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It’s showtime at the FTC!

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Videos from the Federal Trade Commission may not feature a cast of celebrity actors, but they’re still entertaining. Produced by the nation’s consumer protection agency, these videos offer practical, useful, and memorable messages that can save you money, time, and aggravation. And they’re free.


We have videos that tell you how to protect your identity, deal with debt collectors, and shop for a used car. Other videos are about how to stay ahead of scammers, such as by signing up for free email updates from the FTC.


And now, for your viewing pleasure... a selection of the FTC’s top releases:


Check out our complete line-up of consumer videos. Share your favorites with family, friends and colleagues. Post our videos on your blog or website. You’ll find embed code in our media center.

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Thank you for the good advice -- Please keep it coming

Appreciate this email letting me know about availability of different videos. Thank you!

Thank you for this information. Very useful.

This is great. Nice way to warn the young and old alike and keep folks aware of what is going on . Keep them coming and i will keep sharing

I was sent a blackmail letter. The sender, who said they'd hacked my site, used my address to send it to me! Because of that, I was unable to forward it to the govt. fraud division.

I get your emails several times a week, and I really appreciate the information.

There are alot of videos on youtube where victims chat with scammers and play dumb with them ends up where the scammer gets mad when he finds out he is being taken for a ride and the victim is happy he waisted the scammers time.Watching this gives clues as to what todo if you run into a scammer.

I want to say thank you for all of this good information I wish I would have known all this information when someone charged. Hospitalal in my name

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