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Online giving portals: what should you know?

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A common phrase in the world of charities is that there are many ways to give. Making an online donation is one way, and using an “online giving portal” is becoming a popular option. Check out our new articles – one for consumers and one for businesses – that describe these portals and what to consider before using them. Read the full articles for more information, but here are the basics:

  • An online giving portal is a website that makes it quick and easy for you to donate to one of several charities listed on the website.
  •  When you donate this way, your money may not go directly to that charity. Another company may get your money first, take some of it as a fee, and then pass on the rest to the charity. And it may take a while for the charity to get it.
  • If your business wants to offer an online giving portal, make sure that donors can easily get clear and truthful answers to questions about where the money is sent, how much of it gets to the charity, and how long it takes to get there. Doing so will help keep your business from violating basic FTC advertising law principles.
  • Donors who can’t easily find these answers – or who don’t like the answers they find – can always donate another way, like going directly to a charity’s own website.

Along with these new articles, the FTC has a wealth of information on wise giving at Check it out before you donate.

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Thank you for this.

I have been informed that an individual who I know is going to use what I first heard about from an email that I should expect from him. I didn’t know anything about it so I looked it up and saw that the name of this particular company has already had suits brought against them, along with some other serious issues that the company has been brought to the general public that this company is not a trusted source to use; apparently they have often hacked into the individuals using the portal and have accessed
the individual’s account and the article warned the readers that they should not use this portal.

Have you heard anything similar about any of these types of portals that are used for a few individuals for personal interaction, and sounds like what I have written here. I am so fed up with this situation over and over again. I hope that no one is going to use anything of this time of service without first investigating the experience with this type of situation.

Our Church is warning us that if we receive a request from our Pastor to donate using an i-tunes or gift card, do not do so because it is not coming from him. Also the Diocese of San Jose is having this problem since they initiated a new program to contribute to the church. I plan to keep the way that I am contributing.

What do I do when debt collection agency kept calling my number but the medical bill is in my not mine and in my mother's name?

Thank you for this information..I will be with my eyes wide open.

I am at the age that I want a career. I want stability benefits and good pay. And in New Bern, NC that is very hard to find. I am a single mother and wanting to be able to go on vacations if we choose to or go shopping. I don’t think that’s much to ask.

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