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Empowering Hispanic consumers and business owners

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September 15th marks the beginning of Hispanic Heritage Month — a time to celebrate the heritage, cultures and contributions of all Latino and Hispanic Americans in the U.S. For us at the FTC, it is a reminder of our continued commitment to protect all consumers in every community. For me, it is a reminder of the work that my colleagues and I do to ensure that many of these resources are available to Spanish speakers.

We have worked for years on making sure that the agency’s free resources to help consumers spot and avoid fraud are available in Spanish as well as English. Information about how to recover from identity theft, how to spot and stop imposter scams, and resources for empowering older adults, are just some of many consumer topics we make available in Spanish. We’ve also published a popular series of fotonovelas that tell stories about scams targeting Latino communities. What’s the best thing about it all? These resources are free and can be ordered in large quantities at

For Hispanic Heritage Month 2018, we are happy to share that we also have resources in Spanish for business owners. The FTC recently published Scams and Your Small Business in English and Spanish. It’s an effort to help all small business owners protect their businesses against scams. We also have information in Spanish on computer security basics for small businesses, guidance on protecting personal information, and the popular Start with Security guide for business, which provides 10 practical lessons to keep sensitive business data secure, and more.

You can check out all of the FTC’s consumer and business education information in Spanish, and order publications for free at Need tools and tips on avoiding scams? Subscribe to our blog in Spanish, check out our shareable videos, and follow us on Twitter @LaFTC.



A very professional recognition for Hispanics on Hispanic Heritage Month.

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