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Fake calls about your SSN

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The FTC is getting reports about people pretending to be from the Social Security Administration (SSA) who are trying to get your Social Security number and even your money. In one version of the scam, the caller says your Social Security number has been linked to a crime (often, he says it happened in Texas) involving drugs or sending money out of the country illegally. He then says your Social is blocked – but he might ask you for a fee to reactivate it, or to get a new number. And he will ask you to confirm your Social Security number.

In other variations, he says that somebody used your Social Security number to apply for credit cards, and you could lose your benefits. Or he might warn you that your bank account is about to be seized, that you need to withdraw your money, and that he’ll tell you how to keep it safe.

But all of these are scams. Here’s what you need to know:

  • The SSA will never (ever) call and ask for your Social Security number. It won’t ask you to pay anything. And it won’t call to threaten your benefits.
  • Your caller ID might show the SSA’s real phone number (1-800-772-1213), but that’s not the real SSA calling. Computers make it easy to show any number on caller ID. You can’t trust what you see there.
  • Never give your Social Security number to anyone who contacts you. Don’t confirm the last 4 digits. And don’t give a bank account or credit card number – ever – to anybody who contacts you asking for it.
  • Remember that anyone who tells you to wire money, pay with a gift card, or send cash is a scammer. Always. No matter who they say they are.

If you’re worried about a call from someone who claims to be from the Social Security Administration, get off the phone. Then call the real SSA at 1-800-772-1213 (TTY 1-800-325-0778). If you’ve spotted a scam, then tell the FTC at

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I had a call 6 am this morning from a Colorado number, didn't pick up. Later in the day I called that number 720-3584999 and a person identify himself as "Mike Boston", a SS agent and gave me his "badge number". He was able to quote my address without me telling him and that made me thought he was legit . Actually he was able to cross reference my address from the number I called from. He said my SS number has been compromised and I was a victim of identity theft. My name was linked to drug trafficking South of the border. For my protection they are locking up my SS number but before they proceed I need to verify my SS number and other info. I told him that I need to call SSA customer service to confirm first and will call him back. He said I only had 25 minutes. I reported that as fraud.

We received a call from some number of NJ and she said the same that they are from SSA and suspicious activity, arrest warrant issued, you have 45 mins and then gave us her name and batch id# and my wife was getting nervous and without letting me know she gave the last 4 digits of SSN#, but when I noticed that I asked to find out the email address of that SSA person and she just hung up. The number they used is +1-973-619-9467

Same thing here people are mad from this number 18000588551

phone scam 281 638 8920 from Texas. It's about social security used in numerous fraudulent activity and is suspended.

two days in a row I receive phone calls from 800-777-2676
thy say that my SS is blocked and ask to press 1 for more info.
I called this number from another phone answering system told me that this is a sales company. Just a simple question; WHEN THIS WILL BE STOPPED?????? My phone is on the DO NOT CALL list and I still have to deal with this nonsense.

Be careful from a number in League city, TX 1-281-724 xxxx
its a scam they told my husband they were from Social Security Admin. SSA will never call you, don't call back, don't fall for their tricks

These con artists will not stop calling. I finally pressed 1 and told them I reported them to the authorities and they better stop calling. They call from 8664043135. It’s getting annoying

I just received a call saying there have been charges filed against me for fraudulent activity. Those charges were filed with the social security office and I needed to call them back before it goes to legal to find a resolution. I called back the number, expecting the number they called me from to not be legit, but a person came on and told me it was the soc sec office and then he proceeded to give me his federal id number and employee number... then he said exactly what was said on the recording... then, he asked my name... I gave him my name and he quickly spouted off my address... then he asked for my date of birth... I quickly said I didn't feel comfortable providing that information and he became a little hostile pretty quickly and informed me that I was speaking to the federal government and I needed to answer the question. I said, I plan to after I hang up and call my LOCAL social security office. He got angry with me and told me that I should take care of this or I will have legal charges against me. The whole time I knew it was likely a scam... the gentleman had a thick foreign accent and it sounded like a call center in the background. Just amazing how much better these scammers are getting at trying to sound legit... like giving me his id numbers up front. The number that called me was 936-730-2001. Hope this information helps...

So we file SS Retirement benefits online a couple weeks ago. The confirmation email includes a number with a message that says someone from SSA may call if they have additional questions. Received a call a few minutes ago asking me if we applied for benefits and wanted my personal details before he would ask the questions he had. How do I know the caller is legit? No way for me to confirm as he said he didn't have access to my application confirmation number. Really, seems useless if true? Why would SSA say they may call for additional information when there is no way to verify the authenticity of the caller? Seems the whole online application process is fundamentally flawed.

Just got another one. Hi this is officer calling you from the department of social security administration. The reason you have received this phone call from our department is to inform you that there is a legal enforcement action filed on your social security number for criminal activities. So when you get this message kindly call us soon as possible on our number that is 205-273-1281.

I just listened to a voicemail from Clifton, TX. 254-326-1337. The recorded message informed me that my SS number had been flagged for fraudulent activity. I suspected a scam and was curious so I called back. A man answered saying , Social Security Adminsitration, May I help you,” with a very heavy foreign accent. I could hear lots of background noise that sounded like a call center. I didn’t say anything to the guy. I just listened for a few seconds and hung up.

Some one called,said from SS. Said they were going to sue. I just hung up. I figure that SS. would only send a letter.

i got a call this morning saying my ss number was used in criminal acivity and fraudulant arrest warrant issued and to find out more about this call 224-487-7002 ..I block this number..

Just got same exact call from a number like this +800 0736276 XT
People like this need to be put in jail it’s ridiculous to scare people like that!

he is scammer 918076046193

I just got a call from this number 1(800)747-7753. Fake agent called me to tell me that someone is using my SSN in TX.

Just got this call today claiming my social security number was been used for fraudulent activity. Then started asking me for my bank accounts. I told them I dont have any and they asked for credit cards I said dont have those either they said I think your lying . Then they disconnected the call. Crazy things these days.

My mom received a message this morning saying her SSN has been used to commit several murders and crimes in the State of Texas. The caller then pretend to connect her to the FBI. The fake FBI advised her that she would be charge for the fraudulent activity and the murder if she didn't cooperate with them. When she asked to get me on the phone, they were any with her and told her that she lost her chance to help herself. This is so sad. I really the government would do something about this problem.

I got the exact same thing happened to me just about a hour ago I am crying at work thinking this was real people are so sad and low to scam like this smh

I got a message from someone stating my social security number had been used to commit illegal activities. I knew this was a scam and as I was nursing a cold and in bed, I had enough time to waste these scammers time. I called and spoke to someone with an accent and when he was convinced that I could be conned, he transferred to to his boss. The boss was another man with an accent and told me he could help me get a new social security number but I would need to follow procedures. He asked for my address, and after I gave him a false address, he asked me to go to Kroger. He was willing to stay on the phone with me while I drove to Kroger. Once I told him I was there, he asked that I buy Google Play Cards and send him the codes. After 4 hours of wasting his time, I told him he would not get any cards from me.

Received a call they are going to block my S.S. Number because of false activity. The number that called was 240-382-3363. I called back and they asked my name. I said you must know it because you called me. They said hold on and then hung up.

Have gotten several calls from 800 numbers saying my SSN will be blocked. By the 3 call I decided to ask them questions. The easiest way to end the call is to ask THEM to confirm the SSN rather than the other way around.
The numbers that have called me are:

Got a call from la area code 213 985 7394 saying my social has fraudulent activity
This was on my cell which is on the do not call list!
Watch out for this attempted scam


Received call yesterday claiming my social security number had illegal activity and unless I called would result in legal action. The call back number actually worked. (281) 896-0933. The person on the other end claimed to be from Social Security and wanted my name, SS#, and birthdate. They hung up on me when they realized I wasn’t going to give them good information. Since the number actually worked, you’d think someone could figure out where these people are.

I received a call today (832-497-5127) out of Texas telling me they were from the Social Security office and that something was wrong with my disability claim. I of course KNOW better than to give anyone any information, but.. there should be a better way to stop these people.. there should be an actual hot-line to report these numbers and then, you should be able to trace them and stop them... Good Lord...

Yes there should be a central database of all this info and telephone numbers and a branch of the FBI or someone should go after these people. Who knows how many elderly fall for this every day.

772 905 2950 left message they suspended my SSS # due to suspicious activity.. fake, phony... I I blocked contact

I am getting multiple calls every day from 1-800-747-77xx. The last two digits are different. All asking me to ‘press 1 ...’
I just hang up but would like to know if these people can be caught and brought to justice because some one else could fall for the scam. Wouldn’t it be better to stop them before someone loses a lot of money?

I recieved a call from 18664042801Interesting. I just a recieved a call from this number 866-404-2801 That my Social Security number has been suspended. I did a reverse search on this number and found out people have been getting the same message. Others who have called back shows the number as being disconnected. I called social security and there is a message stating they are aware of the situation.

325 480 2957
Got one today from this number. VM states all the same stuff.. Fraudulent activity blah blah blah call us back. Thanks for this forum.

I recieved one of the robo calls from864-952-8937 saying there was criminal activity on my social and to call back before criminal proceedings are filed for my arrest

I got the same message left on my voicemail since I dont answer calls I dont know. They said if zi didnt call back and vertify my ssi number that charges would be filed against me.I blocked one number but they called from another.

Yep, clearly a bunch of scammers. Same thing about my SS being suspended. Answered one this morning by pressing the requested “1” and told him to stop trying to call and scam. The dude proceeded to tell me they wouldn’t stop unless I paid them $5000. Told him to stick it where the sun doesn’t shine and to find a real job. He proceeded with some profanity and I just went off more on him then just hung up. These are just low-life scum.
Here are the numbers from last couple days.

Got a pre-recorded call . The number was : 800-747-7798
got a call yesterday about the same from a different number

3 ssn scam calls so far today from 866 area code:

866 404 6245
866 404 6232
866 404 5589

I have been getting calls, pre-recorded at first, even leaving messages on voicemail with a callback number. When I called back or was connected it sounds like somewhere in Pakistan or that area. They claim to be SSA with an ID number, name, and case number saying there has been fraudulent activity use on my card, once the recording said my SS card had been suspended! I am being told in recordings left on vou email and when I contact the callback number that I have a lawsuit against me pending that is in process. Wow. I thought it was fake immediately and gave no information, though they seem to have my email, though I never confirmed. All I was told was to go down in person to my social security office with ID and they would give me the details that they could not over the phone! Scary! A lot of calls lately. Started from Texas where I am originally from but not any longer. 6:24 AM I got a call. Now they are using an 800-number, and law suit stuff us usually Los Angeles California! Too many calls. It is increasing each day now after it started about a week ago. I blocked, and they generate a new number.

Today I’ve been 2 times from a Phone number that says SOC SEC ADMIN L
1-866-592-0733 telling me my social is blocked for fraud and need me to confirm it. Lol they think I’m that stupid

They keep scamming people. I dont know why with all the technology we have here in the U.S. doesn't the government, CIA does something about it. I have a young friend who fall to this scam calling both from the IRS and her Police Department. got her to take $5000 and send it thru Bitcoins. she was very young an naive, scared. and fall on this scam.
What's very sad is that those are people from other countries doing this.

Recieved two robo calls today. 800 and 888 number. Message left that my SS number was suspended due to fraudulent activity. I called number back, the person stated they were SS Administration. The person asked my SS # told them they called me so if your SS Administration then you already know it. I suspected scam. After Google search on fake calls about SS found your site and thanks for confirmation. I will pass to others the first paragraph. SS Administration does not ask for your SS number nor threaten benefits.

I received a call from a 404 850-0981, from Georgia according to the caller ID. I didn't answer so they left a message from a Ryan Smith that says that social security was link with criminal activity, that I should call back before any action against me will take place. I got scared so I called back but there was just a loud beep so I hang up. Beware.

I keep receiving these messages daily, all the time from different numbers always starting 1-866-404-****. The message is always the same recording, stating that my SSN have been suspended on the premises of some illegal activities. I never respond to the calls of such nature, cause it is an obvious fraud. Blocking the number is useless because they always calling from a new one . The most recent calls came from:
Those dudes are just begging to get locked away. I wish them to succeed in that endeavor.

I’ve been receiving phon call from a social security administration saying my num it’s been canceled due to a fraudulent activity and when I called a man with a random accent was asking me Qurans putting me on hold then he identified him self as Eric foster with a 217j2471 num and he ask me for my 4 last digits of my social I defuse of course and after a back and forth with words he said that he was gonna send an officer to arrest me and I said go ahead I am going to be here waiting the num that called me from is 1866-404-6532

Just got a call said that a car registered to me in Texas had drugs in it and that I will have an arrest warrant and a block on my ssn and that I could settle it with I asked him “what’s my last name if all this is supposedly in my name” he said hold on and never came back on the line. Lol these people are scammers and I’m glad I saw this posting otherwise I would be stressed out probably. Thank you.

I got another call this morning from someone claiming to be SS they called from 936-657-1845 stating my ssn was used in some crime. I am so tired of how many calls I receive a day from robocalls. They need to make it illegal... So annoying. In the last week I've already blocked 10 numbers.

Received a call from SSA saying my number has been suspended, they called from 520-462-1305. The phone recording said to give them a direct call back.

New scam is a robocall that states your SSN has been linked to fraudulent activity and to contact the SSA representative immediately to prevent further legal action (i.e., a lawsuit) from being taken against you. The number listed on my caller ID was (501) 456-4696.

I received several calls today from 564 783 3622 with recording advising that my SSN was suspended and to press one to receive more information. Of course I hung up. I have the recording on my voicemail. I will try and have it forwarded to either SSN administration or FTC.

got a call from1- 425-526-3745 about my S.S. # called them back did not speak English very well.. I told them they should be ashamed of them self to try pray on people like they are.. they hung up

Getting robo calls from 18664046322 and they leave messages saying my SS# is suspended.


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