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Spread the word about charity fraud

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This week, the FTC, the National Association of State Charities Officials (NASCO), and state charity regulators are joining forces with regulators from across the world to participate in the first International Charity Fraud Awareness Week.Make your donations count

It’s extremely important to raise awareness about charity scams to help ensure that donors’ hard-earned money goes to the worthy causes they seek to support, not to fraudsters. Would you help us spread the word? Here are a few things you can do this week:

•    Share this video with your friends and family.


•    Follow us at and on Twitter at #CharityFraudOut to get tips about donating wisely and avoiding charity scams. This week, we’ll be sharing tips on donating after natural disasters, handling telemarketing calls, privacy, online giving, and wise giving.  

And here are a few tips to avoid donating to a sham charity:

•    Look up the organization online and read what others are saying about it. Search the charity’s name with the terms “scam” or “complaint.”
•    Check out the charity’s ratings with groups like the Wise Giving Alliance, Charity Navigator, Charity Watch and Guide Star. Find out how at
•    Verify that the organization is registered with your state charity regulator. Most states require charities or their fundraisers to register before they can ask for donations.

Spotted a charity scam? Report it at

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I’m so grateful for all the hard work that your organization is doing. I most likely will recognize the fraud but my parents who are in their 80’s may not. I can share your information with them. Thanks again

I got calls from (supposedly) the American Heart Association asking me if I will promise to send them money and ask all my neighbors and friends to donate and send the money to them. When I said I do not donate to anything over the phone, send me paper mail and I will check out the charity and decide if I want to contribute. They hung up.

Always read your reports. Keeps me ahead of the game. Thank you.

I just got a check in the mail for 1886.00 and they were pushing me to cash the check through texting. They said after this check i will recieve 500.00 a week and dont have to pay back my company was AMP

I thank you very much and I will pass it on.
it certainly helps many people

I have famous people asking me to wire them 500.00 cash doing a Walmart to Walmart transfer. One being Channing Tatum the other Theresa Caputo. I can tell they are not Americans and they become belligerent when doubted.

Thank you for your diligence. I hope is help[s many people. I registered with the Do Not Call Registry and within 31 days a lot of call stopped, but we still get calls from so called charitable organizations...friends of the police, fire association, help a ...., retired police funds, you name it, I am saving the #'s to turn in once the Government shut down ends.

Got a call from a scammer stating they were a volunteer for the NY ASPCA...she KNEW I was a guardian and could I give more through the phone. Think she wanted credit card # and said the wrong things..Disturbed that someone has my info.. Called the ASPCA to alert them .

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