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This is what a Social Security scam sounds like

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Earlier this month, we told you about a growing scam: people pretend to be from the Social Security Administration (SSA) and try to get your Social Security number or your money. That scam is now growing exponentially. To compare: in 2017, we heard from 3,200 people about SSA imposter scams, and those people reported losing nearly $210,000. So far THIS year: more than 35,000 people have reported the scam, and they tell us they’ve lost $10 million.

Here’s what one of those scam calls sound like:

Scammers are saying your Social Security number (SSN) has been suspended because of suspicious activity, or because it’s been involved in a crime. Sometimes, the scammer wants you to confirm your SSN to reactivate it. Sometimes, he’ll say your bank account is about to be seized – but he’ll tell you what to do to keep it safe. (Often, that involves putting your money on gift cards and giving him the codes – which, of course, means that your money is gone.)

Oh, and your caller ID often shows the real SSA phone number (1-800-772-1213) when these scammers call – but they’re faking that number. It’s not the real SSA calling.

Here's what to know:

  • Your Social Security number is not about to be suspended. You don’t have to verify your number to anyone who calls out of the blue. And your bank accounts are not about to be seized.
  • SSA will never call to threaten your benefits or tell you to wire money, send cash, or put money on gift cards. Anyone who tells you to do those things is a scammer. Every time.
  • The real SSA number is 1-800-772-1213, but scammers are putting that number in the caller ID. If you’re worried about what the caller says, hang up and call 1-800-772-1213 to speak to the real SSA. Even if the wait time is long, confirm with the real SSA before responding to one of these calls.
  • Never give any part of your Social Security number to anyone who contacts you. Or your bank account or credit card number.

If you get one of these calls, tell the FTC at

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Received 3 calls today back to back, but all calls were blocked by AT&T Call Protect.

Same message
These numbers
‭+1 (800) 205-8388‬
‭+1 (800) 587-1236‬

Transcribed voicemail
“Until further clearance in case you feel this is due to an error you may connect with legal _⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_ administration in order to _⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_ Social Security administration officer press one now in case we did not hear from you your social will be blocked permanently to connect with the officer now press one and you will be automatically be connected with a concern department we did not receive _⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_ or citizen in order to speak with Social Security personal regarding your Social Security press one and this automated system will connect you with the officials press one now to connect…”

Regular/multiple calls by automated woman's voice left on answering machine saying my SS # is going to be suspended due to criminal activities in TX call 203-590-2631. I get at least 5 calls a day that do not leave messages because I no longer pick up the landline unless a familiar voice responds! WHEN WILL THIS END!

Call from 203-590-2631
So just spoke with a very nice young lady that hardly spoke English (pet peeve #1) who said they had several criminal activities reported in my social security number. But since I did not have a case number for her, she could not look up my case. Wanted my full name and birthday - I said no. Asked where she was - Houston TX. Told her social security does not investigate criminal charges - thats law enforcement, FBI, etc. She wasn't fazed - I think her English is really poor.
Blocked the number - again. I 've gotten calls before. Really tired of the calls.

Just I received three calls from SSD regarding suspending of my SSN. ##1-844-026-6415, 1-800-965-5637, 1-844-843-2365. I blocked the first # but "Spamer" changed number and called again.

I received a call today that said my Social Security number was suspended press one I am glad that I read the notice on your site and feel comfortable that I deleted it and did not take any action

I got a call from this same recording telling me my social security number has been suspended because of suspicious activities, please please for one you don’t suspend a social security number on the phone these people need to get a life the number is 1-877-405-3568 scam forsure

Got a bs voicemail from8667088891.

I recived an automated call saying they are from Social Security and the is legal actions on my social security number in regard of taxes I knew it was a scam. I have now gotten to the point that I dont answer my phone

1-888-519-0429, SSN scam also calling from this number.

The number that called me today:
Same thing as others described.
Daily calls from+1-800-205-xxxx
(changing digits).

Just today I have received several calls from 877-421-4215, 877-626-4443, 877-084-8522. All this calls left the same identical voicemail. I tried to call them back from land line, but calls are not going through stating “Due to network difficulties this call cannot be completed” or “This number is disconnected”. Is any measures taken to stop this calls?

Someone called on 6/25/2019, It was automated at first then I talked to a jack wagon named Officer Joshua Brown. (thats original) He gave me his badge #784961 and a case ID #. He asked me for my birth date to confirm, I said I wasn't comfortable giving that out so he hung up on me. I tried calling back several times to mess with him but it would not go through, said number was disconnected.

I just got one of these, 254-655-1359. Beware, folks.

I’ve received 5 of these calls this week from a number in El Paso, TX - (915) 239-2895. I immediately knew it was a SCAM!! This is the voice mail transcript. Everyone please beware!
“Hi this is Officer Samantha William calling you from the Department of Social Security administration the reason you have received this phone call from our department is to inform you their legal enforcement actions filed on your Social Security number for criminal _⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_ you get this message kind we were soon as possible on our number that is 915-239-2895 I repeat 915-239-2895 before we begin with the legal proceedings thank you and have a nice day…”

New phone number they are calling from is -800-508-3891....

They are also calling from 800-508-3891. If it goes to your voice mail, it leaves a very computerized recorded message. If you call them back, it's clear they are scammers.

I have received text and phone messages from 866-234-9387 telling me to contact them about my Health Ins file, they are closing out my files. I checked the number and it does not have an owner's name. I'm reluctant to call them back.

Just got another call from this number - 1-877-303-8475
I so wish there was a website that didn't charge money to do a phone number reverse lookup. Anyway - recorded message about my Social Security number suspended.

I have been receiving these calls as well, and I know that they are fraud because the SS Administration or the IRS will never call you and ask you to do what they are asking. People need to have some common sense and check things out before just handing their money over to scammers.

(877) 260-6347‬,‭ (877) 260-6347‬ copied & pasted vm from fraud robot script: “Press one thank you this call is from the Department of Social Security administration the reason you have received this phone call from our department is to inform you that we just suspend your Social Security number because we found some suspicious activity so if you want to know about this case just press one thank you…”
Called twice from those 2 #s above.

I receive the same call from the number 646 636 9084

Received call from 1-800-205-6052 same recording from above. SCAM

I received this call for the first time and my robo-scam was using the number 772-617-1390 from Vero Beach, FL. I've made it a habit to immediately block these calls after receiving them, especially the car warranty ones, so to eventually eliminate these calls completely. It takes a little bit of time to accumulate the desired results and discipline to follow this habit but the 5 seconds of work is worth avoiding a lifetime of headaches.

I just received a call telling me that my ss was use to rent a car that was involve in drug trafficking in Texas they found 73 pound of coke blood resuedue, so I told them to come pick me up

My elderly parents received the scamming call twice today within 30mins of each other. It's ridiculous how difficult it is to try to protect my parents from these types of scam calls.

I just got this call and unaware providing my last 4 and zipcode.... What should I do?

Got a call from (876)016-1877 that said "We just suspended your social security number because we found some suspicious activity. If you want to know about this case, just press one. Thank you".

I received 2 calls from a Houston number, 832-681-9993. Someone speaking broken English, stating that they were investigating a criminal complaint regarding my number, and they needed the last 4 of my social in order to investigate further. Sounded like a boiler room call center in the background.

Got a call like this today from a 202-630-0561. This number is a scam.

I've been getting the exact same call in the last week at least 10 times a day. One time they faked the direct TV customer service number and somehow routed the call to them selves when I called them. I knew it was fake but I called them and gave them a fake name. They said my name didnt come up then the line went dead. Yes this somewhere either India or somewhere as the people had am Indian accent, the funny part the guy tried to fake an American accent but some of the words got him back to his native accent. This is a fishing scam. Someone needs to trace these numbers, the phone companies can do that.

they called me a few other times about suspending my social security also it being frozen.
Now it's an automated system and for me to hold to get someone on the line to assist me with my social.
I hung up.

I received a similar message from this number 254-653-6945 on my cell phone today advising me there is suspicious activity on my SS card, and that they suspended my card UNTIL they hear from me. I NEVER fall for these type of calls. What kind of sub-human life forms do this to innocent, unsuspecting, usually elderly people. DISGUSTING!

I recieved a call this evening from 800-608-5788. It was an automated Male voice claiming it was the SSA . That my social security number had been suspended because of suspicious activity. Then it prompted me to press 1 to find out more information. I hung up. It just sounded suspicious to me.
I tried calling the number back to see if it would go to the SSA. Of course it did not. It was a recording on the other end. It prompted me to press 1 if anyone in my household is over the age of 50. ..or 2 if not. I hung up.

I try to get these scammers on the phone and make them think they have their hooks in me by acting scared and intimidated. I try to keep them on the phone as long as I can in hopes one less gullible person will fall for this garbage and get ripped off. It’s fun! PSA: the SSA or IRS will never call you to correspond. It will always be in writing and if you have actually done something wrong they won’t need someone from the Middle East to call and let you know!

I’m on vacation from my home country (Norway) and I got one of these calls . I would be scared but I don’t know what a social security number is. And I don’t even have one? Please I ant to know what a social security number is. And how it works as a scam

This is a very disturbing scam!! Please be aware because you can be caught completely off guard. I got a call TODAY, June 26th 2019. Everything described in the article is EXACTLY WHAT HAPPENED TO ME! I was extremely upset, aggravated and annoyed by the call. Since I was very uncooperative, the calling party hung up on me. There must be someway to put a STOP to this! This is the incoming “scam number” that called me: ‭(310) 299-1680‬. I hope this helps someone!

I just received a call stating that my social security number was used in a criminal action. They left a message which I deleted before writing it down. I freaked at first then realized the administration doesn’t call. Whew

i got call from 877-803-6318 saying the my ssn was being suspended because of suspicious activity. I called it back using google phone and the number went to the SSN office of Abilene TX

I just got a similar call from number 8032057548. Stating my ssn is suspended due to suspicious activity, and I won't be able to receive any benefits. Asking me to press 1 to connect to Social Security Officer.

I get this call every day.

Just got a call from 855-688-8022 saying my SSN is suspended due to Suspicious activity. Thank you for posting the text on this forum, I am relieved to see this is a sure scam. The more educated consumers are the hard it will be for scammers.

Received a call from 512-962-4164 indicating that they were from Social Security and that my Social Security number was utilized in Mexico and needed my immediate attention. It was urgent that I contact them immediately, but I hung up the phone before they could go further.

Be aware 1(281) 320-5029 from Texas is another abusive liar trying to steal your money.

I received the call this morning. I listened twice to a unknown called with a robot voice trying to tell me my SSA was suspended and if I wanted to know why press one. They possibly called back again but I decline unknown users. Be careful, just listen to your gut and know that they would not hide behind a unknown number and I always argue how if they want my whole SS Number they should pick a different occupation.

I just received from 1-809-205-9768

Got a call saying social security department administration badge number 700-5818 Leonardo Peter my social security suspended 4 suspicious activity and he need my full name and my last four digits of my social security I reject the call the way he said the phone number that I called him back it was not American way and he called himself that he based in Texas
Asked me to call this number 18662382940 and he said it exactly this way no divider nothing so I doubt that he was professional and I asked him I will call you back immediately I went to report to this report

I received a call from Salt Saint Marie, MI. 906-748-9221 today.
Saying my ss# was involved in drug and money laundering in Texas. My accounts were going to be frozen, etc.
Person gave me his name, badge and case #. Heavy accent

I also received a call today from 906-748-9221 leaving a message telling me the US Treasury has levied a judgment against me to garnish my social security benefits or something like that. I believed it and called the number back around 5:30 PM but there was no answering. I believed it until I stumbled upon this webpage.

I just got that exact call today! I said oh really and what is my ssn. They said oh we can’t give that information. So I hung up lol


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