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Your Social Security number isn’t suspended. Ever.

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A caller says that he’s from the government and your Social Security number (SSN) has been suspended. He sounds very professional. So you should do exactly what he says to fix things…right?


The FTC has gotten reports about scammers trying to trick people out of their personal information by telling them that they need to “reactivate” their supposedly “suspended” SSNs. The scammers say the SSN was suspended because of some connection to fraud or other criminal activity. They say to call a number to clear it up – where they’ll ask you for personal information.

Thing is, Social Security numbers do not get suspended. This is just a variation of a government imposter scam that’s after your SSN, bank account number, or other personal information. In this variation of the scheme, the caller pretends to be protecting you from a scam while he’s trying to lure you into one.

Here are a few tips to protect yourself:

  • Never give out or confirm personal information over the phone, via email or on a website until you’ve checked out whoever is asking you for it.
  • Do not trust a name, phone number, or email address just because it seems to be connected with the government. Con artists use official-sounding names and may fake caller ID or email address information to make you trust them. Besides, the government normally contacts people by postal mail.
  • Contact government agencies directly, using telephone numbers and website addresses you know to be legitimate.

If someone has tried to steal your personal information by pretending to be from the government, report it to the FTC.


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I legit just got s call saying that my social security number was suspended due to some suspicious activity. And I was confused because I’m a minor and I didn’t get what I did wrong. Then they asked for my last four digits of my ssn and I thank god I ain’t have it w moth me because they already got my full name. Then while still on the phone I was asking my mom for my number, they hung up. Then I called back and it was talking about a cruise. I almost got scammed, and I’m terrified now

Got robo calls from "Mr. Gayle Stone", Bridger, MT (406) 662-1139 with the same scam.

got this call from 800-792-1919 trying to tell me that my SSN is suspended.

I got this type of call today. I looked at the number and knew it was bullshit but I was in the mood to mess with them. So I answer. A robot voice told me my SS was linked to fraud and if I wanted to avoid suspension to press 1 . I smiled then pressed 1. A man reaponded after a few rings identify as a social severity agent.


then he hunged up.

I am a 72 yr old widow and have been getting these calls at least twice a day . They say my ssn has been suspended the calls all come from places in Texas , these people never ask for me by name they just leave a message .I need help to stop these people what can I do ?

I got a call from the social security number ending in 1213 today and dialed it on a number number as i toke the call same number for social security so i was like ok its legit i got on the call with a rep and he said my social security was suspended my mistake is i did verification with him and gave out my social what do i do now

I received this same call around 12:30 this afternoon. From a Ben Watson saying the same thing but I was so concerned cuz I had never got a call like that ever! So I made the mistake of confirming my info but he only asked for my last four of my social, my address and even my cars make and model. He asked if I had any bank accounts which I replied no too because that’s where I thought things got a little fishy. But at the end he claimed that two Marshall’s would be coming to my home tomorrow to discuss this matter. I was so confused and concerned because I did loose my wallet about two years ago with all my information and personal documents. I’m so afraid now I don’t know what to do. I did report it to the FTC as advised on this site. I hope I didn’t just make things worse by confirming my information. Urghhhh!! This is devastating......

Here is the number ( 8007131872) they called me from today . The person that picked up had an Indian Accent. They claimed to be located in MaryLand- I told them I will report them to the feds they hang up

I was called today from (530) 341-5028 for same SS will be suspended nonsense

Everytime I get one of these calls I want to give them a fake SSN - Something like 000-xx-xxxx, 999-xx-xxxx, or the infamous overused SSN from the 1930's wallet. Problem is I understand that it is illegal to knowingly use a fake SSN, so dilemma.

Is my understanding correct? Even if I know the contact is a scammer, is it still illegal to give fake ID credentials?

Just got this call from a number 1 (800) 772-1212 which is one number different from original SSA phone number. They said my SSN is suspended and redirect me to customer service. DON'T BELIEVE THEM. Aventura, Florida

I'm in Toronto, Canada & I'm also getting this call. Today I received 3 calls from 18007721212, 0118007721212 & 18009862797. All played the same old recorded message.

These clowns don't know that Canadians don't call it 'social security Number', rather something else. lol

this happened to me today. scammer spoofed using my local police dept and said my SSN info was suspended due to drug laundering in texas. they knew my past address, and cars, and asked about my bank info. some bank info was wrong so i said I don't know sevearl times and then he cussed me out!! and hung up!!!

I received a call from an Indian woman with thick accent telling me my SSN has been suspended due to a car being found in souther TX with blood and kilos of cocaine in it and the car was rented under my name and someone had been impersonating me and committed identity theft and had opened up several lines of credit under my name. She tried to sound like a reassuring official who actually worked for the SSA (Social Security Administration). Said her name was Olivia. When I asked her for her employee ID she said “5467”. She said this was a very serious matter and then after I verified my SSN number with me she transferred me to her supervisor. Rather, she told me to hold on and I’d be getting a call from her supervisor. I did- from the actual public number listed as SSA’s actual phone number. They are slick whoever masterminded this. The man sounded very authoritative and legitimate and professional just like the woman and asked me “authentic sounding” questions like “have you ever lost your SS card?” And “did you make a purchase on an e-commerce site and reveal your SSN?” . I said no. He said he was trying to find the source of how this may have happened. Also told me this was a highly serious matter and there will be a warrant for my arrest if I don’t comply and authorize him to issue me a new SSN. And that would be on condition I allow him to transfer my checking and savings account funds into government bonds to prevent the government from seizing my funds in my accounts. Wow it was insane. They also use confidence tricks like “we and the FBI have been monitorizing your phone, bank accounts, and online activity for any suspicious activity and notice there has been none which is why we know you are not connected to this crime. But if you back away from transferring your account funds into government bonds, you will be implicated in this drug trafficking and I will report you to the fbi and police as being complicit in this and you will be arrested. They intimidate you BIG TIME to acquiesce to their demands. They threaten you with “seeing you in court in 3 days” after the fbi and cia will come after you”. Be careful!!!!!! Just hang up!!!!!!!! Call the FTC if you’ve been scammed. Also they may advise you to call SSA, but there will be an hour wait time. So I’ll tell you what SSA told me. They told me to go to the SSA’s website and create an online account to verify earnings and to see if any bogus earnings statements have been created using my SSN. You should do this before you call Experian to place a fraud alert on your account btw. Create your SSA account online BEFORE you call Experian. You might be wasting your time calling the State Attorney General’s office bc SAG will route you to SSA. Call 311 to file police report to have it on record. Pray the scammers can’t open up lines of credit with your voice recorder name and SSN if you told them on the phone!!!! Make sure you create an access passcode with your banking institution so when the scammers call your bank if you let it slip out who you bank with and it’s a large national bank , they can’t get through to bankers to create new lines of credit with the bank bc they don’t know your 4 digit passcode. Good thing I had a passcode in place!!!!!

Tell your friends and family what to do based on my advice if they tell you they’ve fallen prey to these scammers!

I got this call this morning 3 different times. And all 3 times they already know where I live my phone number and they already know my SSN. Saying that my SSN is going to be suspended at midnight. Like I don't care it's not connected to anything so it's not going to do them any good. Jokes on them.

I’ve started receiving these voicemails over the last few days. I don’t ever answer the phone for numbers I do not know. I’ve blocked the numbers and they call from a new one. I’m on a do not call list. I consideeed reporting it on the SSA gov site and they ask for your SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER?! Which seems odd to me. Why would i need to give out my social to report fraudulent calls. I LITERALLY never give out my social to anyone, doctors, insurance etc.

I got the same call from the following number: 800-065-2125. Just wanted to post it so people are aware that this is also linked to a scam. When I searched online for this number I didn't find any suspicious results, so it must be a new one they're using.

(240) 556-5289
Just got called from this number, says it's his department number, that I'm in big trouble and my SSN is being suspended. I need to call him back right away or I will be arrested.
LOL, ok. Not sure what crime could get me arrested AND/OR my SSN suspended.

Boyfriend rec'd a call from LA# 424-328-4934... His "social security card number was suspended due to fraud and criminal activity associated with his social" in states he's never been to... SCAM.

Never answer if you can help it, but just hang up if you do answer these calls! Scammers are disgusting and always looking for the next moron to take advantage of. Don't let that be you.

I just got the same call as everyone describes, from (800) 777-1617, recording said that my SSN was suspended due to suspected illegal activity, and to press 1 for more info, I pressed one phone got disconnected. When I called back it was connected to some Caribbean Cruise line. Obviously a scam, but I am wondering, because I pressed one were they able to somehow connect to my phone and get some personal info?

This happened to me yesterday and I gave him my SSN not knowing it was a scam. What should I do now?

I’ve just received a phone call claiming to be from the SSA claiming my SSN is being suspended due to criminal activity,while I was on the call I looked up the topic about my SSN being suspended and found out it’s a scam . The caller even game a employee number and the correct address for the SSA address . Claiming for me to clear it up is to listen and do everything they say. But, when I challenged their Authority the callers who were on a three way call the entire time were upset and told me before they hung up” Your in a lot of trouble bye-bye”. Really?

I'm trying to sign up for a new account but it won't take my social security number

Received call from‭+1 (270) 775-0113‬ Beaver dam KY landline, on 1/11/19. Robocall left incomplete message that I needed to call back or chance being arrested and facing local magistrate.

I just got a call I was scared they said I would get arrested but it sounded like a recorded message

Received phone call from 1-800-772-1213. Saying they were from the social security office. They stated my s number! They knew it and were informing me that they would be freezing my number due to fraudulent usage. My concern is that they already had my s number. I’m wondering is this a scam?

I received two voicemails from a computer generated voice in one day from 302-570-0839 that said my SS# is being suspended and to call back before they suspend. First part says the number is "being suspended" but I need to call back "before" they "can" suspend the number. Uh, really? Called them back and a human voice answered as Social Security Administration... funny, we are in the middle of a government shut down. I can't even report this fraudster on this site right now, but he claims to be the SSA. Please note the number I have listed of the scammer.

Please note this number 302-570-0839. This is a fraudster claiming to be the SSA, yep, working in the middle of the government shut down. They left two computer generated voicemails saying my SS# is suspended, as in they already done it, but I need to call them "before" they suspend it. Called back and an actual person answered as the Social Security Administration. Please note the number of the scammer I listed above.

Received the call today. Similar message, suspended SS number due to illegal activity, call right away before legal action is taken. Left 2 call back numbers: 'toll free' 800-772-6270 or use the 'land line' 347-497-6084.

I have gotten over 20 calls from these clowns saying my SS # has been suspended. How can we get this to stop?

I got a call from +1-800-722-1327 and the recording stated that my SSN has been suspended and I should speak to a SS Administrator by pressing 1. I did so and then did not hear anything but voice of little kids.

This person called me with a name and badge number. Sounded super legit. He asked me to verify my birthday, began to ask for my ssn and then quickly said no never mind I have that.
Then started getting rude and I told him he was rude. Everything in me said to hang up so I finally did.

Received two calls in last 3 days; finally answered just so my voice mail doesn't fill up. Out of curiosity listened. Call back number was 800-772-1503. What a scam. I too think the FTC should go after these robocalls more aggressively. I am sure there is some grandparent out there who will call back and get robbed. I'd think the FTC could pay for the cost through fines and court ordered collections.

I just got a call, an hour ago, from 800 772 1501 that went through voice mail saying that my SS number was suspended because of suspicious activity and I needed to press 1. Then five minutes ago, I got another call and voicemail from 800 772 1503 with the same message!!
It’s really frustrating that there’s no way of stopping these guys...

Got 2 recorded calls today. One from (210) 596-9919 in San Antonio, TX and another from (978) 233-8053 in South Hamilton, MA. Both left the same exact message about my SSN being suspended. The first was a female named Stacy Goodman, the second from a male named Samuel Henry. I never answer a phone call from a number I don't know, but since there was a message, I listened. Knew it was a scam and confirmed it when I found the info on the FTC blog. These scammers need to be stopped. Can't reported to the FTC though because the government is closed.

They are relentless! I’ve blocked 7 different numbers used for the same issue in the last two days. Will check it out locally but strongly believe this is a scam. The one time I did press 1, I was told I was the only one on the conference call. At that PONT I hung up. Never gave out any information.

Just got this call on my cellphone. Concerned with where they are digging this information up. Spoofed the phone number that, when googled, says it is an SSA office in Texas. The call left a robo-voicemail with bad English in it, so I assumed it was a scam. Please be aware this continues to be an issue.

I received 3 calls from yesterday , I did not pick up any of them , so it went to voice mail. All of them mentioned as "my social security no is been suspended, please call this number with case 1".

I received a call earlier today from Floresvile, TX at phone number 830-542-9113 stating my social security number has been suspended and that I needed to contact their emergency hotline immediately. I had never heard of a ss# being suspended so I of course Googled it and came to this site. Scammers are everywhere. Stay vigilante and always be skeptical when someone is calling asking for personal info. If something doesn’t sound right or you’ve never heard it before then you’re probably right. Listen to your gut, little voice, whatever you need to not become a victim!

i got a call from 18007772519 say my social security number was suspended who do i call for help

Received this type of robocall from 443-687-7224 from Baltimore MD. Tried to report to the Social Security 800# but trying to get through the menu is fruitless, two different 800 numbers refer you to each other. I called back the number just to see what it was about and I couldn't understand the person that answered. However, lots of background noise and activity. Sad that there's huge networks out there preying on people. Even sadder that they continue to get away with it.

Today, I got calls regarding my social security has been suspended from below two numbers:
. 8017721213
. 8777721213

*Update from my earlier post*
I received yet another call from the same number except it showed up as +44 368 772 24 United Kingdom (earlier call was 443-687-7224 from Baltimore Maryland. So I called the number back, 'rep' said he was with the Social Security Administration. I played dumb asking why my SSN was suspended. He said he would get to the bottom of it but needed my information. When I informed him that I know for a fact that the the SS Admin does not suspend SSN's he hung up. Hopefully that secured my spot of their do not call list...
Disgusting individuals & 'companies' that are preying on people's fears.

received a call from 800-772-8956 saying my SSN was suspended due to "suspicious activity"

Feds don’t ever ever call you, they write first as it holds weight in courts if needed, calls do not really.

Four calls in three days.
I blocked the first two. I can't keep blocking numbers. How can I stop this?

Today's phone call was from 800-772-9139, twice
Why can't we, with all our our technology, figure out a way to hunt these people down and put them where they belong, in prison?

Why can't we, with all our technology keep these people from phishing or hacking the phone system? Maybe before they started the type of system they had, they should have done more to keep this from happening.

I keep getting phone calls and consequently voicemails for the past week from the SSN office claiming that my SSN has been “suspend” due to criminal activity. I didn’t answer,so even just a half an hour ago they left voicemails from these numbers: ‭+1 (800) 772-9148‬, ‭+1 (800) 772-3219‬.
It’s very disturbing. I wish there would be an interested official authority whom to report these calls and who would investigate these criminals.

7 calls in last 3 days from these 3 numbers 800-772-8956, 800-772-9139, and 800-772-3164. All leaving a message that my social security number has been suspended. My cell phone shows them as being Alert: Spam Risk I blocked these numbers will see what the next number they call from the next time.


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