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A scam story: Secret shopping and fake checks

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Scammers need a good story to get to your wallet. Once they find one that works, they use it again and again. One of their old favorites brings together fake checks and secret shopping, and we’ve been hearing a lot about it lately.

Here’s how it starts. You get a check in the mail with a job offer as a secret shopper. You deposit the check and see the funds in your account a few days later, and the bank even tells you the check has cleared.

Now you’re off to the store you’ve been asked to shop at and report back on, often a Walmart. Your first assignment is to test the in-store money transfer service, like Western Union or MoneyGram, by sending some of the money you deposited. Or you might be told to use the money to buy reloadable cards or gift cards, such as iTunes cards. You’re instructed to send pictures of the cards or to give the numbers on the cards.

Fast forward days or weeks to the unhappy ending. The bank finds out the check you deposited is a fake, which means you’re on the hook for all that money. How does that even happen? Well, banks must make funds from deposited checks available within days, but uncovering a fake check can take weeks. By the time you try to get the money back from the money transfer service, the scammers are long gone, and they’ve taken all the money off the gift cards, too. (By the way, money orders and cashier’s checks can be faked, too.)

The moral of the story? If anyone ever asks you to deposit a check and then wire or send money in any way, you can bet it’s a scam. No matter what they tell you.

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I have right now a check for $3628 to deposit in my bank and wire money........ No way jose

I was on LinkedIn and I responded to doing a mystery shop. I have worked for Mystery Shoppers before so I thought LinkedIn was on the up and up. I received an express mail package with instructions and a $2900 Community Credit Union out of Houston, TX. I was supposed to buy eBay cards that I was to take pictures and send to Radius Global Market Research. I did nothing with the check.

I looked up the bank 800 number on the check, and they thanked me and had me send photos.
I was to buy eBay cards and send to them. The bank said the crocks would use the numbers on the eBay cards and buy on eBay. For my bank would have cashed the check and then later discover it was fraud.
They want you to go to your bank for it would cash it before realizing it was fraud.
I have no idea how they got my address to send this to me.

I get at least one of these secret shoppers cashier checks once a week ! This is Crazy ! There should be something done about this , maybe there is! I mean this gets old ! Hope every last one of these low life's are caught . And should be punished to the max ! Evenditenly they are not or there wouldn't be so many of them ! Come on people . REALLY....

In regards to Mystery Shopper scam, on May 22, I received a cashier's check for $2,294 (via Priority Mail) and a letter w/assignment to wire 2 money people in Chicago (all of money except $365) -- which I could keep as compensation. I reported this scam to the FTC and my State Attorney General's office. If it sounds too good to be true, then it is.

My husband and I have been scammed recently by someone or a merchant! Someone was able to withdraw $75 from our WellsFargo checking account with recurring payments of that amount. We reported and got reimbursed, but had to get all new cards because the account is compromised. The weird part is the bank has no idea who the thief is and couldn’t tell us so we don’t shop with that merchant anymore. My husbands Cap One has also been compromised from charges for Apple ITunes. He doesn’t have an IPhone and never uses the Apple App period. His account was compromised, they sent a new card only to have new charges for Apple ITunes before he even activated the new card. So Cap One is sending the second card because they have no idea how this is happening. We think it’s an inside job from the company’s. So everyone look at your online checking and savings for unrecognized charges because the thieves are getting more and more savvy with all their scams.

Just received two checks from an address in New York for a mystery shopper opportunity. Checked the address - it's a home for sale. Called Service Sense as well and they confirmed the scam. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Got another check for.a mystery shopper. 2600 plus. Amazing why can't anybody put these people out of business ? Who do I turn this stuff into?

We encounter these scams quite frequently. 4 today at my branch alone. If you ever have questions about the legitimacy of an item....1.) Stop and ask yourself, "Does this sound to good to be true?". 2.) If still unsure stop by your local branch and ask, but do not leave details out regarding the terms of the "employment". Bank representatives are very familiar with these types of fraud schemes and can offer valuable advice, or at least place appropriate holds to make sure the funds actually clear the originating institution before they are released. We would never take negative action against someone trying to help us prevent fraud. 3.) Keep and provide any correspondence from the fraudsters.

I just got one in the mail last week for $2450. The address was supposedly from Blistex Inc but the address on the envelope doesn't match the address when you search Blistex Inc. I deposited the check and it showed it would be made available that Monday. Checked and it wasn't. Says the check status on hold because it appears the check was altered. Mind you the check came with instructions to text when they were available so they could send me directions on my task. I texted them letting them know that the check was on hold until the 25th because it appears the check was altered. Never heard anything back until I asked if they wanted me to keep checking the status. They said yes. Now I have a $12.00 charge on my account for the check being returned unpaid. I'm going to go into the bank with the letter and see if they can get the charge reversed. Hopefully they can start an investigation of fraud using that check.

got a fake check from Arizona for over 2,000 dollars I deposited it into my bank account and screwed it all up. Don't except anything from this mystery shopper Jessie Miller its a hokes Also I get calls saying can you hear me now I hang up just after saying if you can hear this I guess I can hear you and hang up. Don't give any information on the computer phone etc. there are real jerks out there.

I got a $2500 check in a Priority Mail envelope but my bank isn't to open now so I will have to go visit them tomorrow. It's a real shame that the potential job isn't a real one.

I get these checks all the time from answering the secret shopper application. When I get the check I follow the instructions.except I communicate with them via text.i tell them that my bank has a 5-7 day hold on releasing the I tell them I go to the casino in my area that I have an act with and they cash the check right away.i then say I decided to gamble with a portion of the funds.i tell them I hit on slots or black jack or poker and now have $1000 dollars extra.boy do they get mad!!!!! I thank them for letting me be a secret shopper and don't disclose I'm scamming them!!!!

I received a check in the mail yesterday which was 2860.i just mobile deposited in my bank just to see if it was real.... because I showed them previous checks early this year...did I do anything wrong....I'm not goin to touch the money just wanna know if it's a scam...can someone help me

I need to speak with someone to see bout getting some financial advice and my money back , I’ve already submitted a claim form.

I received a check for 1,850.00 and " pre qualification" letter for secret shopper at Walmart. I was supposed to send $785 to John Stansfield in Arlington, Texas and $795 to Michael Gamer in Arlington Texas 76012. Of course I didn't and now I am getting text messages to verify that I have received letter and check! Ha! I am NOT that greedy but I am smart enough to take both to the post office and report mail fraud!

I had something similar happen. I contacted the bank gave them the name on the check (which was a valid customer) they verified the funds were available. The company only emailed at first. I then called the bank back and said I wasn't comfortable with this and wanted to know if they could contact the account holder and verify they had actually written the check in the amount of $5000. The bank called me back and asked for more information... then it went to the fraud department, and eventually the some government agency. They told me not to touch the check, put it in a plastic bag, to contact the company and advise them I was having trouble cashing the check as I just relocated to the state and didn't have a local checking account and if I opened an account there would be a hold on the funds. They kept calling me and trying to find out when I was going to deposit the money...Kept them stringing along.Long story short, the gov't agency came to my house took my statement and the baggie with the check in it and I have no idea what happened from there. Hate those scammers!!! This was during the market crash when everyone was desperate for extra income or any income at all!!! BE WARE they are out there~!

I got 2 cashiers checks for less than $1000 wanting to use Walmart2Walmart money gram. I cashed the checks, even told the teller do not deposit, sent the money out at Walmart. Now my bank is deducting the amount out of my account even though I said not deposit. I've got all emails and receipts from Walmart, and the envelopes from FedEx that the cashiers checks came in.

My sweet husband is so trusting. We fell victim to this scam. We received 4 checks: $3,500. $3,550. $3,550. And $3,725. The last 2 didn't get us, but the first two did.
We did the Wal-Mart secret shopping. They got $3,000 in gift cards from that. Then we did a bank "evaluation." We wired $3,000 more dollars. We also gave $50 to the American Cancer Society from all of that. If you've been doing the math with me, that's a grand total of $6,050 that they got from us.
My poor husband is beside himself. He trusted them. He thought he was providing for our family. I trust his judgment, and I should have looked it over with him to give him my input. We're saving for our first home. This really, really sucks.

Watch out for a Secret Shoppers $1800.00 check from "The Golf Station Inc., 1220 West Hurst Blvd, 300, Hurst, Texas 76053" and the email address "CAREERBUILDER1010 @ GMAIL.COM" and "424-244-1124".

This lady texted me the other day saying she wanted me to be her personal assistant and she texted me yesterday saying I would get paid $600 a week. She sent me a check in the mail for $2,475 and said that $600 is my first paycheck and to use the rest of the money to buy kids items and donate them to the less fortunate. Well the check is from TVOP and the bank is Capital City bank, is this a scam and should I be worried??? She doesn’t want any of the money back but I’m confused.

I have an elderly Aunt who keeps getting phone calls from 315-232-8414. They tell her the police are on their way to arrest her! Anyone else get calls from this number?

Haven't seen a comment in a while, so here it goes. Today (01 Apr) I received a priority package, via USPS with a check from $2.324.00. In the package was a sheet with instructions on what I was supposed to do. Basically go to my bank & deposit the check into my active checking account. Then take a picture of the deposit slip. Once I've done that I'm supposed to text/e-mail the gentleman named Robert Payne at either 201-201-4881 or robpayne@ job4u. com so that the funds can be released to cover the check. Then I'm to find the nearest store by going to www. storelocator and go to TWO stores and buy a total of FOUR cards. Three cards loaded with $500 each & the last one loaded with $364. Then I'm to scratch the pin area of the card and take the pins & amount of each card & write a report to send to this Rob Payne. This company even has a bonus if I do my surveys within 48 hours of receiving the package. It even gives me a "SECRET FEEDBACK AGENT ID NUMBER"!! (NOW I FEEL SPECIAL) Also FYI the package came from a RUS Industrial, LLC with an address of 210 brookview St., Channelview, Tx 77530 So I did a little investigating and RUS Industrial, LLC is a legit company but it has a different address. Also this address of 210 brookview in Channelview, Tx is the site of a water plant. So they give you just enough info to make it look legit, unless you do some in-depth investigating. Remember the old adage "if it looks to good to be true, IT MORE THAN LIKELY IS"!!!

I. Just received the same but came from Harris County Water District in Channelview, Tx. I knew was a scam when the asked for gilft cards. If you make a copy of the check it will say VOID on it. This is criminal!! So many people losing money!! I am going to call everyone one that will listen and hope to get at least this on shut down!! EVERYONE make a copy of the check and u will see.

My hero husband came to my rescue yesterday when I shared my fortunate "work from home" check as a secret shopper! He quickly told me - babe, it's a scam! Heartbroken, I reluctantly took the $2450 check to the bank and reported it. I wonder, is there such a thing as a legitimate "work form home' job!! Thanks everyone for your input on these cams!! Blessings to you all...

For two years, 2012-14, I worked as a legit secret shopper. I was given assignments for gas stations and department stores. I did the assignments, sent in my reports and photos as proof, then within 7-10 days received a legit check for my wages. It was easy work but little pay. Never did I get a check in advance. Now that's fishy business! What legit employer ever pays for labor in advance?

I received an Priority Mail envelope from the USPS with a letter from (JAMES GRANT Email: grantjames9800 @gmail. com
830 282-6344 or 512 515-1711) And a check $2420. They wanted me to deposit at my bank keep$420 for the job and buy 4 $500. Walmart Gift Cards. What idiots!!!!

We received a check for $2560. We were supposed to send back $900 to some clown called Raymond Jordan in Alpharetta. How I wish the police had time to set them up and catch them. I feel for all the older ladies who would think it was legit because it came on priority mail. Thank you to this website for helping us!

I got it from Kroger Surveys which when you looked up the email was coming from an attorneys office James Berman. Total lies. Wanted shops at Walmart, Kroger (which isn't anywhere near me), and Target. Buy ITunes cards which I have no idea even what that is. You get $300 but they will send a check for $2450 and you buy gift cards then send them the cards AND CODES within 24 hours of buying them. YEAH RIGHT!!!!
So watch out for Krogersurveys

I am communicating with Jame Berman as I type this. For a Krogers secret shopper. Any way to report this to the police?

For the past 4 months, I have been receiving diskettes in the mail from someone claiming to be my bank. YES, DISKETTES!! I have no idea what the intention behind them is. But it cannot be good. Has anyone else had a similar experience???

Anyone deposit a check from VPPA Ltd recently (July 2018), written of M&T Bank, Buffalo, NY? Sent check wanting me to deposit and buy I Tunes cards.

I got one today. But bank of america. I am NOT depositing it. Actually im investigating to see if ita a scam.

All great information. Is there any way to recover the funds (insurance, FDIC, etc.) if one falls for the scheme or is it simply a very hard lesson learned?

I received an email telling me that my application to become a secret shopper was approved. I would be receiving my first assignment in the mail. Last week I received it, a page of instructions and a cashier's check for $2,450. I stupidly went to my bank and deposited it, my bank didn't say anything to me about it. I was to purchase $2,000 of eBay gift cards and the $400 was my payment and $40 for gas/mileage, the last $10 for donation. This morning I went to my bank and they told me that check had been 'returned'.

I stupidly deposited the check too and $600 of it was my first weeks payment and the check got “returned” now my account says -$619 .

Just an update/adding my 2 cents. Dead give away it's a scam with the emails is: 1) Very bad spelling/grammar 2) No address to specific store to evaluate 3) Spend over $X,XXX.XX between 2 stores with in 48 hours and email w/ pics the receipt and card numbers. 4) Contact will be done via email/text so as not to 'disturb' shoppers job. There is no way I'm only going to get paid $300 and $50 for transportation to go and purchase over a $1,000+ worth of iTunes or whatever only to give them to someone I've never met. My kids aren't even that lucky!! Mine came from a davinolsen@ myfirm. The .co after .com is pretty solidifying it's a scam. If you're legit, I should be able to research your company as well as find your name in the directory. If I can't speak to you directly. . . Nope.

This just happened to me this week. The check was from SunTrust for $2,350. I was suppose to go to Kroger and purchase 4 gift cards at $500 each. Then they said Meijer. Then they said Best Buy. Took the check to the bank to see if it was legitimate. No it wasn't.

Said she worked for WebShop. Signed everything Stephanie Myers with email address stephsall747 @gmail. com. The priority mail came from Laure Schwartz in Richland, WA. Take a picture of the gift cards then they would tell me what to do with the cards. Scam. Glad I didn't fall for it. I actually led the person on for over a week asking questions, etc. just to waste their time.

Have anybody gotten a ✔️ from AMOCO FEDERAL CREDIT UNION before

I just got a check for $2950 for a Walmart Secret Shopper. Keep $350 for me then buy gift cards at two different stores and report info back by test message to 323-947-2941 for David Moore. Glad we looked this up first. They probably found me because I have been actively looking for a job lately.

Same deal here, got a check for $2800, told me to cash the check and immediately purchase $2500 in itunes cards, scratch off the numbers and send pics of them. Texted me from 646-979-8146, when i refused they told me i had to pay $200 for inconveniencing them or they would get their lawyer involved.

Received a check for 2950 dollars. Suppose to buy two gift cards worth 2600 wait to deliver to appointed sponsor to pick up. I checked the name of the bank on the check....can't find it on the internet? community National Bank Bayton Tn.

So i received a cashiers check for 1.998. Im to deposit it in my account keep 200 commission and keep deposit receipt then send pic of receipt to ( johnsonsap1 @gmail. com. then 2task of going to walmart and money gram once the money has cleared im supposed to email them so i can get the instructions of the secret shopper assignment. There is no company name just the email address and the name Andrew Mann. The cashiers check has the bank name of The Bryn Mawr trust company. Im glad i read every ones story because i was about to make a big mistake. These people should b locked up what do we do about this

was contacted for a mystery shopper job. I also do legitimate secret shopper jobs non pay you $400. And why would you have to send $1000 to judge customer service $50 would do. Check was for $1450 I called the bank it was written on 2 times 1 lady told me she found the account and money was in there. the next lady said she did not find the account? Should I take this to the police? Alos the check was from a out of state bank the person texted me from 2 different numbers from 2 different states and the check was fedex from austin texas , and then the person i was to send money to was in lubbock texas . They told me a name of company but that name not on the check, and could not find online search jerks!!!

I just fell for all this ... please dont do it.ots a scam. I thought I was smarter than this


I got an email May 3, 2018 from Walmart, Inc. <> Subject: Job Opening for Walmart Secret Shopper. I filled out the information. On September 7, 2018 I got a federal express package with a check for $2,380.00 and an instruction guide sheet spelling out just what I'm to do with the money. I was to first deposit the entire cashier's check in my account. Then go to my local Walmart store and shop or ITunes vouchers, buy 20 vouchers @ $100 each. Purchase $80 worth of merchandise of my choice from Walmart and $300 is mine for doing this. My daughter gave me this website for FTC and I'm seeing exactly what I have here on this comment section. It would have helped me a lot if it were true but its fake to. Just like you all are saying its to good to be true. Beware. I texted back to them I don't have a bank to put the money in. I haven't heard back yet but I'm sure they are done with me.

I recently received a call about the amazon org one. Luckily I saw this posting will I researching. I have, also, received the irs one about taxes owed. They say they are from texas litigations. The number is a Florida number. I reported the number and blocked it. I, also, received one about an old account I had. They wanted money up front to settle the account. I, however, said to take me to court and I would settle it there. Never heard from them again. I blocked the numbers of these calls. What really bothers me is that they are preying on the seniors. Many dont check if its legitimate. They paid at irs or a government agency. I've always taken the stance that to research it. Or that if its legitimate to handle it in court.

I got a post office money order from AZ .. and I don’t live in AZ.. and they delivered it on a Sunday. That was already Suspicious. I just don’t know how they got my info tho. Plus once I ready the letter and the grammar was all off I knew. Then got a text asking me about my 1st assignment. I said well call the police they have my Secret shopper evaluation... lol

I had the same thing happen and I told them I’d report them to the police and they said they were already reporting me. What could they possibly report me for? Because I didn’t complete an assignment I never signed up for.


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