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Warn your friends about tech support scams

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Tech support scams, which get people to pay for fake computer help or steal their personal information, are convincing. You might already know the signs of a tech support scam, but do your friends and family? Here’s what they need to know now:

  • Companies like Microsoft don’t call and ask for access to your computer. If you get a call like that, it’s a scam.

  • Real companies also won’t ask for your account passwords. Only scammers do.

  • Tech support scammers try to convince you they’re legitimate. They’ll pretend to know about a problem on your computer. They’ll ask you to open normal files that look alarming to make you think you need help.

  • If you do need computer help, go directly to a person, business, or website you know you can trust. General online searches are risky because they might pull up another scam.

If people you know were already scammed, here’s what to tell them:

  • If you paid with a credit or debit card, call your credit card company or bank immediately and tell them what happened.

  • If you paid with a gift card, contact the gift card company (iTunes, Amazon, etc.) ASAP to see if the funds are still on the card and can be frozen before it’s too late.

  • A tech support scammer who has access to your computer can install malware. Update your computer’s security software, scan your computer, and delete anything it identifies as a problem. Restart your computer to be sure the changes take effect. Going forward, download security updates as soon as they are available. Most operating systems have a setting to download and install security updates automatically. Use it. And install updates for your other software, including apps.

  • If the scammer got your password for a financial account, or a site like Amazon, change the password immediately. Contact the company directly to make sure nobody has broken into your account.

Report your experience to You’re not alone, and reporting these scams helps law enforcement go after the people behind tech support scams.

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How do you look up the number?

Get tons of these types of calls. If it is an actual person, I simply tell them I don't own a computer. Don't believe in them, they are evil. Usually they say sorry for bothering you LOL! Have had a few call me a liar. I just laugh and say someone with your type of accent does NOT have the name Peter Smith. I simply block the numbers of any and all annoyance calls. Simple rule of thumb: when in doubt, check it out. DO NOT use any of the info they give you. Ask for info to be mailed physically to you, not emailed. Most importantly, NEVER, NEVER give out any info to anyone you don't know or didn't call yourself.

It said my computer was locked and message came up supposedly from Microsoft. They said my computer needed to be fixed. Then said it was fixed and that it would be 199.99. I paid that and then they said I needed to have protection (firewall) told them I didn't have the money for that. when I could get back on my computer I found out it was a scam.

There is a company calling itself Tech One, last year, being a novice, I believed them when they said they worked with Micro Soft and my computer was sending errors to them. I gave them a check for $200 to "fix" my computer . They added some soft ware to my computer and told me if I had some things to do I could go do them because it was going to take awhile. Instead I stayed and when I saw them stealing one of my passwords I turned off my computer and called Micro Soft. They told me it was a scam (the guy had disabled my security system). When turned my computer back on, turned my security back on, removed what they had installed and changed all my passwords along with notified my bank. That was last year, now they are calling saying they have lost their license and want to give me a refund. Guy said he needed to access my computer; I told him to mail ma the refund form and he said he couldn't so I told him to donate the money to the Humane Society cos there was no way in hell he was going to access my computer again. They have called me from the following numbers: 800-423-4343, 832-303-3856, 720-279-0820, 833-354-7498, 833-354-7498, 855-426-7685, 866-987-1853, 760-536-6007, 315-358-7050, 800-935-7154, 866-828-7944, 866-894-0482, 888-881-1650, 866-844-4149, 727-440-8816. They are very persistent and every time I block their number, they call from another. They all have east Indian accents.

I tried to log in my credit card (Chase card) several times with my iPad but failed. Then the screen popped up a message:

Error Code HT204770
This device has been locked due to suspicious activity. Contact Apple Store Support and Service.

Toll Free: +1-866-604-8055

I thought it was from Apple Store and called. A man with heavy Indian accent answered my phone and suggested me to fix with them or go to a local Apple store. But then he said, "Going to the local Apple Store would spend more time,. Why not fix right now with our online support?" These words sound suspicious to me, so I found an excuse and hung up the phone.

Then I worried about my credit card account since it happened when I tried to log in my credit card account and someone might have caught my personal information. So I contacted Chase card immediately to close the account.

The Microsoft key expired scam is a bad one.
Got a call at 5:41 pm and another at 6:14 pm 08/29/2018! Previous 4 phone calls earlier this same day, it is relentless!

I got a call from a scammer who said he was from Microsoft and wanted to refund my $199.00 service fee. He asked me to use the Ctrl+r so I could type www. fastsupport. com. This would give him access to my computer to install a malware or maybe steal some of my information. The number was 8889196143. Be forewarned another scammer.

Nearly got scammed, but caught myself in time. Thought I was talking to tech support for Epson but it wasn't. Thick accent, sounded Middle Eastern. Beware if they ask you to input in the browser as that is what scammers use to gain access. Thankfully, I felt a prompting from the Lord not to do that so put him on mute an let him sit there for quite awhile. Tried to call me 3 times so far within 7 minutes.

Screen came up on my computer saying computer locked and message supposedly from Microsoft. They said my computer needed to be fixed. Contractor Softsmart World said it was fixed and that it would be 199.99. I paid that and now disputing charge as fraud claim. Computer is with Geek Squad being fixed.

I rec'd once again a call to fix my computer. I have blocked every # they call on. This time I replied "I am so glad you called. My Sherriff's Dept has asked me to get your name & phone # so they can add you to the scam list." The phone went immediately dead as they hung up very quickly. Le't hope it works.

Unfortunately, I fell for the Microsoft Tech. Support scam for over 4.8K in Google Play Cards-given over the phone to scammer w Asian Indian/Mid East accent, fell for it b/c daughter had mistakenly given our passcode to next door people while we were on vacation in July-so thought it was related to that! Banks will not reimburse me, even though I have filed reports w my local police, F.B.I. (IC3 from), FTC, Microsoft, Google, and Dell. Banks said it was my fault I I fell for the scam. Scammer was very convincing and used a combination of fear tactics, smooth presentation, and tech savvy to guide me to buy the cards at CVS, Wallgreens, and Game Stop. The manager at CVS finally urged me to go to the police when he saw the amount of purchases I was making., other wise it may have been more. Scammer stayed on my cell the whole time to advise what to say to the store s, bank when they called about the unusual activity. Wish I had seen this blog before-was a nightmare that has not ended! No restitution whatsoever. I am over 60 years of age, so had no ides a what Google Play Cards were before this, they scammer said the codes on the back would eliminate the hackers in increments by the codes used., instead they were fleecing me. Felt like a complete fool after-but have spread the word to all my family and friends so they don't get burned either! That's the only good that will come of this, meanwhile I'm left feeling very demoralized about the state of humanity that would do this sort of thing. My credit rating got badly damaged also..

Ever miss dial a number and get the automated in message? It starts out with a tone doom dah Dee, set that tone in the beginning of your answering machine or answering service the scammer computer will think it dialed a dead number and delete your number off their records.

I had a company by the name of IYOGI and I paid them for work on my computer. The phone number was disconnected and I could not find the company. A few months later, I heard that the New York Attorney General, had a case against them but I never got my money or the work on my computer.

I spent all morning with these hard-to-understand people and knew something was not right. But, the same box showed up on my screen twice, the first time I quit the message, but this time sirens accompanied the message. I couldn't get rid of it. Soooo, I called the number thinking it was an Apple support number. OK, $209.98 given by check sent by scan - which I'm sure was cashed before I even finished the conversation. I did not give out a credit card number, but they have my bank account number and passwords to some accounts. Now what? Do I have to get another bank number? change all passwords? Damn, I wish I had checked with someone! I doubt anything was changed in all that time.
Help me with answer, please?

Yes, if a scammer has your bank account number and passwords, contact your bank. Explain what happened. Change all the account numbers and passwords that you shared with the scammer.

Our machine is caused to freeze up and a telephone number is provided, 1866 308 7306. The company Microsoft name is written on the email note. They claim my machine has a virus and they will fix it if I pay for it. They ask for my credit card to do so. They become insistent and will not release my computer until I provide them with my credit card. After many threats and their complaints about my intelligence they finally released their hold on my computer. This has happened several times during the last 6 months.
I am writing this complaint to stop them from this attempted thievery and kidnapping my computer from use until it is released.

Your computer might be infected with a virus or malware. You should update the security software you are using on the computer. Then, use the security software to scan your computer to see if there are viruses or spyware. If the software finds problems, delete the problems.

You can check the browser to see if also it has tools to detect malware. Some retail stores offer tech support.

watch out for so called companies that are willing to do upgrades on your computer.They act like they are doing good but actually they are charging you and you find out you could do the upgrades yourself.Then they leave you alone for a while and come back and you see a charge for another upgrade and they did nothing.One to be alerted to is a company called Driver Agent Plus. Hes a driver then supposedly an agent plus a rip off.

I keep getting phone calls from someone who has a middle eastern accent after they disabled my computer. They usually have a phone # to call. They want results quickly. My Credit Union saved me the last time as they make like molasses. This gentlemen could not wait,

I have received a call this evening from 10149273219 with a heavy accent (maybe Pakistani) claiming to be from Microsoft and telling me my computer had been hacked. They asked me to get to my computer. I didn't.

Hi my mother called me yesterday to tell me that $3000 was taken out of her banking account because she gave her debit card number to this “Microsoft scammer”
The bank said because she uses her debit card that there is no way to get her money back? Is this true? She thought she was signing up for some Microsoft support that she would pay monthly, $75. She changed all her banking info, but how does she get that $3000 back. Please tell me there is someone that can help us. Thank you!

just wondering, is support all solutions legitimate or a scam?

Support sapiens scam we were screwed by these guys calling themselves Gary and Sean. Gave them access to computer because they claimed to be with Microsoft. NOT. Obviously from India with the names Gary Wilson and Sean Wilson. SCAM.

Ok, I get the tip on warning my friend's. Now how about warning the America Geek's and then getting them NOW! You are the FTC and I've got the information you need to get these guy's and what I don't have we can get. It's real simple, they called lied to an 86 yr. old lady, got her to let them into her computer, they got her info from her computer without her knowledge or participation and THEY NOT SHE used that info and TRANSFERRED A SIGNIFICANT SUM OF MONEY OUT OF HER SAVINGS into her checking. Told her they had accidentally given her an oversized refund from their company account and had to have the money back, I found out and stopped them but only after an sizeable amt of money had already been CONVERTED BY THEM NOT HER REMOTELY FROM HER COMPUTER. WHAT THEY HAVE DONE FALLS SQUARELY UNDER FEDERAL JURISDICTION on at least two solid grounds. This gives you the authority that you must have before you can act where that then invokes a subsequent duty of care which by virtue of jurisdiction is also correctly in your court. Now I don't care what kind of warm fuzzy feel good stuff you have going here THIS CALLS FOR DIRECT ACTION. The bank says well there's really nothing they can do and the local police have absolutely zero clue what, how or jurisdiction. There is a trail and when you start and I mean START NOW! Detaining people, you will find the principles. You already have intelligence on them anyway, so let's cut the red tape and make some examples out of these people who are already known, have already been handled for this in some manner recently. Grab them up and ENFORCE THE LAW ON THEM. The answers of we can't track them and there is really nothing we can do are espoused from people who really don't know but you can and you can do it legally without any court order, I know you know that but I do too. These guys have gone much further than manipulation of a person by words alone they have committed a much more serious violation of the law by obtaining private information under false pretenses and by their own hand and volition personally using it themselves from their own location (directly) independent of her computer to transfer funds from one of her personal private account's to another account of hers, then using her computer remotely to send it from her account to a conversion point, where they succeeded in converting some until I found out and intervened if I had not of intervened it would have all been converted to them. This is a new and higher level of crime than what you are publicizing here. You have to stop this NOW! Sometimes there is cause for direct and immediate action in the INTEREST OF JUSTICE AND TO PRESERVE HONOR AND RESPECT FOR OUR COUNTRY, IT'S PEOPLE AND IT'S RULE OF LAW!

Please go to to file a complaint. The information you report at goes into a secure database that the FTC and other law enforcement agencies use for investigations.

The comments you put here on the blog do not go into the secure law enforcement database.

Just received a call this morning from “Microsoft” and asked me to go to my computer. I asked which one since we have so many (not true). I then said we only have IMacs . The guy then used profanity and hung up on me.

My husband gave our credit card number to Global Wide LLC, also Edify Technologies.
I called the credit card company to dispute the charge. Hoping they refund the $250.00. We are elderly and my husband doesn't remember what happened or if he let them into the computer. the number 877-812-5808 doesn't work. We just bought a new computer and they called saying they represent Microsoft. My question is how they got my husbands cell #. Almost like someone who works at Best Buy sells the information. I am afraid to pay anything or check any accounts on this computer. Can't believe it.

I had a virus on my computer so I bought a $50 service from geeks America and it was only for a year after the year was up they had called me to tell me they are closing their company and want to give me a refund even though my year was already up and I fell for it they gained access to my computer and the screen kept flashing on and off and My bank account tab was open and they transferred $1000 from my savings to my checking before I was able to stop them and disconnect it when I called to complain they directed me to a different line that immediately hung up on me they are NOTHING BUT A BUNCH OF SCAMMERS!

Got a call that "my account" was going to be charged 299.99 for a computer monitoring service that I do not have. It's a good thing, I guess, that within a year I have lost my wallet and have to get NEW credit cards - so I knew he didn't have any account numbers for me. The number I was directed to call was 877 557 0306. When I asked the guy how he was going to charge "my account", when he didn't have my account number, he hung up. . Being stubborn, I called back and the guy said, now get this - to stop called them. I said, look dummy, you've been called me! He said he would quit. I checked my accounts and none of them had been hit with a 299.99 charge. Oh, and to you that he was referring to my "Windows Computer" - I have Macs.

My name is lisa Today i received a call from this number -8664620666 they said i am call you from gps garmin support but i know they are scammer technician is chris he told me plz buy a firewall if you dont you firewall my all in information use anyone plzz stop this i request to u

When I contacted them as advised, I was told that they would recover the lost emails . I had contacted a group SUPPOSEDLY identified with Yahoo. Not! The initial contact told me there would be no charge as they would be paid by Yahoo or ATT. So, a new antivirus was placed on my computer and after $197, my computer went down. After trying to contact them in numerous ways, the phone was not answered or if the call went through, there were not tech available to help me and they would return. Today, when I let them contact me, a warning came on and they told me goodbye and that they could not return my money. SUPREMO. COM

Got a call stating I owed $499.95 for the computer protection program and I needed to call 1-877-348-9444 immediately. Then the person with a (East Indian dialect) hung up before I could respond.

Received call from (866) 625-3906 on my cell phone. Polite Indian voice saying that he had just detected a very serious problem with my Windows system that he could immediately fix if I would contact their website. "I can see you are on Windows now, Sir. I have your IP address. This is very bad, Sir."
When I told him I was an IP professional and I use only MAC OS, there was a long pause & he said, "Yes, I see your Apple right now." When I told him I was in the backseat of a moving car, he just hung up..! Geez, someone's got to start hitting back at these Bottom Feeders.

I received an email from an old and unused email address of mine saying that he is a hacker who hacked my webcam and recorded videos of me. He wants to blackmail me by transferring bit coins to his account. What should I do? And is that possible? Thanks

Received robo call from 810-228-7478 saying to contact them regarding a refund in service or press 1 to be connected to the refund depart. I don’t have any “Services” so the scam is back up again. Beware!


Got a call stating I owed $499.95 for the computer protection program and I needed to call 1-877-348-9444 immediately. Then the person with a (East Indian dialect) hung up before I could respond.

Called by company that would not give its name
Said only it was refund dept
Going bankrupt want to refund money for some software it said it installed
Tel # 1-281-482-1573

im getting a email from someone named Shawn Davis at Shawn99. davis@ saying there from US Technical Support, thanking me for my involvement in there community and advising me there withdrawing $299.00 from my account in the next 24 hours and saying to call 1 281-882-23910, then has another number below to cancel again with 1 281-882-3910.

I looked online for tech support. I was deceived by these people pretending to be I was told that the inappropriate emails that I was getting that they make stop. I was transferred to another fake tech support person. I foolishly gave them access to my email account. They told me that someone had tried to use my Amazon account to purchase 500 dollars of gift cards from Amazon. I called my service provider and changed all of my passwords. This scammer is calling my phone and sending emails demanding a payment of $99 dollars an 99cents by check

Call from 206 777 6426. Caller claims to be Stephen Smith (though distinctly Indian english accent). When asked what his number is he told me 855-299-1784. Claimed to be calling with a Microsoft warning from my computer. OMG I know people are still falling for this and the caller was relentless even when I asked many questions. Scary. DEFINITELY SCAM

I am getting lots of calls daily from 518-460-1990. Message says it is from Microsoft and they want me to call them back in order to give me a refund for the contract I paid them for my computer. They say the reason for this is because their business has failed. I have not contacted them but was curious. That is what led me to this website.


Mine claimed they were from Geek squad. Same Asian guy as last year. Said I would get a refund if 394.00. I need to be in front of my computer . If you all can update to Windows 10 if you have a PC. Reactivate your virus protection that came with your pc.

I called skype tech support, because my skype wouldnt work. guy ask me to down loaded a support url, then he was able to take over my computer. then he showed me that my computer was being hacked then tried to charge me $249.99 to fix it for 2 years or $599 to fix it for life. I have a Mac

Phone call from 908.747.4351 alerting me to expired software, called back and they asked for $ 299.00 and remote access to my computer to 'fix' my problem. I called this phone number twice and they admitted they are attempting to 'fix' a software problem

Thanks for posting article...keep posting always

I received a call from 714-942-5259. He claimed he was my "computer guy". I told him I was busy. He kept asking me when I have time to restart my computer so he can "fix" it. I refused to give him a certain time and asked his number. He said 1-800-209-0817 and told me to ask for him by name "John Lewis". He had accent like Indian. As my last tech support call was with McAfee, I suspect they stole my info from McAfee.

Thus is the message left on voicemail. “ So your account will be charged for dollar 299 if you want to continue _⁠_⁠_⁠_ _⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_ the subscription call us at 352-496-9880…”
I called the number...rep had a very strong accent. I asked why they were going to debit my account, what account were they going to debit, and when I subscribed to their service. His response, “ you can cancel but you will have to be at your computer so their tech support could cancel it from your computer “. He never answered my questions and hung up on me. I called them 4 times and the first three hung up on me. The last one answered “why are calling me back?”. I said my answers had not been answered and he hung up. I called back and received a busy signal. I called today and got nothing...did not ring at all.

I use google call screener, so I don't answer the phone, but it still shows me a transcript of the call. Someone called saying they were going to charge my account $299.99, and that I needed to press 1 to stop it. This is another new scam.

The latest (april 2020) is a company called World Software Service represented by Jack Seveson and Rick Dawson. Send a notice to email address stating their "service" will be automaatically reinstated at a cost of $599. and is an automatic renewal. Never heard of these people, have no account with them. Seems they are trying to get you to call so they can give a sales pitch.... Stay clear of them


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