email.

I received 2 money orders for 1000.00 each today from someone named Nicholas Sailor, the bank named on the money orders is City National Bank, 887 CR, 1280, Amber, OK 73004. This money was suppose to be my first payment for Wrapify Car Wrapping Service but the only information I received was from a woman named Karen Thiry on behalf of the hiring manager David Houser. I have no intention on cashing these money orders because I know this is a scam.

This just happened to me! The check was from a credit Union on Tinker AFB. After I told them that I won't deposit their check into my account until I have it verified they quit texting me... To bad tho, I really could have used the $300!

I unfortunately was taken in by this. I deposited check and then I was taken into hospital. told this person I would complete assignment after I got out. I had expenses and used part of this money from check which I was intending to pay back. the check was deemed fraudulent. and I am out money. bank account overdrawn. is there anything I can do?

I answered a mystery shopper e-mail. (first mistake) Nothing happened the way the e-mail stated. I received a Fed-ex with a $2,900 cashiers check, and task instructions. e-mail was from Tennessee. Fed-ex was from Indiana. Check was from First Entertainment Credit Union in California. The scammers wanted me to send 3 money orders from WALMART, with name left blank, totaling $2,400. I contacted the credit union by phone and e-mailed a scan of the check, that they requested. They never responded. I followed up by e-mail again, no response. The instruction letter from scammers was riddled with typographical errors, as well as poor English. They do this on purpose, so us smarter people do not go forward. They want idiots to do their dirty work. If you ever get involved in something like this, do what I did, and forget about it. DO NOT FOLLOW THRU. You will lose your hard earned money.

My brother received a check for $2350 from George Wellington and included secret shopper survey instructions to buy 3 Walmart gift cards at $400 per card from one store then another 2 gift cards for $400 from another Walmart store. That's a total of $2000 and $350 will be his to keep. I think he deposit the check and is now trying to stop the check from cashing it. Please be careful everyone. If you do not know who sent you the check do not deposit it. My brother is young and a bit naive.

I reached out to someone o linked in about being a mystery shopper. I was sent a text message saying I was accepted and to look for a fed ex pkg in the mail. I received the pkg with a check for 2950.00 and a letter attached saying to purchase 2 apple gift cards . My fee would have been 350.00 I was immediately skeptical because they asked me to deposit into my bank. When I told them I was comfortable. I would take it to the bank it was drawn on, which was liberty county teachers credit union, which happened to be affiliated with a credit union I pay my mortgage too. I had some business to take care of yesterday. Out of curiosity I did ask the teller if the account was valid, he said it's a valid account and check. I texted the guy back and told him the credit union wouldn't cash the check and where do I mail it to as I was no longer interested. He said " you should have put in your bank". That was yesterday afternoon, so far havent heard anymore from him since.

I got two separate $2600 checks in the mail, asking me to go to Walmart and purchase a crap ton of card gift cards and sending a really clear picture of them cards, and I should have the rest of the money in my bank account as my payment??? Is my checks fraud??

I recently received the offer to become a mystery shopper. The check and offer letter came in a priority mail envelope extra postage and all. I took it to the local police station do they could put a bulletin out.

Just got a check last night in the mail. Sad cause I could have used it. Don't even know how the found me.

I received this morning (second time ive received this package, except this time they sent it via UPS not through post office) another one of these scam letters/checks. Both times they were for walmart secret shopper assignment and included a check for $3450. I was instructed to deposit it keep 450 for my fee and buy ($200×15) walmart gift cards worth a total of $3000. Obvious scam but interesting enough email on letter is stated as: info@ walmartevaluationreports. com to which i was to email when i received the package and a number of : (316) 462 9672 to text once i started the assignment. The check was written on Comerica Bank in Texas I'm in North Carolina so not a local bank and the business on the check is weird it is listed as: SAI Business Associates, Inc. DBA Quick Mart #3 out of Fort Worth Texas, but the stranger thing was the package itself was mailed from SPA,Inc out if Milford Ohio now come on scammers your definitely making yourself out to be known there.
Where can i report this stuff too? I am tired of receiving these and this needs to stop!!!!

I just received a cashier's check for $2620.00. Letter from a company called Intershop inspired by tomorrow. telling me to cash check and shop at walmart then buy gift cards scratch off numbers and send pics to a phone number.

Just got a priority mail package with a chec k for $3,450.42 from a Bank in Orlando FL - Centerstate Bank made out from an ADP Surfaces at 841 Drive Buick Ave, Orlando, FL 32808. Buy Walmart gift cards for $3,000 and keep $450 as my commission. If I finish in 24-48 hrs a commission of $150! I then get a text from 9805331843 asking me if I got the package. Damn they are good. Told them its going in the trash and I'm going to the police department and to remove me from their list. Idiots!

Thanks to so many people reporting variations of the same exact scam. How is this being allowed to continue for so long??

$2900 check from Alabama Credit Union
Ronald Bales
2 page letter (no typos)
Phony Walmart letterhead
Instructions to deposit check
Buy money orders at Walmart, keep $500
Send money orders via FedX
Include a report on customer service
Follow up texts asking for updates

Sound familiar?

I received a check for $3950 I was told to go to Walmart and go do The assignment and get three money orders for $1000 leave them blank and send them back to him and keep the remaining money as my assignment

Just received a check from Southern Heritage Bank with remitter Kathleen Fair for $1994.90. Instructions were to deposit check, go to Walmart and buy $1630 in gift cards then send picture to them of scratched off card. Person's name on the letter is John Edwards, phone # 904-414-6125. The check was dated July 15,2019.

Got one for 997.60. I am supposed to keep 297.60. The rest I am supposed to buy Walmart gift cards and Walgreens s gift card. Totaling 700.00 dollars and scratch off the silver number and tame a picture front and back and send to him. He told me he was law abiding citizen. And a Christian man. The number is 909 264-8506.

The LinkedIn referral seemed legit. I even replied to my contact via LinkedIn and the response came back with a thumbs up to indicate that everything that I read was supposedly correct. Fast forward and I receive a series of emails priming me for the task at hand. When I receive the package it lacks some professional appeal. The check looks real but the packaging was not up to par. I suggest really looking at all your connection platforms and securing them properly. Hopefully LinkedIn can do something.

Thank you. I just received a check with instructions on a secret shopper task. After reading this, thank you. I’m reporting the check and hope the person who sent me the check gets caught. Which I honestly doubt. Thank you again :)


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