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Scammers impersonate celebrities on social media

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Did your favorite celebrity reach out to you on social media?

Before you get too excited, are you sure it’s that person? Really sure? We’ve heard reports that scammers, who will try just about anything to separate you from your money, are now posing as celebrities on social media. They’re asking fans to send money for all kinds of supposed reasons – like claiming a prize, donating to a charity, or giving help of some kind. Some celebs do raise money for legitimate causes. But you want to be sure the cause—and the person asking you to support it—are real.

Imposter scams come in many varieties, but they all work the same way: a scammer pretends to be someone you trust to convince you to send them money. And that’s exactly what these celebrity imposters are trying to do.

So what should you do if a celebrity contacts you on social media and asks for money?

  • Slow down. Before you send money, talk with someone you trust.
  • Do some research: search online for the celebrity’s name plus “scam.” Do the same with any charity or cause they’re asking you to support—and learn more about charity scams here.
  • Never send money, gift cards or prepaid debit cards to someone you don’t know or haven’t met – even celebrities you meet on social media.
  • If you sent money to a scammer, contact the company you used to send the money (your bank, wire transfer service, gift card company, or prepaid debit card company). Tell them the transaction was a fraud. Ask the company to reverse the transaction, if it’s possible.
  • Report your experience to the social media site and to the FTC.

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Best suggestion is don't ever give money out over the net. If someone ask you for money, tell them to send you a request thru the mail. They will never do it, at .50 cents they can't afford to.

I just ran across this!! It was on Twitter and the person was impersonating Pitbull the Latin singer! This guy wouldn't give up, but I didn't give any $!!! He would do personal messaging. It all went back to 1 site that I could figure out. Twitter doesn't help out with anything, they don't care! I took snapshots os all the conversations I could, even tweeted some, thinking that the real Pitbull, or someone he knew would see it by mentioning his name. Ahhh, guess their all in their own little world or something!
This person would get mean and a bit nasty when I wouldn't give $.

Have received calls allegedly from the IRS that we are to return a call to them at 516-303-8340 to avoid prosecution.

I’ve Had That Experience... Very Clever... But, I Know What Charities My Fav Support’s...& He Has One Of His Own

Recently there was one with Dwayne Johnson, asking people to click on a link to download a movie and in order to do so you have to enter your credit card number.

Wondering whether particular celebrities are being targetted. Did you get this appeal? Are you part of his fan club or something? Would love to interview you, if you didn't mind. Thanks!

You really should investigate the scams involving Elvis I know for a fact they ask for money and even nude pics I belong to a group on fb trying to expose all of them It's amazing how far they go And the people they hurt Please check into this

Beware of Donald Glover imposter - active on Messenger, asking for a $1.590 donation for the meet & greet session. His fake assistant Annabelle asks for ID details and sends payment details via email. They provide this addresses for Western Union purposes: 230 Ellis Ave, Irvington, NJ 07111

Yes recently a family member had a facebook friend alert them they received a facebook message from IRS and they needed monies to keep my family member from prison to please send money! we have the phone number if need be ...

I have this same problem with a person claiming to be Agnetha Falstkog from ABBA.Constantly telling me about impersonators and now wants a security word.Her profile on Twitter says she was born in Stockholm,Sweden but her IMBD says she was really born in Jonkoping,Smaland,Sweden.

I’ve been scammed by a chinese dating app for $40,000 USD. I did not make those transactions but my bank still told me i am responsible for the bill. I have a police report and i put a freeze on all three credit bureau. What can i do now? Help me please.

I had a friend request from one of our favorite music artists. I unwisely friended it on facebook, then came to mind to check out the site. It turned out to be a new facebook account with some questionable characters.. Unfriended real fast!

I once received an email stating that they had hacked my webcam and recorded inappropriate videos of me and if i do not pay them via bitcoin they will post the videos online. They even had one of my old passwords- I think I had used it on ebay. So I responded to the email and told them that I do not know how bitcoins work and they should send me their paypal address so I can send money. They never responded. If they did, I would have reported to FTC right away. It is much easier to track such scammers if we have their paypal address.

I agree paypal is the best.If there is a problem they will call me right away.

That was an automated email using harvested creds from old breaches, you have nothing to worry about.


I am receiving a lot of requests on Instagram for celebrity impostors for Vin Diesel and the country singer Chris Young. They want a credit card and they say they will pay off your debt. Then they want you to take out a cash advance on your card and send it through Walmart to the charity organization. They also ask you to get iTunes cards as well. These impostors are very clever and resourceful.

I'm getting them from Toby Keith and they are quite knowledgeable of him. They send photos of his family and say he's divorcing his wife. Starting a new charity for children.

I know some one this is happening to right now supposedly it’s his lawyer and they lawyer wants this person to send $1400 more

I just got one from Vin Diesel...haha. Sure. Asked for ITunes card and donation to some charity address in Florida that turned out to be an empty house. When I protested the iTune card, got miffy and ended up blocking me and telling to go, well..somewhere hot! LOL! I blocked him too. Wow! It was intense, and looking back at it I now wonder why I didn't twig sooner. This guy was good..lots pics etc. Bad, bad, bad!

I have been fighting off imposters for romance interest and charities of Toby Keith Covel, Toby Keith, Country A-lister since January. Yes, I'm a fan and member of his fan club. Asking for donations as a charter member for building a new homeless children home in South Carolina or Oklahoma where his present charity is located. Is very knowledgeable of Toby Keith includes personal photos as well.

I get them from Toby Keith imposters. 2 or 3 every other day on Messenger, Facebook, and Instagram. Starting new charity. Very personal photos are sent too, of family. They claim to be divorcing his wife.

When I get these calls I simply say, "Who the hell is he/she?" 99% of the time they hang up. Guess they don't want to explain or don't want to waste time because they have to get to the next party right away.

Someone is impersonating Vin Diesel, sends pictures from Vin Diesels Instagram page, is very knowledgeable about his private life, tells you he loves you and a few days later asks for $20,000 as his bank declined card do to wrong IP address, gets angry when you say know and you really don’t care, later he comes back with an agent friend lent him $10,000 and could I send the rest. Refused so he ask how much can I send, he would repay me double and was good for it. He uses Facebook as Vincent Mark Sinclair and Skype as vincent.diesel5. Please catch this guy as he is hurting the name of a good man and scamming older women.

I was scammed just recently on social media from a individual claiming to be a celebrity rapper TI Harris. Meanwhile the imposter claim if his fans/supporters donate he will personally send $5,000 in either money gram or Western Union. So I donate $100.00 in which he gave me a false money gram number. The website on social media looks so real and he mention some individuals that he knew in my hometown. I reported the incident to Money Pak fraud investigation department and they told me that since I gave them the information then therefore; the business cannot refund my money back. Money completely lost and I am assured that the imposter is scamming more individuals out there on social media.

In instagram every day increases the number of Keanu Reeves asking for money for the most varied situations, I think Instagram needs a privacy policy, just like facebook has.

I got scammed by someone impersonating Nick Carter from the BSB. I got told he was divorcing his wife, asked for 10k sent to this government agent to settle his divorce, and also asked 10k to someone in Turkey for his son’s medical treatment. When I busted him for lying he continued to deny he lied and that he loved me from the start. What a joke

Some using the name Jim Carrey. He wants you to help with charity funds, says he will put money on your bank account or credit card. When he does do this he will get angry if you don't send it right now. Full of niceness to get you to do this. He also sends pictures from the other site of the real account on Twitter. He also know a lot about the actor.

Had the same experience with someone posing as Michael Keaton on the online game, Upwords. I have been playing along, but did not send money to his "agent" in Africa via Western Union. No way!

I had loads of imposters pretending to be Tom Hiddleston, and they were very fast forward when it came to "donations for charity". The last imposter that I just blocked today pretended to be Benedict Cumberbatch. De declared his undying love for me (yeah, sure) and told me he was filmming in Africa currently, but he wanted to meet me so bad, blah blah blah. He also has a huge knowledge about Mr. Cumberbatch. He wanted me to pay for his flight to meet me. He also got super angry when I refused to do so. Be careful, guys!

I got scammed on Facebook messenger by someone claiming to be Charlie Puth. He wanted me to send him itunes gift cards worth a 1,050$ Beware Charlie Puth fans. When u become a super fan on his Facebook page a message from that person will try to get u to send him money. The email address is officialcharlieputh 0291 @gmail. com

I have been conversing by private message with Steve Perry on Twitter, at least it appears to be Steve Perry. He hasn't asked for anything and keeps his comments very brief. Last night he told me a very bizarre story that I find hard to believe. I haven't trusted that it is really him and now I am convinced that it is not. he follows me on Twitter. What do I do?

I had same experience bout a month ago, he said he was Steve perry we talked through private messages for about 2 weeks, then he gave me this crazy story about being involved with drug cartell, then wanted me to help him get $2000.00 to pay black mailers, I blocked him from message, and Twitter then he follows me again then now on Facebook, won't friend him on FB, awful people

Update. Now the fake Steve Perry says that he was involved in a drug deal gone bad. Thugs are trying to shake him down for $1,000,000.00. He still hasn't asked me for money. When I told him that my husband thinks he is scamming me he became indignant but is still messaging me.

Someone did the same to me about Steve Perry said someone blackmailing him about a drug deal gone wrong, trying to be romanticly in volved with me asking for help paying off blackmailers for $2000,000

I got a message from Columbus Short on Instagram and was knowledgeable about his personal life.. he had pictures of selfies that I couldn’t find online. Here’s one of his messages:

My financial guy told me earlier today tho that he'll be needing to log on to it himself and do the deposits without complications.

Then immediately you get the cash'll let me know and the amount.

He'll need the login access dear to check the appropriate mode of payment

After completely denying him access to my account login, I sent him screenshots from my bank to show him how I’ll be held liable if anything happened.. I even told him it doesn’t make sense because there’s other ways of sending me money without my login info.

he gets upset if he feels like you don’t believe he’s real and will try to make you feel bad for questioning him.
I went as far as searching current scams he may have done before, no luck. I looked for the selfies he sent me on Facebook, IG, and twitter.. no luck.. either he’s smart and meticulous or he’s never been caught... my biggest question was how he was able to get pictures of Columbus that I couldn’t locate anywhere else.. he states him and Aida aren’t together and it’s for publicity.. I haven’t sent any money at all but he did ask me to help him pay an encryption bill that’s $1800.. no way possible that I’m sending money to anyone I haven’t met.

I've been contacted by mark Sinclair A.K.A vin diesel. Asking me to join his fast and furious team. At first I was in agreement then I came to find out I had to pay 500 to join. I said i did not have that kind of money then he asked 200.. I was like nope, if I join what are my benefits .. he said I get to meet him in person.. to make the story short he sent me to speak to his agent. The agent asked to send the money to some African dude through western union. I told vin diesel this is a scam. He got upset and sent me pictures.
I met with a friend and she asked me if I follow Vin.. I said wait he reached out to asked to join his team? My friend said yes. We both started texting the Vin diesel guy and he had the audacity to stop talking to my friend and calling her rude.
Bottom line I told him I will investigate he said no problem.. I will call his management office.

friend of mine who is a female in her 40's, was contacted on IG by someone claiming to be actor Chris Hemsworth, said that it was his private email and account, to keep it secret and not say anything to anyone about it, he was telling her how pretty she was and manipulating her, she fell for it for a few days as the perp told her to go to hangouts to chat and was thinking this would turn into a serious relationship, but the perp started asking about money and donations to help various charities he has in his foundation. Was also asking for gift cards, from Steam and others and offering to send money to her account. At around that time she caught on and told the scam artist to piss off and blocked him. Now she realizes how many fraudsters are on Social media.

Does not surprise me some people get brainwashed in believing it's all real and keep it going losing thousands and ending up with a

I think I was scammed by a few imposters

I was recently "chatting" via Instagram with Bryce Dallas Howard. Total scammer. I played along for a while to see where this was going and sure enough, "she" asked me to donate to her Australian Children's fund and now she's going to Africa. Gave me some bogus place to wire the money that's in Nigeria. Ha - as if she would reach out for money that way. Unbelievable!

I was also scamed of 18.000$ by a impostor claiming to be Abbey Brooks a porn star in Instagram

I think this may be happening to me. I won't give the musician's name, because I'm not sure if it's real or not right now. Started PMing me via Facebook from a group I belong to. I never heard of him, but I saw he had videos on Youtube. Seemed like a nice guy. The subject of money came up. I got that gut feeling that maybe the only reason he even talks to me at all is because he's setting me up for some kind of money scam. He said he needed financial help, and I suggested that he start a donation page. Haven't heard from him again. Oh well.

I’m getting messages from someone claiming to be Mark Sinclair...aka Vin Deisel. He’s messaged me for several days trying to
Convince me that he is who he claims
To be. He said he wants to talk on the phone to
Get to know me better, bit that we need to use an encrypted phone. He has asked me to send an IPhone 6 to an agent in Tennessee so that they can Install a new SIM card. Once the new SIM card is replaced and the phone is secure, it will be mailed back to me. I’m thinking it’s a scam and they are selling the phones.

I just found someone on the JCRUSH dating site posing as Susan Sarandon. How nervy!! Susan Sarandon isn’t even Jewish and why would she be on a dating site?!!

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