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Checking out your AMG check?

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We told you last month about the $505 million in checks going back to 1.1 million people who got an online payday loan from a company affiliated with AMG Services. And we’ve heard from many of you that you got your check and cashed it. We’ve just heard, though, that scammers are trying to get into the act, using fake checks that look like the real one. So far, we’ve heard that scammers have given job applicants a check that looks like an AMG refund check, and then asked people to deposit the check and use the money to go buy supplies for the supposed employer.

Here’s what you need to know if you get a check from the FTC’s settlement with AMG:

  • If you get a refund from the FTC, just deposit or cash the check within 60 days. You don’t have to pay for an FTC refund, and you don’t have to give any information to cash a refund check.
  • If you have questions about your AMG refund check, go to the FTC’s AMG refunds page, or call the refunds administrator at 1-866-730-8174.
  • Legit employers will never pay you by telling you to deposit a check and wire money back to them – or buy stuff for them. Anyone who does is scamming you.

Has someone asked you for something in exchange for your AMG refund check? Please tell the FTC at

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I got a check for $46 Thank You for follow up

How do I find out if I’m getting a check

If you have questions about your AMG refund check, go to, or call the refunds administrator at 1-866-730-8174.

HEY! How do I find out if I’m getting a check ?

Hey how do I get my check

is there another check coming regarding AMG SERVICES

When do I get this money?


If you have questions about your AMG refund check, go to, or call the refunds administrator at 1-866-730-8174.

Why is it the Fed Trade Commissionisnt capable of just taking info from complainants reports, which usually provide sufficient contact information, and begin tracking perpetrators of scams and seek to identify those involved and make apprehesions of wrongdoers more timely? It just seems that we report susplcious activities and sometimes nothing g is done, or worst still, years go by without any intervention from feds. It is very disheartening.

I did get my refund of 178.69! I wasn't even looking for a refund but so glad I got it!

I received 2 checks, what bank are you all using to return our refunds?

I received one check for over 200$. Should I expect another check?

The letter you got from the FTC said your check is a partial refund. It says that because the amount of your check is less than the total amount you paid to AMG Services, Inc. when it illegally charged you undisclosed and inflated fees. The FTC has sent out all the money that is available.

Hi, I received a partial check, this mean I will received an other check?

Where can you cash your check? I went to HEB and they couldnt cash it because the system denied it.

Where you able to
Cash your check

Received a check for $488.78 check and I went in person to US Bank in Albuquerque, NM. I learned that my check is fake and she proceeded to read me the riot act if I cashed it. Thanks FTC!!! She also told me that numerous people had the same check and warned of trying to cash it.

If you got a fake check, it's from a scammer.

Please call the company the FTC hired to manage the refund process. That is Rust Consulting, at 1-866-730-8147.

Hello I contacted the FTC and they told me I had a check that had been sent out I hadn't received one yet. The gentleman informed me that I needed to write a letter to the company stating my correct address. How long will it take?

To get information about a check, please call the company that the FTC hired to manage the refund process at 1-866-730-8147.

Is their a second check since the letter said partial payment?

I did receive one check and know that I was robbed by 2 loan online companies listed --- can I expect another check possibly how can I check

I got my check , took it right to US bank. 1200.00

I recieved a refund check...I went to confirm the reference#. Does this mean my check is legit?

Received my check for over $600.00. Thanks FTC!

Will there be any other refunds or is it going to be a one time disbursement?

Just in case some of you got the check but it expired, just send it back and a letter of why it was not cashed. In my case it got missed place in house and I'm not able to go to mail box or get around right now due to health issues. But anyway I just called today and ask how long for checks to get reissued and I was told 4 to 6 weeks. But he said with what's going on now in Gov partial shutdown. It will take longer ..So I'm guessing those won't be sent until after Gov thing is over.more important things will be taken care of first.
Call 1 866 730 8147 for more information. And address to send check back.

I just found my check from the settlement. It was void after Nov. 26 2018. Can i get a new check issued?

I got a very nice check that paid for my daughter’s birthday party and gifts. Great job FTC!!!

Just got a lost letter. It is a check on US bank from a lawsuit against AMG. It is expired. Can I get a new check issued?

The check I got was legit. I was sceptical naturally but when I took the check and letter to US bank they cashed it with no problem.

I received a check yesterday is it real if so where can I cash it at

Thanks got $180.00 robbers

I got a check yesterday March 15 but it says no later then the 6th and is dated the 7th. Now what? Can I cash it?

I got 410.00 check from work at home scams is it a good check?

My check was sent to my old address and never cashed. Will I receive a reissued check to my correct address?

I just received my check yesterday 5/17/19 however its dated from last year and now voided???? What do I do?

I never got my refund check from them at all what should I do.

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