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Your Social Security number isn’t suspended. Ever.

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A caller says that he’s from the government and your Social Security number (SSN) has been suspended. He sounds very professional. So you should do exactly what he says to fix things…right?


The FTC has gotten reports about scammers trying to trick people out of their personal information by telling them that they need to “reactivate” their supposedly “suspended” SSNs. The scammers say the SSN was suspended because of some connection to fraud or other criminal activity. They say to call a number to clear it up – where they’ll ask you for personal information.

Thing is, Social Security numbers do not get suspended. This is just a variation of a government imposter scam that’s after your SSN, bank account number, or other personal information. In this variation of the scheme, the caller pretends to be protecting you from a scam while he’s trying to lure you into one.

Here are a few tips to protect yourself:

  • Never give out or confirm personal information over the phone, via email or on a website until you’ve checked out whoever is asking you for it.
  • Do not trust a name, phone number, or email address just because it seems to be connected with the government. Con artists use official-sounding names and may fake caller ID or email address information to make you trust them. Besides, the government normally contacts people by postal mail.
  • Contact government agencies directly, using telephone numbers and website addresses you know to be legitimate.

If someone has tried to steal your personal information by pretending to be from the government, report it to the FTC.


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I received the same call. The message was left on my answering machine. DON'T TALK WITH THESE LOWLIFE SCAMMERS. NO SSN CAN BE SUSPENDED. Report these hoodlums.

just go that same call from that same number.

I did too. They kept calling me many times in one day last week and then gave up. Today they called me agin and left a voicmail. I just don’t answer them.

I been getting the same call as well recently started about a week ago along with the voicemails stating my ssn is suspended and such they been calling everyday atleast 4 or 5 times a day

I got the same call ten minutes ago but from 877-633-1213. All robot voice, saying that my SSN nunber had been supeneded due to fraud activity and that i should press 1 for further info.

It’s a SCAM. They now stopped using real numbers. The call I received today was from a UNKNOWN number. Forget these rats! #ignore. Make sure you are protected by ignoring them. Eventually they will move on to a new scam and we will ignore that too.

I had one today from 8771181213. It's a scam

I got 4 in past days all start with 1(866)-404-**** last four digits varied each time. Last time I pressed 1 to talk to somone like it told me to and i told them to please stop social security numbers never get suspended or canceld due to unusual activity. The lady started with an Indian accent but then talked normal laughing and bragging about how she already had three people's info that week so it works fine... They are horrible people.

Yes, I just got the scam call about my SS number being compromised and that it was suspended.

I have twice today from 8664049878

2/26/18 from this number ‭(866) 332-1219‬

I got the call 3 times and when message said press 1 I did and I cussed the heck of of them and they hang up on me.

I got a call like this today also. Mine originated from a Georgia #

I just got a recorded call from Sherwood Forest, MD.... I hung up!! Going to block the number, but it sounds like it can call from a variety of numbers. Will have to warn my daughter.

Another number to look out for: 866-404-5578
Automated message, "Social security is suspended, press 1 to learn more". Yeah right!

Omg! I just received a call 888 454 8971 it was some Indian dude with the same BS "ssc got suspended please give me your full name and ss number"

Got this same call. Same message. Same voicemail. Slightly different digits. Mine was 866-404-2496. It calls every so often now. What a joke.

I received 2 calls same number same person as of Friday March 15 2019 saying my ssn was suspended also from the same number thank you to all who are working and helping in catching this scammer

I was just called from 866-404-1727. Just put in the report. I wish that someday they can go to whatever country they are in and extradite all the employees involved for prosecution.

April 8, 2019 Automated message, "Social security is suspended, press 1 to learn more". Here's the ph # 51287349637 they use.

Hi I didn’t get the call myself because I’m too young to have a phone number but my dad did and it said his social security account got suspended and I don’t know if it’s real or not it sounded like a robot but also a human so I couldn’t tell was it fake

I just got a call from 866-404-8067 telling me the same thing they told SS number is being suspended.....

I got the same call like four times today from four different numbers. I keep blocking the number then they just call from a different number. So I finally decided to answer the call after I already knew it was a scam. So I play along and ask the guy why they keep calling me and he messed up by saying that my social security number had suspicious activity when I didn’t even tell him who I was or why I was calling. These people need to be stopped. When I tried calling back the number out of curiosity it said the number was disconnected and told me a totally different number then what I was calling back . These people call from other countries and piggyback their numbers on to a toll free or local number. Just beware of these scams.

i got one from 1-877-895-0043 saying my ss# was "suspended" and i had to press 1 to continue in order to find out what i needed to do to prevent getting arrested. I hung up!

I rec'd a call this am from a 916 area code. It was an automated call stating what everyone else seems to be getting. Your social security number has been suspended due to suspicious activity please press one to find out more. I hung up!!!!

Same but automated calle from (802) 154-5645

I’ve been getting these calls non stop since February too!

I did and I talk with a girl who said is from investigations, I told her what was happening and she said mmm ok and hung up. I've been getting calls from this number on a daily basis

I jyst got a call as well but a diffrent number +1 434-205-1863. When they asked me to confirm my number, i said an ol number and they agreed, then i said oh uh my bad i messed up on the number, but since you dont have my number its probably not me your looking for. They asked for my actual number. When i said i dont give out my number, they got rude and said 'I'm not cooperating' and not call back again.... So called back over and over just for kicks, until they stopped answering. They have caller ID, and sounded like they were india, but my phone said the call came from virginia.

They left me a voice message yesterday. So I immediately goggled it and saw it was a scam.

how did you know it was a scam i got a phone call from a (315) 231-6960 number

I just had a robo call from 877-101-0213. It asked me to "press 1 to speak with an agent so your social security benefits won't be canceled". I didn't and I hung up, but it scared me for a little as I am a green card holder, so I googled and found this site. I'm so glad I researched first!

I got a robo call from 469-844-3302 on my Google Phone number. Of course, SSA can find my home phone number from a directory - I am listed - but the Google number is known to very few associates. That's clue[2] that this was a scam call. Clue[1] was just that we know SSA does not call or (AFAIK) use email to contact us.

I just hung up without pressing any digits.

The FTC complaint pages ask me how much I was charged and lots more stuff that can't apply to my response so I gave up trying to enter a complaint via that venue.

I just got a call from a number in Cedar Hill, TX claiming to the the SSA. Calling to inform me that they just suspended my social security number because they found suspicious activity. Seriously? I may have been born at night, but not last night.

I just got a call from a TX number 469-732-1937, robot message.

I got one they had a robotic message I called they said be suspended he wanted snake I wouldn't give it to him I hung up from9037674084 number texas

I received 2 this morning from 1-888-810-0898 & 1-888-810-0890.

I just did.

omg i just got 3 missed call from 888-815-0507, 888-815-0502 and 888-815-0521 all left a voice mail stating my SS# has been suspended im blocking them all

Multiple calls yesterday from the 888 number. Ridiculous!!! I blocked it!

I got the robo call from +1 410-600-1128 (Maryland) saying it has been suspended and if I need to reactivate, call back to this number

I did too that my ssn has been suspended due to suspicious activity. I went to the SSA office showed them the email and my number is not suspended.

I just got 2 calls today one from Texas from the social security admin saying the same thing they told you and another from NY saying if I don’t call back I will be arrested and that they have police standing by.

I got mine today from California. Asking me to call back or get arrested

The number to just called me saying my social security number has been suspended for fraudulent activities was 802- 723-0459

Today is May 30th, 2019. Just got the call saying my SS was suspended....Call back and press 1...It went directly back to the voicemail left... Grrr

I used to get the call twice a week. Then every day. Now it is every 30 min for a good part of the workday. I need my phone to work and this is a huge interruption. I can’t just turn it off. What can I do to stop this? Every time I block the phone number they call me from a different 1-800 number.

Suggestion, do not block the 'spam' (just delete them, if necessary)...if you BLOCK phone numbers, the people at the other end will know it is an active phone number and will continue to the send the unwanted information but if they do not receive ANY response, they will not know if their scam is working. Hope this helps

I just got the same call.

Yep, me too. 800-589-7879 tried to scam me by saying my social security number was suspended and to press 1.


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