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FTC aids criminal prosecutions

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The FTC protects consumers by stopping unfair, deceptive or fraudulent practices in the marketplace. We conduct investigations, sue outfits and individuals that break the law, and inform people and businesses about their rights and responsibilities. In 2017, the FTC filed more than 70 law enforcement actions, obtained more than 145 orders against defendants, and refunded more than $269 million to consumers.

The FTC is a civil law enforcement agency. That means that, while we can’t put people in jail, many of our partners can and do, including the U.S. Department of Justice, U.S. Attorneys, and other federal, state, and local criminal law enforcers. When FTC cases include behavior that also violates criminal laws, we let criminal prosecutors know.

That’s where the FTC’s Criminal Liaison Unit (CLU) comes in. It helps increase the criminal prosecution of consumer fraud. Since it was formed fifteen years ago, the FTC’s CLU has contributed to the successful prosecution of over one thousand defendants, including fraudulent telemarketers, phantom debt and mortgage relief scammers, immigration fraudsters and others who prey on American consumers and small businesses.

Here’s a quick by-the-numbers look at 2017:

  • FTC staff worked on 165 requests for cooperation from criminal law enforcement partners.
  • Prosecutors charged 95 new defendants
  • Prosecutors obtained 41 guilty pleas or convictions with an average sentence of 53 months
  • Six defendants received sentences of more than seven years

We have more information about the CLU and the people whose efforts in criminal law enforcement have made a significant contribution to the protection of American consumers.

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I just received a call from a scammer. Below is the script. Please post this on the FTC website and investigate this matter further.

We just received a notification regarding your tax filings from the headquarters which will get expired in the next 24 working hours and once it gets expired after that you will be taken under custody by the local police as there are 4 serious allegations pressed on your name at this moment. We would request you to get back to us so that we can discuss about this case before taking any legal action against you. The number to reach us is (518) 557-5961. I repeat 518-557-5961, thank you.

I work for a law firm so when I called the number it rang then transitioned over to what seems to be call center as I heard others in the background reading the script that is written above.

I just received a voice message from the same scammer who called fkgold. The message was the same and when I heard that I have 4 serious allegations pending and that I would be taken into custody by the local police, I litterally FREAKED OUT!!! I was also told to call 518-557-5961 and when I called it was informed that it was an unassigned Magic Jack number. It is really not fair for strangers to play with others lives like that! This scammer should be stopped and locked-up!!!

Same thing happened to me. Just the other day, I knew it was a hoax I called the number back just to play with their heafs, got majick jack advertisement

The hocker have may all may inpormation.
in scam me allways thiey put me in wrong wed they trying to take all the inpormation

I for one am so impressed with all the intense work you all do Thank you from the bottom of my heart Awesome

Thank you for your helping me with my issues. I am a grateful and informed individual. You are the best source for the fraud and the lack of integrity by too many individuals. Thank you again and again.

Awesome job!


I will be seeking your support.

Post on Facebook June 10, 2018 with support by all who read: Me thinks that there are more Deep State operatives (the Swamp) in places we would never imagine. Case in point, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). I have submitted numerous complaints to them re. computer online services fraud by several different companies. However, they have never responded with what action, if any, was taken on my complaint. Me thinks they do not want to investigate certain companies because some of them have deep pockets and can buy their way out of any investigation and if the company in question was to go out of business, it would be a detriment to employment and GDP. In the meantime, the consumer is left holding the bag and paying for services which they do not need or is victim to malicious software installed on their computers by the online computer services company... Drain The Swamp.. Fire them all!!!

When you submit a complaint at, and give your email, you will receive an automatic email reply that says we recieved your complaint. The email will give a number for your complaint, in case you want to come back later and add details.

The information you provide is added to a secure online database that the FTC and other law enforcement agencies use for investigations. The FTC announces enforcement actions on If the information you provide is used by a different law enforcement agency, it would be announced by that agency.

You can receive FTC Scam Alerts by email and stay ahead of new scams.

The first paragraph is true, however I have yet to be satisfied with the second. I actually found info on the scammer already in the database ( including an identical and current photo ID being used) and I provided additional photo IDS (that were stolen of celebrities). Two email addresses were shown in the database and I provided a 3rd address. I'm still waiting to see this additional information posted.

The Consumer Sentinel database is available to any federal, state or local law enforcement agency. Information in the Sentinel database is not posted here on the public consumer blog.

The FTC is not an enforcement agency, however it does refer cases to various enforcement officials. Here's an idea on how the FTC should operate: 1. receive a complaint 2. complete a for for other agency referral 3. eMail that form to the consumer with instruction how to complete the form, sign it and provide instructions where to send it.

The FTC is a civil law enforcement agency. It conducts investigations, sues outfits and individuals that break the law, and informs people and businesses about their rights and responsibilities.

In 2017, the FTC filed more than 70 law enforcement actions, obtained more than 145 orders against defendants, and refunded more than $269 million to consumers.

I would love to know how to report frauds and scams in my emails and on my phone. I just got one today claiming that "to avoid federal law, for any further information, immediately speak to a federal agent and call 843-476-4694." Can you direct me about how to report them?

So very glad to have them on our side!!!! Unfortunately, criminals are getting smarter!!! We must stay ahead of them!

Thank you for all of your information and support. I have been getting calls from (619)819-2825, so called, Medicare. I didn't answer this call because I didn't recognize the phone number, but the calls kept coming in. Then one day I answered it and the lady asked if this was "Jackie," I said yes, and the lady hung up. This morning I got a call from the same number and the lady asked for Jackie, with my last name, and I said she wasn't here, but would be back soon. I asked who was calling, and she said Medicare is calling to update her records. First of all, both calls used my nickname, not my real name. I think this might be a scam call as they wouldn't be using my nickname. Probably trying to get my S.S. number and other information. I'll see if they call back.


If i want to file a compliant with FTC do i need to make any payment of any kind of Fees. to help me to get back my money from the scammers.
please let me know.
Thanks in advance.

You can file a complaint with the FTC for free.  Call 1-877-382-4357 to make a complaint.

The FTC will add your complaint to other complaints. The FTC might investigate the scammers who took your money. The FTC might get money back. 

But the FTC does not get money back for every person who files a complaint. 


I was expecting to see the info I provided to be added to the database or at least to have some personal follow-up. The scammer I am dealing with was already listed in the database ... but I had additional photos that he had sent me that I searched to find that they belonged to someone else. I also provided an additional email address. You indicated that the FTC might get money back, BUT I was told by the representative that no money could ever be retrieved. I wasn't even asking to retrieve my money (although that $4500 would be greatly appreciated). I was just providing additional CURRENT info. I was EXTREMELY disappointed in that telephone correspondence with the representative.

My mother received a phone call yesterday from a scammer saying that she was from Medicare. She gave my mother's first name, middle name initial and last name. She said she was from Medicare and needed my mother's new identification number on the new card. I insisted for more information. She than said that Medicare is conducting a pain campaign to help seniors control pain and they would send a paid and eligible girddle to elderly individuals that have pain. This was just strange, I told the person thank you for the information my mother doesn't need it. I hung up.
Today at 7:16am my mother received another call. This time the lady was aggressive and wanted my mother, a senior citizen, to give her the new Medicare ID number. My mother pass the phone to me. I heard the same voice from yesterday. She insisted that she was from Medicare and needed my mother's I'D number for a pain campaign. I told the lady that her call was ridiculous. Medicare does not call, they never call to request Personal information and they don't call so early in the morning. They lady hung up on me. I am very tired of scammers taking advantage of our elders. People help protect your love ones. Not that long ago my mother received the IRS fraudulent calls. I also screened that call. My mother was concerned but I reported those too and reassured my mother that everything was fne.

I received a call from 1-925-503-0439 that if they don't get a call back from me an arrest warrant under my name and I will be arrested

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