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Military Consumer Month 2018: Fight Imposter Scams

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July is Military Consumer Month. This year, we’re focusing on fighting imposter scams – where a con artist pretends to be someone you trust, to convince you to send money or personal information. The scam can take many forms: imposters may say they’re calling from the government or from a business with technical support expertise. Other scammers lure unsuspecting victims by posing as legitimate users of online dating sites, or say that there’s an emergency with a friend or family member.

Scams can happen to anyone, including military consumers. According to the FTC’s most recent data, military consumers reported losing more than $25 million to imposter scams last year, with a median loss of $699 – higher than the $500 median loss reported by the general population.

During Military Consumer Month, we’ll post weekly tips for servicemembers, veterans and their families about some of the most common imposter scams. This month, you can help us help the military and veteran communities.

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Yes that's true a lot of scam going on they will be caught

Useful information to know! Everybody has the potential of being scammed.

I’ve been scammed by a guy posing as an American army animal care sergeant posted in sambisa rain forest he kept asking me for money claiming it was for Internet data to talk to me as couldn’t get to his bank account who do I report this to? Yours faithfully Mishel

I'm trying to find out about soldiers in u s army in afghanistan when are they coming back home

I used Instagram gt a friend request turned out big scammer goes by nelsonanderson99 but that's not him I don't believe he sent me 3 pictures I gt to only save 2 I saw 1 on scammers alert I believed at first stupid me didn't think about scammers says he's in Afghanistan in us air force soldier .

The link for "share these posts" isn't working. Could you relink?

We all must Comlpy with the Law

Yeah Bobby someone is chatting on me recently and he said he was from USA and a US Army too who assigned in Afghanistan and he asking my personal info just to send his money to me.. and it kinda weird that someone who you just met online sending all of his money? such idiot

Someone is claiming to be high ranking USA officer Michelle Howard, wants to send money from some raid she and her officers did 2.2Million dollars.
On what's app I have the Telephone number+1 301 712 9148.
Is this a scam, I am very concerned.
All received on What's App.
I can provide proof and a section 9 statement.

Really it is very sad to hear about the scams. But i hope this awareness will make to stop the scam

I trying to find a man with last name Thomas I want to let him know that he is been hacked, also someone scammer on me also I though it’s was him but it’s not! I need your help , how do I find real Thomas? To let him know that he is been hacked and stolen his profile!

I've been texting with this person for 2 years, he was in Syria, took leave in Jan 2018, he's in Ghana now, he supposed to came back states but didn't, he received money two times for flight ticket, said it was stolen both times, he's still in Ghana, I have phone number he text from, he goes by name Thomas Sanders, Jeff Sanders, Miltary man, from Texas, so he said!!!is their any input or information on him,

the guy trying to scamm me goes by,john sanders ,william sanders..i have looked for the real sanders and i have no luck..i just wanted for him to know whats happening but i guess he does ..but i have pictures oif the real sanders that the scammers sent to me..on hangout he went by lucky-boy

have you ever encountered the us soldier michael zamora? he is trying to send me his cash bonus in a luggage coz terrorists in iraq ara trying to get it from him. he wants to get my name and address but I refused.

I can't believe how foolish I have been in forming an online relationship with a USA Soldier based in Afghanistan. I didn't want to face the possibility that he is a scammer. Yet I need to acknowledge that it's highly probable that I have been a victim. Is there an easy process to use to inform the military about the problem???
There should be a way to notify the Army about their soldier using scamming tactics to get money from vulnerable women. Surely they would like to know what is going on and even arrange for refunding the money he acquired through deception. The shame I feel is awful yet I think it's important to let people know so others won't get duped in the same way. How do I go about notifying the appropriate agency/people etc???

One of them sounds like the guy I have been talking g to since January said he was a leiuteant in army in syria said his wife is dead and has a son in California was supposed to come home in july but didn't said he got promoted to general in Nigeria I stopped texting him on hangouts said his name was Michael Morgan

I also was taken by someone saying he was a soldier in Kandahar Afghanistan. lots of pictures in his profile and his name was Nicholas J Townsend. That was between end of September and October. I really thought I was talking to a real soldier. He got me, and I sent him $2700.00 He was going to send me lots of money for me to hold for him with some one call David Geary until he could come to the USA. But he needed some money for a certificate in order to get here with no problem. Then he said He needed another $8700.00 for something else. That's when I woke up of this nightmare. I try looking for this soldier's picture but no luck. I feel like a real stupid jerk. and very ashamed of myself.

There is a youngkaren6 On Instagram looks legit, saying she is in Afghanistan, she chatted through WhatsApp, and asked me to load a iTunes card so she can get a flight. I haven't transferred anything but that person is still on Instagram, and use an American phone number

In a relationship with general Austin Scott Miller. Needs money to get his money released from U.N. IS this a scam?

Be on the outlook ladies for Williams Frank Mike also known as George Parker who is station in Syria he has a son who is in boarding school but needs itune cards to update his phone and download music while serving. Carl Christopher who is in Syria working for the UNICEF needs information to, so he can send his money to you but needs 550.00 dollars to send his money. He is from Germany has a son who is in boarding school in NY.
These guys are sending friend request on Facebook and talks to you for a while on messenger and then once you start talking to them on the app Hangouts they promise you the world, money, traveling, romantic saying, pictures and will even call you on your phone using the video camera but for some reason most of the time it is because of security they say is the reason you can't hear them and then on day 3 or so they will text you with some kind of a emergency they need your help with money and will even tell you their children needs the money for lunch or school. When I google the questions they would ask....It was a scam. So I would do a screenshot and send it to them and boy they don't like that. They become very upset ! Thank goodness I did NOT send any money to them. I am sending this in hopes that it helps someone out. Oh and if you mention seeing people getting scam from the news or TV shows they don't like that either.

General Austin Scott Miller asking for Business Plan because he has millions in the bank from crude deals he made in Asia . Bogus Twitter Account. I think they are using him to get to women because he is handsome

I've been txting General Austin Scott Miller sense August 2018 he say he needs money to pay DOD so he can get a vacation leave to come to states is this true or a scam

I do not know if the person is same but someone by the name General Austin Scott Miller has been asking for money to pay for his vacation. I stopped texting him a few months back but couple of weeks he once again contacted me for help to treat his ailing daughter.

Do anyone talk to a David Luis also a soldier in Afganistan? He is on instagram with few photos

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