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This is what a Social Security scam sounds like

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Earlier this month, we told you about a growing scam: people pretend to be from the Social Security Administration (SSA) and try to get your Social Security number or your money. That scam is now growing exponentially. To compare: in 2017, we heard from 3,200 people about SSA imposter scams, and those people reported losing nearly $210,000. So far THIS year: more than 35,000 people have reported the scam, and they tell us they’ve lost $10 million.

Here’s what one of those scam calls sound like:

Scammers are saying your Social Security number (SSN) has been suspended because of suspicious activity, or because it’s been involved in a crime. Sometimes, the scammer wants you to confirm your SSN to reactivate it. Sometimes, he’ll say your bank account is about to be seized – but he’ll tell you what to do to keep it safe. (Often, that involves putting your money on gift cards and giving him the codes – which, of course, means that your money is gone.)

Oh, and your caller ID often shows the real SSA phone number (1-800-772-1213) when these scammers call – but they’re faking that number. It’s not the real SSA calling.

Here's what to know:

  • Your Social Security number is not about to be suspended. You don’t have to verify your number to anyone who calls out of the blue. And your bank accounts are not about to be seized.
  • SSA will never call to threaten your benefits or tell you to wire money, send cash, or put money on gift cards. Anyone who tells you to do those things is a scammer. Every time.
  • The real SSA number is 1-800-772-1213, but scammers are putting that number in the caller ID. If you’re worried about what the caller says, hang up and call 1-800-772-1213 to speak to the real SSA. Even if the wait time is long, confirm with the real SSA before responding to one of these calls.
  • Never give any part of your Social Security number to anyone who contacts you. Or your bank account or credit card number.

If you get one of these calls, tell the FTC at

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Recieved a call from scammers with this message, robocall telling me to press #1 to be connected with a Social Security CS Agent.


I got a call today from 1-888-606-9951 saying my ssn got suspended for suspicious activity. Just wondering if ill get anew number , identity and a clean credit score

Same thing happened to me, 714-811-0302 is the number they used. Mine told me there was an arrest warrant issued, guess they didn't know I just finished a federal background check. I did advise the caller what they were committing a crime, one which may involve arrest warrants, they hung up on me.

Folks be careful, if you are not sure call the SS office and typically the US government sends paper mail. This is so annoying.

I received a similar call today from 800-429-7240. I pressed 1 because I was ready to hand their behinds to them but the call disconnected. You cannot suspend a social and you cannot be arrested for a debt. Government agencies dont make phone calls- they either send a letter or they come and get you if that's even among the legal remedies available for the situation.

So i got an automated call from this # saying my ss# was being suspended and there was a warrant for my arrest. I called the # back and it said the # i was trying to reach wasn't a working # so watch out for this # (941)800-5660

I got a voice message from the +1 (800) 512 3771, and they said "press 1 to speak with legal administrator, or your social will be blocked permanently to connect for the officer press one "...

Just received this call. They left voicemail about suspicious activity, card suspended. Called from 888-520-7344.

Got a call from a Texas phone number (512-540-3806 ) saying "Filed an arrest warrant...federal immediately...Social Security deputy officer is waiting for your call back". Message kept breaking up. Im not even in the same time zone as TX.

My husband and I are receiving phone calls from 1(866)331-2194. They leave a message
"Federal criminal offense so before this matter goes to Federal claims county house for you get arrested kindly press one and speak to an officer now.

Just got a call saying social security number has been suspended due to suspicious activity please press one to be connected to an operator now, the number came from one 888-388-8744 when you call it back it says it's Alec social security number it's a scam

Received two calls today with the exact same message on this page. The numbers were from 1-888-559-4209 and 1-855-006-8925

Today (Aug 20, 2019) I received a Call from the number +1 808 037 0993, saying suspended SSN because it was used for request 100k USD. Be aware, it was a girl voice saying is Mary Sanders.

Another scam for social security number suspension from Arizona.
It is really annoying.

Just received a call just like this. Adrian Copper the guy said his name was - working for the SS dept. Wanted my name and last 4 of my social security number so he could resolve my "case." I have not case I told him. He said then the police will be contacting me. Good I said. OMG. scammers!

I want you to return the call as soon as possible as SSA has filed a lawsuit against your name the local county _⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_ are going to arrest you for for serious allegations before this matter goes to the courthouse and _⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_ your bank account and suspend your Social Security number and get you arrested for more information regarding this case you can _⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_ to us at 202-788-9324 I repeat 202-788-9324 make sure you give us a call back before you get arrested…”

I called back and asked who was this, they gave a fictitious attorney name . I asked for the address they refused, so I gave them a peace of my mind. In reply after I called again they said go f yourself. So just in case you weren’t sure. This needs to be stopped for people with heart conditions or in an unstable situation this is really bad.


Same thing

I just got a call wanting me to call 1-832-239-8282 for "clarification". Same thing "suspicious activity", etc.

Getting calls from 1 (800) 488-8768 regarding suspicious activity with my SS.

I've gotten two phone calls from "Social Security Administration"
Once from #(913) 939-6984
second time from (913)364-0239

Just FYI

Got a call from 1-443-8059, voice recording listed agent name and badge number.. said that my SS was involved in illegal activity and if I didn't return their call they would issue a Warrant for my arrest. Does that scare me? ... naw.. come and get me.

My brother received a call/voicemail saying his SSN is about to be suspended and picked up a call the next day with the person on the other end of the line saying the same thing. They instructed him to ask for the nearest police department (I'm thinking it's for the purpose of faking caller ID) and shortly received a call from this number.

They told him that his number was being used to embezzle money; up to $10 million, as well as open about 25 bank accounts. The "SFPD representative's" name was Hamas Marshall; I searched the entire directory on the City of SF website and there is nobody with the name Marshall.

It got more suspicious when the people on the other end of the line started to get very angry, raising his voice, accusing my brother of being the culprit, saying that in one hour the police are going to come to our address (they had prior knowledge of where we lived) and arrest my brother. It just doesn't seem very believable that a government official would act so unprofessionally.

Currently it's been about an hour and a half since the call and nothing has happened yet but we are trying to contact the real FTC.

Scammer number to be added ‭+1 (800) 029-4285‬
I just received a call saying my social security number will be canceled to press 1 to be connected to a customer service representative.

Scammer number to be added ‭+1 (800) 029-4285‬
I just received a call saying my social security number will be canceled to press 1 to be connected to a customer service representative.

I received a call from 1 (800) 170-8329 with a similar message. It's a scam.

Just received a call from this number basically asking the same thing as this but with a female voice but prompting me to press, not gonna happen +18009905505

I just called a call too. its scary but these guys need to be arrested

Got a call at 2:10 PDT from the number 800-418-2797. Didn't press 1, I know that it is not real SSA. The record sounded good, no noises, looks like they put some efforts to create this one :)

‭+1 (855) 351-604‬ This # as well

Just received this scam call from (866) 441-7606

7076506962 just called left # 888-952-5554 to call back

I received a call from (646)516-8278.

5612611329 call said they were calling from SSA in NYC and I have been compromised and need to verify information...Aisian lady on other end...Sharyn from CT

5612611329 call said they were calling from SSA in NYC and I have been compromised and need to verify information...Aisian lady on other end...Sharyn from CT

I received a call with the exact voice mail from 1-800-057-9566.

Can’t the numbers be traced back through de-spoofing and the authorities in the nation of origin for the scam numbers be notified so the scammers can be caught?

I've received, and blocked, many calls today from "SSN" who are issuing a warrant for my arrest. I almost want to accept the call, press 1 to get a live body on the other end of the line and then stay on the line with them for as long as possible to waste their time.

Just got a robo call from (833) 853-3854 claiming my SSN has been suspended due to criminal activity. When I googled the number it is immediately flagged as "negative".

2 calls in 24 hours but spoofed numbers. If you can't answer but call bank, these are legit was Catholic Services and 2nd was Medic Alert. 800-869-1618 was 2nd number

This number ‭+1 (800) 435-1353‬ Has been calling me and telling me for the last two days that my Social Security number and benefits are being suspended and I need to call them back. I know it’s a scam but I just wanted to put the number out there for anyone who might also be getting these calls

This is what I received this morning:
Kindly call back at the earliest possible long our number before we begin with the legal proceedings that is 877-793-8528 I repeat 877-793-8528 thank you and have a nice day…”

I just received a similar call just like this but a different number. Want to get it logged on here as well so that more people are aware just in case. Phone number to call back was listed as 855-942-8853.

Got a call from 1-800-804-8167. The standard SSN scam, account was suspended do to criminal activity. Drugs found in abandoned car registered under my name. I played along gave them made up info, I wanted to see what the play was. They finally said I needed to drain all the cash from savings and checking and send it to them, and don’t tell anyone. I finally got tired of playing with them and asked how they could not feel guilty trying to steal from people. They denied it and stayed in character until they eventually hung up.

Here is another number they are using ‭+1 (718) 219-7932‬

I just got a call from 202-788-9327 about my SS involved in criminal activity. PLEASE BLOCK THIS NUMBER

I got called from 1866-224-9727 twice today.

I just got call from this scammer!! 800-605-2728

Hello Sir/Ma'am, i received a voice message stating: my Social Security number has been Investigation is under way and my social security number will be suspended short so call us back at 1-443-328-9263 so call them back. this is really sad that people try to Scam others..

Received a call yesterday saying my social security number had been suspended due to suspicious activity. Have a voice mail- did not call back.

I just received one of those calls, I didn't answer but they left a voice mail. it said the call was from Yountville Ca. 17073120610. It was a recording telling me my social security number had been compromised and was no longer good. Im pretty street smart and know a scam when I hear one but worry about the elderly.


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